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Reactions to defeat against Everton

1. We’ve lost and drawn so many “must win” games now that it’s probably time we stopped describing matches this way. Every single game between now and May is a “must win” after the points we’ve dropped and any talk of a “tough start to the season” is completely invalid when it comes to discussing our current league position. Losing at home to Everton, on the back of dropped points against the likes of Cardiff and Spurs, is a horrendous result, and there’s not a lot I can say to sugarcoat it.

2. It was probably Marouane Fellaini’s best performance for United, if that’s any consolation. He was more involved in the game than any of his other games and he actually contributed positively to the game. He still doesn’t look like a £27.5m player and he’s so slow, but he’s looking closer to it than he was doing. I suppose that’s not hard, based on his other performances so far this season. But he’s not been given a regular run in the team and yesterday he showed signs of what he could do if he was. He completed more passes than anyone on the pitch with a 93% accuracy. He recovered the ball for United more times than any of our other players, nobody won more tackles than him and nobody made more interceptions.

3. We hit the woodwork a couple of times and should have had at least one penalty, the clearest shout being Phil Jagielka’s handball, so on a different day it could have been a different result. Tim Howard made a couple of great saves too but we just didn’t have what it took. Our best chances fell to Welbeck and Rooney, and ordinarily you’d be happy for your clearest opportunities to go to the striker, but neither were at the races. Rooney never plays well against Everton, try as he might.

4. The substitutions from Moyes seemed positive and sensible for a team going out for three points. Januzaj and Nani definitely gave us more pace and you’d have expected at least one good chance to fall to Chicharito. The striker barely got a touch, whilst the wingers both got a shot or two away. Would Everton have scored that goal with Rafael at the back post though? Valencia obviously isn’t a right back and whilst I am all for an attacking approach, our right side didn’t provide enough cover and that cost us all the points. It’s probably harsh to be too critical of Moyes for that though, considering most United fans would have applauded the decision at the time.

5. The linesman on the touchline in front of the Sir Alex Ferguson stand was appalling all game. Not just that he missed our decisions, but Everton’s too. What was the point of him? Fouls were going on yards away from him and his flag didn’t even twitch, leaving the referee, with a much worse view, to make the decision. For the last 20 minutes, with every foul an Everton player made going unnoticed, he was getting plenty of shit from the fans. He was entirely pointless.

6. The league table makes pretty depressing viewing now. We really couldn’t afford to lose another game at this stage, particularly not at home, and serious questions need to be asked of this team. There’s no denying that the absence of our first choice midfielders, Carrick and Jones, has a big impact, as well us obviously missing Van Persie, but it’s not acceptable for us to be putting in shifts like that. The biggest problem is the monumental fuck up of the summer transfer window, but that has been and gone now, so we have to make the best of what we have. This squad isn’t good enough to win the title, not without Sir Alex Ferguson at least, and it’s criminal that wasn’t addressed in the summer. We need huge buys in January, at overinflated prices, to save our season. But you have to wonder how many top players are going to want to move clubs and worse, move leagues, half way through the season, just a few months before the World Cup. It’s getting worrying now though. Looks like we’ll just have to sit tight this season, get in the top 4, then hope that proper signings in the summer can fix things.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Tommy says:

    Hate to quote an ex liverpool player but carragher was spot on whilst working as a pundit in euro 2012, He said 90% of things people in football say to the media is a lie!

  2. NBI Red 21 says:

    Maureen is taking the piss and a snide critique of Moyes adding pressure on him and embarrassing him at the same time. He is laughing inside and loving at.

  3. Redfrog says:

    “they are coming to Old Trafford and we are going to make it as hard for them as we possibly can” Moyes said about tomorrow. I read it as we are fucking underdogs against Newcastle at home. Instead of making it easy for us and let the players enjoy their football, we will try to neutralize them. That is what I hate with him : small time mentality.

  4. Tommy says:

    Lets hope we are all in a better made tomorrow afternoon, 3 points are a must, Moyes does have a defeatist out “Lets make it difficult for them” Its a home game against Newcastle not a trip to the Nou Camp[!! People say Fergie left Moyes with a poor squad, whilst it is not the greatest United squad of all time, its a lot better than the 9th best in this league, 3 points are a must hopefullly 3 or 4 p0 but any win will do!! Come on you reds

  5. John says:

    Re RVP, there is no way he will hand transfer request but only fools would not see there are some issues..he clearly isn’t happy to play for moyes!..I think (actually iam sure) he won’t have joined us had moyes was in charge…so training methods reports has been circulating…before city match, he and moyes had arguments if reports are to believe…this season he will be with us, depends on how we finish the season!!..

  6. Mark Reid says:

    Not to worry Fergie will be back come January if we lose this one

  7. zibbie says:

    Hello all.
    Panicked pussys 48%

    Fools 23%

    Howdy to the rest.

    So RvP has a hissy fit at training?

    Know it all fucks who have never been in the top 2% of anything.

  8. zibbie says:

    Really MR? Fuck you!

  9. John says:

    RVP eventhough already has won 1 title (+charity shield with moyes), but he has every right to fee betrayed coz he declined Juventus and City to join us…both lot more money and Juventus type club with history and tradition…he has been fighting for 4th place with wenger team anyway!!.. I think fergi particularly and mauleensten were the reasons why he jonined us…fergie promised him that he will remain 3 more years as manager, he helped him “retire” on winning note…then comes rookie (interms of trophies) moyes!!..RVP obviously feels betrayed and regrets he joined us, just put yourself in his situation!! it all depends on top 4 finish, or else he will move elsewhere in coming summer, even Rooney…why should anybody fight for top 4 when you join and promised to win(atleast compete) trophies??..Manchester United FC >>>>>>David moyes…Earn the job or fuck off, simple as that!!

  10. zibbie says:

    SAF is having fun. Kentucky Derby, sailing, drinking.

    David has 1/2 a good first team. 1/4 old great pros. 1/4 gone.
    Frankly SAF @ GILL hurt the summer window. Late moves missed.

    Next. Spoiled, entitled twats. Welcome to everybody’s world. Other then the two Spanish state owned clubs or BM. Munich is so strong. If fixed the German league as a feeder system. Smart people those Bavarian’s.

  11. zibbie says:

    ?wtf? :-P

  12. zibbie says:

    Ok done reading John.. Haha ,Bla la Charlie Brown adults. Whanwawhanblawawa.

  13. zibbie says:

    Wow so much absolute perfect solution’s here. MUFC should hire like 6 people here. All would be well. I will email them on Monday you guys will be hired by Wednesday all fixed by Friday. Cool.

  14. NBI Red 21 says:

    I have no doubt we will win tomorrow. The players have their pride, the last thing they are going to want is to risk falling into the bottom half of the table.

    Moyes needs to play the defence in their proper positions and stop messing around and subbing defenders in a game. Play Fabio at RB if Rafael is being rested.

    I think if we are tight at the back which we should be with the players we have then our weakness will be linking defence and attack. Pea will put chances away but other than Evra and Nani I am struggling to see who will create the chances given Rooney, RVP and probably Kags are out. We need Giggs to come on at the end and play on the wing create chances and try to nick a goal if all else fails. He is the best passer and creative playmaker in the team.

  15. NBI Red 21 says:

    Also given Rio’s comments it seems like this is his last year at United : (.

  16. NBI Red 21 says:

    Actually Januzaj can create chances, but Newcastle has some big tough men, they won’t be giving us much time on the ball and they are playing better than last season. Big test for the young lad if he starts.

    We really need to up the pace of our play. Zaha on the bench would be interesting.

    Line up I expect Moyes to choose:

    De Gea
    Rafael/Smalling, Vida, Evans, Evra
    Nani, Jones, Cleverly, Januzaj
    Welbeck, Hernandez

  17. NBI Red 21 says:

    What Moyes needs to say is, “Old Trafford is our fortress and any team coming here needs to understand that this is where United live and die.”

  18. NBI Red 21 says:

    OK maybe not the and die bit. For God’s sake, where is that guy he wrote Gladiator, Moyes needs to imitate him:

    “My name is David Moyes, bastard son of Ferguson the Great, father to a Zaha’d daughter, manager to a mid table team and I will have my revenge, oh yes I will, I intend to make it as difficult as possible….” umm yeah, back to script.

    What the hell is wrong with people? How come only zibbie is awake and we have a dysfunctional relationship ? Does no one go out come home at 3am, spill kebab down their shirt and log on to check footie news and whatever else? Gentlemen and Ladies, I expected better. John you at least should be online at this hour.

  19. sir matt martin says:

    I realy mean this David Moyes
    doesn’t seem to have a clear plan
    or philosophy for his team right
    now. His ‘work’ isn’t manifesting
    itself on the football field in any
    discernible way. In his defence, his squad has suffered with injury more than any of United’s major rivals. No other elite club has had to deal with the absence of several key players at once – but Manchester United are currently without two of their best players in Carrick and RvP. Phil Jones has also been excellent recently but sat out the last game due to suspension. But the problem remains that Moyes isn’t getting the best out of his available players. And, we believe, that he also making selection errors. Manchester United lack dynamism and creativity in the middle of the park. Someone to pick the ball up in the centre circle and run at defenders or pick out a threatening forward pass instead
    of a safe sideways shuffle. We
    believe that Moyes unearthed a
    gem in Adnan Januzaj but isn’t
    using him properly. Out wide
    Januzaj offers moments of brilliance but is only in the game
    fleetingly. We believe that if he was played in the hole he would have a huge effect on games. He’s not scared to run at the opposition and can hit a lovely pass short or long. He would make things happen for the whole team if he was put in the middle. While RvP is injured Januzaj should at least be given the chance there. In his only senior outing as number 10 so far, in the Capital One cup against Norwich, he was sublime. So get Kagawa out left again (if he
    recovers from the breathing problems he reported after Everton game) and put Adnan in
    the hole to cause havoc. The other startling omission is Wilfired Zaha. Nani and Young have been shocking this season and Valencia is too conventional to make the difference against top defences. All is clearly not well with the Zaha- Moyes relationship because, otherwise, the brilliant youngster would surely be given more outings. Zaha is another that offers genuine dynamism. He scares the life out of opposition defenders with his dribbling ability and he has the sort of unpredictability that can make a difference in tight games. United generally look so painfully predictable right now – playing in
    straight lines and far too slowly. In RvPs absence they should play
    Rooney up top and have an attacking three of Kagawa Januzaj and Zaha behind him – what a creative threesome. Jones has to play in midfield and, in the absence of any feasible alternative (Fellaini is painful to watch, Clevlerley is hauntingly limited and Giggs can’t play two games in a week), why not give Anderson a run out? The mind boggles.

  20. United says:

    n dis davey moist is d best man 2 replacing mr. fergu. y r u insilting him?. ur job nw is 2 stand by ur coach, mr. fergu said, u’ll big mumuz 4get?. The mind boggles.

  21. NairobiRed says:

    Through several years of commenting and blogging about united, I have realised that my opinions are nothing more than just my opinios and nothing I say really affects what happens at united. So I know despite not wanting the team I support managed by an individual who appears to have no discerning football philosophy, and one who appears to have a defeatist mentality, Moyes will be united’s manager for at least 2 years, with Fergie in the board it’d take relegation for the board to come out and fire him. Only a player revolt the likes that happened at Chelsea, sunderland, Madrid or France could lead to him getting axed. I believe the players have too much pride and integrity to do anything of the sort and will up their game because that’s just who they are, winners.
    My only hope is for Moyes to try and get a top ranked coach alongside him, pinch somebody from barca, or dortmund because quite clearly the people he is working with are as clueless as he is. I hope he works on a philosophy, and is able to communicate it on to the players on the pitch, and not just naming a set of 11 players, putting them on the pitch and telling them, go out there and win and while you’re at it, try and play some sexy football, with a few backheels and nutmegs. That’s my biggest concern really, we do not seem to have a distinct style, it’s just random selection game in game out.
    Fergie said Moyes’ only expectations were to maintain the standards, the use of standards as a benchmark is very vague and open to interpretation, I feel this give Moyes room as he can have poor performances on the pitch but improve on the youth, reserves, training and some general office stuff outside the pitch and claim he is maintaining standards.

  22. sir matt martin says:

    @ united
    you are the only mumu, on here if u think moyes is doin a great job, u troll have u cheak the league table resently is that suppose to be Manutd in12 or Everton? if u dont knw what to say on here then fuukoff. The mind boggles.

  23. United says:

    lolol mumu sayz me trol wen she iz a trol..lolololol…n dis sayin us 12 into tabel lolol. us r 9 into tabel. me knws who 2 trust, u who nt knw d tabel or sir fergu? The mind boggles.

  24. sir matt martin says:

    The other day you called Zibbie and John and NairobiRed a troll now u takin it too far were u from some zoo?

  25. United says:

    lolol. n trol aka mumu calings 4 help? LMFAO. The mind boggles.

  26. Gordon Lynch says:

    It was never easy for Moyes to inherit the manager’s job after SAF. Last season’s win of the title by 11 points has put too much pressure on an ageing squad. Our midfield has been poor for the last 3 seasons. I could never understand why we never replaced Paul Scholes.
    Our centre backs of Vidic and Ferdinand are becoming injury prone after some great service to the club. Evans and Smalling seem to lack consistency in these areas.
    This has put increased unfair pressure on an ageing yet effective Carrick. I think we need to change our training methods on the practice field. Is it my imagination, but we do not play high tempo passing around the 18 yard box.SAF squeezed last year’s title with a threadbare midfield that surrendered possession in most games. It was a combination of RVP and Rooney that got u over last year’s title line.
    Playing Ryan Giggs for 90 minutes in midfield tells me that no young players are coming through the reserve team. Our goal difference of 4 tells me that we have slumped into mid table mediocrity, so the January window could be our most critical time if we are to claw back to a top 4 place.
    United fans have to accept a major rebuild under Moyes. But don’t blame Moyes for everything so far. Some of our players have underperformed (Cleverly, Young, Anderson, Valencia…etc) and they must know they are not scared of David Moyes. None of our midfield players score goals now….because they have surrendered midfield possession early in all our games ( especially at Old Trafford)
    This is my first post here guys, so please be gentle with me……

  27. wayne barker says:

    Funny who dominates threads when things aren’t going well,
    Sir Matt the fucktard one of the biggest bellend’s ever to grace ROM

  28. Mark Reid says:

    Hey Zibbie Sir Alex’s in the tunnel chatting with the players today.


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