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Rafael: Fabio Always On The Phone Criticising Me!

Fabio da Silva joined QPR on a season long loan to ensure he got more playing time, presumably so he is ready to take over from Patrice Evra.

His brother Rafael has gone from strength to strength this season and whilst he misses his brother, thinks Fabio’s absence has helped him grow up.

“It’s not strange but it’s different,” Rafael told MUTV. “We’re close and I was always together with him but it’s been good for us, just to become more mature. I used to ask him all the time if I needed something but now I need more of my own mind so I’ve grown more mature. It’s bad because I miss him but it’s good to learn more.”

Despite being down in London, the twis are often in contact, with Rafael claiming that Fabio is regularly on the phone to give him criticism.

“Of course [we often speak],” he stated. “He is always calling me back to say something is not good [about my game]! It’s always been like this. He is back in training now and maybe, when he plays again, we’ll keep doing this.”

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  1. Marq says:

    Good to hear that. Fabio can even cover for Rafael at RB when he is back and ready. The LB slot is up for grabs in 2 years time

  2. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Great that the twins are both happy. Rafael was getting games at QPR, with Mark Hughes starting the lad in 4 matches at the start of the season. Rafael then picked up a nasty injury that has kept him out. Was really pleased when I heard that he was cleared for first team action again. Hope Mark Hughes picks him and they all move forward.

    QPR play us in 2 weeks and will dutifully loose, but after that they have a run of games that QPR could win if everything clicks.
    Next 9 for Rafael and QPR
    Nov 17 v Southampton home
    Nov 24 v United at Old Trafford
    Nov 27 v Sunderland away
    Dec 1 v Aston Villa home
    Dec 8 v Wigan away
    Dec 15 v Fulham home
    Dec 22 v Newcastle away
    Dec 26 v WestBrom home
    Dec 30 v Liverpool home

    If they don’t turn it round quick, QPR are done

  3. ak47 says:

    that’s good. constructive criticism. The more criticisms the better, that way you can iron out any flaws in your game, however minute.

    I’ve been impressed with the progression with Rafa this season, but the lad still has a lot of learning to do, if he listens to GNev, he’ll go far.

  4. ak47 says:

    Fletch i don’t know if your mix up was ironic or comical or Freudian, but it’s FABIO!!! lol

  5. Pal Ghai says:

    Where’s Proverb nowadays?

  6. Adam.M says:

    How do we even know that it’s Fabio and not Rafael that’s on loan?
    Maybe they switch at times..

    parent trap on Fergie

  7. FletchTHEMAN says:

    AK, It was, Hahaha. Cheers.

  8. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Fabio needs more game time and hopefully he’ll recover from his hamstring injury and kick on. He’s got all the talent and skill but needs to be stronger and more experience. Hopefully by the end of his loan spell, he’ll come and stake a claim for the left back role.

  9. King Eric says:

    I love Rafael. He is fast becoming an outstanding right back. Really stepped up this season.

  10. hurr says:

    I hope both stayed with us. What happened to Fabio anyway? Isn’t he the more talented of the two? Why does Fergie insist on playing Evra the previous seasons even when he’s clearly burned out and way off form?

  11. Warwick says:

    So glad he’s only on loan, I thought we’d sold him. great he’s getting game experience before coming back

  12. United Till I Die says:

    Look at these two haha. Fabio needs a bit of luck with injury but im hopeful he’ll get the games he needs this season. No chance the rumours of us selling him are true. He’s supposed to be the better twin!

  13. matt says:


  14. tom c says:


    you’re thinking of Fabio. FABIO!

  15. Unitedforeva says:

    These 2 have got me confused and I’m happy for that. It means we’ve got 2 talents!

  16. five says:

    People forget that Fabio started in a Champions League final and didn’t look out of sorts!, he is certainly talented but he has issues with his physique and perhaps giving him the experience of a rough and tumble relegation battle will toughen him up and he’ll come back stronger…the future is bright! Viva Da Silva!.

  17. Samirich says:

    some times i want to think that it’s rafael who’s loaned out…i don’t know why ferguson brought in Buttner as cover at left back. He could have just kept fabio

  18. LoneStarRed says:

    Brothers growing up, maturing and gaining proficiency. The future is bright.

  19. DMuzikManUnited says:

    Excellent man management by Sir. Don’t be deceived, Fabio is very good. Sir might have done this separation to toughen them up, and who to keep? Obviously the younger, dependent one. I admire Fabio’s wing play too. Future right winger, anyone? Exciting times ahead. Great twins. Glad for United to have them both.


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