Following Romelu Lukaku’s move to Manchester United, ESPN caught up with the striker and his best pal, Paul Pogba, to talk about the transfer.

On being teammates, following Lukaku’s move to Manchester United…

Pogba: “Well, I always knew he wanted to play with me. I’m just kidding.”

Lukaku: “We just knew it would happen one day.”

Pogba: “Yeah, we knew it would happen one day. One day. I don’t know when and where, and now it’s happening, so I’m very happy for that.”

On the role Pogba played in Lukaku signing for Manchester United…

Pogba: “It was just luck that I was in Manchester United, but obviously for me, if I can push, I will push. But it’s not my decision, by the way. It’s not my decision. It’s the manager’s decision, all the technical staff. Obviously, I think the players, we’re all happy that he’s playing for United, and we’re very happy for that.”

On how excited Lukaku is to be playing alongside Pogba

Lukaku: “I’m really happy. I’m delighted. I always said that the moment would come. When we were younger, I would say there will be a day that we’ll play together and we can compete for the trophies that we want to win. And now the moment has arrived, so I’m delighted. It’s nice to play with one of your best friends in the team. Now it’s up to us to challenge ourselves, first of all, and then the rest of the team to become better each day.”