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Poll: Best Ever United Team?

If there’s one thing United fans struggle to agree on, it’s which of our great sides could be given the title ‘the greatest ever’. Whilst United’s success in 1999 is unrivalled by any other team, some argue that our teams from the early 90s were superior, however were held back in Europe because of the foreigner rule. Others claim it is our teams from the 50s and 60s who deserve this accolade, believing the Busby Babes or the team he created in the ten years following, played the greatest football than in any other era.

Today, United legend, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who has his testimonial next week, has admitted he hopes this current United side will be the greatest of them all.

“I’m excited to see if this United team can become the best ever,” Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said this week. “Sir Alex has laid the right foundations. He’s always had a knack of buying the right people at the right time. Remember in 2006/07 we only signed Michael Carrick and Tomasz Kuszczak and we’d not been close to winning the league for three years. The Gaffer trusted us and we won the league. Last summer he signed four young players, sold a few others, and he did the double. He knows he has to challenge the boys all the time to keep improving them. We had a few disappointments in the Champions League after the 1999 season, in particular losing a semi-final to Bayer Leverkusen in 2003, and he won’t want to fall into that trap again. I hope this squad has the ability to become the greatest in United’s history. They definitely have the right manager to achieve that goal.”

Which side is the greatest ever?







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  1. olusanjo says:

    sincerely speaking, i personally think the end justifies the means. what will be our definition of BEST TEAM? is it the playing style? is it the achievement? is it their influence in england or europe? is it what? because of what manchester united is known for which is winning in style (unlike some other team who prefers stylish winning, i feel there is a difference-sorry gooners) i think the team of ’99 will definitely be my best team

  2. Hugh G Rection says:

    the treble winning season was amazing, as the lads won everything last gasp… and ronaldo has marred last season abit now… highlight was definately paul scholes to the rescue V barca.

  3. kunal says:

    you just can not pick one…. you have to give it to all of thm… each team went through diff circumstances and challanges and each of them have proved a point …. thy are all greatest in thier own era….

  4. martin smith says:

    current team to come

  5. Stephen says:

    I think 99, we probably have the best squad now,but 99 was the best team, 68 does come close though.

  6. Mark says:

    I remember the 1957 team vaguely but I was only eight at the time. For me, the best was the 2008 team. They had everything and in all my years of watching United, the football played was the most beautiful I have ever seen. That said, I thought the one thing missing was that our strikers and this is no dig at Wayne or Carlos were better in 99 with Yorke and Cole. However, they were older than rooney and Tevez. It looks like Ronnie will stay, which I am glad about because this 2008 team isn’t ready to be broken up yet. Lets do it again in 2009

  7. Mark says:

    The 1968 team were fantastic. They will always have a special place in my heart

  8. Eddie says:

    The team we have now.

  9. Jak says:

    1994 team is maybe not the best, but definitely my favourite ever, and I have to vote for my boys!

  10. Ubibi Godwin Jr says:

    The treble team was the best in terms of achievement,but you wont compare football of 1999 to the current football,this current team are still young and can still win the treble,I wont forget the 1994,the kids,the strikers in 99 dwight york and andy cole are quit older than carlos tevez and wayne rooney.In terms of entertainment this present team is the best,it so good to watch players like ronaldo,tevez,rooney,anderson,nani and hargeaves playing alongside veterans like scholes,giggs.the current team has a fusing of experince and young taleneted players….And thats how it is suppose to be,thumbs up to SAF

  11. jim says:

    this was a hard one but i went with 2008 just because of the amount of years this young team could have in them


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