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Quick Reactions To Victory Over QPR

1. Having taken points off the three clubs below us over the past month, it would make sense to presume that QPR might offer something today. Thankfully, they didn’t. Harry Redknapp’s men seem resigned to the fact they are going to be relegated and offered very little. That’s not to take anything away from United, who were very professional in their performance today, but they didn’t even really get out of 2nd gear. It was the easiest away game we’ve had all season, with us more or less sharing the possession but managing to restrict them from doing anything dangerous when they had the ball. Fifteen points clear, I’m having that!

2. Rafael da Silva was a very early contender for Man of the Match, scoring the goal of the season after just 20 minutes. Van Persie did well in the lead up but his shot was blocked, meaning the ball bobbled up to Rafael outside of the box. He hit it first time in to the top corner, the type of goal you’d expect from his compatriot Roberto Carlos in his prime, with brother Fabio, currently on loan at QPR, in the ground somewhere celebrating. Moments later, he then cleared a goalbound header off the line, before setting up for Van Persie for what would have been our second, if not for Julio Cesar’s top save. And to think he’s only 22!

3. The biggest disappointment of the game was probably Van Persie’s injury, which resulted from his contribution to the first goal. Having left the pitch, he tripped over a cameraman and ended up bruising his hip. Ferguson took him off as a precaution and reckons he should be fine for our next game though.

4. Like usual, Michael Carrick saw more of the ball than any player on the pitch, but for the first time in the six seasons since joining us, a chant for him dominated the stands too. “Oh, oh, oh it’s Carrick, you know, can’t believe it’s not Scholes” was sung on repeat, years after the odd fan first started singing it. It’s always strange how chants all of a sudden catch on. Carrick is long overdue a song though and I imagine we’ll be hearing more of it now.

5. Ryan Giggs wrapped up the win for United after calmly slotting the ball past Cesar with ten minutes left to play. Danny Welbeck, who came on for Van Persie in the first half, worked incredibly hard to win the ball for United and kept possession in a position he had no real right to (as he usually does!). Nani then played in a lovely ball through to Giggs who was totally composed to make it 2-0. Still, his 70% pass completion rate would probably suggest he isn’t the answer to our midfield issues ahead of Real Madrid. He has been great on the left wing over the past month and did a fine job today, but I would have preferred to see Cleverley given a start in the centre today.

6. Nani didn’t quite reach the heights of his last performance against Reading but he definitely did a job for us and at the moment is a better option than both Young and Valencia. He completed more passes in the final third than anyone on the pitch (18), he assisted our second goal, and he even put in a defensive shift, winning more tackles than any of our players (3/3). He needs to keep playing now and could be in with a chance of playing against Real Madrid.

7. All in all, it was a fairly mediocre game, with QPR offering little and United just looking like they wanted to get the job done. The pressure is all on City now, with us sitting 15 points clear at the top, and then having to beat Chelsea if they want to have any say in the title race this season. I know we said after last season that we can never say the title is won until it officially is, and I’m sure the more superstitious will still say that regardless, but the title feels more or less ours now, and it will certainly feel that way if Chelsea win tomorrow.

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  1. WeAreUnited says:

    4. Like usual, Michael Carrick saw more of the ball than any player on the pitch, but for the first time in the six seasons since joining us, a chant for him dominated the stands too. “Oh, oh, oh it’s Carrick, you know, can’t believe it’s not Scholes” was sung on repeat, years after the odd fan first started singing it. It’s always strange how chants all of a sudden catch on. Carrick is long overdue a song though and I imagine we’ll be hearing more of it now


    i said in the earlier thread, and will say it again, Carrick was a stunner, great every great word he gets, he deserves them!

    “Oh, oh, oh it’s Carrick, you know, can’t believe it’s not Scholes”

  2. domunited says:

    Hopeful candidates for the Goal of the Year no longer need apply. Solid win.

  3. dasilvatwins says:

    @weatunited THANK YOU ! ive been searching around finding out what the fans were chanting throughout the game today! never stopped.

  4. WeAreUnited says:


    I found it out at the other thread and in the reactions from Scott in this thread haha you should read it:P joke

    but cheers!

  5. Ash says:

    City won’t win tomorrow. It will be a draw. Mancini is losing it. Don’t be surprised if they finish 3rd and not even 2nd. Be ready for the summer when they again spend loads of money and even then complain that they are losing because Manchester United signed some ‘X” player in summer.
    We could win the league by beating City at Old trafford. That would be awesome. Imagine the atmosphere that day at old trafford.

    Now Looking forward to knock the virus out from europe. Can’t see us getting knocked out that day.

  6. dasilvatwins says:

    i reckon if chelsea win tommorrow the title is man utds. if man city win i hope it does not kick them into gear

  7. iDon says:

    1. Nani is the best wing player we have, he needs to play every game if possible. Hope Fergie doesn’t not screw with this player like he did with Pogba.

    2. We will win the 20th title this year. Mark my word.

    3. Sorry to Real Madrid :P , but we are going through

  8. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Great game from the lads. 15 points….. unbelievable!

    Who can ask for anything more from Rafael! What a strike!

    QPR boss Harry Redknapp: “It was always going to be difficult. I think there was not much in it until the right-back hit a worldy.” via BBC

    A worldly is it! I just called it a cracker! Lads at the pub nearly hit the roof screaming! What a goal!

    Gutted for Robin though. Hope there’s not in it!

  9. Lee Martins Winner says:

    Its Weird how last season has effected my mind set. Before that terrible event in Injury time that SKY feel I need to see at every opportunity, I would be sat here with the bubbly in my hand. The fact is that is not even bought, let alone on ice!

    Having said that, 15 clear with Chelsea at home for Citeh feels good. The next few weeks see the league, FA cup and Champions league all take the stage. March is the month our season is shaped.

    Beat the Virus and watch the confidence grow. Now I am in no shape suggesting a treble, I would be over the moon at the league, but maybe, just maybe this so called weak United team, which is bedding youth while in transition, could go on to make this a season to really cherish!.

    For now, its 3 pts, bring on Norwich.

  10. WeAreUnited says:


    great read liek always. agree with you. I also want to believe o nthe treble and want it, but League would do for me, just to get our trophy back and make it #20! If we can do a double I would be glad, treble singing my ass every day :P

    Yes we are in a transition, and what a transition it is, they had a strong experience from last season and that made our younger ones even more strong and it was a blessing in disguise, so they could realise that nothign comes for free to United :)

  11. Lee Martins Winner says:

    @we are United

    Great point regarding the experience last year. If that did not motivate you as a United player to develop and improve then then is the door, thanks for your time! Wouldnt it be great to look back in 5 years at this team and single out thier defining moment as the Augerro goal! Now that would be sweet!

    How good can Rafa be? I am going to stick my neck out now, but I think in 3 years he will be viewed as the best Right / Wing back in the world. The virus / Unicef Utd will be all over us to get him!. He seems to love the club and is mature for his age, so the omens are good.

    He will make a few more mistakes, he just needs to continue to learn, work hard and develop. Massive prospect and doing a good job for us now.

    Lets hope that the twin is truly Identical!

  12. FletchTHEMAN says:

    SAF post match:

    On RvP injury “He collided with a camera. Hip will be a bit tender and sore for a couple of days but he should be alright”

    Hope so!

  13. AlphaRS says:

    No Champions talk at the moment. One game at a time.

  14. WeAreUnited says:


    I am also waiting for Fabio to come back, I was shocked that he was loaned but I guess it was good for him and us. rafael matured and Evra got better since Buttner came.

    I still believe that it is fabio fighting with Rafael for the RB, the good thing is, Fabio can cover the leftback also! GREAT:!

    Can’t wait to see Zaha also and Nick Powell to get games. I think if we get the number 20, SAF will start youngster even more and make the final transition by playing them. Until the 20th, SAF will not take the risk.

    BTW, does anyone know, that if and when we get the number 20, do we get 2 starts in the logo? For example Munchen has 4 . And City lying to themselves hahaha

  15. AlphaRS says:

    Anyone watching the Deportivo v Real Madrid game?
    Is this the same Real Madrid that had United pegged back to the 18 yard box?!

  16. wayne says:

    For me the title is done 15pts with better goal difference,don’t see Utd losing 5 games and certainly don’t see City running the table,last few games Utd playing much more controlled football.Utd take out Madrid and Milan knock out Barca anyone would have to give Utd a good chance.The Germans at Wembley would do me just fine.
    It really is a fucking joke all the Abu’s, Trolls,Muppets,Fuckwits,Plastics saying this is a bad Utd squad.

  17. Lee Martins Winner says:


    I am not sure about rightbavk for Fabio, but it could happen. Maybe splitting them up has really made Rafa mature. I know SAF gets credit for a few things he does not do and I also was shocked to see Fabio on loan when we had no LB cover. Could it be that the great man thought splitting up the twin might help them develop quicker? Boys to men maybe?

    I dont like stars, I like numbers! #20 lol

  18. parryheid says:


  19. WeAreUnited says:

    @wayne exaclty mate! we are playing more controlled game and not trying to take every player or rush, we are controlling and passing the ball and trying to find space, but also the same time trying to not let them score, even though we have 13 comebacks with 1 draw from them and 12wins.
    We made again 7 changes and still won like it was the same team, with no problem.

    could rightly be, cause how can you explain from being in the starting eleven of the CL final to be loaned out? strange things.

    I think he has plaeyd as a RB and can cover his brother well, but he’s the candidate for the LB of course, but Buttner played a very very strong game against Reading, so Fabio will have it tough if Buttner continues that streak., BUT again, if it’s a twins thing then Buttner will have it hard.

    Anyway, better to have covers than not. I LOVE THIS TEAM!

  20. Tope99 says:

    Real are playing a totally different team , no ronnie,ozil,xabi,…etc.
    Our ’2nd team’ is so so stronger than theirs

  21. Lee Martins Winner says:

    @ weareunited, I agree with Butner, solid with attacking instincts. Loves a tackle!

    The Squad is so Young, so much potential. I know that the majority of fans on here want us to sign a quility CM. I disagree on this.

    If we sign a big established name in CM, then this will directly impact on Clevs development. People forget that he is young and had a few injuries. He has not gained a huge amount of exp and I would like to see what the boy can achieve in the next few years.

    I do however want another one 20 – 22 year old with potential to develop along side clevs and bring in a 30 + CM to help with exp and aide thier development. We have Scholes / Giggs in this role atm, but this cannot go on forever.

    Someone like Lampard (yes Mr Chelsea), maybe Xaxi or Ineiesta fancy a new challenge lol

  22. WeAreUnited says:


    I always think the word young, for me there’s 2 kind of young players. The ones that are 17-20 without experience and those that are 20-24 with experience, cause if you field players with 2-3 season experience no matter ho old they are, it’s hard to say they are young, rafael even came this season and said in an interview that he’s not young anymore and I agree with him. but yeah a young team with experience and that has yet to reach their potential :) I agree with.

    I also think we need a 20-22 year old midfielder who is kind of known or becomeing one. because Fletch is ill, Giggsy soon 40 and Scholes is not anymore a part time player so how can he be in our first 11 and Powell is 18.
    So basically we are left with Clevs, Ando. and Carrick. Tunnicliffe went on loan and maybe he can become the “new” Cleverley and Petrucci maybe can get some games here. But basically we are 3 midfielders short.
    LEt’s hope those 2 ones I mentioned and Powell gets more playing time, because of our title number 20 and so that ABU’s can say again the famous line: You’ll never win with kids.

    Yeah let’s hope Iniesta and xavi fancy a new role :P haha, anyway I get what you mean, we’ll see, maybe Powell and the rest of youngster without good experience gets their chance after our #20


  23. NBI Red Onion says:

    @ Scott – good point re Giggsy in MF – he did OK there today but I still think he is our best left winger and dangerous in the box to boot.

    Maureen is fully focused on CL, but I think it might be too much pressure for RM, they know their whose season hinges on this, I think they are still in one Spanish cup competition, mentally hopefully this will begin to drain them, their games with Barca before us will determine the mind set they come here with, it will be great preparation for them, they should come here at their sharpest, fittest and most anxious.

    Re league I know lots of United fans are saying they will just be happy if we won it, but given it does kind of feel like we already have it in hand, there is that ambition to capitalise and win more, the CL would be the big one, FA cup would be ok but nothing like winning the CL, but then wouldn’t say no to both. This season it FEELS like we can do more than win the league, I think the hard work needed to get us there has been done and now it is just a bit of seeing it through, it feels like with a bit of luck, we could maybe win the CL, at least get to the final. Get to the final of the FA Cup, final of the CL then lets see…!!!!

    I can’t see City losing tomorrow, Chelsea have been toothless with Torres finishing his DVD set of every possible way of how not to score a goal, BA if he is fit to play may make it more even, but I think City has the better strike force. Maybe a draw, would be great if Chelsea win, that would mean we could lose 4, draw 1 and still win on points. Only 11 league games to go.

  24. Toms says:

    I thought we’d do the usual and drop to the bottom team. Glad to see we didn’t. The league is about winning the “easy” ones and we have. We had an easy run of games to compensate for the start of the season and we took full advantage of that. We have tough matches to come but Fergie has a lot of breathing room if we continue on in the champions league.

    heh. right now we need to continue if there’s goin to be much to watch :D

  25. g-man says:

    i heard fergie is bringing pogba back

  26. bRed says:

    Just wanted to chime in about Nani. I thought he played a very good game. He was definitely the most creative player last night. His first half cross to Hernandez was excellent, a pity the latter could not connect. And the thing is Nani isn’t just about dribbling and crossing, his forward passes are really quite good. Like STR rightly pointed out as well, he put in a good defensive shift too. He has to start against Real – its the sort of games he craves and Fergie will tell him to play the game of his life.

    I hope Nani signs the contract extension. There aren’t many like him around.

  27. bayoRed says:

    Nani is back! We dont have a better winger at the moment.

  28. parryheid says:

    Lee Martins Winner’

    Disagree we had all that nonsense already with not signing a midfielder as it would stunt Pogba’s development.I want a Van Persie type midfield signing

  29. RedHairedDevil says:

    I have a question:

    When is (mathematically) the earliest we can win the title?

  30. ajopaul says:

    The correct lyrics of the chant is

    “It’s hard to believe he’s not scholes, He’s Carrick, you know!”

    About time he had a decent chant.

  31. Stenis says:

    Thought both Young and Nani did very well on the wings. It is an encouraging sign since our wingers’ form has been dire this season, with Giggs and the forwards filling in at their positions. Hopefully they can kick on from here. Nani is extremely exciting when on form, but Young is a very handy player as well.


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