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Rafael: Valencia Is My Best Mate

Rafael da Silva has claimed that United have been so strong down the right flank this season because of his understanding with his best pal Antonio Valencia.

“To be honest, I think it’s well recognised by everybody that Antonio has been one of my best friends at the club,” Rafael told MUTV. “That’s not to disrespect anyone but I think we have created a very good understanding on the pitch. I can feel what he wants to do and vice versa and that is probably the reason why we have so much understanding on the pitch. I think it’s quite difficult to define Antonio’s qualities on the pitch. He’s quite fast and direct. He looks for the ball all the time. If I go forward, he covers me at the back and vice versa. It’s easy to work with him and, when I see him on the pitch, it leaves me more relaxed due to the understanding we have on the field.”

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  1. fergie is the boss says:

    Well I am glad I proved everyone wrong and I was not someone else that no one did like, because I do not want to be seen has a user no one likes.

    shame park maybe sold, but what is been seen is valencia and young can do parks job in terms of the workrate, and can be effective in the final third. Still I cannot believe one user said rooney could be sold and let berbatov go, do some PPL think things through

  2. Zibbie says:

    Park sold? FITB do you have any links? Thanks.

  3. Zibbie says:

    People say or type the darnedest things.

  4. fergie is the boss says:

    zibbie I will have to look through a couple of pages first

  5. Zibbie says:

    FITB, I came here and fucked up tried to make a sick parable about pregnant women and fucking put my size 13 DDDD foot so far up my ass it came out my mouth and over time was taken into the fold.

  6. Zibbie says:

    Thanks, he might be one of many out this year.

  7. fergie is the boss says:

    Zibbie – Mrad_leb his name is, he said this

    it’s weird that fergie spoke in public abt roo..i am starting to think that this gaitan and hazard talk who can both play in rooney’s role are related to rooney’s exit (hope not) because obviously we can’t afford bying both of them..papres saying that gaiten is a done deel and SAF has watched hazard in stands in a lile game.. that means he is serious about bying him.

    Now if he has been reading up on the fact, united are willing to let berbatov go for free

  8. fergie is the boss says:

    Zibbie – King Eric speculated why hasn’t park been playing much, not speculation he maybe sold

  9. Zibbie says:

    OK thanks.

  10. NBI Red Onion says:

    I always hated Smartalex – cocky obnoxious little dictatorial wanker.

    That will probably bring teh egomaniac out of the woodwork.

  11. Zibbie says:

    2012 so far out, PIG,Morrison,Gibson,Fabio…. Probables, Berba,Owen,Mechada,Ando? Will Giggs and Scholes come back? Vida should recover. Rio out of contract, does he take a last big payday elsewhere? I believe SAF knows exactly and is close to concluding his business all ready!

  12. Zibbie says:

    NBI you mean that smart ass code name smartalec?

  13. Albert Ross says:

    Perhaps Smartalex has nice hair. That usually eases the pain a little .

  14. Zibbie says:

    I have that Italian type of hair hairdressers want to get there hands on, during the shampoo stage, that linger sigh even moan with a satisfaction of a tactile delight. As they cut it, with a playful nature pulling looking and saying at some point. You have the most beautiful hair. I smile and with my best Barry White voice I say, Thank you.

  15. Zibbie says:

    Scotch African, I see a red headed Afro on a dark skinned man!

  16. Albert Ross says:

    Nice imagery Zibbie!

  17. Zibbie says:

    I do go to women for my hair cut since 83 and Ramon could not control his blood flow.

  18. WillieRedNut says:

    Have to be honest, I didn’t mind goat. He was borderline crazy, no doubt, but the man was funny! He and Cedars crossed paths on various things. I said at the time, Cedars was brave standing up to him. I’ve no idea if he has racist tendencies. I can’t make that call. Never met the guy!

  19. Zibbie says:

    So what place will the gunners come in?

  20. Zibbie says:

    One of my 2 mentors in sales, called me Kodak, most people came up with nicknames for me so I almost never asked how they picked it. One day I asked him. He told me when you sell someone or just tell a story at the bar, you put people so far into the picture you paint they have KODAK on there backs. Young one who do not know this up to 10 years ago most picture were developed by KODAK.
    So people are pissed at frauds such as you?

  21. Albert Ross says:

    I consider Goat an important member of RoM. He is sorely missed.

    Of course he knows exactly who he is at any moment.
    It’s trying to find things to want, and then to keep wanting them, that he finds difficult.

    He’ll be back if he wants to.

  22. Zibbie says:

    Goat was funny I had a go at him because well I did, hehe when drunk his horns were sharp.

  23. Albert Ross says:

    A picture tells a thousand words Zibbie. It’s rarely enough.

    A snapshot of a man’s soul will only tell the viewer what he wants to see.

    For deeper understanding one must connect on any level that is true.
    Then take it from there.

    A moment now for me to reflect briefly on the sad news of your brother passing.
    You truly are your brother’s keeper now, as you treasure fleeting moments long gone by.
    May he rest in peace, while you take breath once more, joyously, heartily, happily.

  24. Zibbie says:

    I have and will.


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