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Q&A with Chelsea supporting journo: Signing Rooney, “ethical” Mourinho and Chalobah

Ahead of tonight’s game, Chelsea fan and Daily Mail journalist, Rik Sharma, has answered a few questions for RoM on the season so far.

Scott: Are you happy with Chelsea’s transfer business over the summer?

Rik: Yes, but we need to sign a striker. Romelu Lukaku is the best we’ve got, and he’s not good enough to spearhead a title-winning side just yet. The return of players like Kevin De Bruyne is useful, while picking up Marco van Ginkel and Andre Schurrle for a combined £26million or so, is great business. Mark Schwarzer is just what we need as a back-up keeper too. At the time of writing, we’re poised to hijack Willian’s transfer to Spurs and as good a player as he is, it seems a bit superfluous with so many other attacking midfielders to pick from.

Scott: What do you make of your start to the season?

Rik: Two games, four goals, one conceded, six points. Good enough for me. Performance-wise the first game against Hull was ‘typical Jose’; we shut up shop after taking an early commanding lead. The Aston Villa game was a bit shaky – a couple of decisions went our way and by all rights we should have drawn the game. But Jose’s still finding his feet with the squad, much the same as David Moyes is at United.

Scott: Let’s hope the referee is as kind to Moyes as he was to Mourinho last Wednesday then! Who do you think will be your most important player?

Rik: The most important player on Monday will be whoever is picked up front. I’d choose Lukaku although Fernando Torres is favourite to start. If he can get behind United’s defence – and find the form he had towards the back-end of last season – we will be a threat. If he’s off-colour then United can attack with abandon and not have to worry about the consequences.

Scott: You sound concerned about the options you have up front..?

Rik: Yes I am. In Lukaku we might have the striker we are seeking, but that’s a big gamble to hinge your season on. Demba Ba is a squad player at best and Torres at best will be erratic. In 75 minutes against Hull he had no shots. At all. Not good enough.

Scott: So how keen are you to sign Wayne Rooney then?

Rik: I’m as keen as Chelsea are to sign Wayne Rooney. At the start of the summer he wasn’t our top target but with the others (Falcao, Lewandowski etc) either moving elsewhere or being unavailable for other reasons, Rooney is left at the top of the list. I certainly wouldn’t want to swap David Luiz or Juan Mata as part of any prospective deal. Imagine Mata playing with Van Persie? That would be disgustingly productive. But Chelsea need a ‘top’ striker. All four of Manchester City’s are better than anything we have at the moment.

Scott: As are our top three. During Jose’s pursuit of Rooney, do you think he’s behaved as ethically as he keeps claiming he has?

Rik: Ha! Of course not. That’s never been one of his strong points. Jose is a game-player and this is one of them. Not that I think this is a great shame or a stain on his reputation or equivalent tarnishing – just part and parcel of the man. Unsettling a rival before a big match is a completely legitimate tactic in today’s world; more unethical would be the whole Willian affair. Which is, from a blue-tinted perspective, completely hilarious.

Scott: Why do you think Mourinho enjoys a better relationship with the press in England than he did in Spain and Italy?

Rik: The UK press was ‘there from the start’ with Jose. From beating United in Porto’s Champions League run to dazzling us with his style and swagger when he arrived at Chelsea, he entertains, provokes and, let’s face it, sells newspapers. His behaviour has got worse since leaving Chelsea – in Spain especially he went too far on several occasions. Poking Tito Vilanova in the eye was a low point. The stress of battling Barcelona wore him down and took the sheen off him. Jose was a breath of fresh air to us, but by the time he left for Italy, they already knew what he was about. Tensions escalated in those countries, but he still maintains a good relationship with the British press.

Scott: How keen are you to see Chelsea start producing their own players?

Rik: Extremely keen, of course. Watching a player come through the ranks and into the first team isn’t a pleasure we’ve had at Chelsea recently (though we have had many more in exchange). Josh McEachran, the last great hope, has stagnated somewhat and is looking to go out on loan again this season. Currently Nathaniel Chalobah is the best bet. He excelled in midfield for Watford last season and can also play at centre-back. Expect big things from him, although we can but hope that they’re with Chelsea.

Scott: If you could have one United player, who would it be?

Rik: Robin van Persie. You don’t need me to tell you why.

Scott: And finally, what are your predictions for tonight’s game?

Rik: It’s so early in the season it’s hard to call. I’ll go for a tight, scrappy, tense 1-1 draw (you can thank me for the goal-fest later).

Scott: As long as we’re on the winning end of that goal-fest, I definitely will be doing! Cheers.

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  1. AlphaRS says:

    Moo talking about United, Moyes, and Roo again.

    All he wants to do is talk about United. He talks about United more than Moyes. Perhaps he wants to be United manager.

  2. Cameron says:

    Go Blues….. We have the manager, the players and the desire to win tonight’s game against the Red Devils and i am going for a 2-1 win to Chelsea…..

  3. AlphaRS says:

    We have to wonder what effect Moo constantly talking is having on United before the game.

  4. OJM says:


    – I know, it’s pathetic isn’t it? I am sick of hearing the man, sick of sycophantic journalists licking the man’s rectum and sick of people acting as though he is what football should aspire to. Mourinho IS NOT good for football.

  5. wiuru says:

    If I was given the choice between Maureen and DM , even today id go for Moyes He may not have the presence of the of the so called special one . But , there is a steely resolve and an openness in Moyes that makes him head and shoulders above Jose .

  6. theadamsegal says:

    I think Moyes will be at United a lot longer than the Ethical One at Chelsea. The fans will be the great equalizer in his attempt to unsettle Moyes. If those in the crowd show support and belief in our manager Mourinho’s shameless self-aggrandizing will be for naught.

    Wouldn’t it be grand if Rooney scores a goal or three tonight?

  7. Kings says:

    Oh shut the fuck up Jose you boring cunt. Always sticking his nose in our affairs. Clearly irked that he didn’t get the United job. Let’s just hope our coaching staff keep their distance from him tonight, as he might resort to more eye gauging the horrible bastard.

  8. Dela says:

    Just wanted to say because of last night’s game..

    The only difference between Man City and Cardiff??? Money!

    The only difference between Man City and Swansea??? Money!

    The only difference between Man City and Crystal Palace??? Money!

    The only difference between Man City and Southhampton??? Money!

    The only difference between Man City and West Brom??? Money!

    The only difference between Man City and Stoke??? Money!

    The only difference between Man City and Hull??? Money!

    The only difference between Man City and Norwich??? Money!

    And so on. The ONLY difference that separates the clubs is Manchester City have billionaire owners. There is no other difference between them, it’s just the money funneled into the club by a monarchy. The illusion that Man City are the equal of us or anyone above the level of any of the above-mentioned clubs is a LIE.

  9. Lee Martins Winner says:

    I think Moyes should use Jose as a little bit of extra motivation. (not that it should be needed) something like this:

    ” Lads, I know you have heard and see what Maureen has been doing. He thinks that a few words her and there will unsettle you all, make you lose confidence, he is acting like they are the fucking Champions!

    So go out there and prove to that fucking peacock who you are and what that badge on your chest means. YOU are the Champions, This is OUR home, go out there and RAM these facts up that twats arse….

    Oh and RVP, Rip that cunt Terry a new one!”

  10. Norman-85 says:

    Man City’s poor form in Europe continues…..

  11. ji says:

    A lion doesn’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

    David Moyes does not lose sleep over opinions of Moo.

  12. Rukky says:

    I’v got say. Maureen has been really bitter about been ignored for the CV crowning job. It just wasnt to be and i hope we shut him up in an absolutely unexpected manner. If we play the 4-3-3 with rvp,welbz and roo upfront, i think we could easily win by a three goal margin- thats how good our front line looks. Btw that cheeky feeling i had about kagawa’s stay at the club been short lived doesnt seem to go away. He would get gave time but i feel in top games he wont be 1st choice for the number 10 position.

  13. Rukky says:

    *game time

  14. OJM says:


    – Why do you sound so happy about the prospect of Kagawa leaving? He is one of our most technically adept players, an absolute gem of a player with a proper football brain.

    If he is not played at all this season, I wouldn’t blaming him seeking out somewhere that he will be appreciated.

  15. King Eric says:

    Every cunt thinks the Jose ” factor” will see him through. It won’t. His squad is lacking at back and massively up top. They’ve about 60 midfielders. Can only play two or three. Hope the tranny cunt is firmly in Vida’ s arse pocket. When we last faced him I was genuinely concerned purely because of Ronnie. This mob he’s managing aren’t a patch on previous side he was in charge of. He’ll find the league MUCH tougher these days. I am sick to my stomach of hearing him obsessing over United, it’s got beyond a joke now. At game tonight and cannot fucking wait. Hate the Chelsea fans and club with a passion. Expect the usual 3 songbook. ” Carefree” ” Evra, Evra you’re a CANT” and ” Why don’t you speak facking English” Rich coming from them cockney cunts. Hope OT is rocking and it absolutely should be but won’t hold my breath. Love the United v Chelsea fixtures. Always tight affairs and a bit spicy.

    Good interview by the way, fair play to this Chelsea fan.

  16. United till I die says:

    Best thing Moyes can do about Mourhino is ignore him. As soon as he responds in the media in any way shape or form they will portray him as being rattled. We need to go quietly about are business and do our talking on the pitch.

  17. UTD1999 says:

    More than one club in for Bale, not a surprise, question is, are UTD in for him? Or could it be City, PSG or even Chelsea?

  18. Lee Martins Winner says:

    @till I die

    I think you have that spot on. Best way to be.

    I look at Chelsea Def and really think we can hurt them tonight. Welbz is a nightmare to make a tactical pan for, runs and runs, can beat a man, some really good skills. I imagine that RVP will be tier focus which could leave welbz some space. If he carries on like he did against Swansea, could be a good night for him.

  19. RedEric says:

    Add passion to what you are doing and the result is “success” otherwise add anger and the result will be what Jose gets come may

  20. AlphaRS says:

    @King Eric
    Jose Mourinho: The New Voyeur…! Lolz.
    I’d love it if Moyes said something along the lines of “Moo likes talking about United doesn’t he? And he had the cheek to call Wenger The Voyeur…!”

  21. parryheid says:

    United in for him?Absolutely no chance your talking about a club that baulked ay Forty mill for Fabregas.

  22. theadamsegal says:

    Nobody else in for Bale – Levy is just trying to get more money.

  23. Wakey says:


    It seems a strange claim for Levy to make at this moment if he is just making it up to jack the price up. He would surely have announced it sooner so I suspect there may be more to it than Levy making it up.

    Who the club is who knows

  24. theadamsegal says:

    LA Galaxy :P

  25. Andromeda says:

    What Maureen is trying to do ain’t mind games to me at all, they are all childish games meant to be solely disrespectful conveyed with false accusations and horrible sentiments.neither Sir Alex in his 27 years reign nor Moyes would do that toward anyone.the bastard is a disgrace to football and should be punished for his loud mouthing prick persona, any away the lads are more clever to be affected by such words and we have enough experience to deal with useless cunts like him.

  26. Andromeda says:

    As for the game am a bit worried about lacking Chicarito on the squad, he was so efficient every time we played the rent boys, he scored many goals and would give us that extra unpredictability upfront although am pretty confident about Danny’s form this season and RVP would be a bitter taste to the defenders, right now he just can’t be handled.I am still against the idea of using Rooney, specially if he is mentally not there although he has a fantastic record against Chelsea, anyway we have Kagawa and am really eager to see Janujaz to play minor roles on the bench…

  27. Rukky says:

    Ojm sorry about the late reply, its been one busy day 4 me. On topic, why would i be happy about the prospect of shinji leaving? Im just stating whats likely to happen if he becomes unhappy with his role in the team.

  28. evisu says:

    Mou is just doing his usual stuff i don’t get why people are getting so upset. Are you that sensitive? It’s all about him getting the spotlight and take away the pressure from the team and players. And the journo is right, this sells papers. But don’t underestimate him, he is a brilliant coach whatever some may think of him. Hope for an exciting game and 3 points!

  29. OJM says:


    – No worries. I kind of got the impression you wanted him to leave. As I’m sure you gathered, I certainly don’t! Not sure exactly how we will fit him in this season, but I feel that we should try to get the best out of him. He offers something none of our other players do and is undoubtedly an outstanding talent.

    Would be a shame to see him leave without us getting the best out of him.


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