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Rafa Benitez: Hypocrite? Fool? Mad Man?

“I want to talk about facts,” Benitez starts. “I want to be clear, I do not want to play mind games too early, although they seem to want to start.”

So, we’re talking facts are we Rafa? Excellent.

Fact: “On November 1, they played Hull and Mr Ferguson had a two-match touchline ban and a £10,000 fine after confronting Mike Dean, the referee, for improper conduct.”

Lie: “During the Respect campaign – and this is a fact – Mr Ferguson was charged by the FA for improper conduct after comments made. He is the only manager in the league that cannot be punished for these things.”

So, is Ferguson the only manager in the league who’s not punished for comments he makes? Or does he get punished like everyone else? To start his rant by actually quoting an occasion Ferguson was punished by the FA for improper conduct then later go on to say he is the only manager who does not get punished by the FA for improper conduct is ridiculous.

But then, Ferguson is the only manager to criticise the decisions or performance of a referee without punishment, eh Mr. Benitez?

“I could see two games out there,” said Benitez in March last year. “There was one game before the sending-off and another one after it. He knows he made a mistake but to send a player off for this in a game as important as this is just not right.”

“Of course I am disappointed with the officials’ performance,” said Benitez in April last year. “It is not the first time this has happened to us and we are really disappointed. We can’t blame the referee for the own goal at the end, but we can for the time. It was one minute in the first half and then four minutes in the second. It’s difficult to explain.”

Sorry, I forgot Ferguson is the only manager whose comments go unpunished.

“The referee was the referee when they played against Wigan – he could not see the handball against Wigan by Rio Ferdinand, he did not give a penalty. They won the game and they won the title in this game.”

Oh right because this proves something. Wigan could have had a penalty in a game we won 2-0 and finished ahead of Chelsea who we had been ahead of all season. Conspiracy.

When United thrashed Liverpool 3-0 last season, United should have had a penalty too, according to The Liverpool Echo and the BBC. What about the penalty Hull should have had this season for a Javier Mascherano handball in the area, during the 2-2 at Anfield? We could go on and on looking at penalties given or not given but essentially it proves nothing. I’d expect some spotty 13-year-old on BBC 606 to make sniping remarks of this sort. Even the biggest Liverpool or Chelsea fan would be able to admit that United fully deserved to win the league last season and to imply that a penalty not given against us on the final day of the season has anything to do with our title is damn right childish.

“Then he was talking about the fixtures. Two years ago we were playing a lot of early kick-offs away on Saturdays when United were playing on Sundays. And we didn’t say anything.”

Two years ago, Liverpool played five early kick-offs on Saturday away from home (as did United). Sheffield United (August 19th), Everton (September 9th), Bolton (September 30th), Charlton (December 16th) and Watford (January 13th).

United played August 20th at 1.30pm then had another game three days later. Liverpool’s next game after the 19th was also three days later. United played Spurs on Saturday September 9th, not a Sunday. United played Newcastle on Sunday October 1st, which was followed by an International break meaning it had no real effect on the league. United played West Ham on Sunday December 17th. United played Villa on Saturday January 13th, not a Sunday.

So in fact, United played on a Sunday on three occasions when Liverpool had early kick offs and only one occasion did it have any bearing on the league.

“At Christmas, United played on the 29th and the rest of the teams played on the 28th. We were away against Newcastle two days after playing Bolton. They were playing about 40 hours later, they were not complaining then.” Just over a minute later, he babbled the same point again. “They cannot complain about the fixtures after they were playing on December 29 while the rest played on the 28th.”

The media didn’t make a fuss of United winning the FIFA World Club Cup which is maybe why Benitez forgot about our trip to Japan. Between the first game in December and the 29th of the same month, Liverpool played six games. In that same time period, United played seven games, and travelled to and from Japan. Of course, it was our choice to play in this competition, just as Liverpool chose to when they won the European Cup. However, with massive travelling time and another 90 minutes of football under our belts, I’m not sure how Benitez can believe his players were further disadvantaged by United having any extra day to play, in order for Setanta to show the game.

“You can see every single week how they put (referees) under pressure, we know this. We have seen it before. We have seen players sent off at Old Trafford and we do not see our opponents sent off. It is part of the game. But to complain and to always have an advantage is not fair.”

Of course, Liverpool never put the referees under any pressure to send any players off. Unless we recall last season when Steven Gerrard kicked his leg out in an attempt to win a penalty (as Ronaldo does and gets called a diver for doing so) whilst running side by side with Everton defender Hibbert. Mark Clattenburg clearly had a yellow card in his hand, ready to book Hibbert. Then Liverpool captain ran over and had a go at the ref, causing Clatternburg to change his mind and send the Evertonian off. If United do it, it’s not fair, according to Mr. Benitez, but should we just sweep it under the carpet when his own team are guilty of the exact same thing?

Some people are defending Benitez’s behaviour, making out he hasn’t lost the plot. He’s not shaking, so he’s not mad, right? Wrong. To show up at a press conference the day before your game and read from a list a load of incidents involving United is crazy. But even if you don’t think he’s crazy, it’s fairly obvious he’s not talking ‘facts’ at all. 1. Ferguson does get punished for improper conduct. 2. Liverpool didn’t play ‘a lot’ of early games on a Saturday when United were playing on a Sunday. 3. Quoting one off penalty decisions from last season, given these decisions get made wrongly for and against clubs on a weekly basis, is not the behaviour of a rational person. 4. Liverpool have seen their opposition players sent off after they put the referee under pressure.

Mr. Benitez, hypocrite? Fool? Mad man? I’ll go for all three.

FACT – Fat Spanish Waiter Has Lost The Plot

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  1. danny pacheco's left nut says:

    Fantastic! Well done Rafa – about time someone stood up and ‘said it like it is’!
    I have no idea why Utd and Funguson are treated differently to other teams, but it’s about time it changed. The days when Utd generated bigger TV audiences worldwide (and thus indirectly more funds for the FA) are over. Not that that should ever have allowed them to be treated preferentially, anyway – its always taken 2 teams to play each match!!!
    On top of this, the spirit in which Liverpool play the game, the way they treat & respect refs and their opposition is VASTLY different to that of Utd. No wonder the 2nd best team in red have a devil on their badge!
    Of course, many will say, “well what about Mascherano’s sending off for dissent against Utd last season”? The fact is that his sending off in that game is Liverpool’s ONLY sending off in the Premiership since Alonso’s controversial two yellow cards against Arsenal in March 2006 (and you’ll never guess who the referee was in that game – aye! One Msr S Bennet)!
    Think about that for a minute – 1 sending off in 104 Premiership games. In that time Utd have had at least 4, plus are averaging 8 yellow cards a season more than LFC – DESPITE the refereeing leniency that they seem to benefit from.
    Funguson is always banging on about the referees and the FA in order to maintain this preferential treatment – he knows they get it – but, of course, he now he knows they NEED to keep hold of it more than ever.
    I wonder how much respect Utd’s players and staff would shown Steve Bennet if he’d allowed Ronaldo or Rooney to be treated the same way that Torres was – being kicked all around the park? Funguson would have had an apoplectic fit! Indeed, Ferdinand & Vidic must have thought it was Christmas Day, that day.
    Some of the Utd sites have today come out with the predictable “Benitez Starting to Crack” & “Fergie the Master of Mind Games”-type articles, but just look at the two teams’ recent form:
    Liverpool’s last 4 results (1 game at Home, 3 Away) have been: 1-1; 3-0; 5-1; 2-0 against Arsenal, Bolton, Newcastle & Preston, respectively. W 3 D 1 L 0 GF 11 GA 2. That’s against 5th, 11th & 14th in the Premiership, & 7th in the Championship.
    Utd’s last 4 results (1 game at Home, 3 Away) have been: 1-0; 1-0; 3-0; 0-1 against Stoke, Middlesborough, Southampton & Derby, respectively. W 3 D 0 L 1 GF 5 GA 1. BUT that’s against 18th & 17th in the Premiership, 23rd & 18th in the Championship!!
    On that sort of form, are Utd necessarily going to win both of their games in hand – and which manager do you think will be feeling the pressure more?
    I always welcomed it because I thought that the ‘Respect’ campaign would benefit Liverpool over most other teams – but especially over Utd – PROVIDING it was applied fairly & evenly. However, it doesn’t necessarily appear to have started that way. Maybe, just maybe, Rafa’s calculated outburst might just be the impetus for the officials to start acting and thus allow every club to operate on that ‘level playing field’.

  2. Androo says:

    Sir Alex did it once again. His mind games actually worked! Again! Poor bloke. Don’t worry Benny, the pressure will soon lift off once you start loosing games and we kick you off your “fucking perch”.

  3. BT says:

    Benitez……..Spanish for’ Clever’…………Rafa….Spanish for’ Not Very’

  4. magnumopus says:

    I think that Mr. Benitez was making his gamemanship known a little early but it certainly has set the fans a blaze. Much like sir red noses flame.

  5. RED_ARMY says:

    that fat spanish waiter seem to have surrendered too early to fergies mind games…. a lesson to the cunt benitez, never mess with the master of mind games…on another note, what the fuck is that gay ass mother fucker poll trying to say and where the fuck did he come out from backing that spanish fag for his comments…. get a fucking job u southern cunt and fuck off

  6. Costas says:

    Enough with the waiter!He is a hypocrite end of story.Oh and look!Graham Poll has defended him!The idiot can’t count to 3(he disgaced himself and England by booking a player 3 times at the World Cup) and yet he still talks about football!This is great!Let the ABUs come out fo their snake pits!

  7. redgister says:

    so graham poll has come out and supports rafas comments that sir dribble alot does infact recieve lenient treatment from the fa enough said when you start looking for a replacement for sir pissed alot you need someone that can bring fear into the fa that wont be easy as we know heres afew ideas vinnie jones young and can be aggressive when needed dirty harry maybe age is the problem off course ive got it mr cantona no need to worry lads fergies work will carry on

  8. Jake says:

    graham poll? hahahahahaha, what an ally….read this mate, quite fair and not looking too good for your even more under pressure team

  9. carl says:

    Red Army – Benitez an Poll fags eh. Isn’t it Your winger and prized asset who pays for she-men? the point Benitez was making was that although fergie was charged, he received no punishment and now he has a ref to back him up. Even a ref said ” if a ref is doing a utd league game and there is a chance of also refereeing a utd champions league game the following week, he dare not upset fergie for fear of not getting the champions league game.”
    I suggest you listen to the full question and answer interview for radio which was straight after the press conference. it explains an awful lot of what was said and why.

  10. carl says:

    But then, again that’s probably beyond you cos you wear utd blinkers and too full of hatred. must say you all seem really grown up judging by your vocabulary…..

  11. Tom F says:

    There should be a techno remix of Simply Red’s ‘Would I lie to you’ (correct title who know’s?) with Rafa’s press conference quotes played through out.

    Hypocrite? YES! Fool? YES! Mad Man? YES! Cunt? OF COURSE!

  12. Costas says:

    I am sorry but when did this blog become Republik of Liverpoolia?Carl since you know so much about football,didn’t you hear that the Ronaldo who was paying for she-men was the Brazilian one and not the Portuguese?Dear God.Has the fact that Jail-ard will miss spend of the season in prison really made you that desperate?

  13. 5ForKeeps says:

    For all you United fans, yesterday what our beloved Rafa did was tongue and cheek but the facts he did give were correct and every supporter who’s blinkers are not tinted by the Manc persuasion knows this has being going on for years and Benitez has said what most fans think. The man was calm and collected only a blind man or your fellow supporters would say it is a KK situation.
    You can say all you like that “Fergie has done it again with mind games” the very fact that this was definitely planned by Benitez as far back as when we beat Chelsea.
    The one liners were just out of the top..the one thing I think you should take from this press conference was that Benitez has the balls to take on Mr. Ferguson and more than anything else it stipulated a message to Mr. Ferguson , some of you’re players who have spoken out recently such as Rio and Carrick that Liverpool under Benitez are not going to be bullied in the title race.

    People are saying it isn’t in Benitez’s character, Jorge Valdano, Liverpool and Valencia’s owners, chief executives have found out in the past. He is just becoming more of a legend in our eyes.

  14. Costas says:

    5ForKeeps no one is making Fergie to be a saint here.But what he does is totaly different than what Rafa did.Ferguson never uses a whole press conference to bash another manager.Yes the facts were right but partially.Because after the Portsmouth cup exit last season United had 3 major decisions go against them that could have cost the title.If those were correct,then the Wigan game would not have mattered.In my personal opinion,in Englan the 4 big clubs more or less have the same favouritism from the officials.If you come to Greece you will see only one major team(Olympiacos) get decisions in their favor each and every week.

  15. Costas says:

    As far as Graham POll goes,he showed his true colours in 2005 when he publicly trashed Gary Neville about diving in the Arsenal-United 1-1 draw the previous season.No more that needs to be said there.

  16. mauly says:

    @5ForKeeps: You say “The man was calm and collected” well if I was reading a prepared rant to a staged question I sure would be calm and collected! The man may have points as Costas said, the top 4 all have elements of favouritism.

    All that was revealed/confirmed is Benitez is a little cry baby whose just made a fool of himself….

  17. dk says:

    i thought u scousers always say that Poll is a man utd lover. Look at it now , he is a scousers. scum shit. hate him now.

  18. wiuru... says:

    Scott this is a great blog , hard for anyone to argue againt proven and recorded facts . Think Rene needs to change his researcher .

  19. Stretford Redsmail says:

    If Fergie responds, will the press perhaps rightly say he has ‘bitten’. If he stays quiet, then maybe it will be contrued that Benitez has won. On the eve of a game Liverpool arent actually playing in, if we are honest, it was actually quite clever. He gets the backing of stupid ex refs like Poll on SSN and it will only serve to make refs be careful about giving us anything. Hate to be generous but it may actually have been clever. If we beat teh scousers at the end of the season which we will, it will be for football reasons. In truth the head to heads Sir Alex has had with Wenger and Mourihno in the past have not really had a bearing on results, unlike with Keegan. This speech, it was hardly an outburst, was designed to influence refs and possibly the FA the way that Sir Alex has done in the past. Dont see it working but maybe it might!

  20. Franciz says:

    Liverpool won 4 times in Europe in 8 years, Old Fergu only managed 2 in 20 years, what a shame!

  21. knightsmith says:

    Scouse wanker, who’s club world champions? now piss off back to your slum.

  22. carl says:

    Costas, the names the same and the media put the story out to get hits on forums, applying your logic I believe everything I read LOL….
    Stretford Redsmail – I totally agree with what you see going on here. Benitez has actually been very clever, fergie responds an he’s bitten, stays quiet and it implies he’s bitten more than he can chew…

  23. carl says:

    It’s also amazing, if you win the prem, all you have done is equal LFC’s record, the way your all talking you seem to think thats a better achievement than actually setting the record,,,,or beating it for that matter..oh well what ever floats your boat.

  24. Davetian says:

    I thought the article was excellent, in that it pointed out that anyone can look at any manager or any team and pick up on incidents that appear to amount to favouritism. And just in response to the the idiot at the top, are you honestly saying that United having 4 times more red cards than Liverpool (and i’m taking your words for these stats) somehow indicates that United recieve favouritism? Seriously, we’re you trying to be ironic, or are you literally THAT stupid? Oh, and United do generate higher viewing audiencies than anyone else in world football, that’s a fact. And just a quick word to carl regarding his quote (and i use that term very losely) from an unnamed referee about fear of annoying Sir in a league match, for fear of not getting a champions league game featuring United. I may be wrong, my girlfriend will testify that is correct, but are referees from the same county not allowed to officiate games featuring sides from the same country in these UEFA and FIFA competitions? I seem to remember this as the reason Collina didnt get a lot of big matches when he was clearly the best referee in the world due to his being italian, as well as not getting the 2006 world cup final. I’m pretty sure i’m correct, but if someone could confirm that I’d appreciate it.

    I think the fact that Mr Spotlight Graham Poll has come out (now there is a surprise) to agree with Nafa says it all really.

  25. Davetian says:

    Carl and Stretford Redsmail – can it not be construed that by not replying Sir is basically disregarding it as the ridiculous paranoia that it actually was? The general opinion of every website / newspaper is that Nafa has bitten so in all honesty, if anyone has ‘won’ in this silly game your painting it as, it has to be sir.

    Oh yeah, and we cant beat your record until we equal it. Therefore please excuse us for not celebrating beating your record yet. Come back in a year, and i assure you we will.

    3 european cups without killing anyone is quite satisfactory though.

  26. Costas says:

    Why should Fergie respond?When has he ever responded to Benitez?Ferguson respects Liverpool for their record but he doesn’t put Rafa in the same category as Wenger,Mourinho or Scolari for that matter.That’s why Rafa made it personal:because he wants to feel like he matters.

  27. Jitters says:

    This all counts for nothing if we do the job on the pitch. Unfortunately we are still not on top form, here’s hoping for Sunday.

  28. carl says:

    Costas are you serious,,,,maybe Benitez is just putting the boot in first for a change.
    Davetian – “The general opinion of every website / newspaper is that Nafa has bitten so in all honesty, if anyone has ‘won’ in this silly game your painting it as, it has to be sir.”
    May I suggest you take another look at the media response beyond those based in Manchester.. I would suggest a 50/50 split on this. Plenty of articles from media supporting Benitez. you’ve just got too used to having it all your own way for too long, each manager will do what is best from their perspective for their club..It aint gonna change. At the end of the day we only have to match your results to guarantee finishing above you even if you win your games in hand. LFC’s destiny is in their own hands, no matter what utd do.At this moment in time LFC is where every other team wants to be,,,top of the league.

  29. Davetian says:

    Carl, sorry, i didnt realise most national newspapers and websites we’re based in Manchester. My Bad. I would suggest you pull your head out your arse and actually read what’s being written about your boss, instead of what you believe is happening or what you and your chums are discussing in the dole queues and on your crisis loan estates.

    And I’d like to congratulate you on winning….. oh wait, you’ve won fuck all yet pal. Then again, gloat all you want. It’ll only make you look even more stupid come the end of the season. Still, you’ve got that glorious history to cling on to. After all, you’ve been doing it for what, 18 years now?

    I wish you scousers would stop nicking laptops, then you couldnt post on here.

  30. Par says:

    In the day since he said this, you’ve had 4 articles about it. You seem like the ones who are losing the plot.
    This wasn’t any different from the press conferences we see regularly from the more high-profile managers in football (and JFK) except that it was a little out of character for Rafa. Seeing the way you boys are reacting to this is pretty fucking hilarious though.
    I liked you better when you were just writing articles on how you don’t like Robinho.

  31. Costas says:

    Yes Carl i am serious.Can you find me a comment from Fergie about Benitez personally?I am not talking about Liverpool,i am talking about Rafa.He has had shots at Mourinho,Scolari,Hughes,Wenger and even Southgate but he has never said anything about Benitez.And i believe that’s what was eating the witer alive:he is top of the table but still Fergie will not go into a war of words with him personally.

  32. Jake says:

    Par, the whole media is going through the roof about this story, it’s reflective of its ridiculousness…Every football program I have watched has featured it and called it one of the defining moments of the season already so your slight about ROM’S reaction is a bit silly…We all just can’t believe our luck that at the very moment you all start thinking you are in a title race (just halfway through the season) your manager comes out and makes it a lot more difficult for you as the pressure mounts on your team ten-fold in the space of the day…not united, because we’ve done all this before and for the last two seasons but on Liverpool who haven’t managed a title challenge for 20 yrs and no doubt your team will now be bricking it a good 3 months before there should even be any real pressure…

  33. OTRed says:

    Carl: Just wondering why the Liverpool fans seem to be avoiding the issue here, why did your manager point fingers at someone for things which he has been guilty of in the past?

  34. Costas says:

    OTRed don’t you get it?Benitez can do no wrong.This whole situation has been about one thing:propaganda.He is hoping that United get bad officiating tomorrow and on Wednesday and that Steven Jail-ard is let off the hook.I was doing some thinking today.Rafa’s first really strong challenge at the title was at the beginning of last season.Up until then he seemed to me like a good hearted person.And all of a sudden he starts moaning about everything.In the end he only damaged his own players because he loaded them with anxiety.But it was good that he finally dropped the facade and proved that he was worse that Mourinho.Lets see the real Benitez shall we?


    Here he is clearly doing a Calderon and trying to steal a player contracted to another club.Did the FA say anything about that?


    Oh look!Someone is “killing” Rob Styles!


    Now he is blasting the Premier League!Did anyone panish him?


    Is that Benitez i hear moaning?


    Did he get punished here?


    Looks like someone is trying to influence the referees again.Here of course he motivated Drogba even more and he knocked them out of Europe.So his words bit him in the butt here.


    Look at that!Someone is tapping up another club’s player for the second time in a year!Did the FA punish him?Of course not.

    These are all small samples about the real Benitez.Scott feel free to make a separate topic and iclude all of them.

  35. carl says:

    In the words of Rafa “why not”. and what has Rafa been guilty of? the real problem here is utd don’t like someone else putting the boot in first.
    Jake – I don’t think it has put any pressure on lfc at all, you see were happy that people don’t think we will last the distance as it alleviates the pressure, it doesn’t add to it as it’s the old underdog scenario,you have to take what was said in context, personally i think it was meant to unsettle utd prior to the chelski game and to ensure refs do their jobs without influence (tongue in cheek).
    Costas – Benitez is telling the truth, Fergie does berate the refs, see it as a personal attack if you wish, but Benitez has not made any attack on Fergie as a person, nor assassinated his character, he’s merely pointed out a few facts that other professionals in the game haven’t got the balls to air….Respect and Fergie just don’t go together and that will be the legacy he leaves behind…

  36. Costas says:

    Don’t wory about Fergie’s legacy.Those at United know what kind of legacy he will leave behind.As far as berating the refs goes,look at my links above and tell me who is Rafa Bentez to talk?

  37. King Eric says:

    It must have really wound fat Rafa up to have never had a “mention” from SAF before. Unlike Wenger and Maureen who have been a threat, SAF has never considered the waiter or his dippers a threat. Man, this must really stick in his throat (or gut)!

  38. Zalee says:

    why there’s a liver guys doin’ around here.can’t u read it’s for man utd.i never wrote anything on others club blog so piss off. i only care what i read for man utd.go write on ur own blog or the liver guy doesn’t have any blog that they couldn’t go

  39. Jake says:

    no pressure Carl? You might be right to be fair mate, because being average is probably what will hinder Liverpool more this season…Ferguson’s legacy? Yeah, to biased/jealous rivals it will be your little creation but to all United fans and neutral football fans the world over it will be his success…just look at players like Messi having him as his best XI manager, speaks volumes, he’s world-recognised…not like the half-wit who can’t see Babbel is one of his best players or buys Keane for £20 million to the astonishment of the footballing world, then won’t even play him after he’s scored a few goals…Benitez is a bit thick mate, that’s a fact.

  40. Beatz says:

    Not only has this topic wound up Benitez, its wound up his fans, so much so, that they feel they have to go onto a United blog and argue their case like we give a shit.

    I personally don’t give two craps what you say, the truth is Fergie cast out his line and Rafa bit, whether you can accept it or not.

    If it hadn’t have got to him, he probably would/should have said something like, “I’m far too concerned with preparing my team for the upcoming match against Stoke to get involved with a war of words with SAF”.

    That would have dealt with the situation easily, and would have shown that maybe Rafa had things in control, but to come out babbling like a baby about all things that happended in the past like (as someone mentioned above) a 13 year old at a computer, shows it DID GET TO HIM.

    Rafa has never dealt with a premiership title run-in and it’s clear that he is anxious and unexperienced. At least he doesn’t have to worry about missing any of his key players for the end of the season….

    Oh wait….

  41. themarkedman72 says:

    Keep dancing Liverpool fans.
    Maybe after you say it a thousand times, maybe if you pretend long enough, Rafa will stop looking a total moron.
    However we all know that you will b breathing a sigh of relief when he’s gone and you can put this manager and his career defining moment behind you.
    Nothing you can do can stop the embarrasment. So have some dignity and give it away. Have some dignity liverpool fans and bugger off to your own site at least then your whole club will only be lead by a total moron with no dignity and the rest of the world wont know that only a bunch of in bred half wit dippers would pick such a silly knob jockey to lead their club.

    Everyone is laughing liverpool.
    Rafa scores an on goal!!

  42. TonyBee says:

    To play mind games with the SAF first yiou must have a grasp of the english language, second you must be able to speak direct to cameratrying to look as though you know what the fuck some other dozy cunt has written out for yoanfd finally you must have a team that will go out and oprove what a good manager you are …. not like you Beneathus, you stupid cunt….!!

  43. Kings says:

    Fuck off please you scouse cunts. Benitez is a twat who has clearly been rattled, and Graham Poll is a fucking cunt as well.

  44. mojo289 says:

    So Rafa has developed a set of balls…when does puberty kick in?


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