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POLL: Who do you think is most to blame for our current situation?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. The One says:

    If only the lot of you would choke on your own saliva and bile….it’s absolutely ridiculous the amount of bile and whining directed at the club, manager and players. Ferguson implored United fans to support the new manager and the team, knowing full well this was going to happen. I guess the lot of you aren’t supporters, just mere glory hunters!! Success isn’t gonna happen all the time, not even at clubs like the bayerns, barcas, reals, the juvs, milans, where the leagues are only dominated by a handful all the time. One or maybe even more lean years should be expected; Moyes should be afforded time to build his own team.

  2. The One says:

    All this negativity from people posting here grates with me….I despise you lot, absolutely!!

  3. Blacksocks says:

    Rooney for Mata and cash would be a great deal but will it happen – I’m not so sure. I think Rooney is destined to leave in the summer, he clearly doesn’t want to sign a new contract and we should at least sell him rather than have him leave for free.

    If United could sign one player to replace him – Costa from Ath Madrid would be ace but I expect him to end up at PSG or Chelski.

  4. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Some want rid of rooney, anyone would think there will be a huge influx of top players to fill that gap. I think people need to be careful, I think even moyes knows it is imperartive to keep his best players and rooney by some distance is that.

  5. Tommy says:


    Agree about the 7/7 bombing, Their was a father on the local news who lost a son saying he doesnt forgive or except his apology calling him a disgrace, I dont mean to sound heartless but fucking hell he did grate on me, The mrs thinks I am heartless now

  6. Chris says:

    @Samuel: I’m not disputing that Rooney is currently our best/most influential player (and a twat) but I’m looking longer term and whether we should cash in or not. For what its worth I agree with Blacksocks in that I believe Rooney will be off in the summer so, given our financial situation, would it be better business to cash in now while we can still get a decent amount of cash for him?

  7. Tommy says:

    Woodwards out in force again, Signing another sponsorship deal this time with Aperol

  8. Tommy says:

    19 years ago today Andy Cole signed for United, were has the time gone, I still remember those wee Geodies fuming with Keegan for selling him. Oh Andy Cole, Andy Andy Andy Cole

  9. Unagi says:

    Reminder to all to remember that there is no person that makes mistakes in their decision:

    I am not against DM. Just getting tired of bringing SAF quotes.

    As long as crowd is not chanting for DM head means he has our support. There is not bad thing for people to be concerned.

  10. FBr David Lee says:

    like belly button, everyone has an opinion.
    for me the current fiasco is much tamer than 2002 when we lost 9 games in the BPL and a few in UCL, FA, & League Cup.

    I will still support united like what happened in 1998, 2002, 2004-2006 and when ancelotti was in charge of chelsea.

  11. Mark Reid says:

    If Roonet decides to go which may or may not happen we should no way sell him to our Premiership rivals that would be just dumb.

  12. Mark Haslam says:

    I think everyone but the fans are to blame right now. Not only have we lost the greatest manager of all time, we have lost an experienced chairman in David Gill, the best goalkeeping coach, All our champion trained coaches who had the privilege work with Fergie and inherited his cant lose attitude and fight to the deaf belief. I dont have a problem with Moyes but I question Steve Round and Phil Neville at the minute. I just don’t think they have the experience to be part of this empire.
    However us United fans are not like our noisy neighbors, Chelski, and the Bin Dippers. We will stand by the Chosen One as we all did Fergie. We need to get behind Moyes and lift the teams confidence. We have to believe in Moyes and his choices even if its hard to accept. This is Manchester United Football Club and will always be a home Champions.

  13. wayne barker says:

    Moyes let Eric Steele and Mike Phelan go Melenstein decided to leave although Moyes offered him the same job and wages he had under Sir Alex.Pretty obvious DDG hasn’t suffered at the loss of Steele.Some seem to want to make out there was major disruptions he did bring in his own scouts but that has fuck all to do with the day to day running of the club
    In regards to the Rooney situation I read he actually falls under the FIFA clause when a player can buy out his last year which in Rooney’s case would be 12mill

  14. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Chris – I have no issue with rooney leaving but my point is, what guarantees are there that the club will adequately replace him and bring top calibre players in? 1. There will be restriction in terms of transfer market moves 2. Top Players may not want to join this regime as of now. My conclusion is, if the club are going to struggle to fill in the gap why not do all they can to keep rooney?.. It’s all well and good calculating all the potential incoming revenue etc but evidence of the glazers regime says the cash will be used for their own personal issues and paying off debts and if that’s the case, i’m not for decreasing the squad’s already deflating quality.

  15. Tommy says:


    Exactly mate, people questioning Woods appointment really have no reason to, Woods was a top keeper who won the European cup, played for England etc, he has a wealth of experience to pass on to DDG, thats not to say Steele wasnt good but the way some people on here go on like hes irreplaceable, Oh what job does steele have now? The goalkeeping coach at Derby, All the big teams were clearly after Steele!!!

    In other news Rooney has been sent for some warm weather training in the states so wont be involved tomorrow and RVPs not fit enough yet, I really hope both are back for the rent boys, I shouder to think what will happen to us then without those two

  16. Chris says:

    You definitely have a point about the Glazers and any incoming transfer fees Samuel, who knows if we would see it or not? They could just add it to the Ronaldo money!

    As Wayne says Rooney could buy his contract out in the summer which could screw us completely for the reasons you stated.

    @Mark Reid: Chances are Rooney will end up at a rival because would any of the ‘top’ European clubs be interested in him? Real or PSG maybe but I would have expected somebody to be sniffing around him last summer if they were interested because of the situation with him and the club at the time.

  17. wayne barker says:

    I’m not defending the Glazers but there’s no proof they have denied any money in fact Sir Alex has always said he was never refused any money.Sir Alex always had issues with the modern day transfer market particularly agent fees.Its now coming out Utd did approach Madrid about Ronaldo this summer which tells me the club is prepared to spend big on the right player
    Sir Alex always had his own valuation on players but was going against the oil clubs who don’t give a fuck about grossly overspending on transfer fees and wages

  18. The One says:

    People just need to stop all this blame game right away and be patient and realistic about things or go support the other Manchester club with all the dirty oil money!!

  19. Marq says:

    Considering Rooney can buy out his own contract next season, we should plan for the worst case scenario, and if he has any shred of love left for United, he should let the club know earlier.

    If a sale is going to happen, I can’t see him anywhere other than Real, PSG or Monaco.

    Either way, we must rebuilt the team regardless of Rooney staying or not, and it must be built around someone else. Januzaj is still too young to be centered around, so we definitely need an established player to come in. Of course the dream scenario is a Cantona type of signing, its a long shot, but hey, a man can dream yea? I mean look at the significant signings other clubs have made that really made a difference, Suarez to Liverpool, Yaya to City, Ozil to Arsenal and even Mata to Chelsea, all of them raised the team’s performance to the next level, so it is not impossible, and it doesn’t really mean we need to break the transfer records.

    Not suggesting we should not spend, of course we should, and it is something overdue. But it is proven that clever scouting is more important than spending the most money


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