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Poor Ronaldo Harrassed By Beautiful Brazilian Women

It’s a hard life for Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t it. He gets to play for our beloved club, women throw themselves at him and he earns more in a week than we do in years. Still, no need to rub it in Cristiano!

Ahead of Portugal’s friendly with Brazil, Ronaldo has spoken about the treatment he expects to get from the birds there.

“Oh, I’m ready for harassment (from women), I’m used to that in Europe, and here it is the same,” he said.

Ronaldo has also spoken about what life is like at Portugal with Carlos Queiroz as boss.

“Big Phil is a great friend,” Ronaldo said of the Chelsea manager. “I’m sorry he has left the Portugal job, but it was an excellent move (to Chelsea). I loved working with him. Queiroz has not had much time to develop his work. Two years ago, England also had problems and then they recovered. All the big national teams go through this. Let us recover.”

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  1. TonyBee says:

    Fucking hell, Cristiano me old son if you need a fucking hand fighting the bitches off … just give me a call…!!!

  2. Happy Slappy says:

    I know what he means, i have the same problem. Some of us are cursed, god dam money, fame and bitches…

    then i wake up and have my corn flakes.

  3. PeeJay says:

    When did anybody ever say that he gets harassed by beuatiful Brazilian women?

  4. Tevratov says:

    I get harassed by ugly brazilian dogs….

  5. dotun says:


  6. Markus Revolver says:

    If you need a bat to swipe them away with, use me, im pretty skinny so i wont hurt them.

  7. Haakon says:

    Tabloid journalism for once, Scott! ;-)

  8. Scott the Red says:

    Any excuse to put up a picture of a nice arse, Haakon….


  9. clj7 says:

    Don’t worry Ronnie, I get it all the time :P It’s a horrible life ain’t it? Making millions every year and all those bitches have to ruin it all :(

  10. Mic says:

    I’ve been there, women throwing themselves over you, I know what he’s going through, my heart bleeds for you Ronnie!

  11. suhayl says:

    oh boy i wish i was that hand

  12. smith says:

    nice pic. he’s a lucky boy

  13. Failsworth Devil says:

    £120k a week… playing for us… and any woman he wants…”fuckin hell its a hard life for some aint it”…

    The “Jammy Twat”… lol

  14. Vianey says:

    I understand what he means. I am a model and i always get girls passing me pieces of paper with their name and number. For f**ks sake they even stick them on the hood of my car (Diablo),.. It can cause relationship problems if u have a jealous girl.
    But Brazilians, I wouldn’t complain!


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