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‘Proper red’ Beckham Ignores Madrid’s Lack Of Morals In Ronaldo Support

David Beckham’s stomach should be turning with the realisation that he left his boyhood team, Manchester United, for the opportunity to play for those tossers in Madrid. Whilst the ‘will he? wont he?’ saga involving Cristiano Ronaldo is boring me to tears at the moment, I can’t help but feel a strong hatred towards Real Madrid for belittling our club.

The way they have conducted themselves in regards to Ronaldo has been vulgar, and is just the latest example of a long line of occasions of poor behaviour from the current La Liga champions. They seem to believe that they have the God-given right to sign any player they wish, and too often, they succeed.

“You get used to this, Madrid’s behaviour on these things,” said Sir Alex Ferguson a couple of months ago. “Great clubs, clubs with great morals like Barcelona, have far better morals than Real Madrid will ever have. We know Real Madrid aren’t the only club who’d be interested in Ronaldo, but the others don’t come out and say it. Do you not think we’ve had much interest from the big clubs in Europe about our best players? Of course we have, but they don’t get into the nonsense Real get into. They’ve no moral issues at all. They think that they can ride roughshod over everyone, but they won’t with us.”

David Beckham, who famously left United back in 2003 in favour of the Spanish giants, has today praised Ronaldo, and admits he understands the appeal of Real Madrid.

Spoken like a true United fan…

Whilst I’m very aware there are definitely two strong and distinct opinions on Beckham, his comments are just further evidence to me that he is not the red many still imagine him as.

Beckham’s exit from United is one portrayed as the fault of Sir Alex Ferguson. His big ego ‘forced’ Becks out of his beloved club, apparently.

However, you only have to look at the fact Beckham spent 18 months renegotiating his contract before finally leaving to see he wasn’t the loyal victim he is painted as. Whilst agreeing on salary straight away, believed to be £92,000 a week, it was the all important image rights that the club and player couldn’t settle on.

“The negotiations have been going well and it has been going on for quite a while,” said Beckham. “It’s not the salary that’s a problem, that was sorted out in September. It’s just the image rights that needed a little perking up.”

According to reports, Beckham was looking for an additional £25,000 a week – £1.3m a year – on top of his salary to cover Manchester United using his image on club paraphernalia such as match programmes, stickers and merchandising including shirts, watches and mugs etc.

United weren’t prepared to offer him that, so Beckham decided to pimp himself out to the media. ”I’ve never said I would always be in Manchester, and I’ve certainly never said I would end my career there,” Beckham said. Translation: come and get me top clubs in Europe!

When Real Madrid signed Beckham, resolving a problem in weeks that he couldn’t do in 18 months with United, Beckham was overjoyed. “I know that I will always regret it later in life if I had turned down the chance to play at another great club like Real Madrid, which also has world-class players,” he said. “The deal was too good to turn down.”

Like most players who leave United, Beckham’s career has spiralled downwards since moving away from Old Trafford. Between his break through season in 95-96 up until his departure in 2003, Beckham won 6 league titles, 1 European Cup, 2 FA Cups. Not bad for 8 years of football. In the 4 years he spent at Real Madrid, he won just 1 league title, after being dropped for much of the season.

However, after previously encouraging Ronaldo to stay at United, he has today moved to support the potential move to Real Madrid, suggesting they are the only club worth leaving United for.

“He is the best player in the world at the moment and is a young talent that has proved himself over the last few years,” said Beckham. “Last season everyone saw what he did for Manchester United. The fans love him and there would be a lot of disappointed people if he did leave Manchester. But obviously, when I left Manchester United the only club I wanted to play for was Real Madrid.”

Unlike most United fans, who are currently disgusted with Real Madrid’s behaviour, Beckham doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. Rather than feeling embarrassed he ever left our great club for an organisation with such lowly morals and poor ethics, he chooses to ignore their behaviour, and instead, would be understanding of Ronaldo’s decision if he was to go there.

He is coming from a position of power and respect here, and his ciriticism of Real Madrid could prove really damning. For the man who made the decision to leave United for Madrid, now turning around and calling them out on their bad behaviour, could be a crucial blow in this fight. But Beckham is unwilling to do that.

Yes, Becks spent a few years in Spain, and I imagine he feels some bond with the club, however, if he’s the United fan people talk of him as, there should only be one priority here and one opinion. Real Madrid are scum bags and we need to fight them off for our sake, and the sake of moden day football, where all clubs will be losing their best players if United give in to them. Beckham, like too many high profile figures in this sport, is unwilling to stick his neck on the line though, sadly… and the fight goes on.

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  1. Aziz says:

    He should shut up?i thought he cried when signing 4 madrid that he had left the best club in the world!

  2. UnitedRay says:

    I still refer becks as “traitor” when i talk to my friends. I loved him so much but he really broke my heart. I will never forgive him so i am very happy that he only won 1 title with real. As for ronaldo, i never really took him as i took becks in. So in a way i am not as heartbroken. I will be devastated if wazza pull off something similar. Ronaldo can fuck off

  3. Patrik says:

    Well it could be a way to justify his own move. He can’t say that it would be stupid to move to Real Madrid from Manchester United, since that would make him stupid. Other than that I agree that he should be critical of the way Real Madrid acts.

  4. Craig Mc says:

    Make no mistake, if Ronaldo finishes up at Real Madrid, Blatter and PRATini will have succeeded in their strenuous efforts and plot, to bring the English premier league DOWN. At the root of all of this is MONEY!. Real Madrid have said, no matter what Ronaldo costs, they will make it back in a year. He is a global goldmine. Blatter & Prat ‘s major complaint is all down to the PL getting the majority of the money available in football, because we are attracting the world’s best players, and also have the most entertaining and passionate football people want to watch. Blat & Plat cannot stop this, and so they have this hidden agenda. We are not allowed to have the worlds best players, or upcoming young talent. We are to be persuaded to release a good proportion of our funds and TV rights, otherwise we will be branded cheats and banned from competing in the world’s big championships. I think it is about bloody time we started sticking up for ourselves, and the British media got on board, and handed FIFA and EUFA a battering. This is not just a keeping or selling Ronaldo thing anymore. This whole saga is exposing a corrupt and dastardly system of who is going to hold the power, or who holds the power, and the filthy, underhanded, tyrannical means of keeping and delivering that power. United, please stand up and be counted. Somebody said on this board that we should all be emailing FIFA and EUFA in a fight back. I think they are right. My God this thing is bigger and more sinister than we know. Is it my imagination, or am I thinking right?.

  5. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    I’m a huge Beckham fan but I’m really disappointed he’s completely ignored the sensitivity of this issue to take up this opportunity to praise both clubs and endear himself to both sets of fans.

  6. Jak says:

    Beckham began the interview by saying something like, “It’s not my business to advise Cristiano.” He should have stopped there.

  7. CaptainPark says:

    No, David Idiot Beckham, its definitely a very simple choice. Real Scumb Madrid is most certainly a step down, not only in footballing terms but also in how the club has conducted its transfer affairs. What you’ve said just proves that you are no United fan at all!!!

    Might I add, Mr David Idiot Beckham, there are more than enough United players who’d not swap United for Real Scum Madrid. Players like Gary Neville, Paul Scholes, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Rio Fernindand, Wayne Rooney, Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs, George Best, Bobby Charlton are true United legends who’d never leave or would never have left United for that scumb club.

  8. Lee Wisdom says:

    Craig Mc I agree with you totally. There is a serious agenda against English football and that includes our national team. Platini cant stand us and I think that may have something to do with Heysel, but he never has anything positive or good to say about English football teams. Also when English fans fight abroad our football is severly tarnished and we are constantly threatened to be kicked out of tournaments but when spanish fans make monkey noises week in week out at club level and even international level they get fined £4000/£5000 pound. Absoloute disgrace

  9. CaptainPark says:

    Craig Mc, really valid points, exactly what I’ve colcluded as well. Unfortunately, the greater part of the British press and most supporters are short-sighted ABUs who couldn’t care less about what happens. As long as United are negatively affected, they’ll all be jumping for joy on the Real Scmb Madrid bandwaggon, say to say!!!

  10. CaptainPark says:

    Gary, you’re a real idiot to make such comments about United Fans who’ve turned on David Idiot Beckham. He’s definitely no united fan for saying all those things. No true United fans would have done that sort of thing especially when we’ve kept our dignity amid all this onslaught!!!

  11. Gary says:

    Fergie rightly outed Becks from United because he has grown tired of the media circus that followed him largely due to Victoria and also David himself all tho not as much as her. Things like this happen in life, everything comes to an end and he had to go. Becks never once rubbished our club, or Fergie despite there personal fall out at the time. Hes only ever backed us and said how much he loves United and believe you me cares more about United then Real Madrid. He has since made up with Fergie and there is no ill feeling between them. Every red is obviously sick and tired of this Ronaldo situation but now having a go at Becks over this comment is just ridiculous. Theres only 1 David Beckham. Fuck off Ronaldo.

  12. CaptainPark says:

    Gary, in addition to what I’ve just said, did you not read the headlines of this article???

  13. Time to say Goodbye says:

    Yesterday was teh breaking point for me with Ronaldo.. I had always given him the benefit of the doubt but no having agreed with Blatters “slavery” comments I really want him out of the club.. Towards the end of last season his arrogance was starting to show through (Peno in the Semi final against Barca)…. that was the first seed of doubt sown and now he can do a Heinze and go for being loved to hated by our fans by belittling our club…..
    As for Beckham… I genuinely feel sorry for the guy. A blind man can see how desperately he regrets leaving us. He praises the club and the manager at every opportunity. Also I think it was a case of jump or be pushed…. Sir Alex wouldn’t put up with that idiot wife of his and the lifestyle she pushed on Becks.
    I for one do think he is the red we “imagined he was”.

  14. CaptainPark says:

    Gary, how stupid can you be. Does he have to openly rubish our club to be considered a traitor??? Use your brains before you speak or have you got your brains in your tits??? By bigging up real scum madrid, he’s belittling United, you idiot!!!!!!

  15. Gary says:

    Yes im not blind CaptainPark! But for someone to label Beckham a traitor is just ridiculous! People should know by now what the media are like and they draw people into conversations on subjects that are nothing to do with them and they Becks god bless his heart isnt the sharpest kinfe in the draw, fell for it and made a relatively harmless comment that will have no affect on the Ronaldo issue. To then start having a go at the man for it is disgracefull!

  16. Gary says:

    Becks is not belittling United. Where does he belittle United in there!? Stick to the hate campaign against Calderon, Madrid and Blatter. The last thing Becks would want to do is wind up United fans because he genuinely loves the club no matter what you choose to believe!

  17. Time to say Goodbye says:

    Use your brains before you speak or have you got your brains in your tits??? ——— very intelligent comment!!!!!

  18. CaptainPark says:

    Gary, just can imagine what an idiot you are. Hmm, maybe you’re an United fan in disguise. I’d consider what he’s said as a sneaky dig at United.

  19. Gary says:

    CaptainPark I care far more about United then you ever will so dont fob me off that im not a United fan just because im defending Beckham over this. Becks is an easy target to have a go at and always has been. Get of your highhorse, Becks played for Madrid so hes obviously going to have some affection for the club, but hes still a red!

  20. Gary says:

    Like I mentioned Becks tries to keep everyone happy and hes genuinely a nice person and the last thing he would want to do is wind up United fans. Becks interacted with United fans more then most players because he appreciated our support unlike Ronaldo.

  21. Time to say Goodbye says:

    Beckham said if he had to leave United and go to another club it would be Real… He isn’t going to insult the friends he made there by saying someone else… that is logical. That doesn’t make him a traitor.
    If at the time of playing for us he said he wants to play for Real then that is a different story.
    Heinze is a traitor….
    RVN is a traitor…… bad mouthing the club when he can… he became a lazy selfish f*ck. Players shouldn’t trim themselves down after they leave United.. They should be at their physical peak when the play at OT…otherwise it is down to lack of committment!!
    ince was a traitor for going to the Skum….
    Ronaldo is looking more and more like a traitor every day……….

  22. Kings says:

    The fact that Beckham tried to bleed United by having a percentage of image rights put into his contract, makes him a cunt in my opinion. If he loves the club so much, then he should of accepted the first offer and be done with it. How much disposable income does he need for a week? Judas, greedy fucking cunt. And the fact that he is condoning Madrids unethical behaviour makes me hate him even more.

  23. Time to say Goodbye says:

    The image rights thing just shows that among other things …. AGENTS are destroying football….. do you honestly believe Beckham knew what they were before his agent (who obviously gets a cut) told him…….
    It was excessive for him to ask for an extra 25k a week for image rights but you have to think what % that actually was for worldwide advertising for shit with his face on it… probs 0.001%

  24. Gary says:

    Kings come on. In this day and age all footballers are greedy and have massive ego’s apart from the odd few Solskjaer, Giggs, Scholes, Neville. Your labeling Beckham a “greedy cunt” over negotiating over image rights on his contract, fair enough. So whats your opinion on Roy Keane then? He intiialy tunred down a 2 million pounds a year deal at United demanding a better contract which United surcumbed to and offered him an improved contract. He was prepared to leave for Juventus unless United improved his contract. Does this make Roy Keane a greedy cunt aswel? I dont begrudge Roy Keane for doing it and its never mentioned. When Beckham does something simillar tho everyone is quick to slate him because everyone loves to have a pop at him.

  25. Primachenko says:

    what can you do with 117,000 that you can’t do with 92,000?

  26. Time to say Goodbye says:

    Buy something that cost 117,000…Petty but then football is becoming a mercenaries game…… I remember when United bought Keane for a then record 3.75 mil….. now clubs are throwing around prices of 30 – 40 mil like it means nothing… Adebayor = €45 mil.
    Business is the main priority now not the football. can’t just blame players for wanting more… At the end of the day everyone wants more.. A club signs sponsorships with whoever offers the best deal.. So why shouldn’t the employees (players) of the company do the same thing????

  27. Time to say Goodbye says:

    I guess the money makes it easier to see who is committed to a club……. Once ronaldo said “if Real would pay him the money they talked about” that was his admittion that the club means little to him (if he did say that).. You can put a 40, 50 ,80 mil price tag on some players but then there are others (Giggs, Neville, Scholes, Ole etc) that you can’t… and these are the players that make the club…. these are the players that are really loved by the fans!!!!!!!! Nobody came in with big offers for these players because they know that the player would say NO.

  28. Primachenko says:


  29. Time to say Goodbye says:


  30. Gary says:

    Time to say goodbye makes valid points on why people shouldnt hammer Beckham over this situation and hammer over a contract fiasco. It happens with all of them but Beckham has always been a hate figure for people and now he even United fans are labeling him a traitor for god knows what reason, simply because everyone loves to have a go at Becks. Heinze is a traitor as stated, and Ruud acted like a spoilt brat over being left out of the carling cup final and showed himself to be a selfish twat. Beckham how ever has only ever supported our club and stated his love for the club which is genuine and hes never once rubbished anyone even tho hes been slated left right and centre all his life. Lay off Becks!

  31. Stephen says:

    Becks is a money hungry greedy politician.
    He talks a lot but sayes very little, if he really loved United he would have stayed. He left because he thought it would be more beneficial to Brand Beckham,.

    He liked most footballers is motivated by money, he is not playing on LA for the love of the Galaxy, he is playing there for his £493K a week ant that sums him up.

  32. Kunal says:

    Beckham doesn’t miss a single chance of whoring himself out… He is so much involved in the media and glamour world that I dont think he remembers what playing for United means…. the advertising he is doin in US are really embarassing….

  33. Kings says:

    Gary. In all honesty my beef with Beckham doesn’t just relate to the contract issue, it’s the fact that his committment to United was becoming less of a priority compared to that of his celebarity status and his England career, which is a shame because he was one of my favourite players when he made the breakthrough at United. It’s a combination of those things plus the money issue that makes me want to refer to him as that. Make no mistake, I wasn’t at all impressed with Keane’s behaviour either when he was threatening to leave United for a lesser club for more money, especially after we had just won the European Cup that year. I just think these players should be privaledged to play for club like United for reasonable sums of money – I know that’s easy for me to say that being a United fan, but these players are playing for a club that only a handful can guarentee them, and that is a club which has a great Manager that treats all his players well, gives them a nice salary, but most important of all, a very very good chance of winning honours. Why pay them back by fucking them over? it’s just wrong in my opinion.

  34. Niall says:

    I have to agree with the fact that Real’s behaviour over the Ronaldo transfer has been out of order, but as United fans we can’t complain about it. After all, this would be hypocracy to the highest degree. Have you forgotten the way we conducted ourselves over the Hargreaves transfer?

  35. Tom F says:

    I find it hard to dislike Beckham. I know what he was like when it came to the negotiations, but when ever I look back to when he played here I can only think of the good times.

    It reminds me of the treble and of Cole and Yorke, it reminds me of the class of ’92 and “you’ll never win anything with kids”.

    Beckham is fairly harmless in my opinion and I think he, like many former United players end up having the Club ingrained into their souls.

    “Good times baby, this is the time
    I need to know that your love is mine
    Love me up, yeah, reel me in
    Im hooked, line and sinker, shes my heroin”

  36. Tom F says:

    …..hhmm Maybe it’s the quiet, “harmless” one’s you have got to look out for.

    I guess despite what I just said, he should keep his mouth shut.

  37. Craig Mc says:

    Now I understand why Beckham suddenly changed his mind from telling CR7 to stick with United, to saying yesterday he should choose Madrid!. In todays Sunday Express, it quotes Beckham as saying, I would love to return to Real Madrid in the future, and WORK with the youngsters. There you have it people. Becks greasing his own mucky paws for future monetary gain, and saying whatever he has to, on any particular day, to further his own ends. What a prick he has turned out to be. Or maybe Fergie was right, he has always been like that, and we just didn’t see it, him being a so called United hero and all.


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