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Reaction To “Lucky” Result Against Sunderland… F365

WUM football site, Football365, claimed United were “lucky” to beat Sunderland yesterday. In the article, the writer claims, ‘United looked as though they would be forced to settle for a draw as the Black Cats bravely battled through a goalless 90 minutes.’

I responded immediately, as you do, and I wasn’t alone!

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Failsworth Devil says:

    Scott mate… totally with ya pal… but you gotta understand that some of the writers are fuckin so anti-united its almost pathetic..

    We never get credit well not the majority of the time..

    When we win stuff… its coz the ref added minutes on… or the fa let us off with this and that… or we buy success…

    Its a load of twatting shite mate..

    Ignore them as there is one word to say to anyone who aint us.. and thats “JEALOUS”…well 2 words actually “BITTER”… well 4 words…”JEALOUS BITTER LOB ONS” lol

  2. Red-Manc says:

    I actually love everyone being so ABU it gives me a good reason to be a complete bastard with all the opposition fans.

    well said failsworth, there all jelous bitter ‘lob ons’ haha

    MUFC Hated and Adorded but never Ignored ;)

  3. Mic says:

    Yeah you’d think it was all dippers, chavs and goons writing but at times F365 actually have some good points to write about, it’s just a shame there’s quite alot of shit on there but then again you can’t please everyone all the time! I don’t know author names but some actually watch the games. Unlike the bellends at Caught Offside.

  4. TonyBee says:

    We deserved it.

  5. Sam says:

    i’ve yet to read a decent article on 365, i must admit i hate watching spoiler tactics like yesterday but i can understand why sunderland did it. I was having the same conversation with my dad after the villa game as i was furious a team who had just won at highbury didn’t attempt to win the match at HOME. His conclusion was the same as yours the problem is the media praising such tactics, holding united to 0-0 with no shots is celebrated by dick headed journo’s. The sooner the attitude changes the better.

  6. themarkedman72 says:

    I luv it when I read such anti united one eyed hate filled rants.
    Just more grist for Fergies mill.
    This p*ss poor excuse for journalism is the very blood that pumps the us versus them long term success driving our engine.
    The more they denegrate our success the more we are forced to not accept what we have. Keep saying it losers and we will be forced to keep proving you wrong. Thanks for the fuel for the big red car we will sure to use it to run over you opinions next week loser!!

  7. King Eric says:

    Spot on Scot, as I have said earlier the cunts on match of day said Sunderland were spirited or brave or some such shite with Alan Hansen saying “United played very very poorly”. Also heard Ray Houghton on Radio say “with United struggling against Sunderland”. It makes s my fucking blood boil.

  8. OTRed says:

    You should go read the reaction on the 606 forums, they were almost suicidal, you could just see what the draw would have meant to Liverpool and Chelsea fans.

  9. micheal says:

    that is the difference between man utd and Chelsea Liverpool at times, a tight game that could finish 0 0 Chelsea Liverpool do that, man utd find an extra bit of magic to get that goal and convert a 0 0 into a 1 0 win. let’s talk about Liverpool and Chelsea fan’s and talk about calling the kettle black, when Chelsea won the title in 2005 and 2006 when they were winning 1 0 allot what did the Chelsea fan’s say well that is what champions do, and when Liverpool have been stealing jammy wins what did they say well last year we would not have done that and it is a sign of champions, what if they stole a 1 0 win over west ham on Wednesday in the 91st minute the Liverpool fan’s would have gone into overdrive how great they are getting and tey can win the league.

    What is the difference so man utd are not allowed to win 1 0 and be lucky but team’s like Liverpool do Arsenal and Chelsea can. It gives the Liverpool fan’s such a horrible thought that united are one championship away from matching Liverpool for 18 league titles they will say anything, two away from overtaking them and it is eating away at them.

  10. Bob Koh says:

    By ‘lucky’, the ABU F365 writer probably wished ManU drops the 2 points. Its funny, some of these ABU are actually L’pool fans with nothing better to say, so they spout shit out of their mouths. We got our 3 pts, so up yours, ABUs!

  11. TinManUnited says:

    I hear you Scott, this is what I had to say on my facebook page after reading some dubious comments about Lucky United!!

    “Justin says yes United were extremely lucky to have won a match where they had 90% possession. Phuck off!!”

    Embelished a little on the possession, but you get the point!!

  12. ManU says:

    Sunderland without Roy K was playing the worst game in the British Football. With 10 men defending their goalmouth from start to the end is killing the game much to the disappointment of every socer fans in the world.Its a trend that the low rank teams are playing more defensive role rather than attacking when they meet the top 4. Suprisingly teams like Aston Villa,Everton and City are also the culprit of defensive football. These teams are so afraid when playing against the top 4, and their mind set is solely defensive rather than attacking.

  13. k9 says:

    Erm…Scott- Pardon my ignorance but what’s an ABU? (Jargon?) :)
    Alan Hansen’s comment was ridiculous at best as was his take on United’s attacking play. He watches Evra and Rafael (Don’t you love that kid’s attitude?) bomb up the wings for over an hour and than makes a silly twat of himself by saying something like ‘United need to use the wings a bit more, they’ve been running into Blue shirts through the middle because of a lack of creativity’.

  14. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Its the first bit of luck we got this season getting the winner in injury time – granted that we dominated, but we didnt really look like scoring, but saying that you make your own lick, and fortune favours the brave.
    If we’d of dropped points Saturday, we were under real pressure. Id say it might be the first major turning point for us this season, and the first decent bit of luck we’ve got. Evra’s suspension is a fucking joke though, a right kick in the balls.

  15. ot pile of crap says:

    Hang on boys you were lucky to win, a shot that hits the post and comes back out to a untied defender in injury time thats lucky.

    Yes you did deserve to win but you need be able to make the distinction between being lucky and deserving to win, obviously the authour and the people that have made comments on this article cant do that.

    Oh and as for anad, Sunderland are a joke? What do you expect teams to do come to your place and sit down and let you walk all over them? If Sunderland had came to ot and had a go they would have got smacked for 5-6. Had a game plan and it worked for 90 mins and had it not been for a lucky goal yes LUCKY they would have walked away with a point.
    Only thing that is a disgrace are so called football fans like you, get a life ya sad git.

  16. Scott the Red says:

    k9 – Anything But United

    And to the poster above, however you sugar coat it, for you team not to have a SINGLE shot, on or off target, in a 90 minute match is disgraceful, whether you’re at Old Trafford or anywhere else.

  17. ot pile of crap says:

    I am sorry but how you are employed to work on this site is beyond me, absolutley clueless. At the end of the day its a results business and if we had managed to get a point from ot it would have been seen as a good result, the situation we are in it doesnt matter about performances or how many shots we have. You bang on about how many shots you had on and off targetbut at the end of the day you still only managed to score 1 lucky goal. So your above post is meaningless.

    Like I said clueless!!!

  18. Stephen says:

    But we still won and you are in the bottom three, but look onn the brightside you might get Peter Reid back.

  19. Scott the Red says:

    That’s the thing though, you didn’t get a point, and you didn’t have a single shot in 90 minutes.

    All teams comes to Old Trafford and defend. I can’t remember the last time a team came to Old Trafford and didn’t create a single chance though. That is atrocious.

  20. ot pile of crap says:

    Sad sad man Steph, you cant put a decent response to my post because you know I am right. You have to come out and point out the obvious!! Well done mate you can read the league table. My response was about calling Sunderland a disgrace, I was not having a go at manure, I proved my point and because you are 2 thick to come up with a response you have include yourself in the comment I made about the author of the article, that being you are clueless. On the subject of the league table, you still behind chelsea and liverpool?

    Scott you still dont seem to get it, you get dropped on your head as a kid? We had a game plan that was to defend, would it have made any difference to the result if we had 3 shots off target? no, so whats your point?

  21. Sam says:

    stadium of shite, we can understand why you played like that, your without a win in several games and not playing very well. The winner was lucky as it was deflected and bounced off the post but fuck me, you watch half the goals united conceed and they are lucky deflections but the journo’s and pundit’s don’t come out saying they were lucky for beating united 1-0. It’s not really lucky if you control the match, it’s more getting what you deserve now you have to hold your hands up to that as we played you off the park.

    The other point people are trying to make is that with strikers like cisse and diouf, albeit ex dippers, it’s pretty sorrowful that you can’t create a single shot when teams like qpr, west brom, stoke with worse strikers managed that feat.

  22. Scott the Red says:

    I do get it, I just think it’s atrocious. I think it’s a disgrace that a team would start a football game with the plan not to create any chances. Why bother putting any forwards on the field?

    It’s funny how you come off with all these insults, saying we were dropped on the head and that we’re clueless. We totally get your point. Sunderland came to defend, we understand, but we also think it’s shameful that a team playing top flight English football would play a game without creating just ONE chance.

    Worst team to come to Old Trafford in some time.


  23. Sam says:

    stadium of shite, it’s not just the old trafford faithful who think it. I’ll refer you to the views of an ex rentboy who gave becks a top assist.

  24. ot pile of crap says:

    Finally sam a half decent post, If you read my post’s I said you deserved to win but were lucky to win. Just like we were unlucky not to get a point!
    In response to sam think its obvious to most people why you play a forward when defending like that, you need some sort of an outlet for your defence, granted it didnt work! I am glad it seems to annoy you we didnt create any chances not sure what difference it would have made. I would take going to ot with a defensive game plan and getting a draw or beat 1-0 by one of the better in teams in the world than going there and trying to get a win and get spanked for 5 or 6.

    Oh and if the Keano! There’s only one Keano! was meant to be an insult it didnt work mate, he done wonders for the club and moved on at the right time. Half decent manager but needs to learn tactics and man management skills before he manages again.

    You’ll never walk alone!!

  25. Stephen says:

    ot pile of crap, with a stipid name like that and you expect us to talk sensibley with you? You come onto our site and talk shite, I said you are bottom of the league because you play like you did on Saturday, no ambition.
    If getting a draw at OT is the best you can hope for, then you deserve to get relagated and take Chimbonda, Cisse and Diof with you.

  26. ot pile of crap says:

    Well when u have people on here calling Sunderland a disgrace what do expect. 1 or 2 of your lot have a name slating our stadium.
    How have I talked shite, I have admitted that you deserved to win but it was lucky, you suggesting you didnt deserve to win? Is that the shite I am talking?
    So your saying if I had been on here saying am hoping for a win on sat you wouldnt be having a go? Dont be stupid if I had came on here and said that you would have all been calling me deluded and you would have been right.

    Oh btw check the league mate we are not bottom.

    You are a tool if you think a club should be relegate for trying to get a draw, am sure u would have a different view if we had done this against chelsea.I do remember alot on manure fans? (Probably all from Thailand and a bunch of lady boys, but thats just ur lot in general) slaggin arsen off when he was crying about our negative tactics when we got a draw out of them, more than you lot have managed so far this season. Couldnt even beat newcaslte ffs!

  27. SteRDLK says:

    If we couldn’t beat Newcastle but Sunderland could, does that mean that Sunderland are better than United and you should have won? What a moron.

    And go check the United Hull game, they had a go at us and gave us a massive scare, you didn’t even have a single shot and that is disgraceful.

    Your whole gameplan was to stop us from scoring, I hope you go down for having such negative tactics, NO SHOTS ON GOAL what a disgrace.

  28. ot pile of crap says:

    Did I say that? No! I was making a statement you tail. Yea they gave you a scare and they still got beat, hull nearly got a draw and so did we! whats your point?
    Is that the worst you can come up with? you hope we go down? awwwwww how sweet of you! Well 2 can play at that game, I hope you win f/all! I bet that hurt just as much as ur comment hurt me!

    Jog on you tail end!

  29. SteRDLK says:

    Did I say that? No! I was making a statement you tail. – Why bring it up in the first place then?

    Yea they gave you a scare and they still got beat, hull nearly got a draw and so did we! whats your point? – My point is Hull actually played football rather than attack vs defence. Hull got shedloads of respec, what did you get? Fuck all

    Is that the worst you can come up with? you hope we go down? awwwwww how sweet of you! Well 2 can play at that game, I hope you win f/all! I bet that hurt just as much as ur comment hurt me! – My statement is more likely to come true thna your pathetic words. Your club is in turmoil and the chances are you will be going down, especially if you get PETER FUCKING REID!!!

    Jog on you tail end! – Wow insulting me, what an immature little boy you are. Hypocritical too.

  30. ot pile of crap says:

    Why bring it up in the first place then? Just thought I would mention it, am I not allowed?

    My point is Hull actually played football rather than attack vs defence. Hull got shedloads of respec, what did you get? Fuck all – Ohh respect from Manure ha ha thats rich!! Why would I want respect from you lot, dont even support you local club! And will respect improve our league position? no!

    My statement is more likely to come true thna your pathetic words. Your club is in turmoil and the chances are you will be going down, especially if you get PETER FUCKING REID!!! – Aye thats brilliant mate, you can read an article in the paper that says pr wants the job, he must be the new manager then! why not go and put ur job seekers allowance on him to be the next manager? when it comes off you might be able to afford to attend a manure game then!

    Some advice mate, learn to spell. Will improve your chances of finding a job.

    Do you actually live in Manchester and go to all the games?

  31. SteRDLK says:

    Some advice mate, learn to spell. Will improve your chances of finding a job.

    Do you actually live in Manchester and go to all the games?

    You spelt your as “ur” hypocrite

    I’m 18 and at college so I don’t need a job just yet

    I live in Salford, but no I don’t go to games.

    Who are manure? Never heard of them myself. Spacker.

    And I don’t even read newspapers, I heard it on Sky Sports News about Peter Reid.

  32. Sam says:

    thought you were supposed to be talking sense, but now you’ve made yourself look stupid resorting to ‘supporting local club’ line which is bollocks. Sunderland has plenty of non-locals going to watch, probably more so than the locals when you were in the championship and all the ‘true fans’ were fucking off their season tickets. nice to know they’ve found them, well some have anyway with all your full houses.

  33. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Anyone else hope that Sunderland get relegated, just because the muppet on here is such a fucking twat???

  34. Stephen says:

    Mate you are embarrassing youself, your team came for a draw got what they deserved fuck all, if you play like that until the end of the season you will go down and good riddance.

  35. ot pile of crap says:

    Sam I thought you had gone! Welcome back. Just having a bit crack with this kid who is a so called supporter! (Find it hard to understand how you can slag other teams off when he doesn’t attend the games) do you attend the matches Sam? Love that phrase ‘true fans’ shame it doesn’t apply to Manchester. Lets be honest mate if it wasn’t for the 40,000 Japs, Chinese, Indians your stadium would be half empty every week. As for our attendances in the championship have a look at them mate, best that league has ever seen. 48,000 for a game against Burnley on a Friday night. Says it all!! Our support comes from Sunderland, South Shields, Washington and Durham and thats about it.

    As for you SteRDLK its called short hand/txt typing, some of us do actually have to work and don’t always have time to type out everything properly so short hand and txt typing are useful.

    Bet you had to use spell check ha ha

  36. Stephen says:

    We have never heard that before mate fuck me, come up with something original.

  37. SteRDLK says:

    So the fans who don’t attend games aren’t proper fans, yet the fans who do attend games also aren’t proper fans?

    And its not OK for me to misspell things, yet it is for you? And “ur” was the only word you did in shorthand.

    And no, I don’t use spellcheck. Get back on topic, not talking about a couple of spelling mistakes. Nobody is perfect, for example you live in Sunderland.

  38. TonyBee says:

    Golly gosh boys and girls…. Sundielund willbe going down if they continue to play negative football and we will be winning shedloads this year no matter what ot pile of crap says or thinks…..jealousy perhaps..!!!

  39. ot pile of crap says:

    Fans that dont attend games are not proper fans! simple as that!
    And no I dont live in Sunderland.

    Well its been fun boys, think its time for a few beers!!

    Just remember You’ll never walk ……….
    come on you can finish it off

    Good night

  40. SteRDLK says:

    So if a fan can’t afford tickets at £40 each week, they aren’t a proper fan?

    Yet fans who can afford tickets also aren’t proper fans?

    What a stupid boy

    You don’t live in Sunderland? Well according to you that means you are a glory hunter for not supporting your local team. More stupidity from you.

    Is the end of the sentence “You’ll never walk in Liverpool without being robbed”?

    Or is it “You’ll never walk into the Stadium of Light and see a full house”?

  41. Stephen says:

    What a prick.

  42. Red-Manc says:

    haha ABU’s really make me laugh, what a read that was all the bitter drivel he came out with. sunderland are shite and now Keano’s gone i hope you get relegated so you can play your boring negative football where you belong

    sunderland is a shithole, oh but you dont live in sunderland, you plastic glory supporter!

    Manchester is Red

  43. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    That Sunderland muppet has to be the biggest fucking twat we’ve seen on here in a while…

  44. Sam says:

    My point was about them sunderland fans who tore up season tickets just before keano took over, and you managed to sell out for one match. We were filling out back in the 70′s when we were breifly out of the top flight.
    I also don’t see 40,000 asian fans when i’m at matches, although i do see a few. My point was every club has fans who aren’t local attending matches unless your outside the football league, some of those even do. Do you sit in the stands slagging off all the irish interest which has grown at sunderland?

    The problem being a united fan is there is more applications than there are seats, and i would say alot of the true fans miss out to people going for their first time and the coperate dickheads who can’t wait to get into their vip bar at half time.

  45. Sam says:

    yeah, i think we might well have the attandence record for the second flight when all those glory supporters turned up to watch united. But football only began in the 90′s didn’t it?

  46. Red-Manc says:

    Sam, your right i was walking past the reebok stadium when bolton played the scousers and there was around 20 asian people with camera’s there to see BOLTON! and then i saw another group of them their for liverpool so if bolton have tourist fans then theres no doubt everybody else does, Manchester is truely red but because we’re a successfull club we have fans all over the world, and sunderland you have links with feynoord so thats irish dutch asian and wherever that wanker is from in your stadium. no team has purely locals supporting their team.

  47. King Eric says:

    What a twat, its not even worth rising to him.

  48. OTRed says:

    Shows how rubbish you are when a newly promoted side comes to OT and scores 3 goals, but a team in its 2nd year in the Prem comes to OT and leaves with zilch shots on target and 21% possession. I’ve heard of parking the bus, but to be scared to attack even when you have the chance is just cowardly. Thank heavens you’ll probably get relegated and be back to the level you belong.


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