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Prepare for Evra exit…and Vidal arrival?

It looked as though Patrice Evra was certain to leave Manchester United this summer after David Moyes had made it quite clear that Leighton Baines would have forced the Frenchman out of the team, if he hadn’t turned us down to stay at Everton.

As the season progressed, Luke Shaw’s link with United grew stronger, although his Chelsea-supporting childhood and Ashley Cole’s impending exit meant we weren’t taking anything for granted.

Evra, who’s form has been unimpressive for years, was certainly going to be replaced this summer, we just didn’t know who by.

However, when he signed a contract extension last month, it was fantastic news. He obviously could presume that he wouldn’t be our first choice left-back, and that was proven true when Shaw eventually did sign, but was happy to stick around regardless. Whilst his influence on the pitch is nothing to write home about, his presence in the dressing room is massive. To have his experience about the place for another year, particularly as Shaw was finding his feet, would have been brilliant.

Over the past few days, rumours claiming that Evra is on his way to Juventus have started the gain momentum. This evening, it was reported that Evra has asked can he move to the Italian champions and United have begrudging agreed.

However, at the same times that the Evra news started to be reported, so did United’s deal for Arturo Vidal. Whilst Ed Woodward doesn’t have the best reputation amongst United fans, it would be nice to think that he wouldn’t negotiate a deal for United without at least trying to make a move for Vidal.

Italian paper Gazzetta dello Sport has reported today that the talks are well underway and that the player’s agent has met with United representatives today. Meanwhile, another Italian paper, Tuttosport, claimed that Vidal would be available €50m, which could include players. Nani is apparently another player they fancy.

To add further fuel to the fire, The Mirror this evening has reported that Juve need to sell one of their star players to balance their books. President Andrea Agnelli is apparently open to cashing in on Vidal or Paul Pogba. The former United midfielder, Pogba, has been linked with a big money move to PSG this week. It’s unlikely that Juve would let both players leave though, so our ability to sign Vidal might depend on how quickly we move.

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  1. Tommy says:

    Hopefully Vidal will have been discussed in the negotiations with Juventus and we can get that deal done, shame Paddy looks like he is is leaving one of my favourite players to have worn the United shirt, fantastic attitude, never injured, was practically an ever present in Uniteds starting 11 for years, but at his age he probably wants to be playing week in and week out which is understandable after all the years of service he was given, garenteed league titles at juventus as well as no one will touch them in Italy, its a good move really for Pat, from Uniteds point of view it means we need 1 more left back as the young players coming through are not good enough in the LB spot, be interesting who comes in, but it would be great if Woody can pull off the Vidal deal

  2. EC7 says:


    I’m gutted Paddys leaving as well mate. What better mentor for Luke Shaw. It’s a shame that all that experience and character will be leaving us, add Vida and Rio and that’s a hell of a lot of games between them leaving the club all at once. After a slightly shakey start to his United career, the guy became a revelation at left back and one of the best we’ve ever had. As you say, his attitude was/is spot on.
    He had a solid World Cup but some of his performances dwindled last season and with the addition of sure a first team place would be limited. All the best Pat!

    On Vidal, I’d love it if he joined, absolutely love it but I’m not holding my breath (see Kroos, Thiago etc) I think he’d soon become a fans favourite due to the way he plays.Everytime I’ve seen him play he’s looked a class act. It’s a shame he wasn’t fully fit for the World Cup as we never got to see the best of him. I hope he doesn’t have any fitness issue here on in.

  3. Mark Reid says:

    Sad news indeed if it happens what a warrior he was for us I too was hoping he’d stay at least one season can’t blame the man however wanting 1st team football but cest la vie.I m not sure who we have for a back up though.And yes I hope Vidal heads our way.

  4. FBr David Lee says:

    whether Paddy & Nani leaving us to bring Vidal transfer i, as a fan, am grateful for their contribution to our club a few seasons ago.

  5. Eric Nesh says:

    If Paddy leaves I will be completely heart broken…we could have at least kept him for one year. a fantastic player great attitude and for about 3 seasons the best full back 3 in the world. Question is we have lost 3 defenders we obviously need replacements or may be have will keane step up..

  6. Eric Nesh says:

    michael Keane rather!

  7. cr says:

    We need to get rid of the deadwood that aren’t up to United’s standards. This is almost as important as buying new players. Sell Anderson, Fellaini, Young, Nani and possibly others as well.

  8. Bayobuya Phulu says:

    We sign Hummels & Vidal or Pogba and I will be one happy red. Sad to see Evra go. What a warrior he has been.

  9. Blacksocks says:

    “Evra, whose form has been unimpressive for years” Scott hang your head in shame. True, Evra was not at his best last season (like the majority of the squad) but he had a great 12/13 season and popped up with some important goals too. I shall always remeber his wonder goal against BM last season too which allowed me to dream for all of 60 seconds.

    He will be sadly missed by all United supporters and I wish him all the best. He had a very solid WC too showing that there is some life left in the old dog (33???)!

    Regarding Vidal – I’ll believe it if and when it happens, but I’m not holding my breath.

  10. The One says:

    Gutted to learn that Vera’s leaving. Have always loved his attitude and commitment to us. His form on the pitch might have tailed off but his influence in the dressing room would be greatly missed. All the best Paddy!!

  11. The One says:

    Let’s hoppy Woodward gets the Vidal transfer sorted out quickly before some club makes a bid for pogba and throws a spanner in our transfer bid.

  12. The One says:

    I mean let’s hope….typo again.

  13. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with pointing out Evra’s dip in form for 2 of the last 3 years. He’s not said that Patrice is not a cult hero here. He’s telling the truth. It’s why we’ve had to shell out 27 million pounds on a left back. They have shelf lives and Evra, while still decent going forward, offers nothing defensively anymore. I still expected him to stay though. Like I said on the other thread. Just for dressing room camaraderie, he should still be here but apparently he’s the one who has ASKED to leave so I guess we should grant him his request. Guess he doesn’t want to be a back up here. Still trying to figure out how he’s going to start at Juve though. Anyways, I’ll miss him but we have to move on.

  14. Tommy says:


    Yea mate I agree, his form has tailored off in the last 3 years, but he will be missed, hes the resident DJ in the squad, but at his age he will understandably want to play, garenteed titles at Juventus so its probably a good move for Pat.

  15. Sparkz says:

    I’ll be disappointed if Evra leaves, with Rio and Vidic gone too we really needed his influence.Love his personality, he genuinely GETS the club.

    I’ve read some reports claiming he’s unhappy he won’t be first choice any more – quite frankly I think he’s been lucky as fuck to have been first choice this long anyway. Been a liability for a full 4 seasons now and one of the few things I’ll praise David Moyes for is that he actually attempted to sign a replacement last summer. Fergie in his latter days was a bit sentimental IMO and nowhere near as ruthless as he used to be – the old Fergie would have replaced Evra around 2012.

    If he goes I wish Evra the best of luck, but it’s a similar situation to Chicharito, neither are good enough to be first teamers at Utd. I’d love it if they stayed and accepted their role as squad players, but if they want regular football they will have to look elsewhere.

  16. Marco Soares says:

    @ Sparks

    Although you make some valid points, to say Evra has been a liability for 4 seasons is pretty harsh and had we replaced him in 2012 we would’ve missed his massive contributions in goals for the 2012/2013 season (he scored quite a few vital goals) although he has been defensively lacking at times he has still offered great threat going forward in Fergie’s last few seasons

  17. Sparkz says:

    @Marco – I never said he was a liability in attack. But in defence (which is his main job) – I think he has been . Vast majority of opposition chances come down his side and it’s been like that since 2010.

  18. Marco Soares says:

    @ Sparks

    job for most modern day full backs now days in to attack and provide natural width, most wingers are number 10′s now days who come looking for the ball as inside as possible so the full backs have to provide width and stretch opposition, yes Evra has been poor in defensive situations at times but you also got to take the bad with the good

  19. Tommy says:


    Hes not been great defensivily I would agree but in his defence hes had no protection whatsoever, its him alone doing the defending on that side, On the oher side Rafeal had had Tony V constantly helping out

  20. Martin Thomas says:

    Paddy hasn’t been at his best for a while now. But he is (was?) a ‘United Player’. Meaning he gets it… Like Gordon Hill was a United Player, Jimmy Greenhoff the same… Bryan Robson was a United Player, Norman Whiteside, Eric Cantona, Roy Keane…. We have players who play (or are paid to play) for United now, but how many of them are really ‘United players?’ Carrick? Nani? Even Rooney? Nah!

    Evra got it, he got us (the fans) and he will be missed…


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