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Prepared For The Weekend?

Liverpool banner Cantona 18 tshirt

Got your beachball? Cantona mask? Don’t forget your t-shirt, from as little as £8.90! And Cantona’s Christmas song will be sung, so we also have a t-shirt for that.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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    Blowing up the beachball as I type.

  2. Hurdy Gurdy Man says:

    i hear that the dippers will be searching us for beach balls on sunday. waste of time i think. there hardly gonna take 5000 beach balls away

  3. Always Be Closing says:

    Have two on you, maybe? One in your jacket, one in your pants!


    If the dirty dippers do search you for beachballs make sure you are still wearing your watch afterwards and count your bollocks just to be on the safe side.
    Ask for proof of identity before they search you and tell them you have heard there have been some Gay men pretending to be Liverpool FC security so that they can feel up football fans. If you are taking your kid with you then give it to them as they cannot search them without a Criminal Background check having been performed – most scousers will not want a criminal background check for obvious reasons.
    You can also ask the Police to become involved and insist on a receipt for taking the beachball and a collection point to reclaim it (beachballs are not illegal and they are not dangerous) If they do this then sign your beachball so that they have to organise the collection and cannot give you any old beachball afterwards.
    If you are refused entry tell them it is because you are a United fan and as supporting Manchester United is in fact a religion you will report them to the European court of Human Rights as they are denying you the right to freedom of religious expression.

  5. wazza (Bezi) says:

    just can’t stop laughing when i think of those balls, lol

  6. Fze123 says:

    READ CAREFULLY WHAT I said, lol. Hilarious post, and you may be right. Perverts pretending to be scouse security guards? How unsurprisingly crude.

  7. Long John O'Shea says:

    Read Carefully what: i just pissed me pants reading that…

  8. North Stand Tier 2 says:

    Cant wait for the balls on the pitch!! Where can i get one ready for Sunday? A fake one will do…

  9. Mark the Devil says:

    Come on united!! Its payback time for the doleheads. And all the dippers at work, i want to make their lives as painful as possible. So COME ON UNITED!!!

  10. King Eric says:

    Lad from my supporters club has just texted me to say I have a ticket for Sunday. Fucking get in!! Like Read what I said carefully said they can’t take them off us, they ain’t illegal and they ain’t dangerous. Just hope United are on their game on Sunday and not perform like in March. To be honest though I just cannot see us getting beat twice again by the dipper cunts. Lets hope Stevie Me is rushing back tonight and fucks his groin in for Sunday. Mind you that will just give them the excuse that “you only beat us because Steeeeevieee wasn’t playing”. Infact lets see Anderson have him in his arse pocket like two seasons ago. Looking forward to their match tonight as it would be fucking mint if they fuck up again. You can rest assured if they haven’t hit the onion bag by halftime the vermin fucks will be anxious and probably boo them off!

  11. Fze123 says:

    Worrying news. Sir alex said Evra is “the only one I can say will certainly be fit”. Otherwise, Rooney faces “a bit of an uphill fight”, Fletcher is a “slight doubt”, while “it’s difficult to say” if Giggs will play at Anfield. Park could face two weeks on the sidelines too, got injured on international duty.

    Thank god Evra is playing, but we need Fletcher and Rooney against liverpool really badly, and Giggs is playing wonderfully at the moment. All because of the fucking internationals.

  12. Fze123 says:

    God I am so worried, I want us to beat liverpool so badly. Not saying we’re a 1/2 man team but if we had all our on form players fit and went out all attack to destroy them I can see us putting 4 past them. They deserve to be outclassed for the whole match, which is what I am hoping will happen on Sunday.

  13. SqueakyRed says:


    One of the funniest replies i’ve ever read.
    My local is run by a koppite, and all my mates are taking beachballs when they go to watch it on the big screen.
    Sadly I’m at a christening as photographer, but will have a beachball with me.

  14. SqueakyRed says:

    @Gotta love tiny tears tantrums

    Emily for Utd mascot !! Start a petition !!

  15. King Eric says:

    Fze123 – I would put my mortgage on it that Rooney and Fletch WILL start. No doubts there.

    I see the fat cunt Stan Collybore is talking shite again. He was asked if the dippers haven’t scored by halftime will the crowd get on their backs? According to the bitter cunt “it wouldn’t matter if they lost the game 5-0 and no player touched the ball, Liverpool fans NEVER boo their team”. Fuck off who are you trying to kid? West Ham and Fulham last season.

  16. Fze123 says:

    King Eric, you reckon fergie’s playing mind games. Hope that’s the case. Otherwise you’ll lose your mortgage, wouldn’t want that happening would ya.

  17. Don Pablo says:

    King Eric, you wouldn’t guess who pulled out of Liverpool’s game in less than 30mins.

  18. Red phil says:

    The beach balls don’t need to be illegal for them to be banned match day items.

  19. Kings says:

    King Eric – Stevie Me the cunt has just gone off injured mate. Hope he and tranny bastard are fucked for Sunday. My main worry is whether Rooney will be available or not. Let’s hope we turn the vermin cunts over on Sunday. What I would give to see Owen bag a late winner in front of the kop.

  20. manci_yanky says:

    i hate to sound like an un-educated tosser, but can someone tell me why the scouse scum gerrard’s nickname is stevie me? is it because he thinks he is LFC?

  21. neli g says:

    because he doesnt care about his club. he cares about the size of his contract. twice he was on the verge of going to chelsea until liverpool threw money at him to patch up their differences. stevie me highlights how he doesnt care for his club like he is made it out to.

  22. manci_yanky says:

    so he’s very partially comparable to tevez. but 10X the wank.



    We are all un educated here mate. I think that it is Stevie G that the scousers call him and we call him Stevie Me for the following reasons:

    1. He is self – absorbed
    2. He has an inflated opinion of himself
    3. He is a greedy fucker on the pitch
    4. He is a spoilt fucker
    5. He thinks he is the most important person in the bar and must have his favourite Atomic Kitten records on.
    6.He is a cunt but Radio5 live wont let you call him Stevie Cunt on air.

    Hope that clears that up for ya fella.

  24. manci_yanky says:

    haha cheers mate. cant wait to see him crying surrounded by beach balls on sunday.

  25. Fze123 says:

    dippers and arsenal are 1-0 up.

  26. Jack says:


    where did he say that mate ( fergie ) ?

  27. Bebeto says:

    God forbid fans should take the piss our of their rivals on derby day.

    How will they justify confiscating beach balls; will our lot be breaching codes of ethics or any laws? Do bitters get searched for their bananas? No, because despite looking like cunts, they’re irrelevant.

  28. Jack says:

    oh dont worry found it

  29. Fze123 says:

    Jack did you find it in the manutd official website, or somewhere else. Because I was trying to look for another link other than that.

  30. Fze123 says:

    Bebeto, to the dippers taking beachballs on sunday is like carrying nuclear weapons. Bet they’re haunted by that goal, they wake up at night crying hysterically, they never want to see a beachball in their life again. Searching utd fans for beachballs, what a bloody joke.

  31. staffred says:

    just heard gerrard subbed after 25mins,hopefully thats him out the wkend!

  32. 20Solskjaer says:

    four in a row, four in a rowwwwwwwwwww after this sunday it will be five in a row!!!!! R.I.P Dippers!!!!

  33. pondave says:

    The dippers claim he was brought off as a precaution, but it looks like he’s tweaked his groin again, so he ma miss sunday, or if he does play he wont be 100%. Same with Torres, so could be a walk in the park if neither of them play!

  34. denton davey says:

    LiverPoo lost 1-2 to Olympique Lyonnaise – that was a fair result; they were only in the match for a few minutes at the end of the first half and then for maybe less than ten minutes after the re-start. Otherwise, it was all OL.

    I don’t want to get ahead of myself BUT it sure looks bleak for LiverPoo at the moment – UTD at home on Sunday, probably without both Torres and Gerrard; then TheArse in the MilkCup in mid-week.

    But, to paraphrase Alan Hansen, “you won’t win anything with those players”.

  35. BrisbaneRed says:

    Not only am I expecting a UTD win at Anfield this Sunday, I’m looking forward to the ‘Pool fans learning the facts of football life. That is their mediocre team of over-rated players are about to take up their true position in the EPL table. 7th or 8th is what I expect them to have achieved by the end of May.Throw in the possibility of problems in finding not a good manager but a manager who wants the job and their situation looks dire. Not until they get new owners will the present mess be sorted out.Until then their fans have much suffering to do.

  36. denton davey says:

    Brisbane – they missed the boat when the club was sold to the American carpet-baggers. The squad is thin and heavily dependent on a handful of players, they have no youth development, they’re burdened with a control-freak manager, a small, ancient ground that doesn’t generate much match-day income, and a fan base that is seriously deluded. If the Moores had done the smart thing and sold the club to the Dubai group four/five years ago then they would be properly capitalized and playing in a new, revenue-generating stadium. Now, they’re going to be flogged from one set of shady characters to another – they need a sugar-daddy, desperately. Short of that, I can see another Leeds-style meltdown occurring. Missing out of the CL’s payment for qualifying to the round-of-sixteen would guarantee them ten or fifteen million quid – missing out would throw all their carefully-balanced financial plans into chaos. And, with an away match in Lyons and another game versus Fiorentina – who throttled them a few weeks ago – their situation looks bleak. Twenty years and counting !

  37. redevil1878 says:

    read carefully what i, fukn class mate. fukn funny as!! also factual.

  38. Gotta love tiny tears tantrums says:

    If only I knew how That would be cool
    getting alot of messages today so i take it emilys videos are linked somewhere
    there are alot or stupid fuckin liverpool fans leaving messages
    like the 12 year old writing munich on loads of emilys videos
    12 ??? as in his team won the league when he was -8
    My 3 year old has seen united do it 3 times

  39. ScousersSuck says:

    GLTTT – I love it. -8 years old when his team won the league. The dippers are just a bitter lot, who cant accept being a mediocre team anymore. Anyone thing the FSW could get the boot if we thrash them this weekend?

  40. raj k says:

    Link of the Day mate! Brilliant stuff!

  41. islandred says:

    King Eric

    ‘Lets hope Stevie Me is rushing back tonight and fucks his groin in for Sunday’


    Maybe you should hope Rafa drafts sammy lee back into the squad for sunday, and plays 6 or 7 youth teamers!

  42. kel says:

    @READ CAREFULLY WHAT I Said: LOL Damn funny stuffs.LOLOLOL

  43. kel says:

    @anon Said: Wtf is that?? Hilarious. OMG!!

  44. joe_ro says:

    I would be devastated if Benitez was sacked if we beat them on sunday. I hope he is their manager forever!!

  45. King Eric says:

    islandRed – Bloody hell mate I had forgot I had wrote that. Lets hope we hammer them five nil. Right lets see if that comes true!!

  46. MO7 says:

    i can’t wait for the match this sunday!!! gonna be wearing my Owen jersey later to watch the match… lets hope he scores a hat-trick later as a warning to the fucking losers at anfield!!! supporting all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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