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Put A Sock In It Tevez

Carlos Tevez wants to play regular football. We get it. Whilst I was very much on the side of the player a few months ago, my patience is starting to wear thin.

His loan deal runs out in the summer and the club have said this is when they will address it. Tevez knows this.

He has made it clear that he wants to stay just as the club have let it be known they want to keep him, so why does he feel the need to keep talking to the press about his future?

Even if he was blowing us away with his performances of late I’d begrudge him talking this way, let alone now when he’s been fairly ineffective of late.

“I have many offers, not only from Spain: I need to see which club I can go to and what can be done,” said Tevez. “We must not only consider the money, I also have to ensure my family feel comfortable, especially my daughter. So I have a lot to think about. Even if you score three or four goals, you do not play in another game. There are many very good players but I need to play. I have trained every day and never said anything against my team-mates or anyone but it is true that there are other options for next season. There are many players and they all need to play but I have not lost my place because of what I did when I played. I have not played in important matches. The ‘clasico’ against Chelsea, I did not play. Those are the games that I like to play in.”

I want Tevez to stay. Last season he proved what an important part of our team he can be. But it is off-putting to hear him continually whinging to the media about his situation.

Have a word with yourself, Carlitos.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. costas says:

    If he is willing to lower his price for other clubs,why not do that for United?Fergie and the board probably don’t deserve it,but the fans do.

  2. bruce thomas says:

    Let’s say for the sake of argument that Ronny does fuck off to Madrid, and Tevez goes and (hopefully) Nani too — and then we buy. Pick the bones out of this…


    Rafael/Brown Rio Vidic Fabio/Evra


    Ribery Valencia

    Berbatov Benzema/Macheda

    Now that’s a team you’d pay and extra pound to see, surely? The future beckons :)

  3. spencer says:

    transfer muppet alert

  4. Fergie, Sign him up !!! Fergie, Fergie Sign him up !!! says:

    Wasn’t this the same radio station that published his last comments? A load of bollocks from their part if you ask me. Remember its nearly silly season and talk will happen especially for the United players e.g : Ronnie and Tevez. If we lost both of these guys in the summer, then we might as well rule out the league Championship for a few years.

    Regarding Berbatov, I know he plays for us but end of the day he has always been a lazy/slow cunt. Never liked him at Leverkusen or Tottenham and I still dont like him now. They compare him to Cantona!!!! NO CHANCE !!!!! that’s like comparing Jason Lee (pineapple head) to Ruud Van Nistelrooy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. jamos9 says:

    Too expensive……one footed……one paced….cant head…..apart from that he’s great ;)

  6. Kings says:

    I reckon Fergie will line up a bid for another striker in the summer.

  7. bruce thomas says:

    @ Spencer, when you wrote ‘transfer muppet alert’ I assume you weren’t referring to me but to this earlier post, reproduced immediately below. :)

    ikhwan Said,April 22nd, 2009 @15:22 my team 09/10
    starting line up

    rafael (R) evra(L)
    fletcher (CM)carrick(CM)
    Yuri Zhirkov (RWM)-Ribery(LWM)

    My own ‘transfer muppetry’ is similar. I would venture to suggest that both Ikhwan and my own posts are not only based on events as most people currently perceive them, but an 09 /10 line up such as those conjectured are not also entirely possible but are highly desirable and an exciting prospect.

    Jeez, Spencer it’s a good job you didn’t read the post from a real muppet on another site who only kept THREE of our best eleven players and spent over £250 million into the bargain. I took great pleasure in calling him a TWAT.

    We are going to change the team and we are going to buy, that’s how SAF stays ahead of the game every season. Would you be prepared to call him a transfer muppet? If, so I’d love to see you do it in person :)

    If you would like me to stay strictly on topic. Then I say thank you and goodnight to Tevez.

  8. bruce thomas says:


    Alan Smith had a better “work rate” than either Sheringham or Cantona — so your point is???

  9. NickOGS20 says:

    “He started against Pool, which is our ‘classico’ and did nothing at OT!!!
    just concentrate on the remaining games….”

    Yeah, nothing bar playing the throughball that led to our penalty and generally being our best attacking player on the day.

  10. gingerprince says:

    this is the last thing we need ahead of the pompy game

  11. bruce thomas says:

    Absolutely correct

    United 3 – Pompey nil — don’t care who scores them.

    We’re all on the same side.

  12. haruglory_911 says:

    Tevez is simply better than Berba. I know they are different type of player but his style suits United more. Anyway, Fergie chose Berba and yeah, I agree that 30 mil for Tevez is too much… but if Tevez do leave next season, I would like Fergie to get a striker who can score goals like Torres…

  13. Don Pablo says:

    Scott, you can’t be that blind! He’s been treated like sh!t. As he said, you score 3 or 4 yet you are benched. He’s been treated like fuckin Nani but he’s been patient. Respect is two way. I wouldn’t blame him if he leaves and its all because of Berbacunt! Thnks fr th mmrs Carlos. Adios amigo

  14. manci_yanky says:

    get rid of him. hes been great and has had a good time hear. let him enjoy the trophies we’ve won and are gonna win this season (knock on wood) and then send him on his way. hes clearly not worth 30 mil. even though him and rooney played so well together last year, since berbatovs arrival, rooney has been playing more of a playmaker role and i think this has to be considered his best season as a red. once berba gels with the team a bit more and more importantly with rooney, there will be no team that can stop us. thank you carlitoo for all the goals and glorys you have provided us, but its time to move on mate, take your family to spain and enjoy the weather!

  15. Jake says:

    get rid, I’ve said it before but I’m sick of his whining, and I was even a bit embarassed when he was clapping the fans, who does he think he is? Ferguson rules the roost at United, no point in running off to south America to do interviews trying to drive a wedge in at United, then coming back to say ‘not me guv’…He works hard, but so would I for £80,000 a week and I’m not sure me and Tevez are that far apart in ability, ok, that’s stretching it a bit but he isn’t worth £22 million, which is the actual price tag because we’ve already paid £10 million for the two-year loan…David Gill is in charge of the finances, who has been left to run the club along with Fergie by the Glazers…Berbatov has to work for £30 million, otherwise the Glazers will lose faith, so Gill and Fergie are hardly going to run off and sign Tevez for another £22 million…The Glazers have been good with money, £17 million each for Nani, Anderson, Hargreaves etc…but to sign Tevez would be taking the piss, and definitely end up risking Gill’s job so it isn’t going to happen…and I’m not bothered, we’ve made enough big money signings recently, we need to start having a look at some of the good younger players in our reserves because the squad should take care of itself, for another year or two at least.

  16. tony montana says:

    in actual fact, i think his destiny is set with barcelona to be honest. he plays really well for argentina and bonds well for messi. Same way he bonds at united with rooney up front. Only reason Man Utd have been crap this season in attack is because Uniteds whole new approach of buying Berbatov. I think if Carlos Quiroz was still at united, berba might not have been at United. Just a suggestion. And not only has the attack been messed up this season, Ronaldo has played more of a winger this season with less freedom and it just looks like the United we had in 2004-2005 when Ronaldo rooney and Ruud were all not performing to their best (well not exactly like the side but you get my drift). Berba has not proved himself at all and with that penatly, to get about 100,000 a week and to take a penalty like my 4 year old nephew is disgraceful. But it was a weird decision by Fergie. We had a team that won the champions league and premier league. A team that was already capable of winning it. Fergie already knew we had upcoming youngsters so that could help us benifit our depth of squad even further. He knew giggs could operate up front. But for some reason, he opted for Berbatov and paid a bit tooo much for him when you could have purchased a fringe striker at a cheaper price that could have been a super sub. See thats where i see a few mistakes which fergie does. He gets too attracted by players already with quality. I.e. seba veron. I think team chemistry is more important at winning games than quality. This game was perfect for Tevez to play. But yet fergie still opted to rest him. it was weird that he didnt even take our first penalty for the cup final. But yeah to conclude, Tevez should sign for Barcelona. He would be amazing there and we will see his full ability there.

  17. steamdigit says:

    hey hey, dont go knocking tevez :) hes had a hard time without getting games in, besides, he is a family man as well. hes got to thinkn of his own family, wife and daughter. think about it, they would have to relocate everything and everyone if hes leaving and for anyone who has relocated before we all know how though it is. especially when family is involved. no matter that these guys are multimillionaires, they all get frustrated when it invovles their futures and family.
    although i think he is not what our team needs, i can sympathise with the guy. he has given his all to our team these last few years, and we should cut him some slack. looks like fergie is doing his usual coldhearted, matteroffact act again. he usually does this when he is about to let someone go. doesnt get too emotional about it and remains emotionally aloof our gaffer. the signs are there. its probably out of his hands too.

  18. OTRed says:

    I don’t pay the transfer fees, but if the £30m being thrown around is true(i.e. an extra £10m), then he’s not worth it imo. If he really wants to play for us, he should have a word with his agent to lower the fees.

  19. Tony Starks says:

    Why is everyone so keen for Benzema? he’s done nothing to prove himself at the top level.

    If we don’t get Carlito the only striker I would like o see arrive is Kun Aguero

  20. Bud says:

    I think Tevez should put his future on hold for one month and focus on the games that are left this season. When we play our last game he can talk to the press about his future as much as he wants, but not now. I understand his concerns but I hope he puts the team before himself.

  21. Red Ranter says:

    Loyalty, respect etc is a two way street. While we, the fans, have treated him with the utmost love and respect, he’s been treated like shit by the manager. Fergie has had his preferences for Rooney and I can’t dispute his thinking in that respect, but Tevez needed a fair run of starts to get into his groove, which he didn’t get. He was a bright spark in pre-season and strikers need a bit of confidence from the manager and consecutive starts to really get going. He had a stop start season this year. Yet he’s handled himself with utmost dignity on the pitch, whether he was up for it or not. He didn’t whinge or show public resentment on the bench unlike a certain Portuguese winger.

    Any self respecting player of Tevez’s stature would be terribly frustrated with his treatment (also taking into account the questions raised about his game taking a beating back in Argentina) and this frustration was bound to come out sometime this season.

    To tell him to put a sock in it, while on the surface seems quite easy, lacks an understanding of the context of his words. I can clearly sympathise with the pain he might have felt having been been benched game after game, after a very good debut season. Not everyone is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

  22. themarkedman72 says:

    least he doesnt miss penalties.
    Least he can play well with rooney.
    Has played support to a lacklustre bulgarian all year with barely a complaint.
    Give the guy a break…he is worried about his future.
    He has done more for united than berba.
    He deserves to start.
    We are clearly driving the price down.

  23. John Ferry says:

    Tevez is going to be Fergie’s Jaap Stam. It is so sad to see Carlito’s going, but the writing is on the wall. Our attack was so strong, but Tevez and Berbatov have both been mismanaged this season.

  24. corea says:

    @ Red Ranter

    he doesn’t have to score 100 goals, he just should score some 4-5 goals when he gets the chance. i am not fond of memorizing or searching the exact stats but he got some 10 chances and he didn’t shine.
    yes, i can perfectly understand him. he is a good lad but he is not perfect. he has his desires and he wants to talk about the issue. And i think the problem for the mediocre perfomances by Carlos and Berba lies with the manager. we are saying these things all over again. just find the perfect balance between the pair. but in the year when playing with alone striker in the important games is so popular 3rd striker is a fifth wheel. whether you want it or not manager playes the player he rates more in important games and for the 3rd striker it’s obvious that he is not the first choice wich makes it so hard to endure.

  25. Marq says:

    Yes we all love players who put in effort. But for so many of you to blindly say Berbatov has done nothing compared to Tevez, all this whilst ignoring facts, I think its unfair.

    There are also a fair bit of you who believes we should stick to last season’s formation and players. Haven’t it been learnt the hard way what happens when you stay put after a successful season or 2? We have always done better when we sign a big name, bar a few, and I would be gutted if Sir Alex had done nothing to the squad after last season. Yes it may not have been as successful as it could have been, but we are on course to better last season’s achievement, is that not good enough? If so many of you thinks its not good enough, I’d be worried where you’d be when the drought does come.

    Jus one more thing I think should be taken into consideration. So many of you are slating the manager & the club for treating Tevez “badly”
    - Imagine you are heading MSI, you have a player, who have the potential to net another 2-3 big money transfers considering his age, and you do not even have to pay this guy a single penny, you do not have to market him & you do not have keep him happy, would you let him go so easily? $30M is the asking price, not the release clause! If I were MSI, I would take less money for Tevez, sell him to Inter, whilst still holding to part of his registration, and wait for the next transfer to happen and money will just drop out of the sky again. You don’t have to be a super businessman to figure this out do you?

  26. Marq says:

    Yes we all love players who give their heart. But those who blindly claim that Berbatov has done nothing compared to Tevez, whilst ignoring stats, is unfair.

    There are also those who think we should stick with last season’s formation & players. But haven’t we all learnt it the hard way, what happens if you stay put after a season or 2? We always seem to do well after big buys, bar a few, and I would be gutted if Sir Alex stood still and did nothing to change the team.

    Last thing. Its sad to see so many of you slating the Manager & club for treating Tevez “badly”. Haven’t it occured to you the problem is MSI?

    Say you are head of MSI. You have this player, who could potentially net another 2-3 big transfer fees considering his age. And this is someone you do not have to feed, do not have to market, and certainly do not have to keep happy. Would you let him go just like that? If I were in charge, I would rather take less money and send Tevez to Inter, whilst holding to at least part of his registration, and jus sit tight and wait for the next transfer to happen, jus like money falling from the skies. Doesn’t take a super business mind to figure this out does it?

  27. DanS says:

    Not worth 30m. End of. Especially when you look at it like from Denton Davey’s point of view. Our situation has changed.

    Then club and Sir Alex know what they are doing. I have faith.

    Thank you and good bye Tevez. I really do wish him well…

  28. BlackBabyJesus says:

    If he was good enough, he would have played more “big” games. He’s not that good. He’s a short, slow version of Rooney.

  29. Mannyutd says:

    The general opinion is that hes not worth 30 mill , but i would prefere him to be there nxt season rather than ronaldo. its a fukin embarassment watching the guy roll around huffing an puffing every time he makes a shit pass, it must effect team morale on the whole. i say sell the greedy bastard, sign tevez and another world class replacement.

  30. tony montana says:

    Let me correct a few matters. His asking price is NOT 32 million. That is how much he will cost to have him for the remaining 5 years at the club. Which is including contract fee’s. Undoubtedly Carlitos Tevez is quality. He had a poor first poor run out at west-ham. At the end, he settled and didnt he do well? He came to United on first season and really did get the best out of Ronaldo? But what Fergie wants is a ‘Torres’ like striker up front with Rooney and he saw that in Berbatov. However, Fergie not wearing his glasses cannot come out and admit he has made a big mistake in terms of management and financial mistake in purchasing a player thats not even worth anything more than 15 million. I think Tottenham must be over the moon with the amount of players they signed in exchange. Its sad to say even though i dont want him to leave and want Berbaflop to leave, Carlitos Tevez has been treated unfairly and him being not played and no transfer sorted, is practically being shown the door. Or unless Fergie is testing his patience and willingness. Hes done the same with Nani. On the off subject, im glad to see Anderson has come back to good form lately. In my opinion, he deserves to start most games until the remaining end of the season.

  31. bossdem says:

    I think tevez has said the right things often enough already this season, and dont blame him one bit for saying what hes said. i really do feel for the guy having to play (or not play;) at a club where he is happy and would like a future that doesnt look likely.
    however, even if he were available for 15m would it be worth buying him for the bench? unfortunately for him we have rooney and berba, and i think like many, a different type of striker would suit us better. tevez for me, needs to be playing regularly to get the best out of him, and i cant see that happening.
    ideally a tall and fast, fox in the box is what we need.

  32. bossdem says:

    @ tony montana- maybe its you that needs the glasses?

  33. BlackBabyJesus says:

    If you would prefer to keep Tevez over Ronaldo you are completely delusional, end of.

  34. Marq says:

    tony, may i ask how is that different from an asking price?

  35. Give tevez a Break says:


    I know uve probably never seen my name on the blog before, but i assure u, my grades in design school would be much higher if i stopped coming to the blog.

    no offence, but i cant help feeling that over the season uve taken a side defending Berbatov, (so have i) in fact here on campus, i seem to be his biggest fan( and defence when things go wrong for him ) ur last article about “WE HATE BERBATOV points out exactly what i went though”after the FA semi’s. im not sure about the exact figures but there are just a few things that i feel SAF has overlooked this season in comparism to last.
    1. The chemistry with Rooney. IMO berba has not gelled as much with our other attackers as much as tevez did. even fergusson said “it would one day be special”. WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT? Even Rooney mentioned how him and tev didnt need to look at each other in order to know what to do. how does anyone expect tevez to play concistently when he’s never playing consecutively. I was frightened when SAF benched him after his four goals against blackburn, but he was still patient. at least untill this interview, he didnt mention it( from my own sources). on the other hand Berba plays on even after bad days, Yes he’s our player we’ve paid for him already, but so is tevez at least until the end of the season, why no take full advantage even if Fergie isnt going to sign him up?
    2. compare our goal tally this season to last season. at first I thought other teams had simply gotten better, yethonestly in my opinion, its simply the change we’ve had in our attack. ven now, whenver rooney is playing we see the same burst of energy flowing into the game, last season we had two of those : TEV and Wazza. for some reason SAF seems to have a thing for playing Berba in the Middle, ( im not sure if Berba likes coming back on his own.

    but yes Berba has the second highest assist in the league, but for a striker i’m not sure he is as effective as tevez was in his first season. plus, tevez needs more games to develop consistency, u cant just expect him to be perfect from training. concerning the interview, i was disappointed when i read about it, but uve got to keep one thing in mind – He is only Human

  36. wayne says:

    tevez had a great season for us last year and quite frankly is getting a shitty deal berbatov hasn’t proved anything and yet is always picked ahead of tevez.i don’t understand this and don’t blame tevez for being pissed of


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