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Press Support For Rooney

The FA’s decision to ban Wayne Rooney was so ludicrous that even the press are on his side!

The Independent: Saturday was about one man letting rip against his persecutors. Punishing him for it, as Rooney may well agree, is a load of bollocks.

The Guardian: Really it is Sky who should be being reprimanded here, for employing a guy with a hand-held camera to run up to players at key moments and poke it in their faces, and the football authorities, for allowing them to do so.

The Telegraph: Maybe football has become too earthy and uncouth for children to embrace. So if you can handle the spitting of Tiger Woods, the swearing of Andy Murray or the eye-gouging of some of the more uncontrollable characters in rugby, then there are alternatives.

The Mirror: The idea he should now be punished for what he said with some sort of ban or fine is laughable and unworkable.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. RedMist says:

    next stop…banning United players for scoring a goal.
    This persecution of Rooney, coupled with Fergie’s ridiculous 5 game ban underlines perfectly the
    authorities stance on anything to do with United. I don’t know how far United can fight this, but i strongly suggest we go all the way….CAS perhaps? The Fa need to be brought to book sooner rather than later because this is getting out of hand.
    Rooney charged for swearing. – despite the fact that we can lip read players searing in every game. Remember Stevie Me telling Mike Dean to “Fuck off” to his face (and flashing the V’s just to underline his insult) and escaping any kind of punishment?
    Fergie banned for being honest. – despite the fact that many manages have called into question referees integrity, commetns like “big clubs always get the big decisions”, “if that had been one our players he would have been sent off” are clearly accusations of bias on the part of referees.
    Nani net getting nominated – despite the fact he is head and shoulders above any of the other nominees.
    Berbs overlooked too – Nothing short of shameful.
    Chelsea – regularly handed points by the FA and given special dispensation to attack opponents without fear of punishment.

    But, thats what happens when you put the game in the hands of ABU wankers like the FA and Sky.
    Fuck England, Fuck the FA and Fuck Sky.

  2. billybowlegs says:

    please accept my sincerest apologies for my personal attack,it was uncallled for and uneeded,I`m sorry about the caps incident entirely,infact I didn`t really notice/realise that I was writing with caps on,either down to lazyness and just couldn`t be bothered to change it.
    I am not racist or the like as someone pointed out,just very pissed off at the disgusting behaviour to which one of our own is being subjected to.
    I think maybe my whole attitude and mood got out of control and therefore once again I apologise to you and anyone else who was offended by my disgusting behaviour.
    I hope you will accept my apologies without thinking that it was a blatant,personal attack on your culture and your geographical location as that is not what it was, It was a very,very weak argument,just ignorant stupidity on my part.
    I hope you all forgive me for my lack of manners and decorum,it will not happen again,I apologise profusely,I cannot apologise enough.
    Hope everyone has a great day and here`s hoping the FA get what they deserve and that we show them what Man Utd is really all about.
    Roll on no:19!!!

  3. T. says:

    What are the papers up too now? They are the once started the witchhunt for Manchester Uniteds blood. I simply don´t trust them. We can handle our own stuff, we don´t need the press now when they have tried to make us bleed all season. Fuck em! Even the swedish media copy paste the fuckin articles from truthholders The sun on Rooney swearing, not his hattrick. Mighty funny!

  4. You Gotta love this team says:

    King….I’m not having it. Calling the FA…Apes. Stop insulting Apes!!!!!

  5. You Gotta love this team says:

    BBL – good on you….it takes a real man to apologise.

  6. StatesideAussie says:

    Billy, no worries, apology accepted, and I’m glad it’s done and dusted. you’ve got quite a turn of phrase there mate, and if directed at the cunts who really deserve it, I’m sure you’ll keep us all amused. Cheers.

    Smartalex, matt and MG … cheers lads.

    leaxan, being a long-distance fan sucks, but then again, no-one forced us to follow united, so in that sense, it’s our choice. congrats on the cricket WC by the way.

  7. MG says:


    Fair enough – I apologise for calling you a city boy in disguise

    This is how we do things here – we do get a lot of shit but we handle that fine – welcome to the family


  8. billybowlegs says:

    Thank you to everyone for accepting my apology especially stateside,I`m honoured to be welcomed into the family,don`t know why I never did it before!!
    @ Stateside,I too remember 1977,but I was not fortunate enough to be inebriated with vodka as I was only 10,lol suffice to say,I have more than made up with the last 20 yrs or so with much drinking and debauchery,all be it while high on the drug that is M.U.F.C,such a great drug indeed it is,but as par the course I hate the comedowns(when we rarely lose) so here we go lads(family)here`s to no:19 and all the evil spite that will be aimed towards us from inferior quarters such as Sky and the likes,we are truly one of the worlds greatest institutions,without doubt and long may it continue!!
    Have a great day everyone as a new era is dawning on the face of world football….

  9. smartalex says:

    Welcome billybowlegs! Welcome!

  10. leaxan says:

    @statesideaussie ,yeah sucks that we cant see matches at OT..but however the choice to support United is the best choice one can make…as for the cricket world cup,i wasnt too bothered..the comeback against West Ham & Wazza Stole the Show….

  11. billybowlegs says:

    I don`t think the FA were happy with me this morning when I rang up….actually that is an understatement….I know Trevor Brooking was an ok player but let`s be honest…Him,Bernstein to which I made a remark about him being ex Man Citeh so and so and that it was “convenient” for Rooney getting a 2 game ban etc….being at the “top of the game” there are women on the streets of Manchester who are “more on top of the game” than they ever will be…suffice to say,the poor geordie guy was lost for words and subsequently terminated the phone call….I didn`t bother ringing back as my fingers were hurting too much from one handed press ups and I think the poor guy may have thought I was some kind of looney with my “strange” breathing pattern…well at least I got my tuppeneth in and have the number for future reference which undoubtedly I will need again.Oh,got reply from MUFC enquiries as well about alan tithead on ITV show yesterday….their press office is looking into it….he he he I hope so,would like to see Nick “fat smug bastard” Ferrari and Penny “i suck donkey cock” Smith getting their come-uppance and for Alan himself to be buried with his fucking beloved begonias….the twat.

  12. King Eric says:

    Ha ha. Everyone happy on here. Fair play billy bowlegs.

    I said to a mate earlier there is nothing better than when United build up this big a siege mentality. I have never known the abu s and the bias toward united be this bad. Its funny because this whole rooney and united witch hunt seems to have got all the fans together for the first time in a while. To piss off the cunts in the media , the fa and all the abu s when we get that nineteenth. The irony is its Rooney who may have just got us all singing from the same hymnsheet. That the thing I love about united. When a player is getting stick and scapegoated , united fans always get behind that player a hundred per cent. Like eric, becks, p nev, ronaldo rio. Etc.

  13. King Eric says:

    Billybowlegs. Called main fa switch board myself but was on hold for fucking ages. I rang a different number where you could leave a recorded message. I went to town on the cunts.

  14. billybowlegs says:

    @King Eric
    you have to get in there early son,lol I managed….I`m damn sure you will….and don`t forget to let us know how badly you treat them…eg: Transcript of Inevitable call….lol,go on son,you know it makes sense,piss the cunts right off!! My middle finger is still hurting after giving SKY the “salute” all day…..


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