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Predictions For Tonight

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. alpha_rs says:

    Get Rooney and Evra off at half time. No need o risk Tevez either.

    Berbatov and Da Silva on.

    I hear the commentators are saying their usual ABU comments.

    How about Giggsy’ disallowed goal last week?!

  2. alpha_rs says:

    Also Arsenal still dangerous.

    Maybe I am being ultra cauious but it only takes a slip or a deflection for some belief.

  3. redmojo says:

    The Arsenal fans are depressing to watch. I’d like to think we’d be singing are hearts out in the same situation.

  4. daddycoder says:

    is it time to celebrate already? we have 2 away goals… 3-0 aggregate.. now it coming close to halftime.

  5. Marq says:

    I’d say take off Rooney & Evra. Not that it will encourage Arsenal to attack, but for the fact that the 2 of them wouldn’t want to make a tackle now. It’d be good to send on someone who can be more committed

  6. Kings says:

    Take off Rooney and Evra. Bring on Tevez and Rafael and move O’Shea to left-back.

  7. alpha_rs says:

    Look at all those Gooners fans leaving!

  8. Gooner Chris says:

    To be fair, there isn’t that many fans leaving which is a testament to the fans.

  9. Manchester united forever says:

    Fuck that . Brilliant tackle by fletcher and ref. Gives him a red case . I’m really sad and disappointed for fletcher . He has been absolutely brilliant for vs and this fucking ref. Has denied the kid to play in champions league final.

  10. Marq says:

    If there is any sense in this world, Fletcher’s red card will be taken off

  11. Manchester united forever says:

    @MARQ-I think the red card cannot be rescinded.

  12. the Count says:

    Highbury back to being the Library!

    where are the gooners who´ve been goin on here about atmosphere and shit…

  13. the Count says:

    all we need now is Barca give the rentboys a fisting and we smash the bitters for a perfect footballing week…

  14. sanj says:

    fletcher’s red cannot be appealed. awful. he clearly touched the ball away from fabregas. it’s a shame, he deserves to play in rome.

  15. Kings says:

    Fucking awesome display – 3rd goal was vinatge United. Pleased to see that Rooney and Evra escaped a booking. Shocking call by the ref for a pen, and bad decision to send off Fletcher. Fucking cunt.

  16. Kings says:

    Let’s hope for 3 points against the bitters on Sunday.

  17. Colbert says:

    What a diabolical pack of idiots UEFA are that no club can appeal such blatantly appalling decisions. Italian refs are a disgrace. I still haven’t forgotten the days when Stefano Braschi (sp) was refereeing Champions League games.

    We will miss Fletch. I guess the best we can hope for is a rash of injuries and suspensions for our upcoming opponents in the final.

  18. Colbert says:

    Btw, if that had been Gerrard that got sent off and not Fletcher, you just know that Liverpool would have done whatever it took to get him to the final (and succeeded).

  19. Giles Oakley says:

    I predict that United will play in the Champions League Final in Rome.


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