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Pogba: Scholes is my role model

Paul Pogba, who has been earning plenty of column inches recently thanks to his performances for France at the World Cup, has spoken about which players have inspired him over the years.

Whilst he names several, Paul Scholes and Andrea Pirlo are the two he singles out.

“At the start I was a forward, then a number 10. I liked the trequartista role, I felt at home there,” Pogba said. “Then I moved back and it started to be more aggressive technically. That way I had the chance to complete my game. In Italy I have grown further from a tactical point of view. I love to watch the videos [of the matches] and correct my errors on the pitch. I often watch Andrea Pirlo, Yaya Toure but also Gerrard and Lampard. I also like watching videos of the great former players like Zidane and Ronaldo. I look to take the best aspects of their games and mix them up. My role models? Pirlo at Juve and Scholes at Manchester United.”

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  1. Old Trafford says:

    so if reports are true that Juventus want nani and evra, Why dont we package those two along with 30-40 million for pogba and bring the kid home!!!

  2. Neil Moore says:

    Old Trafford. Err because United is not his home that’s why. He played about 40 minutes for us. Fair play on his compliment to Scholes. Just another in a long line who recognise World class talent.

  3. wayne barker says:

    Not being funny but I bdont get what all the fuss is about he’s a gangly awkward cunt who doesn’t have a great first touch.Yes he’s a competent midfielder but the money being thrown around about his worth is fucking mental,just because he’s had a couple of decent in a shit league

  4. Imran says:

    i hope we don’t buy him back, not at the overhyped price Atleast. Vidal or strootman would be much Better investments, with strootman being a doubt with injury wouldn’t mind khedira. What happened to the dortmund lad? Haven’t heard about him in a while

  5. wayne barker says:

    On the contrary cost’s a small fortune to get any type of education at Harvard and only the best minds and most respected people in the World are hired to long term teaching positions.Anyone trying to argue against that just speaks volumes about any said person

  6. John says:

    Vidal is the one we need at the moment. So, it’s not about home or not, fact is we can’t afford both. We have to be realistic here.

  7. slim says:


    Don’t feel fussed. Not everyone can recognize great players

  8. slim says:

    Been reading rumours of Di maria to United all day. M

  9. iamMatty says:

    Dont get the hate for pogba really. You all imagine working for a boss who promises you a position in the firm, so you put your all into expanding and helping the firm in your own capacity. But when the position he promised you manifested, he got total noobs from other departments and a 65yr old previously retired employee to do the job rather than you.
    Who honestly believes pogba would have become a full fledged french international by now with the way things was going back then?.

  10. wayne barker says:

    Not fussed at all mate and that comment works both ways i’m just not a sheep that jumps on the bandwagon.Pogba has to do a fuck of a lot more than have competent games to be worth 60 mill I know that much

  11. slim says:

    Been reading rumours of Di Maria to United everywhere. If it happens i reckon it’ll be time for 2 wingers to move on or maybe one winger and a a forward. We could see Young and Hernandez moved on. Not too keen on the Argentine but he’s at a higher level than the present alternatives. Although very different in style to Adnan. I think its a toss up between Cuardardo and Di Maria. All well and good but where’s our CB and CDM. I feel those are more pertinent going forward into the new season

  12. The One says:

    I don’t want pogba back at all, whatever the circumstances. He’s been utterly disrespectful to both United and Sir Alex. I’d rather we made a serious attempt at trying to sign Vidal, whatever the cost. I’d have him anytime over pogba.

  13. slim says:

    Agree with you on the 60 million valuation though wayne. thats insane. i think Juve know they have a world class talent on their hands and are hell bent on getting the highest amount possible

  14. Austin Law says:

    My nan could have a good season in serie A and be valued at 60 mill, Pogba here’s a message for you Fergie didn’t think you were good enough that’s good enough for me and nothing since has changed my mind see ya later

  15. Sparkz says:

    Phenomenal talent who will probably end up being the best midfielder in the world. But wouldn’t even take him back for £1, too much baggage and too much disrespect has been shown since he left. I said last year that I didn’t want Ronaldo back coz of the way he disrespected the club….Pogba was just as bad if not worse, so nope.

    And if we’re gonna pay £60m for any Juve player, it would only be Vidal.

  16. Tommy says:

    @Old Trafford

    Bring the kid home lol, United has never been his home and never will be like @Sparkz said not even for £1, Too many inches are being wasted on a greedy mercenery.


    SAF probably promised him the world until Pogba started talking to other clubs behind the clubs back and comparing Scholes to a 65 year old is pathetic, Scholes was better then than Pogba is now, he was the best player in the premier league on the day he retired, fantastic player, scholes over pogba anyday of the fucking week

  17. OJM says:

    Let’s be honest, United made a huge mistake in not giving Pogba his chance and subsequently selling him for peanuts.

    Shit league blah, blah, blah, Mercenary blah, blah, blah, Gangly and awkward blah, blah, blah.

    The guy is already one of the best midfielders in the world and if he progresses as much as kids his age should, he could easily be the best in the world one day. Our midfield has been shit for years but instead of giving the most promising kid in our academy a chance, SAF called back Paul Scholes. That is pretty disrespectful to emerging talent in my book and flies in the face of our policy of promoting youth.

    Mistakes happen, let’s just move on without him and look to a bright future under LVG.

  18. Tommy says:


    Top player no doubt, greedy mercenery is also not in doubt, ask youre self why he never player, the answer is simple, he was negotiating behind the clubs back, enough said he moves on and so do we

  19. wayne barker says:

    ??? He is gangly and awkward looking and Italy is a shit league not mistaking Bestie glide across the pitch when watching Pogba and the Italian league is bankrupt and it’s it worse state in History these are facts nothing to do with blah,blah,blah

  20. Ezzerguru says:


    I’m not sure either why Pogba gets as much grief as he does. I’ve read multiple quotes of what he’s said and what SAF has said and to be honest I don’t think he’s said a lot wrong and what he has said I’m not sure counts as disrespectful anyway. The way I see it the age of deference is over and rightly so. It’s good to be young ambitious and single-minded if you have the talent.

    Times have changed, making a footballer train with the reserves/rot in the reserves because he won’t sign a new contract is of yesteryear. Sometimes players don’t want to play for a club and more often than not clubs no longer want a player to play for them. That’s life.


  21. Sparkz says:

    Lol just seen the comment about him being gangly, awkward and having a shit first touch. That’s actually a description that some people would use for one of our current, expensive midfielders..

    @Tommy – People forget that he’s 21 and could be at his 4th club by the end of this summer. That tells you a lot about his mercenary attitude, no doubt influenced by his leech of an agent. Top player, and I’m sure he’s very dedicated to his profession (I was was reading an article that said he’s had a personal fitness coach and dietician since he was 16) – but wayy too much other baggage.

  22. wayne barker says:

    He’s a competent midfielder nothing more or less all the hype surrounding is ridiculous and him being rated one of the best midfielders in the world is complete and utter rubbish worth 60 mill my arse

  23. Mark Reid says:

    He’s good no doubt,might end up been very good but he’s not world class just yet let’s see how he does today.

  24. OJM says:

    Agree that he isn’t worth £60m. You have described a lot about Italy being a shit league, but that doesn’t mean the player is shit. People can say what they like, but there is a reason that some of the biggest names in the game are touting him as a superstar in the very near future (if not already).

    He may be a mercenary (wouldn’t doubt it with Mino Raiola as an event. Think he is Balotelli’s agent too?). The things is, if you never recruited a player that didn’t just see football as a job, in this day and age, you would rule yourself out of so many good players. Players are just like this now.

    Don’t want to row with anybody, but just stating my opinion.

  25. wayne barker says:

    You have to handicap players compared to the competition their playing against I never said Pogba was shit I said he’s overhyped and hasn’t done anything of note to have a 60 mill price tag and be rated one of the best midfielders in the world
    Why do you think Vidic picked Italy to retire in because it’s a slow paced league and one of the worst in Europe quality wise his injuries have caught up to him he can’t play in the prem week in and week out so he moves to a easy league

  26. Ezzerguru says:

    @Wayne barker
    I agree £60 million is over the top, but to be fair to Pogba, all he’s ever said is that he wants to play and improve. It’s People like Zidane, Bouffon, Viera, Ferdinand, Saha, Gullit that are saying words to the effect that he is the ‘Future of Football’. And I think they know just a little bit more about what it takes to be world class than most of us on ROM.

  27. slim says:


    He is on his way to becoming a world class player. and your comment about gangly and a poor first touch is comical. You don’t like him thats fine but don’t moan when posters rip into Fellaini for being poor – which we know he is. No ifs or buts, he’s been poor for United and thats a fact.
    Funny people are so confident Shaw will be a world class player when they’ve never seen him up against quality opposition or never been in a title race and then turn around and say the hype around Pogba is unjustified. The amount of hype may just be that but the hype is real. He’s got what it takes and he’s proving it slowly but surely. I think last time i’m commenting on this issue. No need to drag on and on about a player who’s probably never going to wear the famous Red shirt

  28. Tommy says:


    What a ridiculous thing to say, who has never seen Shaw up against quality opposition, when I say hes the best LB I have seen in the last couple of years visit OT, I mean it, when I say he is one of the best teenagers I have ever seen I mean it, he plays quality opposition all the time in the premier league and more than holds his own, We all rave about Januzai on these pages well last game of the season, shaw found playing against Januzai like a walk in the park, it was that easy for the lad and januzai is a very talented boy. Hes not playing against poor opposition in Italy on a regular basis like Pogba, who did fuck all in Europe as well, so if anyone has not been tested against real quality then its not Shaw, you should be looking at the greedy man himself!!!

  29. warrored says:

    Pogba is clearly a good player, one we could have done with, but he chose not to sign a new contract with United.

    Look at Herrera and Shaw, listening to them they would have walked on broken glass to get here….they are what we need.

    Pogbas stock has risen in the World Cup but his reputation would have been much higher than it already is had he stayed and forged himself in the PL. Fact is today against Germany he looked uneasy unsure and lost at times. He has a lot to learn yet. £60 million? Pure fantasy and insane if someone pays that for him.

    He looks and sounds a bit retarded to me. I’m not sure he’s the full shilling. Four clubs in 6 years isn’t great either. Maybe he’s easily led.

    The United fans calling for him to come back arent right in the head either :)

  30. wayne barker says:

    My whole point all a long he’s had a couple of good years in a shit league and all of a sudden he’s a 60 mill

  31. wayne barker says:

    Let’s also not forget he plays in one of the dominant teams which makes a huge difference in how good a player looks
    Shaw has played at a much higher level than Pogba

  32. wayne barker says:

    Also Southampton although ok are not a elite team playing in a very tough league so to shine week in week out in those circumstances is a greater achievement

  33. Mark Reid says:

    Come on Colombia. Let’s see a shock.

  34. Mark Reid says:

    What a boring game so far free kick every ten seconds ridiculous .

  35. EC7 says:

    Great hit by side show

  36. warrored says:

    United have been linked with Cuadrado….for £40 million lolol WTF? Am I missing something here? I watched Fiorentina cos of Anderson and he looked OK but I fail to see how he can be valued at that amount…..I think the whole transfer valuation stuff has gone mental. Maybe SAF was right all along with his no value stance.

    They shown Cuadrados best moments of his last game and it was 2 dribbles and a run into empty space with Lee Dixon drooling over his driving run into the channel. Fuck all end product. Tonight he’s done fuck all again.

    It begs the question…..buyer beware….if he looks good, check out the opposition first before deciding if he’s worth £40 million or £40 quid.

  37. slim says:


    Watch out, i think your account has been hacked. Someone posted a comment at 20:50, read it over and over and came the conclusion someone is posting under your name.
    No way you’d think that. Might wanna change passwords or something

    Sure when you play in the Premier League you come up against top teams, doesn’t mean you’re top tier player yourself. And i was referring to playing agaisnt the best in the champions league and helping your national team qualify for later stages of International football. SO by your reasoning our players are not so good seeing they did fuck all in the champions league. Man face it some of you lot have an agenda. No one (not me anyway) is saying he lad is the best ever or is even worth the reported 60 million fee but to discard his talents as if he’s a two bob player is just pathetic in my opinion. I mean is Vidal a poor player that doesn’t deserve the hype because he plays in a poor Italian league too?

  38. slim says:

    Yeah rate Adnan playing only in his first ever season in the premier league against one of better youngsters in the league. Plus he was in a team whose confidence was shot to hell. In case you didn’t notice the boy was dwindling down somewhat towards the latter part of the season. Face it, (I know you won’t) we had a very talented player go. We wouldn’t be screaming about lack of MF if he was still here and if he wanted to bugger off, we’d be ones charging 60 million for prospective buyers. We’ve lost greater players in the past and we’d have moved on easily. This is the same crap that was spewed about Ronaldinho all those years back.
    Pfft playing in a shit league, yeah thats why he played for France and Shaw couldn’t get anywhere near the first team in Brazil. He’s got talent and self belief. Rio said as much in recent interview. I think i’ll take his assessment seeing he’s seen him first hand more than anyone on here

  39. Ezzerguru says:

    Good points and I appreciate your efforts in raising them. A lot of people on here find it hard to be objective which I get… it’s football and we get passionate about it. We have an opinion and we try to back it up, but often it’s better to just admit you have an irrational (or rational dislike) for someone rather than espousing some bogus/spurious/specious arguments like those I’ve heard used in this Pogba debate.

  40. Tommy says:


    Ive not said Pogbas not a good player, although hes not exactluy set the world alight in a pretty straight forward champions league group to finish 2nd, they came 3rd in a group behind a poor Galatasary side, so playing in the champions league and excelling in the champions league are 2 totally different things, hes not excelled in champions league or for France yet, sure hes excelling in a poor Italian league in which even I would excell in, hes not worth a fraction of £60million, hes probably a £30million player at the very maximum and thats not to say hes a bad player, hes just got loads to prove, simple as that. Why you bringing Robaldinho up? Do you know he asked United to provide him with a private jet every time he wanted a night out in London? Do you think Fergie was going to agree to that lol, no fucking chance, Roy Keane hit the nail on the head when he said who the fuck does Ronaldinho think he is. Paul Pogba is a greedy man, its not great loss, hed of screwed us over at some point and by the way Luke Shaw is a far better left back than Pogba is midfielder, theirs very few mistakes in Shaw simple as that and who cares if Hodgeson went for

  41. Tommy says:


    Also do you fancy Pogba or somegthing, He chose to talk behind the clubs back for months with other clubs, so who gives a flying fuck that a greedy mercenery who is looking for his 4th club already at his age has gone. Hes not a United player, hes a ime waster, he wasted the clubs time and effort but he did the same to le havre (You see hes got history of doing this type of thing), talented player yes, united player no fucking chance

  42. slim says:


    I’m pretty sure you’re not asking me if i think he’s a good player. Do you have to go so low as to query if i have something fro him? And why because i’m putting valid points forward. Expected much better from you mate. maybe you’ve been hanging around brats on here or else where for too long. I said i wouldn’t commented on the issue any more but i saw some post from respected reds talking out their arse and couldn’t help my self.
    And i never said he would be a mainstay or whatever just that we could have done with a player like him and to deny the boy is a world class talent is foolish. Simple. No need for the wall of text. Anyways last i say on the matter

  43. Tommy says:


    I do appologise mate, It was light hearted joke but I realise I was a little out of order so for that I appologise, Ive not dismissed the lads talent, just dont like his attitude, its not the correct attitude for a United player to have in my oppinion


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