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Q&A with makers of Class of ’92

This weekend will see the launch of the highly anticipated film, Class of 92, which looks at the story of our kids who went on to win it all. RoM will be at the Manchester premiere as well as a competition winner through the blog.

Gabe Turner, the man behind it all, has answered a few questions about the experience of making the film.

What was your favourite bit of making this film?

Being able to spend to some time kicking a ball around with the players. Literally a dream come true to play crossbar challenge with Giggs.

Was there anything that surprised you or something new you learnt about the players?

Yes, loads… Didn’t know about Phil Nev praying, didn’t realise how funny Giggs was and mainly didn’t realise how much they genuinely all liked it each… was lovely to see.

What motivated you to make this film?

If I had picked the documentary I most wanted to make in Sports I think I would have picked this one. It’s the best British sports story of our era and a story that we felt needed to be immortalised in film. It has a great cast and we felt very privileged that we were the ones who had a chance to tell it.

What is your favourite anecdote the players told?

I really liked the Honda Prelude Story “Don’t Scuff the Leather” but it’s all about the Butt/Schmeichel story.

Which of the players did you most enjoy working with?

Genuinely all of them… everyone brought something different.

Pre-order Class of 92 DVD.

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  1. RedHanams says:

    Can hardly wait…should be amazing getting more insight into the lives of the 5. Great way to further immortalize them, though they would forever remain etched in our hearts as Legends.

  2. Tommy says:

    Can not wait to get this, looks outstanding, speaking of young lads, United under 19s went down 3 1 to Leverkusons young lads, Great 2nd half performance from the lads, We finished the game with 9 men they were down to 10. Still all to play for a win against Donestsk in the last game takes us through so good look lads

  3. wayne barker says:

    Still no listing for it in Canada yet it’s pissing me off

  4. zibbie says:

    So sad.

    STR on the back of ROM get access to all this cool shit , sad

    2 days 20 posts, NBI true troll has 2 asking help, no help offered.

    STR let ROM kill it self. 2 years to deal with multiple posters.

    Then STR
    1) hates the owners, has never offered a alternative, just hate @ musty cunt must.
    2)169 threads hating on MUFC best player. Rooney.
    3) 69 Berba I wanna suck his cock threads.

    All the time.
    1) best 8 year stretch in club history, new owners double worth of club and set revenue records every quarter.

    Rooney 200+ goals

    Berba a joke at Craven Cottage laughed at by color guys for how lazy! Hold gets fired because of him, Fucking joke.

    STB, imo.

  5. zibbie says:

    I forgot he hates the manager as well

  6. WilliamAR says:

    I’m quite amazed how a lot of people have left RoM. The screwed up thing about it is it’s a lot of people who used this site to belittle people and bully, just because they don’t agree with some people being honest. I personally don’t see that as a sad thing as i’ve always said if you can’t discuss peacefully with people whether you agree with them or not then you are more trouble than good. Sorry but those people are not top posters as trying to gang up on people is cowardly and nothing else.

    One very sad point though is the decline in numbers in general. it’s good for the site if there are more people with varying views but the lack of people has made the place a bit stale. unfortunate really.

  7. John says:

    HELLO???!!! Anyone else here??…Don’t we have match after about an hour or so??..where are posters here gone??..I have been here for a couple of months but ppl posting here for years just need to give their 2p as united supporter and keeps this blog going. You don’t have to read every post if you don’t like the poster, also every poster has choice not to communicate with them if you feel so. C’mn ppl!!

  8. Redfrog says:

    hi John. I think there is less posters since you need Facebook or twitter to connect. As you have to give some personals informations.

  9. reddevil says:

    Man Utd XI: De Gea; Smalling, Ferdinand, Evans, Evra; Giggs, Jones; Valencia, Kagawa, Nani; Rooney
    Subs: Lindegaard, Büttner, Anderson, Cleverley, Young, Hernandez, Welbeck

    So happy to finally see kagawa in playmaker’s role..
    cmon kagawa, show what u r made off….

  10. reddevil says:

    without caring much about the midfield, glad that we have also given Nani a chance at left..
    this is very attacking lineup.. :)

  11. WilliamAR says:


    It’s all those keyboard warriors who were brave enough to bully people on here John. Not brave enough to sign in with gmail though as if they will be found out and hunted lol. There is absolutely no harm signing in with a gmail account so there is no reason for them to not come here. It just shows them for who they are so don’t worry about it. People talk about that ND58 site and how all the regulars on here have gone over to that forum but it openly displays the usernames of all there members. they only have 46 members and the only people who has shown nothing to hide by keeping his regular user names are Zibbie and Costas. 300,000,000 fans and they only have 46 members? Don’t worry about it John, we’ll be fine on here without the insults and petty squabbling now lol.

  12. martin the nairobian says:

    Valencia is a fucking terrible winger but plays all the games for us.the biggest mystery in world football today.

  13. John says:

    @Redfrog…yeah mate it seems so though I didn’t think so at first..@scott look into it, review it bro, something you gotta take in board!!…mate, to me, I don’t care how many usernames you use to give your opinions re football and our club in general..Just don’t gang up and bellite fellow posters using different usernames, even if you do so with 1 username personally I won’t have problem as you can respond when one Vs one..Its not fucking NSA and Edward Snowden stuff here!!..if ppl here were so sensitive about personal info then why fucking they used to take stuffs so much personally then??..they had username which i guess wasn’t their name anyway!!.its something like Big Brother Reality show tbh, you need @king Eric as well as @The Truth to spice the blog and keep going and there is poster like @fletch who on both sides know “Respect” is a must!! see, you need every type of poster to keep it going but just don’t bellite and ridicule and insult and gang up and chase PERSONALLY just coz you don’t agree..why anyone comes here to comment and feel dejected and frustrated when 5 or 8 posters have a go at him ruthlessly when he say sthing about moyes??

  14. John says:

    ^also to @WilliamAR

  15. Redfrog says:

    @John…I agree that people can have their opinion even if it’s negative about our team. As it’s not because you’re an optimistic that you don’t support the team. I have followed this blog for 4 years now (through I’m just beginning to post) and the quality of comments have been lower because of people bullying, and creating an atmosphere where is not just question of football.
    I agree with you to the fact that the users name are not important but the comment in itself. If some people like to change then let them do it, if they feel better. Who cares ?
    Hope we will see a good match and a victory tonight. Enjoy lads !!!! Come on United !!!!!

  16. avigenesis says:

    Rooney up top and Kagawa in behind him.How long has it been?Need to get his scoring boots on.Hoping for nani to have a good game.Some creativity on wings at last.
    Can anyone tell me how to change my username and remove the link from my moniker?

  17. Redfrog says:

    @WilliamAR…LOL…that is what I call bravery.

  18. avigenesis says:

    Also Kagawa starts in his natural position.Don’t know if his blip in form has been due to adapting to the premier league or playing in unfamiliar territory but after the game we’ll know for sure.Come on United

  19. John says:

    Enjoy the match everyone!! C’mn United!! C’mn Reds!! GGMU!

  20. NBI Red says:

    @ William AR – You means like that 50 year psycho American trailor trash old mother fuking kunt @ zibbie?

  21. WilliamAR says:


    Dude it was seriously driving me nuts reading all the bully tactics of some people and i’m just glad they’ve gone. I’m glad we have to sign in with a twitter or gmail or facebook account now as something as simple as that has brought to light an obvious problem that was spiralling out of control. I honestly felt utterly sorry for people like the truth and John and others who were subject to the disgusting bully tactics. Just because they didn’t go all pink and fluffy and start praising the team and manager for under performing and were honest enough to show how they felt about it didn’t make them any less of a united supporter. I’m a little sad that some other people who didn’t take part in the ganging up haven’t come back on to chat but that’s their decision at the end of the day. anyway enjoy the match, lets hope we put on a good performance and get the right result.

  22. DreadedRed says:

    WilliamAR – why are you laying into posters that aren’t here? Bit of a bully aren’t you?

    Why are you trying to gather support against those that aren’t here? Typical bully tactics eh?

    You felt sorry for John? He himself is the first to admit that his vile attacks on Moyes were wrong, and that the response he got from long-time regulars brought him around. No one wants “all pink and fluffy”, but to post “MOYES OUT! Fifty times in one comment is worse than ludicrous, and actually far better fits your description of ” disgusting bully tactics”

    Your occasional input these last few months in no way enables you to pass judgement on people that have established their reputation over 6 or 7 years of chatting about United here.

    Lay off absent friends of RoM. If you have something to say to someone, say it. But to declare confidently that “they’ve gone” and then to lay into them, shows you for the spineless cunt you are. You are the defender of the bullied, are you? Fucking saviour of the downtrodden? John doesn’t need you. He made himself welcome all on his own. The same posters you’re attacking are the lads he admits now relishing the online company of in this realm they all call home.

    I suggest you take this on the chin, and move on to better topics.

  23. iamMatty says:

    *bully alert!!!
    Dreadedred is one of them bullies lol

  24. DreadedRed says:


    I’m not sure why you chose to lie about me. Your deceit is hardly a redeeming feature.

    Did you log on simply to offer us that? You’re pathetic; be interesting or jog on.

  25. John says:

    @DreadedRed, @WilliamAR, @iamMatty….Hi guys! what’s going on here?..Don’t worry, we will be fine on here without the insults and petty squabbling on now…hahaha

  26. DreadedRed says:

    John – no worries!

    It’s just one cunt getting clever, attacking absent friends; and another cunt telling lies.
    They’re both more interested in making shit than talking about United.

    Hopefully, they will now focus their comments on topics about our Club.


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