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Rafael: I Want To Play In Every Single Game

Only Patrice Evra has had more playing time that Rafael da Silva this season, as our young right back has gone from strength to strength.

Rafael admits he is surprised he has played so often but is hoping that he continues to play in every game.

“I start every season hoping to make an impression and play a lot of games, but I couldn’t have imagined how well this season has gone for me,” Rafael told Inside United. “It’s been great, and yes, I’ve been a little surprised to have played so many games. But I’m not a young player any more. I feel like I’ve developed and I want to play in every single game. I’ve waited a long time for this – getting to this point hasn’t happened overnight. I’ve been at this club for five years and that’s a long time. At first, the goal was to just play one game for Manchester United. Then, when you achieve that, you set other targets. Now I want to play every game and become a regular in the team.”

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  1. Ash says:

    He has been the breakthrough player of the season. Thats what happens when you give run of games for a youngster. De gea just needs that.

  2. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Nice interview with Rafael. Goes on to say the separation from his brother has been tough, but important for his development.

    He has played alot of games for us this year. Really hope he pushes on and continues to impress!

  3. wayne says:

    Shows what happens when a lad works hard and is patient.Rafa is quality on and off the pitch and is a poster boy in what separates Utd players from Rent Boys,character

  4. Proverb says:

    Our best attacking player so far this season, this boy is going far… He will achieve greater heights mark my words.
    Great seeing that

  5. Proverb says:

    Hope his twin brother return so that we do not waste a sub during games. No one will ever notice it

  6. WeAreUnited says:

    do you see this,

    Rafael said : “But I’m not a young player any more. I feel like I’ve developed and I want to play in every single game.”

    This is what I meant by young players with experience, who aren’t considered “young” anymore, because they play regularly, and those young players who have little experience, for example Powell and Wootton.

    my friend @samuel, this is what I meant ;:) rafael said it. and he’s a player who knows it .

    peace mate.

  7. covyder@malaysia says:

    just can’t stop loving this guy!!!….near legend…

  8. Nesh says:

    am just glad i stood up fot Rafa when pple were slating him. come on now lad…i predicted he gonna be the best full back in the world. u can do it

  9. wayne says:

    Don’t remember anyone slating him,not on ROM anyway,always been loved on here

  10. WeAreUnited says:

    I think it was more the media slating him.

    Anyway, you always find 1 or 2 people who does such things here too.


  11. domunited says:

    Rafael: “I Want To Play In Every Single Game”
    Supporters: “We Want You To Play In Every Single Game”

  12. King Eric says:

    wayne – Spot on pal. Don’t recall anyone slagging Rafael on here. What a top little full back he has become. The link up with him and Tony and last couple of games Young and Paddy has been a joy to watch. The balance of the side at Wastelands on Sunday was absolutely perfect.

  13. King Eric says:

    Proper little Red too is Rafa. He LOVES the club.

  14. Redbilly says:

    Hi king Eric- as has been said . Don’t recall any major criticism , true red , no diva just a hard working. Player who , though talented has humility. True red , what the club stands for . King Eric , goi g tomorrow?.


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