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POLL: How long does Moyes have left?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. The_red_devils says:

    Manchester United – Outfought, Outplayed, Out of Time? – @RedMancunian –

  2. QueenDelilah says:

    When those fellas who went off to form their own kumbaya blog were here, the constant excuse for poor performance under Fergie was…”Oh, the teams’s in transition” “Oh, we are plagued with injuries” (That part largely was true. We had about 11 players out at some point), “Oh, the young lads would come good” and blah blah blah. You had to be a plastic if you thought it was a way deeper problem or criticized Fergie. Strange how people forget the excuses so soon. I personally stated on this blog when Fergie cemented out last win that he was a friggin genius for proving my doubt wrong.Enter David Moyes- We are in transition, we have bad luck (whatever that means!), we have had injuries, the FA rigged so we had a bad start facing strong teams (Coming from the champions- sigh), the players are mediocre, no, the players are world class (I’m still not quite where Mr Moyes stands on the players quality)There’s no denying the team’s weak in some areas but I have absolutely no doubt that if Fergie was in charge, we won’t be first place now or 2nd. I won’t even say third because the only real contenders this season and I say this with bile (dark green and terribly bitter or so I would imagine it looks like) is our small neighbors, Shitty. Mourinho himself has said his team’s too weak to win and that’s his let out because he is right, I don’t see them winning unless Shitty scuttles it.Therein lies the difference. Fergie was a real man-manager, bringing out the belief in players and maximising it while Mr Moyes, doesn’t even quite seem to have belief in his own self not to talk about the players. History is dotted with great men and one characteristics they all had, was being able to have men share their visions. Mr Moyes is a good man but Mr Moyes isn’t a motivator or a great man. The players’ body language and attitude say it all. We can lay into the players but professionals or no, they need motivation. Afterall, they’ve been there and done that and that’s enough to let complacency creep it. To be honest though, I don’t see it as complacency because this lot obviously can’t be complacent at where we lie on the table nowPaddy Evra gets a lot of stick but people keep ignoring his attacking threats. Way better than Fergie’s solution to Barca- Ashley Young. With age, you can’t expect him to provide and attacking threat and still be brilliant in defence. If Mr Moyes thinks he is neglecting his defensive duties, he needs to tell Evra to stick back which wouldn’t quite favor his idea of wing play. Anyway, I’m an Evra fan so I would support him anyway. Cleverly, Young, Valencia, Smalling…the future doesn’t give me a lot of hope. WELBECK…can’t stop blaming this dude for the exit of Dimitar Berbatov. I guess this is the level we’ve been reduced to.Anyway, as for giving Mr Moyes time, mates, if given continuity forever, at some point, law of averages, you are bound to get an impressive result. However, a corporation such as United shouldn’t be waiting on the law of averages when it comes to our fortunes. It’s just too risky. We laugh at Shitty and the rent boys for their plastic fans especially Shitty who basically sell out their stadium twice a year (When they are facing United) but then again, these plastics contribute to the widening fan base. Sponsorship wise, those major corporations don’t care if someone’s been a fan for a second or 50years. They just wanna see the numbers and know who to throw their sponsorship deals at. (This is a jab at the kid that keeps going on and on about attending all the games and that makes him a better supporter than the people who can’t attend). United starts losing fans and trust me, that could happen very quickly and easily (some diehard fans now don’t even watch our matches anymore) it’s gonna be a domino effect. Giving Mr Moyes another 100 big ones to buy players and he doesn’t make top four (our sad dream for next season is to be Le Arse), he should be taken to court, tried and jailed. I’m sure somewhere in the law, it must constitute a crime to waste money so stupidly or maybe we could try getting him on impersonation. Claiming to be a football manager, executing a long term con for 11yrs @ Everton, in the hope of getting the United job. I really don’t know but if perchance Mr Moyes doesn’t leave in the summer and he gets money and flops, I do not want him forgiven. Fcukin Djemba Djemba of managers!

  3. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Like the article above I agree 100% with the writer. Moyes pre match interview was alarming. “Well it’s a knockout competition now, so we have to make sure we’re compact and hard to play against” he then talks about the threats of Olympiakos pinpointing their 4 main attackers and reverts to their main threat Dominguez “I think the boy Dominguez playing behind….erm….playing behind erm……their centre forward” he even went and bloody forgot the name of their main striker. He really does speak with no bloody authority and inspires not a tad of confidence in anyone with his timid interviews.

  4. tallestreD says:

    TopRed123 what sorcery are you talking about?

  5. united till i die says:

    The next 2-3 games will tell if David Moyes has truly lost the dressing room. If he has I can’t see any way back from it. Either way the players need to start playing for the badge on the front of the shirt and not the fucking names on the back. This season is essentially a bust and regardless of who the manager is next season every player regardless of reputation is playing for their future at the club.

  6. John says:

    Ha! Wounded beast is still alive and keeping up with same shit boringly! Just voted, Sack David William Moyes as soon as possible! Simples. :(

  7. Martin Thomas says:

    This may be madness, but if only we could lure Kiddo back from the Berties, and put Cantona in as his No.2…. That’s just the red romantic in me, I suppose. A bit like a Stone Roses fan, waitng for the classic line up to re-form (Errr… Hang on a minute…).

    We need someone with the knackers for the job. We need another Docherty or Ferguson.

    But is there anybody like either of them in this modern era?

    If Redknapp gets anywhere near OT, I will jump off the CIS Building!

  8. Tommy says:

    @Martin Thomas

    The first 4 words were correct mate, Brian Kidd was the ultimate yes man, Hes the man who told the players everything was great after a defeat, by far the worst of SAFs assistantant, How did he get on as a manager? Relegated Blackburn. I love Eric but hes got no coaching experience at all and I dont think hes the type to hang around, he seems to get bored far too easily and propbably earns a fortune making films, so I think we can rule those out

  9. Martin Thomas says:

    Johnny Giles was an excellent player, but he is also a Leeds twat! He put the boot in about Cantona numerous times in his newspaper rantings in the 90s (especially when The King decked that shithouse, Simmons!). Giles and his holier than thou attitude gets right on my plums! He (Giles) was part of the dirtiest bunch of bastards ever to walk on a football pitch. And as for his comments about Van Persie: Could this be the same Johnny Giles, who with other Leeds players, made life very difficult for new manager, Brian Clough?

    Johnny Giles never got over Sir Matt kicking his arse out of OT, and he is (as they say in Leeds!) a reet tosser!

  10. Martin Thomas says:

    True enough, Tommy: Much as I love the man, Eric has done bugger all with his NY Cosmos gig, and like you say he has plenty of other stuff on his plate. I loved Kiddo as a player, and he’s a great bloke. But Fergie’s best No.2 was probably his first, Archie Knox. Maybe Fergie dropped a bollock appointing Kiddo after Archie left? Word at the time was Robbo wanted the assistant’s gig, and he was pissed off when Kidd got it. I know our Bryan hasn’t set the world alight as a manager, but who knows how it might have gone if Robbo had learned under Fergie for a few years?

  11. Tommy says:

    @Martin Thomas

    Archie was always his trusted number 2 from way back in Scotland, but he got offered a far bigger contract to go and manage Rangers, and Martin Edwards was penny pinching back then and their is no way he could match the Rangers offer so off he went, I always liked McClaren and Quieoz because they think like managers and would challenge Sir Alex so they are probably my favourite 2, Mickey Phelan was promoted to number 2 for his loyalty I think but like Kidd I always get the impression Phelans a yes man also

  12. united till i die says:

    It sure would be nice to have someone like Carlos Quieoz around the place right now.


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