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Rafael: I Love Playing For Manchester United

Rafael da Silva has signed a new four-year deal with Manchester United today.

“I am so happy to sign a new contract,” Rafael told the official site. “I love playing for Manchester United, there is a great team spirit here and a real desire to win. My time here has been unbelievable; winning two league titles, a league cup and a Club World Cup has made me hungry for more trophies. I would like to thank Sir Alex for his belief in me and I would also like to thank the fans for their support.”

Rafael’s brother, Fabio, is likely to go off on loan next season, whilst Rafael will be competing with Phil Jones and Chris Smalling for a place in the starting XI.

“Rafael is one of the club’s brightest young prospects; he has no fear of playing and has great belief in himself,” said the manager. “The boy has developed immensely since joining United, his energy and enthusiasm are a joy to watch. Rafael has all the attributes to become one of the best full-backs in the world and I am delighted he has signed a new contract.”

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  1. TonyBee says:

    Michael Laudrup has been sacked as manager of Swansea City after spending £30million on a goat.

    Turns out he signed the wrong Nani.

  2. Zibbie says:

    Kebab on top of most if not all Man Utd stuff hehe.

  3. TonyBee says:


  4. Zibbie says:

    TB on a consistent basis you make me laugh out loud. Thanks.

  5. Costas says:


    Sounds like a full meal. :lol: Hope you take it easy on the vodka though. I once puked my guts out drinking that piss. :lol:


    Ah, it’s ok. I took your post under consideration. I understand the position Hughes was in and I honestly don’t blame him about any of this. I just wish QPR handled it differently.

  6. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    Rafael Da Silva will be BIG.

    The target for him is to hit the heights of Cafu, Roberto Carlos and Daniel Alves.
    To do this, he needs experience, a big club, a supporting manager, fans that support him, good coaches and from himself the hunger to learn and improve every match.

    Nobody knew who the fuck Cafu was before he was 27 years old, Dani Alves gained recognition as a very good Right wing back when he was 24/25 back in 2006. Roberto Carlos was sold by fucking Inter Milan in his youth because they thought he was dead wood at the age of 22 !

    Rafael Da Silva has been at our great club for 4 season, this will have done wonders for his education. To be honest Rafa is 21 and a fucking kid, I expect big things from him when’s 23/24 years onwards.

    Just like we gave Ronaldo,Rooney, Fletcher,Welbeck (still), Rio etc lets give this boy a chance to mature into the complete product. Being a defender is hard itself and being a wing back is demanding and draws a lot of criticism, just look at other wing backs in Rafa age group, they ain’t any better than him.

    I don’t need to say “the boy will come good”, I know he will !


  7. Zibbie says:


  8. TheCANTONA says:

    Just stay out from injury ffs!!!

  9. Mikekelly12 says:

    Did you go last night pal? I went Saturday. Nailed a group of city fans on the tram up there who tried a rendition of Championes!! Got well and truly drowned out by “my old man said be a city fan”. Quality. John Bishop was in front of us in the pit. About 500 of us giving it “you scouse bastard” to be fair he had a good laugh about it.

  10. Redbilly says:

    Manchester is indeed red. Anyone who tells you different is a fucking idiot aka city fan

  11. Sandeep1878 says:

    Evening reds around the world,

    great news this,

    indeed Rafael can be the best full back, he has got the skills and desire, time will make him the best!!

    Good luck to Fabio as well, hope sparky brings the best outta him..

    now we can expect a signing for left back position,.anytime soon..

  12. planetx6 says:

    Rafa is sheer joy to watch on the field…love the kid

  13. King Eric says:

    NRD – “Mani United” Fucking quality. Bet it was superb. Is Reni still on drums? Giggs 12 aka Deano has a photo of himself with Mani outside a boozer in London the day of the Champions League Final last May. Top bass player .

  14. King Eric says:

    Clint – Spot on pal. Alot forget he is STILL only 21 soon to be 22 this week!

  15. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    I see “Zibbie” has returned to RoM :D

    That cubs was a grandmotherfucker ….never felt comfortable talking to a cub, made me feel like a paedophile.


  16. King Eric says:

    Mike – Ha. John Bishop. To be fair I quite like him. Seems ok for a dipper.

  17. Zibbie says:

    Good to have mydick back.

  18. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    King Eric -

    Tbh, I’d rather have Rafa over the likes of Kyle Walker,Richards,Van Der Wiel etc. Some recently was crying out for a experienced right back in the shape of a French Debuchy – as good as he is and the likelihood of him improving our squad, I cannot see SAF strengthening in an area where he has Jones and Smalling as cover, yes they are very young, but the young only become good with game time and it’s their time to be thrown into the the pan and to be seen how they cook.

    Nearly 22 wow, time flies cannot believe Rooney is 26 turning 27 and Ronaldo’s already 27 years old. The kids we drooled over are now the experienced heads of today.

  19. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    @mikekelly12 – Yes mate went yesterday. Thats brilliant about John Bishop, most banter I came across was pretty friendly although some sea cows near got all upset when Mani showed the Mani United on his guitar but they all got drowned out.

    @King Eric. Reni is still on drums hat and all, they all did this group hug thing at the end. If there is any friction still, it didn’t show in their performance.

  20. Ugandan Red says:

    What happens if we don’t get Baines yet we have loaned out Fabio?

  21. Lee Martins Winner says:

    i may be alone in this, but i dont get the bains tranfer. There has been alot of talk about it and it seems to be on the cards. I guess im still pissed at missing out on jordi alba……… still if he comes i will support him lik all the other players.

  22. My Name Is Red says:

    Fucking made up for Rafael. Now for him to get GNev’s #2 shirt and make it his own.

  23. denton davey says:

    Lee Martin’s @ 19:56: “i may be alone in this, but i dont get the bains transfer.”

    You are NOT alone – no one is in favour of it, especially at the quoted price. Ridiculous.

  24. Fred says:

    Lee Martin’s Winner – we didn’t miss out on Jordi Alba though, did we? He’s a Catalan, presumably boyhood Barcelona fan who spent seven years on their books as a kid. There was no chance of any other club in the world getting him once Barcelona came calling.

  25. TheCANTONA says:

    Miss out on Jordi Alba? There’s no chance for us to sign him once Barca came in, he has Barca DNA mate & i wouldnt want us to sign a player just to sell him 2-3 years later…

  26. alfREDo says:

    Agreed My Name is Red:
    Rafa for GNev’s No.2 shirt and the RB position his for the season! (injuries permitting!)
    Forza Rafa!!


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