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Reactions to defeat against Chelsea

1. There can’t have been too many United fans who were expecting a result at Stamford Bridge. Surely a draw was the best we could hope for. Still, it doesn’t make it any less disappointing to have your expectations confirmed and an easy 3-1 win for Chelsea made for a disappointing Sunday afternoon. At 2-0, I told my mate that I just wanted it to end. By “it” I could have been referring to the season. Let’s just get this over with, shall we?

2. United started the game well and dominated the possession for the opening quarter of an hour. There was some lovely one touch passing and the players approached the game really positively. We had to make the most of any periods like this though and we didn’t. Against the run of play, Chelsea then took the lead with a hopeful shot that was deflected off Michael Carrick. It was so jammy. But there was no excuse for Phil Jones getting embarrassed by Samuel Eto’o. He only had to drop a shoulder to leave Jones for dead. Jones looked completely out of his depth all afternoon,which shouldn’t be a surprised seeing as though he hasn’t played for a month, and probably shouldn’t have started.

3. There was a period of five minutes which changed the direction of the game, starting with Azpilicueta fouling Danny Welbeck in the penalty area. Welbz was only a few yards out and moments from making it 7 goals in 7 games when Chelsea’s left-back kicked him. He managed to get a shot away but he had lost his footing thanks to the foul and couldn’t get anything on it. Phil Dowd waved play on. Minutes later, Eto’o made it 2-0. We had no one to blame but ourselves for that goal though. Chelsea’s only good luck was the fact our players stopped defending. After conceding one to a wicked deflection and missing out on a stonewall penalty, we simply couldn’t afford to give away a goal, and that was the end of the game.

4. The starting line-up was a strange one and even though Adnan Januzaj wasn’t overawed by the occasion, it was puzzling to see him starting up front. Just last weekend against Swansea he had started behind the striker, with Kagawa out wide, but when Moyes swapped the two of them things just started to click. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, and Januzaj out wide with Kagawa behind Welbeck seemed like an obvious selection.

5. Chicharito, yet again, was in the right place at the right time and managed to save some face for United. His crossing and balls forward were also incredibly impressive, two skills he’s not famed for, and slogged his guts out after coming on. Being left on the bench for these games when we were the best team in the league was probably just about manageable for Hernandez. But being on the bench for the 7th best team in England when our two best strikers are already out injured? Nah, he won’t be having that for much longer, and why should he.

6. Nemanja Vidic’s red card was a ridiculous decision, some more bad luck for United, but he was foolish to lash out in the first place. If Dowd considered that a red, I’m not sure how David Luiz was on the pitch for the second half, but that’s another problem for us to deal with. But what makes it worse is that it was entirely avoidable.

7. This season is just a write-off. We don’t have the players or tactics to get us out of this mess. But we’ll be back.

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  1. Mark Murphy says:

    I find it rather odd that people on here are so shocked and suprised by whats happened at OT this season, even though We have been winning things for a number of years the style of football has been beyond poor most of the time. Ive supported utd for 40yrs but in the last 5 or 6 ive litterally fell asleep or lost interest in watching them because of the lack of entertainment Its not all about the victory for me this is an entertainment business losing is acceptable but its how you lose which is the key.Most utd fans have taken their eye off the ball and because the trophies kept arriving were happy but i have not been brainwashed with this and looked far deeper into what i believed was inevitable and what has now happened. you cant question fergies credentials as a trophy winner and for wakening a sleeping giant but for me he has put the same giant back into a coma with some of his decisions.Sometimes I feel that we are a backward thinking club lost in the days of former glory I have always been told Man Utd are the biggest club in world football yet upon till only recently had a stadium which only held 45,000 fans yet at the time had 140,000 members and in 2014 we have a stadium that looks like its held together by a load of scaffolding and still incomplete with its 50yr old decrepid south stand still not replaced, and as we are suppose to be the biggest club in the world in the last 30yrs how many true world class players have adorned the red shirt and played in the same team, very few and when there has been the odd one he’s either papered over the cracks as ronaldo did or carried the bulk of the team as rooney is doing at the moment, Fergies biggest mistake for me was in 99 when he completed the trebble against bayern we were outclassed in the final but won with much fortune in the end but that was the season when he should have strengthened the team so as to dominate europe but he refused and that was the season when schmeichel left again no forward planning to replace arguably the greatest keeper to have played for us.that was a chance lost, since then the trend has continued in failing to replace class players like Robson ,Keane,Scholes etc fergie has bodged up tthe midfield for so many years and played players out of their natural position yet has never explained why, His record in europe was poor 4 finals lucky against bayern fortunate penalties against chelsea and 2 disasters against Barc where apart from the first 10mins couldnt pass wind never mind the ball, and its not like he hasn’t had the money struggling midfield so he wastes 31 million on berbetov who we didnt need 3 mill on David bellion who couldnt even get a game at sunderland the list goes on and the 7.5 mill on Bebe without even seeing him play I wouldnt hand over 75p for something unless ive seen it, that deal just stinks off wrong doing to me, And now to David Moyes I like the man but Fergie has just conned him and sold him a car on its last legs. How can a man who has never won a trophy or finished in the top 4 in the premiership then be allowed to take the reigns of the biggest football club on the planet no disrespect to Moyes but the job is too big for him, there was only one manager who was available at the time who could have ever sorted the team out and attracted the right quality players and that was mourinho, love him or loath him he is a breath of fresh air to our game, controversial out spoken at times but his record does all the speaking even if it was for only 2 or 3 years so what he would have eliminated fergies ghost and attracted the right sort of players in so creating a new and successful era. that opportunity has gone, So we have to give Moyes time to do what he has to do but hand on heart I cant see him lasting the course and then that will have been another mistake and lost opportunity to have aquired the best manager in world football because the stuck up stubbon hierarchy in the boardroom cant bare to move with the times and put the club before themselves.


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