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Quick Berb Stat

Opta Stats have revealed that Dimitar Berbatov created an average of 2.2 goalscoring opportunities per 90 minutes in the Premiership last season. And, you guessed it, that was more than any other striker in the league.

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  1. denton davey says:

    timbo @ 14:02: “my money is on Berbatov and Hernandez forming a telling partnership for United this year, one that could see Rooney dropped to the bench, pushed out wide, or used in a specialist role as the solo striker in 4-5-1 formations”

    Good point. There’s also the sometimes-spoken chance that in the case of a Dimmy/Chicharito attack that WayneRooney could be used to partner Darren Fletcherinho (football genius) in an attacking midfield role. That would be interesting.

  2. RedScot says:

    Rooney dropped to the Bench, pushed out wide. makes total sense.

  3. abhiscorps says:

    Berbatov shud be deployed in a fee role as an attacking MF with Fletch and Carrick/Anderson behind him to do the dirty work..We will play thru the middle and score goals galore !!


  4. bobs says:

    berba and chaicarito will be phenomenal together
    berba can pretty much make any pass with perfection whereas hernandez can find or even make space, its a match made in heaven

  5. Zibbie says:

    Rooney in the Toti role for Roma in the 4-4-1-1 role?
    Rooney and Steveie G for England hit the mojo stride when the would rotate and sometimes Rooney could run down the left side and get in the flow of the game.
    Rooney has to be closer to goal he can produce goals, how much dirty work will you ask him to do? How much does the dirty work elevate his game. I see Rooney at 29 running the attacking midfield of the now 3 time CL medal holder!!!!!!!! Rooney has the 40-50 yard pass on the dime in him. And a little red mist gets him going. Just a little.

  6. RH says:


    I don’t understand your last post.

  7. CROoney says:

    the main reason why i want him gone is that he needs his teammates to perform in order for him to perform …. and it’s irrelevant to his teammates if he plays or not – he would not be missed … that’s why i think that he’s irrelevant to us…i mean if he’s not playing, no one would miss him, and that’s not class

    it was perfectly visible in the matches against chelsea and blackburn, or the clashes against bayern or arsenal…against chelsea and blackburn everyone kept saying how he was a scapegoat because everyone else was don’t see people defending rooney when everyone else is poor – you expect of him to be the guy who sets the pace and the quality of the game…because he is class – berbatov is not,,,,classy players win big matches on their own – he can’t…

    we were knocked out by bayern but we put one of the best performances of the season WITHOUT HIM…same against ARSENAL – the players don’t need him in the team in order to put a great performance, and he needs his team-mates to play good for him to perform…and that’s his problem no matter what the stats say..

    the stats can say that he had the best season of all EPL strikers but the bottom line is that the stats are like bikini – they unveil a lot but they keep the best parts hidden

  8. RH says:

    @ CROoney

    Great last line re the bikini.

  9. willierednut says:

    RedScot at 0:13

    Brillant mate and bang on the money. I find the idea that Wayne might be left on the bench to accommodate Berba, or Chico bemusing, he’s one of our most important players as he showed last season. I’ve said before, some fans need to forget about wazza’s poor WC, and get behind the lad.

  10. AON- Americans Out Now !! says:

    Fans are fickle Minded…
    The White Pele will be back banging in the Goals starting on the 16th of August !!

  11. says:

    Quick berb stat.. Tiptop :)


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