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Quick poll: Will You Boo Ronaldo?

The boos were relentless as Aston Villa beat Walsall 3-2 this week, with Villa fans letting former idol, Gareth Barry, know exactly what they now think of him. He was stripped of the captaincy, with the armband going to Marlon Harewood instead, as he was forced to play with the Reserves.

Cries of “Judas” and “You’re not fit to wear the shirt” alternated with chants of “Martin O’Neill” as the Villa faithful made their sympathies all too clear in the opening period.

Following an insane lack of better judgement, Barry has burnt all bridges at his current club and is no closer to securing his desired move to Liverpool. Whilst I don’t have much sympathy for Barry, it’s not a situation I like to see. He’s been at the club for over 10 years, since he was a teenager, he was their captain, adored by the fans, and now he’s being called ‘Judas’. Can you imagine if Scholes, Neville, Giggs, Butt etc. put us in that position? It’s sad.

This situation is of course different to that of Cristiano Ronaldo, but the frustration voiced by reds on this blog and elsewhere suggests that the Portuguese slave will be in for a rough time with our fans next season. Whilst we’ve always known he was going to leave us for Spain one day, I don’t think anyone anticipated he’d get itchy feet so soon, and feel let down by his decision not to publicly state his desire to stay next season.

Do you think Ronaldo deserves to be booed if he’s still at United next season?

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  1. UnitedRay says:

    Yes he deserved to be jeered at. However we will not do it and we should not. Coz this affects our entire team. Instead we shall cheer the likes of wazza and anderson. Let the slave know what he lost.

  2. spencer says:

    No I will not. I have been a season ticket holder for 10 years and me and my friends won’t be doing nay booing. Its childish and silly. The GB Saga is slightly different as he has been there for 10 years and recently told them that he would never leave them no matter what. He also publically criticised the manager and criticised the club on a radio station. Plus the Villa fans have no reason to hold back as even O’Neil doesn’t want Barry there.

    By booing Ronaldo you would also be handing all the bargaining chips to Madrid. If booing Ronaldo affected the teams performance (which could very easily happen) SAF might have to consider selling Ronaldo and Madrid would get him for a lot less than we could sell him for.

    You can stop showing your support to a player by other ways than booing

  3. Daz says:

    personally i think half of it from ronnies side is the papers and press hearing what he says and reading too much between the lines. all he has rally said is no one knows the future, which is true as you could get run over by a bus tomorrow, as for his desire to play for real, he has always declared from day one at Sporting that he has a desire to play at real before the end of his career.

  4. Cal says:

    Don’t boo him, but don’t be singing any of his songs until he scores his 20th goal

  5. Stephen says:

    As much as would like to I can’t boo any United player who wears the shirt, but likewise I will not cheer him or sing his name.

  6. austin says:

    im dissapointed we gave him so much support last season. to a point where even some of our players might have been thinking, “WHAT ABOUT US!”
    anyway, i wont stoop so low as to boo, and silence is just as bad, so i will cheer him with all the effort that i would put into cheering silvestre when his names read out on the p.a!

  7. austin says:

    p.s lets get behind wazza, big time. tevez altho he deserves it is talking too much about real for me and nani and anderson may well feel the same, we dont know yet. so lets get our priorities right and get behind wazza who im sure knows where his breads buttered.

  8. ron says:

    With the United shirt on – HELL NO! I better option is not to sing his songs. When he gets back and scores his first goal we shouldn’t boo or sing his songs. Instead sing – On The First Day Of Christmas or some other song of choice but not his.

  9. UnitedOnFire says:

    I never boo my own teams’ players (although when Colin Gibson launched a cross into the fans for about the 10th time I was sorely tempted)

    However, I go with the above comments on the passive agression of not singing Ronaldo songs for a while; get behind Rooney, Neville, Giggs, Scholes etc

    To be honest, I thought the overidolising of Ronaldo by our own fan’s last season was a bit over the top anyway. Ok, he got so many goals, but there were 10 other players on the pitch as well. Not so great for morale for Tevez to score from a Ronaldo cross, for example, and there to just be another chorus of “Viva Ronaldo”

  10. Sam says:

    He probably deserves it, but we shouldn’t dish it out, and I certainly won’t. I can’t see Viva Ronaldo being our number one chant again, but if he does stay we don’t want to give him an excuse to play badly and then leave at the end of next year (which I know he’ll probably do anyway) saying the fans turned on him. Anyway, I don’t ever agree with booing one of your own players, just on principle. Just because he’s lost all dignity in this situation doesn’t mean we should.

  11. Ishaq(South Africa) says:

    Bloody hell, If I was there Iwould have booed him. I can never forgive him for what his done to us. Atleast for the first game he plays we should boo him. Just for the first game.

  12. Nitin says:


  13. Deering Tornados says:

    Title is ‘Will You Boo Ronaldo?’, but the poll is ‘Does Ronaldo Deserve To Get Booed?’
    They’re two very different questions – I think the majority of us would say he does DESERVE to be booed, but we won’t actually do it.

  14. jsos says:

    I don’t think we should boo any of our players.. whether they “deserve” it or not. I do agree here with the posts above that getting behind our other players more vocally is the best tactic. Wazza, Tev, Scholes, Giggs… we have some great chants for these lads and I’m looking forward to spreading the love around a bit for our brill club

  15. tevra says:

    I agree with a few comments on here. I reckon we should forget ‘viva ronaldo’ and ‘that boy ronaldo’ untill he apologises to the team and the fans. He might get a bit of a clap and a cheer when he scores, but no songs. I certainly won’t cheer when his name is read out by the announcer.

  16. Craig Mc says:

    @ Sam, ” Just because Ronnie lost all dignity, doesn’t mean we should.” I applaud and agree with your statement here Sam.

    I was raging on Utd message boards last season, at how the singling out of Ronaldo for over the top adulation, at the expense of all other players was sickening. Other players who were bleeding RED on the pitch, and playing there arses off, never got a look in where the chants and singing of their names were concerned. Now the United faithful should feel embarrased at all the lauding, because he has repayed your fervour and loyalty well. Never Boo, but never LAUD him either this season. Give all the players your support. Ronaldo believes he just has to score a couple of good goals to get you all on the ADORE Ronaldo wagon again, and if that happens, I will lose so much respect for Man Utd supporters. I will never Boo though!.

  17. theboy says:

    i don’t agree with booing any united player, especially when you think how much ronaldo has done for us the last few years. get behind the lad and let him know what being at united is all about.

    kieran richardson on the other hand, he was a cunt, and not what i call a red, so i booed him once.

  18. Kunal says:

    well… I cheer the same when any1 score goals whether it is wes brown or Ronaldo…. if Rolnaldo shows no love but 100% commitment to the team … I wont boo him….

  19. scotty says:

    i will not boo him, but i wont praise him either, booing could be bad for team morale, i hope there will be more singing for the other players so ronaldo realizes what hes done to himself and the fans, and maybe that will bring even more brilliance out of him…..please, another treble!!!!!!!.

  20. Anant says:

    wouldnt mind hearing some booing but i for my part would be oblivious to his presence on the pitch . if he scores or assists i will cheer , but only because man united scored a goal not because cristiano ronaldo was involved . personally , i hate him , would love to see him turning out for ole’s reserves next year .

    speaking of ole – ronaldo wont be participating in his testimonial….hooray!

  21. Tom F says:

    Boo him like Chelsea supporters Boo their staff and players. Hmm, tough one!

  22. Eyepopper says:

    only an idiot would boo one of our own players

  23. red rom says:

    Is a player bigger than the club/
    Are the fans to be treated with such disrespect?
    If my wife cheated on me I wouldn’t let her back in the house or my bed, so why should ManU fans be mugged-off by the glory-hunter. So what if he scored a ton of goals last year, he was forgiven once for stamping on Rooney, but not for stamping all over the fans. Boo him, he deserves it, and stop being so noble.

  24. red rom says:

    and those who say “don’t boo one of our own players”, he’s only a ManU player because SAF is enforcing the (generous) terms of his employment.


    He wants to be a Real Madrid player, ManU ain’t good enough for him now.
    Sell him, boo him, whatever, a little 5 year old who loves his red shirt is worth a hundred Ronaldos .

  25. jim says:

    to all the booers id like you to come back at christmas when united are top and hes a few goals and great games under his belt and tell me if youd boo him then

  26. azza says:

    hes a cunt, if he scores for us, i will not celebrate, i will turn my back to the pitch just like he has to our club!!! this nonsense of him being one of our players, he may wear a red shirt and have his name on the back of the match programme, but his heart isnt with us, so why should we sing our hearts out for him?

  27. Tom F says:

    There are loads of players who’s hearts aren’t ‘in it’ like Tevez for example. He loves playing for United, but iin my eyes it’ll never be his one and only club until he retires. Still Tevez puts everything into a game for us. Just as Ronaldo did.

    Red rom, who the fuck are ManU?

    I’m suprised your wife hasn’t already cheated on you. It may be seen that Ronaldo isn’t to be overloaded with love, but to boo a player will upset the team, their performences not ear ducts.

  28. theboy says:

    red rom

    ronaldo didn’t stamp on rooney you clown. rooney stamped on a portugal player and ronaldo complained, which i imagine rooney would’ve done if it were the other way round.

    and as tom f says, who the fuck are man u?

    let me guess, you’ve been an avid fan since the 92-93 season?

  29. red rom says:

    TomF and The Boy Said- exactly, “who the fuck ARE ManU”!

    I’ve been an avid fan since 1971 of…. CHELSEA- you MUGS!!!!!

    There’s nothing better than winding you other Londoners up! You spineless lot will kiss Ronaldo’s arse and he’ll laugh at you every chance he gets. Mugs.
    How long was it since we all had to put up with “Ronaldo is the best player in the World”, “Is he better than Best?”, “blah, blah Ronaldo, blah blah,” -Mugs!.

    What happened to the Anti- Glazer stuff. Swallowed that one as well!.
    Get a back-bone, look at the Scousers if you want to see some conviction- they have 5 Euro cups to their name (yes, we’ve got none), and they stand by their principles- you won’t see a copy of The Sun near Anfield.

    The trouble is YOU can all be bought. Mugs.


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