Following Manchester United’s win over rivals Manchester City, Marcus Rashford has acknowledged that being a Mancunian gives him extra incentive to do well for the club.

A lot of people have that dream, so you’re not only doing it for you; you’re doing it for a lot of people that you might not even know, but there are a lot of people who had the dream of playing for their local team when they were young.

So I think you are playing not only for yourself and for the club, but for all the people that are living that dream through you.

No outfield player had more football minutes in Europe’s top five leagues in 2017 than Rashford did for Jose Mourinho. The youngster is pleased with this but insists United doing well is still the priority.

It’s something to be proud of but we always want more and we always want to show progression individually and as a team, so the numbers don’t really matter as much as the results do to me.