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Queiroz: United are my team

Carlos Queiroz, who made all the difference to United’s second most successful season in the club’s history when we won the league and European Cup double in 2008, has argued that David Moyes needs more time.

“The success of Manchester United was based on a couple of principles,” he said. “The first thing was it had a good foundation of consistency, continuity, trust and confidence. The other thing I learned when I was at the club: The club always had a strong belief with the people that work inside it – they trust themselves. I want to believe that it is just a tough time at the moment and in a short period of time we will see the Manchester United everyone expects. I have been in that experience and the most important feeling is to trust each other, believe each other, and make the right decisions. If you are not able to win today, I am sure tomorrow things will be right. I think they need to be given time. Moyes deserves the chance.”

Queiroz became the manager of Iran in 2011 and lead them to World Cup qualification, but claims that United will always be his team.

“It’s not my old team, it’s my team,” he said. “I still care. We’ll be there, don’t worry, just give us a little bit of time we’ll be there. David will be fine.”

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  1. thomas says:

    Cue all the anti-Moyes comments from the experienced ex-footballers and coaches, oh wait they’re not from the experienced ex-footballers and coaches… :)

    Moyes’ red and white army!!

  2. TheAdamSegal says:

    And another legitimate voice putting faith in DM.

    In Moyes we trust!

  3. WilliamAR says:


    Unfortunately it sounds like based on your logic that the fans must be blind idiots that son’t know what they are seeing on the pitch and at press conferences. Sorry but experienced coaches or players or not does not hide the glaring mistakes on the pitch and bad tactical decisions made by our manager and his shocking press conferences and poor interview. We’re not stupid and we certainly shouldn’t be made to be either just because we don’t coach or play the game. It’s the fans that buy the tickets and buy the shirts so it’s the fans that have the right to judge whether you agree or not.

  4. TheAdamSegal says:

    @WilliamAR, the last time I checked, fans are still buying tickets and shirts so I have a hunch you are not representative of the average fan.

  5. WilliamAR says:


    Yes i am representative, i’m illustrating the point that because people like myself have been critical of Moyes, it’s that very fact that i buy my shirt and tickets when i can, that we have every right to criticise a guy that gets paid astronomical amounts of money thanks to people like myself buying our tickets and shirts, to do the job correctly. We’re not stupid and we can all see the shambolc state of things at the moment. It’s also the world wide following that buy shirts even though they cant get to games that have every right to criticise.

  6. Zana says:

    Yes I believe our condition of changing managers is not like any other club whether its top European or domestic are talking about replacing someone managing the club from the smallest to the most complicated thing in the club.furthermore, you are thinking about replacing a very unusual and rare breed legend from Govan, someone who was in charge of even the dream and fantasy of every player from the academy to a top top player, a God of football and managing genuis that has been there for 26years old.when replacing someone like this and you sit down in his place, you will right away feel the enormity of this gigantic place from the very first moment, the anxiety of all those trophies and dedications, its not a shame to feel like an trying to bring a manager to sit down in Fergie’s seat is crazy because you have two choices, either you will make a radical change or stick to some of the former plans and add some further creativity of your own, which in my opinion won’t work out for you at least for a very while unitl at least you go through many phases of trial and errors, a period of inconsistency and disappointment, players might lose concentrations.personally I have always imagined replacing Fergie as a sucker punch moment no matter who you will bring, you must ultimately taste some bad moments whether its long or short I believe its quite normal and its utterly not logical to say it would have been different if X or Y had been in Moy’s place.I must agree though that Moyes should have done better considering the talents we have in the squad but if you think about all the injuries and tough early schedules, besides the surprising incremental rise in other opponents level.I know some of you would say otherwise and I agree to some of the critics toward Moyes but as I said whoever you bring it might be the same story but from another perspective.I would happily embrace tough moments for our young generatins in particular if that comes in behalf of long sustaining success.united is my club.

  7. thomas says:

    @WilliamAR – I understand your point, my comment was more in jest – aimed at the same old users I see trolling every post lately acting like getting rid of Moyes or appointing Mourinho would solve all of United’s problems.

    Like Alex Ferguson said, “I’d also like to remind you that when I had bad times here the club stood by me. All my staff stood by me, the players stood by me, you stood by me, and your job now is to stand by our new manager. That is important.” Like the post this week on here (TOP 5: Most disappointing Manchester United seasons) – I dont remember anyone calling for Ferguson to go in any of those seasons; especially when Mourinho was around before.

    I’d much rather give Moyes time to build a team than criticise him with less than a year gone whilst ignoring many of United’s obvious problems we all know we’ve had for a while now – e.g. ageing players who many of us have always considered to be good, but not World Class; massive debt from typical american owners…

    I’d much rather Moyes than appoint some dickhead like Mourinho who doesn’t really give a shit about the club, just himself, and spends loads of money before pissing off after a few seasons leaving a huge mess behind him that takes years to clean up.

  8. thomas says:

    edit: e.g. ageing players and younger players now coming into their prime who many of us have always considered to be good, but not World Class; massive debt from typical american owners…

  9. Zana says:

    News coming that Wayne Rooney has agreed a new seems that he will be our future captain.

  10. Blacksocks says:

    Yep BBc reporting Rooney has agreed a new £300k per week deal.

    Personally – He’s over-hyped
    – Over paid
    – Over Rated

    He’s not even the best player in the squad, for me both Mata and RVP are better and Januzaj the potential to be better.

    I still don’t see how you fit Mata. Rooney and RVP in the same 11. My gut feeling, as I’ve said before, is that RVP will be on his way in the summer, poss back to Arsenal.

  11. NBI Red 21 says:

    What else is Quiroz supposed to say, every manager says give him time no matter how shit another manager is, I have never once heard a manager say nah fire him. The only managers who get ribbed are successful one, there is always sympathy for losers. Anyone who thinks the public and private opinions of all these managers are the same is dumb. No manager wants to piss of a Club that could hire them or to create a stick for their own back if their own performances slip. These are platitudes and should be seen as exactly that. When a manager is doing good. No one says he should be given more time. That is only said about failures.

    Queiroz angling for a job at United post world cup? Moyes won’t swallow his pride and take Rene back. I hope he seriously considers any application from Queiroz. He needs help. On his own Moyes will take United to the dark ages. And there is nothing more stupid that blind faith.

    Scott as usual you are top of the blogs. Completely agree with everything you wrote about Moyes. He was a poor appointment and fans are right to question his performance. Calling it straight!

  12. Blacksocks says:

    I always quite liked Queiroz, as a coach he was highly respected although he’s proved that great coaches don’t necessarily make great managers. Ronaldo certainly saw him as a father figure whilst at the club.

  13. Tommy says:

    Cue all the Queiroz does not know what he is talking about rubbish, People on RoM clearly no better obviously

  14. wayne barker says:

    I’m not sure how the Glazers have become part of the conversation nearly every thread.According to Sir Alex who has been unwavering on this point Glazers never refused him anything or interfered with any Football matters so until someone has concrete evidence to the contrary Glazers shouldn’t even enter any Football discussion
    As far as I know the debt is well below 400 mill few years ago Glazers paid off 250 mill of a high debt loan.What people never seem to take into account when talking about money going out the club, firstly revenue has increased incredibly under the Glazer business plan so even if you take out the interest payments Utd are still generating more than before the takeover.Secondly people talk about money leaving the club like it never happened before but it did in dividends to shareholders

  15. WilliamAR says:


    I agree that in most cases people should be given at least a bit of time but this is not most cases. Moyes was given the champions of England. At the very least i would say with the players we currently have, its not too much to expect a top 4 finish. We’re miles of that which is why people are so angry and that is completely understandable. We all know what Fergie said regarding standing by Moyes but that doesnt give moyes a free pass to not perform at the very minimum which is 4th place in the league. It certainly doesnt give him free reign to damage the teams confidence with poor remarks in press conferences and interviews.

  16. NBI Red 21 says:

    The Rooney deal is the biggest disgrace of the Moyes – Woodward era.

    They have destroyed no player is bigger than the Club.

    They have overpaid for someone who has scored once in 10 games and no assist I believe in same period.

    They have given transfer access and captain promises to a mercenary.

    They make United look desperate and pathetic. His performances do not merit these fees. There are better younger, cheaper strikers out there.

    No other Club would pay these wages. No one but Chelsea wanted him and even that for a relatively low fee compared to top players.

    Rooneys declinining injury hit form and high wages are going to have other players queueing for the same.

    This is just obscene and beyond stupid. He was on the way out with SAF. He should have gone last summer. It’s hardly like we are top 4 with him.

    Another reason Moyes – Woodward are fuck ups. At 32/33 Rooney will be on record wages. But as Woodward said in his call with investors its twitter followers and marketing, fuck the shit football on display, fuck of the loss of United’s form and traditions, let’s tear up the fucking rule book and squeeze whatever marketing value is left in a declining increasingly injury prone player who no one else would buy for much or pay anywhere near as much.

  17. wayne barker says:

    The only football people who have been negative about Moyes is a couple of Dutch coaches and I really have to think that’s because of the Rene factor,most in the know understand the enormity of the job.

  18. NBI Red 21 says:

    Also talking about Rooney’s “ambition”. The hypocrite. He is happy to stay at United without CL football now is he, well I guess it was always money with the sad bastard.

  19. NBI Red 21 says:

    Rooney no longer has the pace and guile to play as a number 9 and falls short as a number 10 where his touch vision and movement are nowhere near the best. Also in Moyes style of crosses, Rooney is hardly tall enough to get on the end of lumped balls. Nor does he have the positional discipline anymore to pay 9. He can’t beat players in the way a Suarez, Lukaku, or Sturridge can, all of whom are better strikers than Rooney has been for the last 2 years.

    Where the hell does this leave Mata?

    Does RVP leave in summer and Rooney lead the line and Mata play 10. Or so we actually think Rooney should play as 10 and Mata stuck on the bloody wings for the prime years of his live to give way to a declining player.

    This is a fucking joke.

  20. wayne barker says:

    I guess some on here haven’t heard of the transfer market getting him to sign a 4 year contract increases the players value doesn’t mean the club can’t sell him and it’s only a extra 50k than what he’s making now,fucking drama Queen
    Rooney signing without the possibility of CL just goes to the point some of us have been making all along and has already been proven by the petro clubs.Top players won’t sign for a club unless they can play CL football is complete and utter bollocks and anyone with half a brain will realize Utd will be back in the CL sooner than later

  21. wayne barker says:

    Prior to his injury Rooney was by far Utd’s best player and the best he’s played for several seasons so to say he’s declining is just not true but what a surprise taking into account who’s saying it

  22. NBI Red 21 says:

    Some childish wankers are too dumb for me to reply to but before I scoot off to a meeting I will try to help their small brains.

    1. This is probably Rooney’s last world cup. He has won every title there is. You think United can sell an older averagely performing Rooney for more than Chelsea bid? Which top team will look at him twice? Chelsea only went for him after missing out on Falcao and other targets and he will not be what they chase in summer. Nor will they bid more than they did last year. He has NO resale value. He has probably realised that hence this deal as I am sure his agent checked out other bids pretty thoroughly. No Rooney will now want a massive wage deal and a legacy. He will want SBC record – ugh! – he will want to be captain. He will want to be made for his enormous ego to feel like he is special and the main man when he no longer is and was not last season either. At the end of his career he may toddle off to the US but that’s it. He is finished at top level football no other elite Club will buy him.

    2. There is no guarantee United will get back into the CL under Moyes and people need to stop thinking there is. United do not have a God given right to be in the CL. Smart decisions, smart hiring is what got us there. We have neither right now. TV rights for CL double to £60mn soon and Clubs in the competition will have profile and money to spend to maintain it. They will also have managers who are of a far higher calibre and who Moyes cannot outsmart. Lets be realistic, in 49 attempts Moyes has NEVER beaten a traditional top 4 manager. NEVER beaten a formerly declining Liverpool away – so he is now expected to beat a revived Liverpool to 4th place with a star manager? Is Moyes going to outplay Pelligrini, Mourhinio, Arsene and Rodgers? Hell even Sherwood and Martinez are kicking his ass.

    3. I expect the Glazers to list almost all United shares in a few years. I think they will squeeze what they can from the Club and then list it while retaining management control and being able to draw large salaries.

    4. There is a chance the Club can fight back into the top 4 and compete, but not under Moyes, Round, Lumseden and not if their policy is epitomised by what they have done so far. As Scott noted, Moyes has shown no ability to learn from his mistakes so far. Lets get real people. This is very bad period for United and the decisions the Club is making do not inspire confidence. And I include buying Mata in that. Why have we bought Mata to play him as an outside winger?

  23. NBI Red 21 says:

    Also this is not just an extra £50k on Rooney’s weekly wage. For the utterly stupid. Rooney’s contract expired next year when he was 29. This is several added years for a player of 30+ years on a contract with wages that cannot be justified. There is something called value of contract. The value of contract has massively increased for Rooney while United have an asset with no resale value and someone who will throw a fit if he is played out of his favourite position or benched. So yes it is a fucking big commitment for the Club at a time when we have Mata who could replace Rooney and Kagawa who could do the same not to mention Januzaj!

  24. wayne barker says:

    See thing is with you its all conjecture not fact you’ve no fucking idea how Rooney is going to perform as he gets older so I only have to read the first line to realize the whole essay is just what’s going to happen according to NBI and based on no facts whatsoever.Of course it’s all going to be negative,your whole comment is just nonsense you’ve made up

  25. wayne barker says:

    Mate you bore this blog with negative essay after essay you just fucking love hearing yourself speak.It doesn’t matter what Utd do with you it’s always wrong,just 100 percent anti Utd cunt

  26. wayne barker says:

    No it’s not utter stupidity Rooney falls into the category of being able to buy out his own contract which means a club can buy him for 12mill.I know you don’t rate him but to replace him would cost Utd at least 30 mill then still have to pay a players wages,so you do the math it isn’t Rocket Science

  27. ziggy says:

    I understand why Woodward and Moyes want to clinch this deal with Rooney,whether we like it or not,Wayne is well respected around the world and outside England he is still considered one of the best players in the planet.

    Rooney can be the key to convince two or three top players to come to United next season even if we are out of the Champions and the plan to rebuild the team around him can be the only good choice for now.

  28. CTRED says:

    Queiroz….now there is a proper coach. Regarding managing vs. coaching, it is well known that SAF was the manager extroidinare but the smartest thing he ever did was to surround himself with top class coaching, especially in the later years…whether Quieroz, Meulensteen, hell even McClaren wasn’t bad.

    I have maintained form day one that Moyes will fail at United if he does not do the same. While I would have preferred he retain Rene and Phelan, I’ll grant him the right to choose his own staff. I think so far he has chosen poorly and he is facing the consequences of that. A great sign to me would be if he brought in one or two top coaches with european experience to complement his background. It is becoming obvious he is not getting the most out of our talent with the tactics and that is down to the coaches, and the buck stops with the manager.

  29. The_red_devils says:

    Nbi, 1 goal and no assist in 10 games? What about 9 goals and 9 assist before injury?? rooney won’t be in recored wage when he is 33. by the time he is 33, 300 k per week would already be normal wage…he was on way out with saf last year? I thought it was sir alex who kept him in the first place. Last year saf starting dropping rooney coz he knew he was retiring, so was taking revenge with rooney..rooney has declining form?? Has been our best player before injury. And he can play no.9, love him or hate him, you can’t deny his ability…

  30. Fletch™ says:

    Always liked Quiroz on the bench, as tactical support. TOP class coach for me.

    Recall that Fergie had alot of confidence in him.
    I never rated him as a manager and that has proved right so far.

    Only thing I can’t really forgive him for is Bebe. Signed on his say so sight unseen.

    Other than that, I have loads of time for Carlos Queiroz!

  31. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ red_devils – £300k per week is not going to be a normal wage in 5 years. No chance. It is well above market rate now and will stay that way. Most EPL players earn less than £100k a week. Very few earn more than £200k a week. No one earns £300k a week.

    As for Rooney’s form this season it has been nothing special. He is not in the league of top striker. Period. Mata should be the player we build the team around, not Rooney.

    @ wayne – fuck off you retarded finger monkey. I appreciate you are always desperate to speak or comment with me, but quite frankly I find most of your comments tedious and rarely bother to read them. Don’t wear my name out fool.

  32. wayne barker says:

    Lol you a proven liar and a troll cunt the only thing I’m desperate for is for you to be gone,that applies to all your other user names as well,legend in your own mind.
    All you are is a boring lying cunt and a cancer to Rom so fuck off

  33. iamMatty says:

    I actually find alotta sense in what nbi red be on about.
    You say we need atleast 30mil to replace rooney, and I say that’s false. We already payed close 40mil to do that in the combined purchase of RVP and shinji, then we paid 37mil to make sure he’s never missed when we got the special juan.
    We continuing to play RVP and Rooney in the same team is hindering our attacking evolution into a more fluid complete team.
    But that’s just my honest opinion though.


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