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Pressure Ahead of Portsmouth Match

Manchester United take on Pompey tonight, in a disappointingly timed match. Why are we playing at 8pm on Bank Holiday Monday? The temptations of an all-day session in the local are almost certainly too much to resist!

After having a laugh with the bluenoses yesterday, comparing the ‘doubles’ our teams achieved last season, the pressure is on for United to do the business today. Will they though? To be honest, I’m not overly hopeful.

There is a lot of pressure to have a good start to the season, and with Liverpool and Chelsea both winning their opening two games, we’ve already fallen 5 points behind ahead of tonight’s match.

“We had a terribly slow start last season,” Ferguson said. “Hopefully it’s not as bad this time. But they’re not going to give any medals out in August or September. Everybody wishes are that you win every game and it doesn’t happen, and everybody wishes that you don’t get injuries, but it happens.”

United are without several key players for various reasons, whilst Pompey have a fully fit squad to work with. Fratton Park has been a difficult place for us over the past few years and following our sluggish performance against Newcastle I am rather apprehensive.

RedRants are a lot more optimistic than I am though, predicting a 2-1 win to United, looking at the importance of the Rooney-Tevez partnership, whilst Pompey fancy themselves to get the draw.

Sky Sports reckons this will be our starting team: Van der Sar, Brown, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Fletcher, O’Shea, Scholes, Giggs, Rooney, Tevez, however I hope Rodrigo Possebon is thrown in to the mix.



  1. Gazzaro says:

    Tonight match against Portsmouth will be a very difficult match. Over the past few years, Fratton Park has been a difficult place for us. With several of our key player are still out, maybe if we can avoid defeat, it could be good enough????

    I’ve heard that SAF warned our players to try to get a win tonight before a nearly 3 weeks break. Of course, if we can manage to do that, it would be great as after the break we will have 2 very tough away matches against Liverpool and Chelsea respectively. And of course, In comparison to those 2 matches, tonight match will be much easier.

    However, the fact is we are in a difficult situation. Key players in midfield like Hargreves and Carrick are out injured. Anderson is not expected to play. Nani still out because of the red card he picked up last season. And of course, our mighty Ronaldo still have to wait for at least 8 more weeks. So, based on the troops that we’ve got…. considering that we have to play away game…. against a nearly full strength Pompey…. the only thing I can say is let’s hope…. the Red Devil will show our real quality tonight…

  2. Tom F says:

    I hope Campbell and Rodrigo both play tonight, I am sure they’ll both figure on the bench at the very least. Hargreaves could even surprise us by doing that. There is the possiblity of Anderson making an appearance too which would always be a good thing at Pompey. They are one of our most frustrating opponents and our record down there speaks for itself, sadly.

    I haven’t been too optimistic either but I am hoping our miserable 1-1 draw against Keegan’s men gives us as much of a kick up the arse as Chelsea’s hammering of Portsmouth will give them. They will be up for it and are facing a 6th defeat, which is a worst for them. I know every team that goes through a bad period always seem to hit United hard and Tevez and Rooney will have a big battle tonight.

    I just hope that we’re not left with replays of Rooney growing more and more frustrated with David James. That’d be a little too familiar in recent times.

    Just quietly, I cannot wait for Anderson to come back and score his first goal in open play for us!

  3. Tom F says:

    Gazzaro, to say that Pompey away is automatically easier than us going to Anfield or Stamford Bridge is a little silly.

    If you look at our records at each stadium over the last 5 years you’ll see the following:

    (United scores always second)

    Away To Pompey:

    07/08: 1-1
    06/07: 2-1
    05/06: 1-3
    04/05: 0-2
    03/04: 1-0

    Away To Dippers:

    07/08: 0-1
    06/07: 0-1
    05/06: 0-0
    04/05: 0-1
    03/04: 1-2
    Away To Rent Boys:

    07/08: 2-1
    06/07: 0-0
    05/06: 3-0 (vomits)
    04/05: 1-0
    03/04: 1-0

    Though losing against Liverpool is always the worst feeling of all!

  4. Drew Vader says:

    I dont give a fuck if we play terrible (like chelski/pool) and scratch out a 1-0 win, its the 3 points that matter now.

    And to be honest friends, I, Andrew Vader, take full responsibility for the poor performance and result of last week. See I went home to my parents house and stayed with them the week before the season started. As I was back on the road on my way home saturday before the match I realized I had left my lucky United shirt back at their house. Now, I was about an hour and a half out, and I seriously contemplated turning around to go and retrieve it; however with gas prices the way they are and the pathetic current status of my checking account, I just couldn’t do it. So even though I felt sick doing it, I continued on without it praying that the lads could play well even without my influential shirt. Well…we all know what happened. So after the game I was on the phone with my mom telling her to get my shirt in the mail immediately. And you should all be happy to know that I am wearing the lucky shirt as I speak now. So, fear not. Luck is back on our side.

  5. Gazzaro says:

    Tom F, …. you said that my comment about away match going to Fratton Park is comparatively easier than going to Anfield or Stamford Bridge is a little silly… and then you show the score of our away games in the last 5 years… Ha Ha Ha… I don’t know how canyou said that. Because if you look at the score carefully, maybe, you will realise that if I’m a little silly, you are a BIG SILLY….

    Our game away at Fratton Park in the last 5 seasons, we managed to get 2 wins and 1 draw. However, at the Bridge, sadly enough to say that we’ve lost 4 times and drew only once. OH! No… who’s the big silly guy.

    I’m quite sure that if anyone ask SAF and our players to choose a must win game to play, they will prefer going to Fratton Park rather than Anfield. This season Liverpool and Chelsea have a great start (6 maximum points). So, I’ve said on what I saw, base on previous result, and based on the new signing of opponents. I never say that going to Fratton Park tonight will be easy, of course, I’ve already said that it will be a ver difficult match. So, Tom F… may be you need to understand football a lot better before start to criticise others…

  6. Her_Si_Choi says:


    TOM F SHUT UP!!!

  7. Gabriel says:

    Pressure, what Pressure?. lol

    From the comments i’ve read here, it’s the fans that are feeling this pressure. Our players have been in situations like this, and they know how to produce the goods to overcome!. Don’t worry lads, we’ll beat Pompey 2-nil and if we play this formation below, I’ll expect goals from Rodrigo and maybe Tevez/Rooney/Campbell.


    Optimistic, I know, but that’s the kinda guy I am!. Hopefully, the players and coaching staff are too!.

  8. Tom F says:

    Gazzaro, I’m always a BIG silly I cannot help it!

    I wasn’t slamming your views in a nasty way, or calling YOU silly (although you are :P ) … just in a don’t put the Scousers on a pedestal kind of way.

    However, of course Chelsea have the best record against us… though Liverpool, who we play after Pompey have the worst home record against us out of the 3.

    New signings and form go out of the window in these games. Liverpool haven’t beaten us in the league in years, yet Portsmouth who you could say were a ‘lesser’ side in football terms, have a far better record against us.

    Do you see.

  9. austin says:

    tom f- for the VERY first time ever i have to disagree with u on this one!
    yes, our record away to the scum of recent has been better than v pompey, but i know u dont believe that were more likely to win away at the scum than tonight!

  10. OBBO says:

    Totally Agree with Gazzaro, Her_Si_Choi, and Austin.

    If we have to choose to play a must win away game, I believe that most of United fans will prefer going to Fratton Park rather than Anfield or Stamford Bridge.

    In fact, we are all United fans and we all hope out team will win tonight. No one should be blame or criticise as a silly, though in this case I believe that you are. Therefore, I think that your comment is very rude, and shouldn’t be used in this board.

    So, Tom F…. Next time think very carefully before make any comment on others.

  11. Tom F says:

    Austin – I worry more about the consequences of losing to Liverpool far more than losing to Pompey, however I have to say I feel more positive about getting a result at Anfield than at Fratton Park. I know Chelsea away is a rock hard game but we were talking about all 3 teams…

    Fratton Park is a shitter of a place to go. It’s genuinely the way I think.

    OBBO, I have been writing on here long enough to know how to talk to fellow Reds mate. I have never upset anyone before today and don’t plan for it.

    I have to admit, SILLY was the wrong word to use (I should have used PRESUMPTUOUS).

  12. Tom F says:

    Gazzaro – this is for you:


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