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POLL: Would You Still Love Becks If He Knocked Us Out?

David Beckham - United shirt

“I’ve never said that I’d never move away from Manchester, and I’ve never said that I’d end my career there,” David Beckham said less than a month before he left us for Real Madrid. Some fans won’t be told though. Because Beckham watches United knock Arsenal out of the Champions League with a grin on his face, he is a United legend. Because he repeatedly tells the press leaving United was nothing to do with him, he is loved.

There’s no denying that Beckham is a fan of United. There’s no denying he’s aware of the massive mistake he made when he left us. But the way Beckham views himself, and the way some fans see him, doesn’t quite match up with the Beckham we saw towards the end of his United career, who stalled over his contract for over a year because image rights needed “perking”, who showed up late to training, and who had one of his best games in a United shirt when playing against Real Madrid, the team he joined months later in what he described as a “dream” move.

Beckham claimed this week that he was desperate to be drawn against United this year in the Champions League. In the same interview, he also told of how badly he wanted to win the competition with AC Milan.

Beckham has been granted his wish today, with United set to play Milan in the round of 16. However, for Beckham to go on to win the European Cup with the team he is on loan with, he would have to knock United out.

If Beckham scored against us and knocked us out, would you still feel the same way about him?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Rob the Red says:

    How can we possibly be here all these year later arguing as to wether or not Beckham is a Uniter legend? The facts say NO! Without doubt he wanted away from the United to go to (in his mind) a bigger club. Not one who wanted to be seen in a bad light all he had to do was upset Fergie to the point of no return and then blame him. As always opportunity fell right into his lap with the flying boot incident. A couple of stitches, make sure the press get plenty of pictures.That coupled with poor performances for us while busting a gut playing for England and BINGO! That my friends is not the behaviour of a United legend in my book. Fast forward a few years and brand Beckham starts to look at life after football. When he is in this country what is best? Well, what could be better than having a record number of caps and being closely associated with the best club in the land? The answer is nothing, so history slowly starts to be re-written and all of a sudden poor Becks was blameless and if you snapped him in half his spine would have Manchester United written in it like a stick of Blackpool rock. Beckham was a good player for us and on his day a great player, but he had another agenda under his hat in his last few years with us and that is not what legends are made of!………………….Sorry to those of you who love the guy but he has pulled the wool over peoples eyes who are a lot smarter than us. But not this time, not in my mind anyway.

  2. rooninho says:

    if beckham could do it all over again something tells me he wouldn’t have married the spice girl. i think he would have kept his head down a bit more and tried to stay on like giggs, scholes, and nev. you know it must have killed him to watch united win more titles, tie the dippers record, and to watch his mates lift the trophy in moscow without him. he was practically raised from a boy to a man by the united family.

    anyway, he chose his path and tried to play it out in a way that was most beneficial to himself first and foremost, and who can blame him? not many people on planet earth are given his opportunites, media appeal, and ability to turn themselves into a one man brand name corporation. would it have been financially smarter for him to not capitalize on his popularity?

    if he helps milan knock out united from the champions league through hard work, talent, and sheer determination, then fair play to him. if he should dive, foul, or cheat milan to victory, or if he were to rub our noses in it during a match or after defeating us, well that’s another story and he would then deserve the tevez treatment.

    as long as he shows proper respect to united during the two matches, i see nothing wrong with him helping his current team win. he’s a professional footballer and it’s his job. it would be disrespectful to everything he was taught by united and fergie if he came out and played anything less than the best of his ability.

    at this point he’s brought me too much joy and too many fond memories as a united player for me to ever slag him. so for now i still like becks.

    that being said, i hope united completely embarrass milan and exact a fair amount of revenge for our poor history against them. i also wouldn’t feel too bad if vidic knocked him down a few times. in fact i would find that hilarious!

  3. IcelandicDevil says:

    Come on Scott… him being professional and giving 100% for his club in a massive champions league tie is somehow supposed to make him any less of a legend in United fans eyes? The undertone in this article makes it one of the dumbest things I’ve read on this otherwise pretty decent site……

  4. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    The sad thing with Beckham is that, had he stayed at United, along with Scholes and Giggs and to a lesser extent, Neville, he’d be remembered as one of the greatest players of his generation.
    Now, people think, “good player, huge celebrity” because brand Beckham is bigger than the player. Huge mistake leaving United.

  5. TheTipIsRed says:

    Good evening all! These two games are potentially awesome but I’m afraid the media will paint it as “prodigal son returns” tripe. Which is one of the reasons SAF sold him. Shame for the greatest club in the world battling it out with one of Europe’s jewels to take a back seat to Beckham’s return to OT. I applauded Becks when he was in our squad but he’s the individual equivalent of Madrid in terms of bringing the circus to town.

  6. eleventh heaven says:

    i was 13 when Beckham left United. And you can say he was the idol for everyone in school. Including the girls. When i played for my school in an under 15 competition, i argued with a friend of mine for the number 7 jersey. Just to get the number 7, it gave you that Beckham feeling. hahah. The emulation of his hairstyle was a must. From the long M-ed hair, to the buzz cut, and to the Mohawk, it was a must to do those kind of hairstyles. And i snubbed Nike for Adidas, just to be David Beckham. That guy’s a legend for me. Always a United fan, and i’m proud of that.
    Even with AC Milan, i have a great respect for that historic Italian team. They will be a great side for us to face in the knockout stage.Im looking forward to see the likes of Pato, Borriello, Pirlo, Nesta, Ronaldinho, Seedorf, and ofcourse Beckham, to play at Old Trafford. It will be a fantastic tie. Just what the Champions League is all about. We need to face and win against the big teams if we want to be the king of Europe again. We need to prove that to others.
    All in all, i think we have the advantage ahead of this tie. Our back line will be (hopefully) fit again. Hoping for the return of Evans, Brown, O’shea, Nev, and Rio. We should be able to beat the Milan team.

  7. Jack says:

    well said

  8. oskarkokoshka says:

    Beckham is a media whore, who had ideas above his talent at United.
    SAF did the best thing when he off-loaded him to a club that promotes egos and glitz above real football.
    Undoubtedly talented, but so are many players at United who don’t seek the camera.
    Giggs, Scholes, Butt and both Nevilles (that came through with him) are real footballers, not Hollywood fairies.
    Milan possess many other great players who we should be worried about, not Mr. Glitz.

  9. whiteknight03 says:

    Let’s see…because I support United I am supposed to hate England, loathe International breaks, curse Beckham, heap abuse upon every referee who has wronged us at some point in the past and generally become a twisted old sod? And I thought the Citizens and Scousers were the bitter ones?!?

  10. the scottish wonder says:

    Backham was a great player for us.. Ronaldo was a great player for us, they arent though legends..

    Giggs, Scholes, Neville etc… are legends

    And yes Costas i did the mohawk (sadly) for a few weeks

    ..But really for now Beckham is more good than bad

  11. Tre says:

    His goal celebration (or lack thereof) would inform my reaction.

  12. Jayunited4eva says:

    I love Beckham, always do,and it helps that he loves us.I still do wish he’d had stayed with us.It’s awesme that he’s coming back and i’m nearly a hundred pecent sure he’ll get a great reception,and its all becuase of the way he conducts himself.True professional,and i’d choose to think that he’s a United Legend.
    i always like it when good stuff’s said about Becks.i hope he does well in the games against us.

    So, i’d want Becks to do well against us with us winning both ties :D I’m sure inside him,he’d like that too, though obviously he wouldn’t say it out.

  13. Sanatarium says:

    utdforever you’re a mind reader mate.

    i’m not ashamed to admit that it was beck’s appeal that first drew me to United.. and i’ve been in love with the club ever since.

    he’s probably gutted that Sir called on a former scouser to the club and gave him his once famous shirt but there’s no way back for himself.

  14. Suprah says:

    He is no George Best.

  15. ethiored says:

    @whiteknight03, spot on mate. I like Becks as a footballer and I think he is a United legend just as Van the man is and I am not ashamed of that.

  16. al says:

    you forget to mention how he was sold to real madrid AGAINST his will because fergie wanted rid whilst he was away on holiday. he was determined to stay at united and iron it out but fergie wouldn’t have it- and as we know, fergie’s word is final, and he thought becks’ time at united was up, so he was only going to go in the end. becks = united legend.

  17. 20Legend says:

    I wouldnt use the word ‘love’ and this might be contravesial… but that team of ’99 kicked ass and respect is due to ALL the players. I wouldnt exactely say that Yorke was a fine example after he won the treble, but for the contribution he made that year has earnt my unconditional respect for the guy.

    Becks, when on his game at UTD was the type of player we all wanted at UTD he grafted, worked for the team, scored great goals (crucial ones too – spurs at home may ’99). Sure near the end he became a circus and it wasnt the best ending to his time here.

    But, for his contribution to our success, our worldwide brand, the EXCITING games of the 90′s and early 00′s (unlike what we are seeing at the moment), the great free kicks… Becks – Thanks for the memories!!!!!

    Oh heres a qu – ronaldo at his peak or becks who would you pick if you could only have 1 in your 1st 11 – I’d opt for Becks. No doubt.

  18. RedDevilzAdvocate says:

    I’ve been reading this blog for a fair bit now but this is my first post, bear with me if its a bit long but I just had to join the Beckham debate.
    What makes one a legend? Is it the number of medals he wins? or the fact that he’s a crowd favourite? or the fact that he makes the right comments to the press? Truth is we all have different standards for measuring our legends. I think David Beckham is a legend for Manchester United because of what he gave to the club, true service whenever called upon. Who are we to say he did not give committed performances in the last year at United? If a player has a bad performance or loses form does that mean he’s no longer committed?I think not. David Beckham has shown nothing but tremendous respect for the club AND Sir Alex since his departure and I think at least he deserves some of that respect back from the club from which he received so much and to which he gave an incredible amount back. For those saying Becks was a ‘good’ player for us, he was an immense player for us imo. He was our single most creative outlet in our most successful era, his assists gave us the goals that won us the European cup and the premiership on multiple occasions. Yes we would all have loved him to do a Giggs and spend the rest of his career with us and tbh we have certainly been successful enough without him, but that didn’t happen. He made a choice which he felt was the best or the only one for him to join madrid. I think sometimes we fans expect the standards of gods or supermen from these players, forgetting that they are simply men like us and in most cases young men at that, who will take decisions which may with the benefit of hindsight, not be the wisest. We will never know the full details of why David Beckham really left united because none of us i think, was there from start to finish, we can only speculate and i is unfair to judge a man when we do not have the full information. think it is more fair to judge on what we do know for sure, that David Beckham contributed significantly to Manchester United’s success both on and off he field and that he has shown nothing but love and respect for this great club ever since he left. On these standards I choose to see David Beckham as a Manchester united legend.

    p.s sorry for going on!

  19. Stephen says:

    I don’t give a fuck about “branding” Beckham made his decision to leave the club and that is his right, he was a good player for us but he is controlled by his bitch whore of a wife so for me he is not even anywhere near a United legend neither is Ronaldo for that matter.

  20. mufcdevils says:

    i would like him but not love him but thanks for everything you have done becks

  21. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    its like me thinking if i ever became pregnant would i keep it ????????
    its never gonna happen so why would i wonder about it
    hargreaves for the winner

  22. kinkyp says:

    would it not have be too unbelievable to suggest that we could have taken Beckham on a 6 month loan from january somebody please tell me an argument to suggest he couldn’t have done a job for us at the current time
    He would be in before Park and Nani

  23. Corea says:

    @ Costas

    Hi buddy. Fletch is not a top top player ? But who is he ? The player we say we badly missed in the CL final ? Does the player haму to score 25 goals in order to be named top player ? Fletch IS a to top player and there is no doubt about that.

  24. RedMist says:

    Yes. He was a vital part of the history of United, his part in the treble was undeniable.
    He is a pro and as such will want to beat us. Is that a reason to disrespect him again?
    Would you want Owen to go easy on the Scousers when he plays against them or would you demand he want to win?

    He’ll get a good reception, as he should, and then we’ll beat them and beat them well.

  25. RedDevilz88 says:

    Well in my books,i didnt came to love united bcuz of becks.BUt rather the way that united had about playing thy football.. The situation is the same as ronaldo, great player,did evrythng for the club n put up an entertainìng show 4 us to remember.. Bt he had to move on,same goes to becks,did it all wit us but he was too big for us.. So move on, a decent player( or a great player at that era)he was but witout his downfall we would nt have fifa’s world player of the year in ronaldo. So i thank him for all that he has done.. But it wouldn’t change my feelings for him that is he is a decent player that used to play for united. Nothing and nothing less…

  26. Isaidso says:

    RedDevilzadvocate – couldn’t agree with youmore mate – Becks IS a Man United LEGEND, and it is not his fault that SAF took Umbridge with him, because he became GOLDEN BALLS and got more Newspaper attention and space than Fergie! Beckham should be an example from the United fans to get a message over to the likes of Tevez, on how true legends are received back at OT. Beckham NEVER wanted to leave, brought more revenue into our club than any other player for most of his time at OT, and has never said anything but GOOD about our club on fans, and even SAF since leaving. Anybody who boos or disrespects him should be fucking ashamed!

  27. Ashish says:

    “There’s no denying he’s aware of the massive mistake he made when he left us.”
    How can that be a mistake? He was left with no other choice.He got a boot to his head and everything is made out to be his fault.

  28. Stephen says:

    Craig, What are you basing the fact that he never want to leave on? he has never said that, he wanted to leave and Fergie wanted him out.

  29. King Eric says:

    “and it is not his fault that SAF took Umbridge with him, because he became GOLDEN BALLS and got more Newspaper attention and space than Fergie”!

    Are you really serious? Do you honestly think Fergie was jealous of “Goldenballs”? It is precisely Beckham’s fault he got all the newspaper coverage. Poncing about in fucking sarongs and such like.

  30. nayadu91 says:

    All this slating of Becks is hypocritical in my opinion. One of the reasons some fans dislike him is the fact that he had an issue with his image rights. When we feel proud of the fact that our club is the biggest in the world, of the hundreds of fans that welcome United on their tours worldwide, of the fact that almost 3% of the world population is United mad, we cannot blame Becks for trying to negotiate his image rights for it was he who brought United to Asia, which has a massive United fan base. Ofcourse, the club is greater than the individual, but when the same club became more than just a football club, became a private limited company of sorts (?) with only business in mind, then we have hundreds of fans protesting against it. The fact that Becks has got the club more revenue than any other player is enough for Becks to try and negotiate his image rights.

    If United would have declined the ‘perking’, would Becks have left? I don’t think so. He would have still signed the contract. Yes, we would have loved if he hadn’t done that AT ALL. Yes, an ideal United player-fan shouldn’t have done that AT ALL. But he did, okay screw it, that doesn’t take away anything from his on-field performances, specially during ’99 when he did have a huge hand in landing us the trophies. 2nd to the European Player of the Year is a good measure of that.

    I guess all of us must have read his autobiography. He wasn’t wanted by Fergie and wasn’t wanted by United. He has even explained his reasons for coming late to training once. Ofcourse, all his Hollywood image wasn’t in the best interest of his career as a footballer, but I don’t think any of it reflected on his on-field performances.

    It just didn’t happen – him staying at United. Legend or not, he certainly doesn’t deserve the flak and he certainly was a fan favourite which episodes post-France ’98 show. Yes, for me, Becks was a legend who came up the hard way.


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