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POLL: What Impact Does The Rooney Story Have On You?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. LORD GAGA says:

    RedDevils76 says:

    I dont really care about his negative publicity regarding his personal life, he can do a John Terry or Ashley Cole or even peeping at woman in the toilet. As long as he performed well, win us the titles that would be good enuff.

    I disagree mate – I would not want a sex pest playing for us regardless how many goals. Rooney hasnt been peeping in womens toilets but if he had he coluld fuck right off.
    I disagree mate, we have to draw the line somewhere. I would hate to see United fans cheering Gary Glitter just because he scores a lot of goals.

  2. wayne says:

    @gaga we both could be anything so i really don’t give a fuck if you believe me or not i just know from experience those who preach the loudest are normally hypocritical twats

  3. LORD GAGA says:

    “…i just know from experience those who preach the loudest are normally hypocritical twats”

    Really, what experience is that then?
    I am not the one who has done anything to get my face in the papers today. Wazza did.
    How am I a hypocryte? Because I dare say that he has let me down as a United fan?
    I am not one of those supporters who mistakes being a fan as having a personality.
    Loyalty is a two way street. How am I expected to be loyal to someone who has been disloyal to the club?
    If nothing else his crime was being caught.

  4. parryheid says:


    do I think they did’nt make sure first?Well I will go back to a story published that was proven false and how in god’s name the person whose career was totally finished did’nt nail them to the wall baffles me John Leslie was his name.So no I dont believe they make sure first .It’s story first Truth second if ever.does that answer you.

  5. wayne says:

    @take your pick,politicians,judges,cops,catholic priests,lawyers you know everyone that is supposed to be model citizens that preach but cheat and lie and abuse on a daily basis all you have to do is pick up a newspaper.i know you think rooney has committed some morale crime but in todays world alot of relationships have problems and very few marriages run the course.your jumping on this morale high ground without knowing the full facts and having no knowledge of his personnel life which i think is wrong,you think its harmed the club i don’t infidelity happens all the time in every walk of life it doesn’t make it right its just a fact your blowing it out of all proportion

  6. Vim Fuego says:

    To be honest I’ve cheated on my wife loads of times. She’s very good looking but crap in bed, therefore I play away. I think Wayne is experiencing the same thing Colleen must be like a plank of wood in bed.

  7. LORD GAGA says:


    Really mate? You`re defending John Leslie now ?
    I think I am going to go and do something else now.

  8. Gee says:

    If you read the story in the NOTW, the bird actually contradicts herself all over the show, she says she was at a party when she got off with him on one occasion, stating the whole team was there and saw him lead her off, then she says she wouldn’t go on tour coz all the players would be at the hotel and would see!! She also says she started seeing him in June of last year and then says at another party Ronaldo walked past, but it was June 11th or summut when the virus had there bid accepted and Ronnie I’m sure was already in America!! I’m not saying Rooneys been a good lad but I’ve got a feeling there is a bit of hyping up at least with this story!!

  9. willierednut says:

    LORD GAGA/RCWIS – Still don’t believe it’s you lol. Pull your skirt up and get behind the lad, he’s needs our support, more than ever.

  10. LORD GAGA says:

    The real crime here is that he let her get away with charging about £1100 more than she is worth.
    I can only hope that for £1200 he made her wear a Stevie G shirt whilst he took a dump on her chest.
    I suppose context is everything.

  11. United says:

    Its a certain type of scum who cheats on their wife when she is pregnant with your first child. That is just messed the f**k up

  12. parryheid says:


    I’m defending John Leslie now?What kind of ridiculous statement is that .The courts defended John Leslie because it was false.The refuge of the fool I am away to do something else,The reason you are away to do something else is because you have no answer that could make sense but hey prove me wrong.

  13. Dave Mack says:

    I wonder how long Fergie has known about this? Maybe that was behind getting so many strikers in the squad. Problem is that having sold Ronaldo …. Rooney’s irreplaceble at any money.

  14. King Eric says:

    Is Lord Gaga REALLY the former Read Carefully What I said? Doesn’t sound owt like him. His posts were belters.

  15. willierednut says:

    King Eric – I wondered that myself lol. I do remember his post about things he’d do to Mrs Cole in a green and gold scarf, classic.

  16. LORD GAGA says:

    @King Eric and willie

    It is definitely me fellas !
    I have been busy lately giving Cheryl Cole Malaria.

  17. LORD GAGA says:

    When I wasnt doing that I was bumming “Tuftys” mum HAHAHA

  18. Scott the Red says:

    King Eric – It is him.

  19. willierednut says:

    LORD GAGA – lol.

  20. LORD GAGA says:

    It was a toss-up between Lord Marmalade, Lord Chatterley or Lord Shave – but I opted for Lord Gaga

  21. willierednut says:

    Lord Shave sounded the best, but Lord Gaga is probably better.

  22. wayne says:

    @gaga so i was doing battle with a legend? fair enough but i still don’t agree with you and i love everything about the way rooney plays football and his private life is his buisness enjoyed jousting with you i’m sure it’ll happen again

  23. barry says:

    actually all it really does is make me angry at the stupid pikey newspapers that report it like its so important.

  24. SmartAlex says:

    If you knew someone for ten years, and then he:
    -saved your brother’s life, or
    -screwed your brother’s wife,
    would it affect your opinion of him?


    Will Colleen love Wayne as much after this scandal (factual or otherwise)?

    I know I will. I choose to love him, warts and all.
    Maybe that stems from a sub-conscious desire that my warts be ignored.
    Maybe it is no different to The-One-Eyed-Wenger, a conscious decision to ignore the negative.

    I am selfish, maybe Wayne is too.

    I am unable to disrespect his alleged betrayal, for I consider that to be a betrayal of my declared support of Wayne Rooney.

    Would I feel differently if he pulled a Tevez?

    As I said, I am selfish.

  25. MU_watson says:

    you people need to untangle your bras! you love a man for 5 years then you can turn on him after some allegations! Guilty till proven innocent!

  26. Simmo says:

    It’s all farce as far as I’m concerned. C’mon Rooney!

  27. VivaWazza says:

    When I first heard about it, I was heartbroken. As much as what he did was bad, as a United fan, I must offer him his full support.

  28. kel says:

    Gutted. Voted and hope this is not true.

  29. Max says:

    I’m so disappointed

  30. denton davey says:

    What impact did this story have on me ?

    It gave me one more reason to hate/loathe/detest “international breaks”. I mean, really, this story should have been filed during the soul-searching aftermath to the World Cup.

    More seriously, so what ?

  31. dannysoya says:

    honestly I am disappointed with Wayne but not to the extent of disowning him. in fact the only reason i am worried is because of the effect it might have on the club. first of all , he is our most important player and he is the key to our championship ambitions. secondly , his confidence will take a huge knock and usually when rooney doesn’t play well , the whole team doesn’t play well ( although that is slowly changing and i hope it changes totally). also it came at the perfectly wrong time for us. we have two incredibly difficult games coming up. EVERTON away ( where rooney is usually booed whether he sleeps with someone or not) and of course LIVERPOOL ( who now have a fit torres and gerrard to choose for their squad). nevertheless, it is very painful to be on the receiving end of wayne’s actions but he is human and humans make mistakes. no one is perfect. if rooney shows that all the newspaper reports don’t affect him tomorrow then i’m fine. all i want to see is a dangerously good wayne rooney on the pitch again. what happens behind the scenes is none of my business.

  32. United Troops says:

    he will be Wayne Rooney ,the white Pele ,in our personal life we do alot of things ,some times it’s right & could be wrong in the other times ,,as a behavior it’s EXTREMELY WRONG ,the fact is !! how do you know wayne ? he’s a man united player we loved him when he scored his first EPL goal against Arsenal ,we have chanted his name when he scored againts AC milan last season .we love him cause he’s wearing the united shirt and he’ll keep scoring and fighting on the pitch for this shirt .. I won’t hate him because of his wrong behavior (it’s a family issue) .it’s not our business ,and that’s the bottom line .

  33. DanS says:

    Love Rooney as a player – as a man, he’s a wanker!

    Lets see how this effects the team in the coming weeks. But really 90% of footballers are wankers. It shouldn’t suprise us – but it does


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