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Rafael: Giggs So Good It’s Getting Boring

Rafael da Silva has today sung the praises of Ryan Giggs, claiming that the Welshman has been so good for so long that it’s getting boring.

Giggs has scored more goals than the likes of David Silva, Aaron Lennon and Adam Johnson this season and continues to be a strong influence off the pitch too.

“Ryan is an unbelievable player,” said Rafael. “Every game you see him, he works hard, scores goals and makes assists. He is such a good player it is getting boring. He is the same in training, he just loves to play. He is one of the top players that I have played with. He gives us experience, confidence and when you are feeling bad he comes and helps you, especially the young players. Sometimes young players find it tough going and he helps them to show how to do it. He knows from playing for 22 years. He pulls the player aside and gives him advice. He spoke to me a lot when I was young.”

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  1. covyder@malaysia says:

    Giggs is a true living legend who have won everything!!!…well unlike looserfool legend such as Steven Gerrard or Jamie Carragher…..such an extreme comparison!!!

  2. bayoRed says:

    Legend ….. and most deserving to be called that. We will never see a player lie Ryan Giggs in the Premier League. 999 appearances and counting.

  3. Red4ever says:

    Thats what u get for playing for such a shit club like that ,decent player for a deep shit club nice to see them suffur would have been fantastic to see them play championship football with leeds lol ,,,, giggs the phenomenal player just keeps going fantastic example for young player how to keep fit I.E anderson plays one injured in other mr.fat glass

  4. everydayislikesunday says:

    He’s won it 12 Times
    He’s won it 12 Times
    While shagging everyone
    He’s won it 12 times

  5. onlydale says:

    Brilliant player to look up to and help bring the young players through.

  6. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Unbelievable legend is our Ryan Giggs.

    999 senior appearances for club and country. Still banging them in for his boyhood team!

  7. Gerrired says:

    Giggs is priceless. Non to compare with, the best player to ever dorn our red shirt ever.

  8. Doghouse says:

    I should imagine that now Fergie has become a sort of grandfather type figure that having somebody like Giggs there, more in the sort father type age range, really helps keeping things connected.

    Don’t know enough about Giggs to say whether he could be our manager one day, but would be madness for he and Scholes to leave the club completely. Both should be coaches one day, at the very least.

  9. Little Red Ant says:

    “He spoke to me a lot when I was young.” – cracking comment :o )

  10. Cesare Dante says:

    “He spoke to me a lot when I was young?”

    And you aren’t anymore?! hahah

  11. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Giggs is a Certified Legend

    The most decorated player in the British game,
    Winner of 2 PFA Young Player of the Year awards
    Winner Players player of the year 2009
    BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2009
    Golden Foot Award 2011
    OBE for services to Football

    33 titles, including:
    12 EPL titles
    2 Champions League
    4 FACups

    And one more thing to rub in Cities eye:
    Giggs has 22 more top flight appearances than Man City have managed over the same period (Mar 1991- present). :lol:

  12. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Sir Alex on Ryan Giggs “I remember the first time I saw him. He was 13 and just floated over the ground like a cocker spaniel chasing a piece of silver paper in the wind.”

    Still does, even after spotting the rest of the epl a few knee surgeries and cartilage replacements!

  13. manutd_FOREVVVER.. says:

    just look at his statistics,,,
    World Cup…the only missing one…!!!

  14. drv3011 says:

    giggsy just being giggsy again this season.the one and only welsh wizard,best winger in the premier league era.that “giggsy 12 gerrard 0″ song rings in my head everytime i watch giggs play.i don’t think anyone else has the ability to cross better than giggs in the EPL.

  15. denton davey says:

    One of the oddities in TheLegend’s career has been his astonishing ability to reinvent himself, over and over again. He was at the heart of midfield – with John O’Shea – for a season and with MC16 for an astonishing CL cup-run in 2011.

    It seemed that his days as the “spaniel chasing silver paper in the wind” were over but – not so fast – this season (or, at least since the turn of the calendar-year) he’s been the squad’s best left-winger and this past weekend he was outstanding in an attacking-midfield role.

    All that praise is not to say that he’s been consistently outstanding; indeed, what seems to be a distinctive characteristic of his career is inconsistency – within games as well as between games – but just when it seems that he can be “finally” written off, he pulls us back in with a streak of matches in which the years are rolled back and he’s sometimes the most-dominant player on the pitch, alongside kids like DDG, LittleRedRafa, DannyTheLad, and MrJones who were not even born when TheLegend first stepped into the first team in the Theatre of Dreams.

    AND, looking forwards, he’s going to be as important as any other player in UTD pursuit of another treble. I’d say that we’re going to miss him when he’s gone BUT there’s no evidence that he’s going anywhere – rather like SAF.

  16. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Since giggs moved back to his familiar wing role, he’s returned to form and showing that class never diminishes but fergie has also realised he can’t play every game and certainly not in central midfield. He’s got bags of experience and he may not play every game but his presence in team helps. I think he’s got a role after packing it in, he and scholes have got to pick up coaching roles, that brings continuity but for now, i’m hoping ryan produces match winning moments

  17. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Absolute motherfucking LEGEND!!! Can do a job anywhere you place him on the team. Although he has the occasional poor game but that is overlooked in my opinion cuz this man is freaking FORTY YEARS OLD and is still killing players who are young enough to be his children on the pitch. Absolutely MUST retain him in some coaching capacity when he calls it a day.

  18. bRed says:

    Rafael IS still young! Looking forward to many more years of service.

  19. Rd5454 says:

    Really Hope giggs reach 1000 at united

  20. JIXIE says:

    Giggs said something to Nani as they celebrated the QPR goal. From his gesture and body language I think it must have been something like….’see Nani….all it takes is one simple pass!!!!!’

  21. Carson says:

    999th goal for club and country.
    Can we get started on that statue now, please?

  22. Carson says:

    oops, meant to say “appearances” not “goals”. Although if he keeps playing, who knows?

  23. Red4ever says:

    There is never gonna be another giggsy what a legend one club man ,,,,stupendous player even seems like there is no words to describe him anymore ,, hopefully we will sing ” he’s won it 14 times” in a couple of years

  24. slim says:

    just popped in to say “LEGEND”

  25. domunited says:

    The numbers really highlight one thing: Giggs has stayed at one club for the majority (in this case, the entirety) of his career. How many players can and will be able to boast this type of loyalty or longevity?

    And these aren’t crap appearances where he’s forced to play because the club hasn’t the finances to bring in talent, this is Manchester United. Like Maldini, like Scholes, and perhaps like Messi a few years down the road… the right mix of natural ability and work ethic trumps the “what have you done for me lately” mentality of fans, players, and clubs alike.

  26. Lee Martins Winner says:

    Agree with the Legend comments, If the game is show us your medals, hes your top trump card!

    He has provided many goals which will live long in the memory, but for me, the goal v Arsenal in one of my all time fav FA cup games is his best.

    Play on Sir Giggs, play on!

    Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs
    Running Down the wing


  27. King Eric says:

    We all have our “best” United players but Giggs without question has to be THE “Greatest” player ever to grace Old Trafford.

  28. King Eric says:

    And how fucking easy did he make the finish look.

  29. Lee Martins Winner says:

    @ king Eric

    Do you remember Giggs end product in his early 20′s. How much better is his crossing, passing and compure now!

    I agree, he will go down as the greatest for us, certainly in Medals and longevity.

  30. King Eric says:

    Lee Martin’s Winner – Miles better now mate. I remember when folk, me included early season were writing him off BUT I did say at some stage he will produce. He has. West Ham away. Two league goals in last two games. Calmed us right down in Bernabeu. We are fast running out of superlatives for the man.

  31. Lee Martins Winner says:

    @ King Eric

    I agree, he has suprised many of us this season. Since xmas, he has been one of the best players on the pitch in some of the games he has played. He 39 For fuck sake, amazing.

    I hope he signs an extention, even if he plays less, his exp and work ethic for the younger lads (as Rafa said) would justify it.

    Its amazing to say that there is a whole generation of Utd fans who do not know the team without Giggs 11.

    When his does hang up his boots, it will be a sad day for the club. The likes of Giggs will not be seen again.

  32. In David We Trust says:

    giggs is one of the greatest, but the importance of sir bobby and how he helped forge the dynasty of busby and especially fergie, sir bobby will always remain the greatest

  33. denton davey says:

    InDavidWeTrust – I agree. Sir Bobby has brought dignity to everything he’s associated with AND he was pretty damned-good with his left foot, too.


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