Following lots of talk about his haircut before kick-off, Paul Pogba scored a couple of goals in a couple of minutes to bring Manchester United level against Manchester City, having gone two goals behind.

Pogba has spoken about what it meant to him to win on derby day and deny City their title win.

It obviously feels great to score two goals but it’s an even better feeling to win against Manchester City and not let them win today against us in their own stadium.

I feel very happy but there is one side of me that is disappointed too because, with a performance like we had in the second half, if we had done this all season, I think we would be fighting for the title with City or we’d be just in front of them.

This is football. It happens. And we have to carry on like this, we’re learning. I’m very happy today.

Pogba celebrated with the fans after the final whistle and has claimed the players got the motivation to win from them.

They came here to support us at Man City’s stadium and they didn’t want us to lose this game. We didn’t want to lose this game and we did it for them, for ourselves and all Manchester United fans.