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Rafael: Chicharito Will Help Us Win Trophies

With Wayne Rooney missing through injury, United fans are hopeful that Javier Hernandez will get to feature in tonight’s game against Valencia.

Rafael has bigged up his team mate and reckons the young Mexican will contribute to some success this season.

“I can tell you from experience he is incredibly fast and he certainly knows what to do with the ball at his feet,” said Rafael. “He had a very good World Cup for Mexico and I believe he will be a very important signing for us this season. We did not win the Premier League or the Champions League last season and the fans will be expecting us to do better. We will need everybody playing well and I’m sure Javier will play his part.”

RoM will have a live blog for tonight’s game against Valencia.

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  1. Bebeto says:

    MG, you can’t exonerate Fergie from all criticism because of what he’s achieved in the past. If, anything, that sounds like Scouse logic. “Awww, ey, Rafa won the Champions League, lay off”.

    I’m afraid he could have utilised Anderson much better than he has done. Fergie’s successes inherently outweigh his flaws, but I refuse to blindly follow everything he does, even if it’s sometimes come back to bite me on the ass.

  2. hammons says:

    anderson is not served well on the left wing – but on the left side of a three-man center midfield. that’s it. he is absolutely lost with the ball out there and you lose the tenacity and energy he usually brings. His passing is precise, but he cannot be used as an advanced player, like what was being discussed, because he cannot shoot the ball – and ZERO goals to disprove that comment.

    MG is right with his comments …. IN FERGUSON WE TRUST.

    Unlike Scouse logic, Fergie has the ability to right the ship – which is second place in both Group C and in the Premier League – soon.

  3. denton davey says:

    Bebeto @ 16:25: “he could have utilised Anderson much better than he has done”

    And much more often, too. Although, to be fair, Anderson’s injuries have limited SAF, too. Nonetheless, getting the most out of Anderson is going to be one of the keys to this season’s success – or lack of it. If Darren Fletcher – “the Scottish Player” – could become DarrenFletcherinho (football genius) then what’s the up-side for Anderson ?

  4. hammons says:

    @joseph – its youtube – edited videos – against half-skilled players. he cannot run at players like that in england because he will get chopped down

    Do us all a favor and stop criticizing Ferguson after you watch these videos that were edited by someone sitting in their grandmother’s basement.

  5. willierednut says:

    If Andersons attitude was better, then maybe he’d be an established player at United by now. Footballs littered with players who had great potential, but had lousy attitude, time waits for no man.

  6. Dimitar Berbatov is King says:

    I can’t watch the match, but I pray for our good fortune. And the defence too.

    May Berbatov have a good game.

  7. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Evening lads. For the love of god there is a lot of whinging on here. Get your game faces on boys, we got a game to win!

    Afraid I side with willierednut and MG on the SAF vs Anderson debate. To the guy who rates Anderson to replace Giggs, look out your window mate. The boys in the white jackets are making their way up to your door as we speak. Giggs had a better temperment at 18 then Anderson does in his 20s, and has scored exactly 1 goal in 74 starts and 101 appearances. He can’t play the fast attaching player. People complain that Berba slows our attack, well take a look at the shape when Ando has the ball, comes to a complete crawl really. It is interesting to compare the issues with Alan Smith and Ando. Some say Fergie destroyed Alan by turning him into a midfielder. Thing is Alan is still a pretty decent midfielder and still putting in goals. Cracking good attitude on the boy as well. In my view, Sir Alex is seeing if 1: Ando recovers from his injury, 2. settles his attitude and 3, starts upping the pace of his game and 4. Can ever put a ball in the net, even against Scunthorpe.

    Now quite yer whining and figure out how we are going to win this tricky fixture away to Valencia. Thing they will bring it to us, so there should be lots of space for counter attacking football!.

  8. FletchTHEMAN says:

    *think* sheesh!

  9. Kings says:

    Hopefully Chicha will start banging them in, starting tonight. Rafael or Wes must get the nod over O’Shea at right-back. Off topic, I’m hearing that United are set to sign Steven Defour from Standard Liege for £16m in January. Is there any substance to this story?

  10. Troy says:

    Chicharito isn’t winger, but away from home, when we have less of the ball it would be an idea playing him on one of the wings.
    With home team defenders defending high up the pitch, leaving space behind them, a good ball behind the defenders, coupled with Chicharito’s pace has a good chance of bearing something usefull.

  11. willierednut says:

    Here’s the story Kings.

  12. FletchTHEMAN says:

    On topic, Chicharito will be fine, just needs to mature into a completely different style of play. Hhas looked lost with the complex attacking structures that United show, and the very savy defenses that are on view in english football. But the guy is a predator. Like Owen, he will figure out how to be successful. Owens header goal on the weekend an example of making something happen out of nothing. How the heck that went in is a marvel. We need more of that today. Put the ball on target and let the Predators figure out how to get it in the net.
    UP UNITED. Let’s do what we did to Roma at OT!

  13. Corea says:

    Good evening. Scholes out for a while. Interesting to see how we cope without him.
    Ando is back, maybe Hargo will be back sooner rather than later. But it think Fergie will go with Fletch and maybe Park in the middle.
    Cmon United!

  14. buytheclub2012 says:

    please kill me soon , again and again that old fxxking topic, i said thousand times,be a hard working non stop run the ball are the only way for ando, dont think again all brazilian are genius ,this not my own opinion ,if u really watch ando s play,u know the fact,he cant shoot, cant made killer pass or even good pass,if he on the side he cant cross a good ball because his body are very hard,also his vision and reading game are not good,to be fair ,his few good game for us was chase and got the ball ,he played good because his leg was strong ,so please dont say ando to any attacking option,if u are not agree with the fact, please watch him focus in future game.

  15. MG says:


    Equating Sir Alex to Rafa must be the most stupidest fucking thing I have ever heard – sorry for the foul language but thats the day that I’m having

    Sir Alex himself is his own best critique – he has made mistakes and he has owned up to them – the continuing saga of United not winning more CL is a classic example – it hurts him more than it hurts us.

    That’s why he has never stood still in rebuilding United bigger better stronger

    Rafa Benitez at Liverpool after winning the CL destroyed Liverpool – the gaffer is paramount to criticism when it is justified – but it is hardly justified – because he himself has hardly let us down – however his teams and players have – yet that still doesn’t stop him coming back to make United more successful.

    You I and the rest of us will rue the day when he decides to hang up the hot seat – come back to me if there is a dry eye in the house because I swear they won’t be.

    You cannot teach defiance. You have to be born with it and Sir Alex Ferguson has created Manchester United in his mirror image. We are all the more privileged for it and so sorry your comment doesn’t wash.

    If Anderson wants it he has to get off his backside and fulfil the potential that was shown within him.

    If he doesn’t want to then as always Manchester United will wait for no one.

  16. bigphil2003 says:

    I like Anderson and think he adds a lot to our team as a ‘get stuck in player’ but the guy has scored 1 goal in 3 years, hes never gonna be the attacking maestro that some people for some reason think he is. Wake up.

  17. hammons says:

    @bigphil – pre-season matches don’t count for a bean, so its ZERO. ….. he will never, ever be scholes’ replacement – unless he turns a complete 180 and has worked on his shooting, passing and field-awareness during his injury lay-off.

  18. PasseMouraille says:

    Oh there might have been a game against Spurs last season where the score was 1-1 and some guy with matrixesque hair scored and then shot the home fans with a machinegun.

  19. Costas says:

    VDS – Rafael, Rio, Vida, Evra – Nani, Ando, Fletcher, Carrick, Park – Berba

    That’s the team.

  20. Costas says:

    Bench: Kuszczak, Owen, Smalling, Chicha, O’Shea, Gibson, Macheda.

  21. MG says:


    We are on then : )

  22. willierednut says:

    Strong team.

  23. MG says:

    hammons willierednut

    thanks for the comments guys – appreciated

  24. Costas says:

    Yep. Our strongest team given the circumstances. Hope Rafa does well. No Wes again.

  25. hammons says:

    @costas: has that been confirmed?

  26. Costas says:


    Yes. It’s the official line up.

  27. EpoXy05 says:


    Go back and watch last season. Anderson scored a goal in preseason AND in the regular season.

  28. waynEMIRooney says:

    Proved what a brilliant player he is against the fuckheads Valencia !

  29. Bebeto says:

    MG, I did no such thing as comparing Benitez to Ferguson. All I said is that Fergie shouldn’t be immune to criticism.

    He’s made some shit signings down the years, made some odd selections, as well as being a bit eccentric with his tactics on occasions. If I see something wrong and disagree with it, I’m not going to sit idly by and dismiss it with the notion that Fergie unequivocally knows what he’s doing.

    Again, the positives are infinite in comparison to the negatives. However, whilst I’m sure he’ll always prevail in that he can rebuild his squads, we’ll keep him on his toes in the meantime.

  30. RedGem says:

    yes, re this issue with SAF…I’m new here so I don’t know the rules and I just need clarification…are we not allowed to voice our opinion if it happens not to be in agreement with SAF? I love SAF and won’t ever insult him but hey, there are times when I’d think, for example, then he should have made subs sooner for certain games. It doesn’t mean I think I’m right or better than him …These are just feelings/opinions. But I really would like to know what is off limits besides name-calling and derogatory remarks.

  31. willierednut says:

    The fans of United love and adore SAF, yes he’s made mistakes, but he’s got the vast majority spot on. I’ll always back the manager up, when some with no knowledge try to think they know better, than one of the greatest managers of all time. That’s not to say i don’t have an opinion on the great man, some of his formations are perplexing, and some times he picks players, who are not in form, but he gets it spot on most times, so who am i to complain.

  32. Bebeto says:

    RedGem, you don’t need to know a lot to post here. It’s all common sense.

    Don’t call us ‘Man U’, slate the opposition when they show their ugly faces, and be an opinionated cunt ;)

  33. RedGem says:

    Oh, I never call United that..opinionated? you got me that…esp. when i’m in a bad mood :)

  34. denton davey says:

    Rafael is clearly very, very impressed with Chicharito – he plays against him in practice every day at Carrington so he’s not just blowing smoke.

    Signing Chicharito was a master-stroke – he was the fastest player at the World Cup and from what we’ve seen already he’s got an eye for goal, can head the ball and use both feet.

    Having him and KikoTheKid waiting in the wings is a fantastic luxury for SAF – neither has come close to reacing their potential but both have huge up-side potential.

    Oh, yeah, you don’t win anything with kids !


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