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POLL: Who do you want to replace Moyes?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. ayush says:

    well apparently i can’t comment

  2. mjcRED says:

    Please no Van Gaal. He’s past it and he’d just be looking to get a fat pay check. The guy cannot be appointed just to keep RVP happy.

    Also, given that Van Gaal from now until the end of the world cup will and should be thinking of nothing else but Holland, this in no way will be enough time for the monumental and massively challenging task of finding the quality and number of players we need. Moyes under achieved massively but the vast majority of players we have are no longer up to the job. They come out of this situation with no more credit than Moyes and there are a number of them that cannot ever besmirch the club’s shirt again with their cowardly attitude and performances ever again.

    If we really want to make a ground-breaking appointment who will re-invigorate the club and instil a modern and progressive brand of football, then that man has to be Jürgen Klopp. His ability and enthusiasm will ensure we create a new dynasty, and that should be what this club is about and how we should look to be different from our rivals.

    Moyes had to go but I would hold the majority of players at this club as equally responsible for our plight. They have shown themselves as being spineless and self serving, not for one minute fighting or putting the required level of effort and heart that this club deserves. The irony is that in Rooney, Moyes’s most trusted player, he was the one most guilty of being anonymous and not putting in anywhere near the level needed. Any new manager must show him and 8 or 9 others the door IMMEDIATELY.

  3. iamMatty says:

    Dont think we can wait for van gaal. We need to start making purchases right now and build for next season. If we cant get the first choice of carvalho and kroos(which i doubt will be possible), then i think we should be going for the bender brothers(yes opik made sense there). One (sven) is a destroyer at dortmund, and the other (lars) is a ball playing all action box to box midfielder for leverkusen. They are cheaper and the thought of bringing both of them together could scrape a few million bucks off the deal too. I rate them very highly too.

  4. iamMatty says:

    Will players sign for giggs? Yup i think so.
    Throw in becks and scholesy in the negociating team and the glamour effect would get us almost anybody.
    Time we follow the bayern model and build our club around a lot of legends and not just SAF’s monopoly.

  5. mjcRED says:

    Sorry it never worked out David. I guess some things just aren’t meant to be. However, I still thank fuck we never appointed Mourinho in the Summer. I don’t for one minute doubt he’d have brought short term success to the club. But please. There’s a way to do it and his dreary, pragmatic football would always remain an ill fit for whatever philosophy and traditions United have as a club.

    I would settle for no trophies over the next 2 seasons if it meant we had a manager in place who genuinely modernised and re-invigorated our club. We have looked stale and have been exposed far too often over a number of years now, never being able to back up the claims of many that we’re the biggest club in the world when the majority of evidence suggests otherwise.

    Let’s not miss this opportunity and appoint someone who can build upon the great though incomplete work of Sir Matt and Sir Alex and genuinely make us a force on a world level playing a modern, innovative, highly technical with the necessary tempo to instil fear once again in our rivals.

    This man has to be Klopp. Van Gaal I fear is just Mourinho-lite, short term success but no long term vision. Besides the massive job in recruitment and creating a new philosophy at our club will not be possible given his commitments to Holland.

    Whoever it is, I hope they have the personality and ability needed so as to expose and get rid of the players so many players within this squad trading on past achievements and reputations. Rooney is the most obvious player that falls into this category but he is far from being the only one.

  6. Blacksocks says:

    I too would prefer Klopp but Van Gaal does bring a lot to the table.

    1) Netherlands qualify with ease for the WC winning 9 out of 10 games (1 draw)

    2) He has coached big clubs before and has won major honours with them. (2 European trophies and 7 league wins in Netherlands, Spain and Germany).

    3) Just like Fergie, he likes to run a football club from the top to the bottom. He is a winner and doesn’t settle for anything less.

    4) He promotes youth and is bale to coach players to change position. (Credited as turning Schweinsteiger into a defensive midfielder)

    5) If he can get the best out of RVP for just a couple of seasons surely top 4 is likely.

    6) United would probably play a dutch style of attacking football under him, we would be entertained at least!

    7) His career win percentage as a manager (nearly 25 years) is 61%.

    He isn’t perfect and has failures on his CV too and for me his age might mean he isn’t around for too much longer but he is a deserved front runner and although I would prefer Klopp, I would happily settle for Van Gaal.

    One final thought – I presume much of Moyes coaching staff will also leave so imagine a Van Gaal (manager) Mulensteen (assistant manager) Giggs and Scholes (First team coaches) Harrison (GK coach) line up for next season. I rather like that prospect.

  7. KwesiOwusuJnr says:

    Seriously, I hate it when some fans diss our players as spineless and all that. Yes, some of them might have their differences with Moyes but you cant tell me any fielded doesnt try his best. The players are a reflection of their manager so cut out that crap. No one gave up on him …certainly not on the field of play. They were just clueless like the manager.

  8. OpikBidin says:

    Let’s see if Giggs really is a coach or will just use the oldguards and himself

  9. Tai Gin says:

    Frank de Boer is being massively under-represented in all these discussions for Moyes’ replacement.

    Firstly, though Klopp would be awesome, he looks highly unlikely.

    Now, Frank de Boer utilises a highly attacking system of play with heavy pressing which has a lot of similarities with Klopp’s system of play. He’s relatively young at 43. He’s won trophies. He’s dutch and would probably improve our best striker. Also, total football.

    We should probably be looking to get him before Barcelona make him Martino’s replacement.

  10. aashish thapa says:

    I like jurgen and want to see him do more with more money he can get in united and no doubt he has the hardcore desire to be the best manager in world.

  11. Vincent William says:

    My money’s on Van Gaal. But those of you who haven’t read this article yet, Caveats about Van Gaal:

  12. CTRED says:

    Louis Van Gaal on a 3 or 4 year contract with a mandate to win the champions league and get the youth structure to the next level. Bring back Rene Meulensteen and also retain some old boys like Butt and Scholes.

  13. omonzi says:

    How about Frank Rijkaard?

  14. Usman Iqbal says:

    Look, we just need a strong temporary manager which can be Van Gaal as he wants to retire soon anyway. Keep him in for 2-3 years, he’ll get us back into UCL and make some decent signings. By doing this we are able to hold out for either Pep or Klopp long term when they’ve finished achieving what they’re trying to achieve at their current clubs. By doing this we can become the epitome of English football once again.


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