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Reactions to defeat against West Brom

Match reactions1. Following the defeat against City, United had five easier games on the horizon that were deemed to be ‘must win’. We needed to to start closing the gap following a ridiculously difficult start to the season. To lose 2-1 at home to West Brom is a fairly dire result at any time, but particularly on the back of us dropping so many points already. David Moyes doesn’t know what his strongest first XI is yet so is chopping and changing every week, so that is going to have some impact on our performances, but there’s no explaining away yesterday’s result. Whatever the excuse, we should have done better, and it really is terrible for Moyes.

2. Moyes might have now worked out that Ashley Young isn’t good enough to start and hopefully yesterday will have been Anderson’s last appearance for a while. “Anderson! Do something!” the moany old man who sits behind me shouted in to the second half. Whilst I rarely agree with him, he was bang on with these instructions, with Anderson just floating through the game. He wasn’t dreadful in the sense that he was always doing the wrong thing, but he just didn’t contribute much, if anything, positive. We all know we’re not spoilt when it comes to central midfielders, but surely any of our options are better than him.

3. Whilst I’ve seen some people claim that United were dreadful and West Brom were superb, I thought that United generally had the game under control. When we went in 0-0 at half-time, I was just waiting for when our goals would come. They were organised defensively but they hadn’t looked to pose much threat on our goal. But in a 15 minute period United lost the plot and threw the game away. Whilst our midfield options are weak, our defensive options are incredibly strong, but Moyes didn’t play anything like our strongest back 4. When you compare Rio’s performance against City with Smalling’s against Liverpool, it’s incredible that the former got the nod for West Brom. Alexander Buttner has decent ability going forward and skilful feet, but he shouldn’t be seen as anything more than back-up/a cup option. Phil Jones didn’t cover himself in glory at right back either, looking far too casual and sloppy in possession and when challenging for the ball.

4. Positives are few and far between at the moment, but Wayne Rooney certainly deserves credit for getting on the scoresheet again. Only Giroud (6) and Ramsey (6) have more goals/assists to their name than Rooney (5) this season and he has featured less than both of them. He’s clearly been working hard on his freekick practice on the training ground this summer too.

5. The best player on the pitch, for me, was Nani. Fans are in the habit of giving him a hard time that the moment he makes any mistake he is ripped apart for it. In reality, for most of the game, he was the only player that really looked capable of making things happen. He ran at the opposition, he came inside, he kept possession when the odds were against him, he set people up for goals, he put in some decent crosses, and he got in the position to shoot a few times for himself. He seems to thrive on the right wing and should be in our starting XI for the foreseeable future.

6. Another shining light today was Adnan Januzaj who just looks the business. The sooner we wrap up his contract extension the better. He has made the transition to the Premier League from the Reserves with ease and I’d love to see him playing more regularly. He’s exciting to watch. He can beat his man for pace or with a dip of his shoulder, he has incredibly fast feet, and he is just so eager to attack. He replaced Shinji Kagawa who, when shifted out on to the left, didn’t leave much of an impression on the game.

7. The season before last United lost to City away, Liverpool away and Blackburn Rovers (who were relegated) at home with Sir Alex Ferguson as manager. This may be our worst start to a season since 1989 but then it’s also the toughest set of fixtures we’ve had in the opening few weeks of a season too. It’s not looking great for us right now and I really do think it was so important that we got a result against West Brom, but we’ve got 32 games left to play yet and when you’re at a point of the season when Southampton are a top 4 club, you know there’s plenty of room for change. But Moyes needs to decide on his best XI and he needs to do it quickly. Hint: it doesn’t include Anderson.

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  1. redpedge. says:

    To all the idiots writing moyes off already infecting with negativity get a grip. Give your heads a wobble and get behind your team. I give this advice from my rooftop as I scream with everyting ive got DAVID MOYSES RED AND WHITE ARMY

  2. i love manchester united says:

    RVP is probably on the phone to wenger right now asking him to bring him back to the arsenal rather than go for suarez again in january =(

  3. roboo7 says:

    Carrick is not performing rest him play falleini and kagawa in the middle big man sits kags does the creating rvp rooney up top and keep rooney up top nani januzaj down the wings smalling and vida at the back i think smalling is better than evans much quicker and better in the air. Im not a fan of fabio but i think he will do a better job than evra and buttner then rafa at RB de gea in goal atm

    ……………………….DE GEA…………………………….

    can go into 4-4-2 personally that is the best team

  4. CTRED says:

    0 goals from open play in 6 league games is unacceptable. Rooney has shown more fight and energy than anyone but he is not performing as a playmaker. Kagawa, Adnan, even Nani can play that role better as he has done for Portugal. I’d Ike to see one of them in that role and rotate Rooney and RVP.

  5. The Hound says:

    Knightsmith, of course you’re not wrong. The gradual decline in quality through out our squad has been clear as day for anyone to see and Fergie papered over the cracks with his sheer stubbornness and will to win. We were also helped out by the decline of our main rivals from 4/5 years ago as Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool are all mere shadows of their past teams and that includes us. Our new chairman arrogantly boasted that no player was out of our reach this summer and we were going after the worlds best and yet we were left paying over the odds for a bog standard footballer and desperately trying to bring in a Real Madrid outcast on loan. This summer was nothing short of a fucking joke. The most critical time in the club in 27 years and we made a right fucking pigs ear of getting ready for the new season. What makes things worse is why does anyone think it will be any different in January or next summer after hopefully we’ve managed to make the top 4. The pre Glazer years United were feared not just on the pitch but in the transfer market as well. Van Nistelrooy, Veron, Keane, Cole, Stam, Rio, Ronaldo e.t.c we went and brought the best when we needed strengthening. Since that defeat in Rome we have aloud Tevez and Ronaldo to go and have been treated to the likes of Young, Bebe, Buttner, Jones, Owen, Fellaini, Valencia. Barring Van Persie and Kagawa they are all players just not good enough to be playing for Manchester United and thinking they are is just accepting mediocrity. I’m being harsh on Valencia there cos taken out last season he’s actually been a really good servant to our club and his commitment can not be questioned. He’s a squad player though in my eyes now. I honestly think we’ll struggle to get 4th this season. We’re in a huge transition period and confidence amongst everyone is at an all time low. The club, players, fans and Moyes can not feel sorry for themselves. We must react and be more positive in our play and Moyes must start being more positive and bullish.

  6. thymm50 says:

    so far, Moyes has yet to show any special quality he may possess. Hopefully things will improve

  7. Wabisity says:

    I think Raphael coming back into the team will solve some of the attacking problems, with jones at right back we seem to lack some width. Moyes, I believe, will then decide on a midfield three to plat behind a roaming trio of attackers. I am also of the belief that over the course of the season the team will evolve and, hopefully, gel. Onwards and upwards.

  8. mjcRED says:

    Every big club feels at the time feels that their own spell of sustained success is going to go on forever. Our particular spell of domination was special for 2 particular reasons. The first was obviously the huge trophy haul we achieved, the second and even more unusual factor was that it was all achieved under the guidance of one Man.

    What makes us so special that we feel we’re exempt from the theme of a cycle of success that happens eventually to every team in every form of sport?

    Rather than wallow in self pity and indignation, lets learn from the past and the failure in getting back to the glory years. Liverpool, the only team that can be measured by anywhere near the same methods as us given their respective haul and sustained period of domination back in the day.

    Our off field commercial activities and ticket revenue alone ensues that we should still be able to compete in the main with the wealthiest home and abroad, proof that we’ve learnt from the pre-halcyon days of life before the Premier league. We’ve got the platform to build again and Moyes I’m certain will get it right.

    As @Random correctly pointed out earlier, when he stated that we must build our team around the core of technically elite players such as Rooney, RVP and Kagawa that are still in their prime and we’re very fortunate to have. History will define the foundations of Fergie’s final United side as being built on hard work, graft and determination. It would be great if Moyes can build on these essential values but put more emphasis on technique, skill and ability on the ball in the squad he will hopefully be given the time to build.

    By sticking to the principles our great club has been defined by from the infinitely more difficult days and challenges we’ve had to work through in the past and so long that it’s done with care, unwavering determination and patience, the success will find us again.

  9. thymm50 says:

    Rejoice not my enemies over my downfall, for i shall rise again

  10. Lawman10 says:

    John fuck off with your stupid remarks…………we are six games in there is no problem Moyes will turn it round, Fergie knew when to get out he has left us with a lot of shite.
    Moyes will get his 1st 11 and you will see how stupid yours are !!
    Get behind your manager, good god if war breaks out keep away from me talk a stab in the back!!

  11. Red_Dan says:

    Well said mjcRED. I have followed this blog for a while and have never felt the need to post. But the number of people on here (a minority I admit), on phone ins and writing in to papers to call for Moyes to go has made me want to say my two penneth.

    If you, before the end of fucking September, want David Moyes to go then I must assume you were not around to watch the tripe that Fergie’s late 80s teams dished up on a regular basis. I go back then but my old man and his generation watched us get relegated 6 years after winning the European Cup ffs! Have a word with yourselves please – it is not the United way. I suppose if you are under the age of 25 then all you have ever known is the good times. Well, now is the time to puff your chest out, stand proud and SUPPORT the team and manager. Christ Fergie presided over some shite matches in his time and I still haven’t completely forgiven him for his team selection and surrender to City two years ago to gift them the league!

    We have a new manager for the first time in two decades, the old manager will go down in history as the greatest, our recent success has been down to that manager’s sheer determination rather than a vintage side and the owners backed up Moyes in the summer by doing what? Fucking about from what I can see. It’s now maybe time for the Glazers to take some time out from milking our club to actually invest in the playing staff, it’s not like the midfield problem has just been sprung on Moyes is it?

    He has a hell of a job on his hands.Give him time and keep the faith.

  12. Squeaky says:

    Re Moyes comments.

    Managers have said outlandish things in the past to motivate their players since the beginning of time. Why is it suddenly shock horror when Moyes does it? You don’t think his comment about Rooney being back up for RVP wasn’t intended to motivate Rooney? He was half way to Chelsea when Moyes said that, now he is in shape, in form at United, and looks like signing a final contract. Moyes is also right to say we need more world class players in our squad, WHAT CLUB doesn’t need more world class players??? Deary me. Plus it puts needed pressure on the lads we’ve got, and keeps the press and supporters off his back. I don’t see any problems with his comments. Moyes is his own man, and he’s being blunt with the press. He can say what he wants. Long may it continue. Not sure why people look at him and think he’s stupid either. Obviously don’t know the bloke personally but he strikes me as a shrewd, hard bastard. Just what we need. I wouldn’t bet against him after 9 games put it that way… I doubt the other managers in the league are writing him off like half of you seem to be either….


    You really think Im saying what im saying these last few days to change peoples thoughts? Ha. Im just shaking my head at what im reading & voicing my own opinion… The ppl moaning about our prospects for the season so soon can’t be reasoned with. They are already too delicate and soft in the head. WHat happens when we win a few on the spin? Will they calm down and behave themselves? Doubt it. These naysayers are here for the long haul. Even Fergie had doubters, now they sing his praises like they always trusted him. You couldn’t make it up, we’ve got *fans* on here saying we’ve been found out ffs. No this isn’t the strongest United ever, but some are already convinced we’re fucked after 9 games. You can’t reason with *supprters* who reckon all the other top EPL clubs are really better than us but SOMEHOW they all simultaneously played poor and gifted us the title last season. Haha, found out. Thats a funny one. So no – im not trying to change opinions, just voicing my own, and I reckon its far too early to be talking about not qualifying for Europe. Unless you think Southampton will stay 5th and Liverpool will stay 2nd?? We agree to differ. Whatever.


    What dumpling? Who exactly at Manchester United are you calling a dumpling? Rooney??? If you mean Moyes, he’s finally seen nearly every player in a real competitive match. You’re Asking me when will things improve… im saying he needed to see the whole squad for himself first, and now he has, I’d expect performances and results to improve next month. I am confident about that. If you ask what have I seen to make me so confident, I’d say the performance in Europe, the first half yesterday, the beginning of the 1st and 2nd halves v Liverpool in the cup, and the draws against them and Chelsea. Granted they weren’t all good results, but I saw enough to see we can improve under Moyes, and I don’t think he’s done that bad considering he’s brand new and the pressures on. We’ll get better and the goals will start flowing imo. Half of you don’t even realise what Nani is capable of, so I don’t expect everybody to agree with me, nor do I need them to. We’ve got the players, experience and manager to do a lot better than 3 pts behind City, 4pts behind Chelsea and 8 pts behind Arsenal/Liverpool. Thats the way I see it.

    All I can say is everybody has to be patient, and show some class. Easier said than done aye?

  13. Squeaky says:


    Ha, in one post you’ve managed to say what I’ve been trying to say all day!

  14. Squeaky says:

    Right thats it, I’ve had my reaction.

    For anybody who managed to be pissed off by what I’ve said, tough fucking titty. Stop over-reacting to a few poor results and stop believing distorted facts from the ABU press. We have scored in open play since the first day, or doesn’t the Champions League mean anything to you? This isn’t our worst start, Ferguson has had worst. Moyes didn’t inherit a perfect squad, our last few games last season were as bad as our first few this season. Etc, Etc.

    Anyway – what we can all agree on is we have loads of games left to play. No one can deny that. I reckon we’ll get better, all you have to do is trust in Ferguson’s choice of replacement. He knows better than all of us funnily enough. The United job was always going to be tough for Moyes, and it was made tougher with the fixtures we had. But he’s had his baptism of fire now, he’s seen the full squad as of yesterday. its time to settle down and get us winning again. All we have to do as supporters is support him.

    Chin up lads (& ladettes)

  15. Frankie says:

    I am puzzled to read that Moyes is learning and has to know the players. Wht is he doing? Work experience? Where has he been all these years if he does not already know Utd players? If we lack world class players why did he said he was happy with the squad? If we lack world class players, why did he buy Fellani? Is he world class? Why are people saying that we are in transition and have to give Moyes time? In transition is Pool under Rogers. There were a shite team and are getting better. We are in transition from being champions to risk not qualifying for rhe Champions League. Some transition! We should have got a top European manager with a proven record and not a mid table manager.

  16. The Hound says:

    Frankie, exactly my point. Moyes has contradicted himself with his statement that we’re short of world class players to compete for the champions league. He claimed pre season and after the dire defeat to Liverpool that he was more than happy with the squad. Fellaini was a signing of desperation and Everton got an absolutely brilliant deal for him. Apparent he was signed as a centre midfielders according to Moyes but yet he couldn’t get a start at home on Saturday in an area of the field where we’re weakest right now. Impossible job to follow Fergie but Moyes has made a lot of mistakes since he’s taken over. I honestly feel like he’s overwhelmed by the club and his new surroundings. He’s going to need his players to stand up for him and us as fans as well whether we rate him or not. He’s going to need his close family, and his coaching staff to all stand by him because I know he will be seriously hurting after the weekend. He’s got to be tougher. He looked to me like he was about to cry in those interviews at the weekend. Pull yourself together man and toughen up. You’re the manager of Manchester United now and the board will back him for the foreseeable future. We must react to this run of shit performances. Shake tar is no given but I expect a bloody performance more than anything and Sunderland is just a must win. An absolute must win.

  17. Random says:


    A. I am puzzled to read that Moyes is learning and has to know the players. Wht is he doing? Work experience? Where has he been all these years if he does not already know Utd players?

    >> Working against a team and working with a team is totally different. As an opposition manager, you only see 10% of a player’s qualities. Do you think all these years he has been spending time thinking about United players intensively? No football manager has time for that.

    B. If we lack world class players why did he said he was happy with the squad? If we lack world class players, why did he buy Fellani? Is he world class?

    >> I agree that transfer market this year was not upto the mark. It has been discussed to death already in August. No, Fellaini is not world-class.

    C. Why are people saying that we are in transition and have to give Moyes time? In transition is Pool under Rogers. There were a shite team and are getting better. We are in transition from being champions to risk not qualifying for rhe Champions League. Some transition! We should have got a top European manager with a proven record and not a mid table manager.

    >> Liverpool are getting better because first, they could not have been any worse, and second, they have zero pressure on them right now. You are taking the champions tag too literally: any United fan will tell you that we were not great last year, and we won entirely due to RVP and Fergie. We have LOST Ferguson this year. That is a big, big, big loss. It will need to be repaired, and hence the transition. The transition is from the greatest manager in the world to a new manager.

    David Moyes is a good appointment. European managers like Ancelotti, Guardiola, Mourinho are good but it is difficult to see them at United for a long time. Look at what Ancelotti is doing with a ‘world-class’ squad. Mourinho was/is under pressure lately. Barcelona have appointed a virtual unknown in European football as their manager!

    David Moyes promises us stability, once the things get going. Changing and chopping managers is the worst that can happen to a club, and IF Moyes gets things working, we will be fine.

    Ferguson specifically asked the fans to support the manager. Seems that he anticipated the doubt and slander that would greet Moyes.

  18. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Evening reds. Just a post or three maybe?

    Anyone who thinks WBA were superb needs there head examined. They did play a rear guard action effectively, end of. I won’t be a fan of that now, or ever.

    Second, call me a sceptic, but Kagawa just isn’t showing much to me. Don’t think Sir Alex was that impressed, don’t think the current staff is that impressed.

    Problem with Kags is he is just not disciplined enough for the very dynamic offense that United run.

    As Moyes says, he needs to improve.

    Here is a video of Kagawa v WBA,
    If anyone is going to label that a genius in our midst then,
    Well then, we will just have to agree to disagree.

  19. Random says:


    @random..y u so desperate to defend Moyes u twat!!..

    I was bored.

  20. FletchTHEMAN says:

    The squad isn’t a Moyes built squad and may never really get behind him until some changes are made.
    Agreed the team won last year, but most of you will be honest enough with yourselves to take on 3 points.

    1, the side has been in decline for several years.
    2. Losing Pogba and Morrison will end up costing us plenty, and only time will tell how much since we are not replacing those with similar quality. (Granted Morrison is still a class A nut job)
    3. Managers need to put a stamp on a dressing room. IF Woodward had been able to deliver on any of Moyes targets (Fabregas and similar) we would likely have a different response from the dressing room.
    Present company seems to be wandering through their paces.

  21. The Truth says:


    You should watch a video of all the goals and assists he got in his two years at Dortmund which led to him being voted the best player in the Bundesliga, then you might revise your ignorant opinion of Kagawa.

  22. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Don’t worry lads. It’s lat and I’ll probably just amble back to my hole.

    Overall, not much positives to be had from 3 losses in 6. Just need to pick ourselves up and get on with it.

    We all know how good the EPL opposition is.
    Let down your guard and any team in the top 2 divisions will have you for lunch.

    Love the quotes from city “Pellegrini baffled by Villa loss” :lol:

    Come on the reds.

  23. gazzer says:

    When Bob Paisley took over Liverpool is was much more of an unproven quantity than Moyes it, yet they went on to achieve their golden years under him.
    So let’s hold off on all of the hand wringing.
    The positives are that he is beginning to see for himself who can stand up to be counted. He got Rooney back on fire, he got Janusaj performing and he has given young/valencia/wellbeck their starting chances and found them a little wanting; fellaini too.

    He paid to manage, he’s not paid to get it right on day 1 using an inherited squad. He will sort through them just like Ferguson did in his first year.
    Only then should we start judging what he has done.

    The only true fuckup so far has been Woodward with his loose mouth, boastful talk and inability to deliver. Hopefully the club will sort out that problem too.

  24. The Truth says:


    Mate come on, the football landscape has changed a bit since 1975. Not to mention Paisley had been Liverpool’s assistant manager working side by side with Shankley for 15 years before being promoted to manager. The situations are nothing alike.

  25. edcunited1878 says:

    Issue with Shinji is that his teammates in Dortmund did all the hard work for him, got him in the ball in space and allowed him to run at defenders. The style in Germany and in that Dortmund team suited Shinji well. Shinji’s time in Germany was similar to Liverpool with Gerrard in the hole, with Torres ahead of him, Kuyt and Benayoun doing the running, supporting and service to Gerrard. That’s the only real example I can think of where ppl can relate to for Shinji’s success in germany.

    Opposing teams are starving United in the middle by having limited space between midfield and the centre backs and playing narrow in defense, then going forward with smart runs pulling players out of position then someone running into the space.

  26. manutdheatattack says:

    Moyes needs to go. I do not take this lightly but his comments on the quality of his players( albeit he may think he is motivating them. Why do I think he should go?

    1. I think it was a big mistake on his side to let Rene go. Nevin and Giggsy are good team leaders not the best of coaches.

    2. He lacked vision in the transfer market. His inability to realize that Fabergas was not coming and keeping on it, and trying to manage herrera at the very last minute was due to his lack of experience going for good players and understanding the dynamics

    3. He is learning, and not experienced in winning. A team of Manchester United stature will still struggle to keep up with a new coach, but asking for a new and learning coach was and is too much of a step to take.

    4. A winning mentality is important. Those who have watched Moyes manage with limited resources have to appreciate his ability but that is his ability, not deal with a bigger team with more resources. Does a man who manages with limited resources qualify to run a big company? No, he will save for sure, but his company is not going to go anywhere.

    5. He is not attractive to new players. If you were a world class player looking to choose a team, would Moyes be one you would go to? Most coaches would use thier previous relationships and success to build on new teams. Who are we going to get from Moyes? Mediocre players from Everton?

    6. Why can’t he grow home based players? He is unlikely to replicate the “young boys” team of the ferguson times because this is a different era. To compete financially and keep the show, you would have to turn around results in a year or two.

    In summary, Moyes is the one who is not qualified in the team. He needs to leave or get strenghtened by people who know success and not his assistants from Everton. If not, we could as well change our colors to blue and call ourselves Everton FC.

  27. pacificblue says:

    We did have the toughest start to the season. Considering everything until before this result, we did kind of okay. We were in a position to kick off whereas for other teams the fixtures are about to get difficult.

    Here is an analysis of the difficulty of our start compared to all the other teams.

  28. 20-and-beyond says:

    zaha, welbeck, evans and kagawa need more playing time. januzaj should also be a regular sub. I don’t think we have as bad of a squad as some critics keep pointing out. Yes, there is definite issues that need addressing and in due time hopefully a few quality signings should improve that. As for now though we just need to find the correct balance and use the players to their collective abilities and rotate them effectively for specific type of games and situations. Team selection issues have been constant over last few weeks and the results that followed are not a coincidence.

    Also as most have pointed out, Moyes is a hands on guy which is ok but i think he will find out that running this club is a different cattle of fish he is used to and will need more support in terms of his backroom staff. The fact that giggs and p.neville were deployed as first team coaches (something they never done) at a club like united shows a lack of preparation and serious management. I don’t know much about the Everton staff he brought in but hopefully for his sake they can provide him with the adequate assistance cause he will certainly need it.

  29. useless says:

    Rio ferdinand is at fault. He is slow and sluggish. He no longer deserve to play
    Sorry to say that. Johnny evans should play rightback and jones sh play cb.

  30. parryheid says:


    Who am I calling a dumpling? Thought that was self explanatory but jump on the bus as it applies to you also.You can pontificate all you like and it cuts no ice with me.Dump Moyes Now I wouldn’t even let him see the day out.Baffling this donkey got the green light to manage United.

  31. Canada says:

    I fully support Moyes and think he will come good. This does not mean I wasn’t happy with his decisions Saturday. Seemed he panicked a little.

    Hernandez looked good, was fractions away from at least two goals and his runs made Nani’s crosses very dangerous. He should have got more of the second half. RVP was invisible when he came on. I can’t help but think last year Rooney would have been shifted left to allow RVP to come on.

    The best part of the day was seeing Young not in the lineup.

    Janujaz looked the real deal again.

    All in all, we had many, many chances and took none. That’s what cost us the game.

  32. parryheid says:


    By all means support Moyes and you think he will come good.Personally I think he has already dropped United into the class of giantkillers where some of our supporters are hailing our giantkilling act in the Capital cup as a great victory.Not me it was United who were the giants not that many weeks ago,and now every game is going that type of game for us imo

  33. Canada says:


    I see where you’re coming from. I’m not sure we’re that bad as yet, but there are some warning bells ringing rather loudly.

    I’m reserving most of my ill wishes for a certain edward “woodhead”. I truly believe his incompetence led to the team we’re currently fielding.

  34. knightsmith says:

    parryheid :

    Couldn’t agree more , the bloke is useless, seems very strange are Everton are better of without him.

    All Moyes has done has turned United into a laughing stock . I fear finishing outside the top four is extremely possible

  35. Justin10RvN says:

    we should’ve just put a bid in for Cabaye he’s an improvement on all of our midfielders not named Carrick and i feel he would dovetail nicely with Carrick, he’s definitely a better player than Fellaini

  36. kagawa krew says:

    Sack Moyes Now He’s RUBBISH Also shrek The Traitor RUBBISH felover RUBBISH Everton REJECTS They’re RUBBISH rio RUBBISH evra RUBBISH young He’s RUBBISH I Don’t like vampires so the Glazers They’re RUBBISH

  37. DreadedRed says:

    kagawa krew – your comment is a load of RUBBISH.

  38. Mike says:

    I find it hard to believe those people who are excusing Moyes because he is learning on the job. you could say that about any manager other than Fergie. The team is an ageing one with once great players now on the decline, most of the rest simply arn`t up to it, and Fellaini looks a very ordinary signing to me. Look what the signing of Ozil has done to Arsenal. The whole club is buzzing, and confidence is sky high.

  39. daniel says:

    I don’t agree for that Anderson part. For me his our beat option to accompany Carrick. Fellaini looked far from match fitness, and he seems lost while defends and less creative than Ando. It’s the defence issue for this game, peticularly with Rio being responsible for both goals

  40. robbo2keano says:

    My delayed reaction to this game. since i couldn’t believe we lost, i went and watch the game again. To be honest, though we created little in the first half i did not think we were as poor as many have pointed out.

    Did Kagawa really suffered an injury. if not i thought taking him off was quite premature. in fact it was januzaj who gave the ball away leading to WB’s opening goal. i am sure if nani had done that, he would be vilified for it.

    Rooney has been banging in the goals, RvP has far too much quality to leave on the bench. however, we still can’t seem to create enough chances to look threatening. would going to a 3 man midfield (carrick, fellaini kagawa) help kagawa going, he would get to play through the middle. three forwards (rooney, RvP, and nani) should have enough between them. only concern there is protection for the back 4 in wide areas.

    The difference from last season to this one is, RvP was scoring at will to start the season, bailing us out on several occasions. this time around we simply can’t find the net. i also don’t get the feeling that i had last season, when we fall behind we were surely coming back.

    I know it is early, but i am getting the feeling we need 12 point from the next 4 games.

  41. chicho the lesbo says:


    You said “Hernandez looked good, was fractions away from at least two goals and his runs made Nani’s crosses very dangerous. He should have got more of the second half. RVP was invisible when he came on. I can’t help but think last year Rooney would have been shifted left to allow RVP to come on.”

    I didn’t get a chance to watch the match but from what I read from most posters, its seems as if Chicho had an awful match.

    Useless is what I’ve read, actually.

    Whats the truth here?

  42. UTD1999 says:

    All this talk about a difficult start for UTD, what about Aston Villa?

    They’ve played Arsenal (A), Chelsea (A), Liverpool (H) & City (H) but still managed to get 2 more points than UTD so far this season & they almost got relegated last season whilst UTD are the current champions.

    Cardiff & Villa both beat City 3-2 this season whilst UTD were totally outplayed by City & got hammered 4-1.

    The excuses have to stop.

    “But Moyes did wonders with Everton…” Yeah & Martinez has masterminded an unbeaten start & put them in a CL spot (so far) all that despite losing their star player Fellaini.

    UTD players that wouldn’t make my current UTD starting line-up;

    Carrick, Rio, Valencia, Young, Kagawa, Welbeck, Cleverley, Fellaini & Anderson.

    My starting XI



    Jones (yeap, I’d have phil jones as the ball winning CM)
    Junuzaj (I’d have playing through the middle to allow him to get more involved & hopefully create more in a Scholes like role)



    Lindegaard (GK), Evans, Giggs, Welbeck & Hernandez


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