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Rafael: Ronaldo Is The Best In The World

Rafael da Silva is likely to start against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu this week and claims he knows all about the damage his former team mate can do because of the amount of times he had to face him in training.

“I know what he can do because I played and trained with him a lot,” said Rafael. “So he’s not the type of opponent where you would say ‘he’s good but I don’t know what he can do’. I know what he can do. If you concentrate, that’s the key, reading the game. For me, he’s the best player in the world. I think he’s the complete player and I really like him. I think he’s the number one. I’m sure he’ll get a good reception back here [at Old Trafford]. I think it’ll be massive.”

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  1. ididnotzeeit says:

    Rafa Rio Vidic Evra
    Cleverley Carrick
    Valencia Rooney Welbeck
    Van Persie

    I personally think Danny is our best option to partner with Evra. Tony and Rafa have proven many times before to be quite a handful in both shutting down opposition and providing width on attack. Rooney and RVP are indispensible. I’d go with the experience away from home at CB with Rio/Vidic, we know they can do it. Cleverley to partner Carrick as I think it’s his time to step up and play a solid, simple, devastatingly effective big time game.

    Many look at Kagawa or Young as that “Ji-Sung-esque” shut down left winger in this game but outside of shunting Wayne to the left side, Danny Welbeck is my preferred option. Lord knows he’ll catch all kind of shit when he’s not “clinical in front of goal,” but I’ve got to say, the lad’s development as a footballer has been nothing shy of fantastic. He’s fit, he’s ready, he’s hungry, he’s a true Red. Give him a job to do and Di Maria will be quiter than the Emirates on a Saturday afternoon.

  2. slim says:

    Sick and tired of fans talking up a defensive game
    Ten men behind the ball, hopefully nick a goal blah blah
    We can go there and be positive and get a result.

  3. In David We Trust says:

    DreadedRed – I would play carrick cleverly deep, with rooney and kagwa interchanging positions, with valencia holding the right hand position, and RVP leading the line. That is the way to go, it is all about possession, kagwa is outstanding playing those balls through, he should be used like how silva is used for shitty, played narrow on the left, as evra can offer us the width. We do not need 2 wide players, but I do feel a midfield of carrick leverly valencia kagwa and rooney is a perfect midfield to use in europe, as its a combination of width, creativity and ball control, and it is vital we use the ball right, jones just ruins that fluency.

  4. In David We Trust says:

    Let me rewrite that last part. – but I do feel a midfield of carrick cleverly valencia kagwa and rooney is a perfect midfield to use in europe, as its a combination of width, creativity and ball control, and it is vital we use the ball right, jones just ruins that fluency.

    I will also add, playing a midfield and attack of

    carrick cleverly
    valencia rooney kagwa

    That gives us the ability to attack, but also united can defend deep, rooney will drop off, but with that team, we have all the weapons to hit Madrid on the counter, and attack them. But like I say, it is all about ball control, not trying to stop the other team play

  5. King Eric says:

    In David We Trust – Oh I completely agree mate. Much rather be facing Madrid than Barca. Madrid are fuck all like them. Don’t pass and pass like Barca do. Easier to play against. It’s all well and good saying who should play, which formation. It all boils down to the night and who turns up. I have a feeling it will all come together tomorrow night. The last few weeks have been preperation for this.

  6. King Eric says:

    Wee Tom – Yes pal, I agree to an extent. I DO think Rooney will play out on the left and tuck in when needed.

  7. King Eric says:

    slim – Hey up pal. I know what you mean. I actually think we may take the City and Chelsea away approach. Fucking go for the jugular first 20 minutes. God it’s gonna be intriguing. So many decisons. Who starts. What formation? Do we sit back or attack? Thank fuck I am NOT making these decisions.

  8. slim says:


    Im alright mate. Spot on. I think we are/should gonna give them a couple of things to worry abou.
    We have the players to go to madrid and make a definitive statement.
    Feeling really pumped. So many players i hope have a good game. Maybe use the experience as a spring board. Clevs,Jones,Rafa,DDG even Rooney. He’s a big game player for us this year and i expect that to continue.


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