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POLL: Most Successful Ex-Red award

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Hamsy says:

    They say after United, the only way is down. Not for Gerard Pique. He has achieved everything there is and quite deservedly so.

  2. Costas says:

    As I said elsewhere, Diego.

    In other news, Fergie said Nani could return against West Brom, but he will definitely be ready for Stoke. Ahm, we need him at the Hawthorns badly.

  3. Costas says:

    In other news, no new signings in January, but Kiko could go out on loan Fergie said…

  4. besty says:

    i think johnny giles must be the most successful ex red don revie built a team round him

  5. Always Be Closing says:

    Cantona of course! Still present and doing something else that many couldn’t do without his character.

  6. aig alex is god says:

    Both have been good but i go for Pique. He has kept his form this season. Forlan has been poor for Athletico post world cup. Struggling physically

  7. smartalex says:

    San Diego, scourge of the scouse.

  8. loughie21 - TPL says:

    DIego won a Europa League medal and was voted best player in the world cup, great year… BUT… Pique won another La Liga, and is now a World Cup Winner

    World Cup Winner’s medal > Best player but no medal

  9. BloodRed says:

    Definately Pique, World Cup winner, Champions League winner, Won La Liga and starts at CB infront of 80/90 odd thousand at the Camp Nou. Forlan had a great month at the World Cup.. So why have more people voted Forlan?!

  10. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    Diego. For his WC stuffs.

  11. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    While i’d definitely loved that we kept Pique, my attitude towards the La Liga is declining each day. So that’s why my vote’s for the Uruguayan man.

  12. anderson08 says:


  13. willierednut says:

    Forlan. No new signings, apart from Lindegaard, of course.

  14. BerbaGod says:

    Did Barca win CL? Enlighten me please..

  15. BloodRed says:

    lol, my bad! still reckon he’s been more succesfull than Diego.


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