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Reactions To Draw Against Chelsea

1. At the start of the day I’d have taken a point at Stamford Bridge. We never win there, regardless of which team goes in to the game in better form, so a draw is a decent enough result. Don’t forget that City lost there a few weeks ago, so despite some of their drab performances this season, Chelsea are still the 4th best team in the country. If someone had offered us a point on 57 minutes when we were 3-0 down we would have bitten their hand off. Despite us being the better team for most of the game, today is certainly a case of one point gained rather than two dropped.

2. With just eight minutes played, the first decision typical of those that are made when we play at Stamford Bridge was made. Jose Bosingwa pulled Ashley Young’s shirt in the box in clear view of Howard Webb. Unlike Welbeck, who stayed on his feet at Arsenal the other week when he was fouled in the box which meant nothing was given, Young went to the ground. Two minutes later, Danny Welbeck was racing clear of Gary Cahill on his début, who stuck out a leg, got nothing on the ball, and brought our man down. Whilst the challenge started outside the box, it wasn’t until Welbeck was in the box that their legs tangled and he was tripped. At the very least, it was a straight red card for Cahill, but again, Webb waved it on. Every year Ferguson talks about our bad luck at Stamford Bridge but we’d barely even got started with it yet.

3. Chelsea’s first and third goals were scored by United players. Nice feet from Sturridge saw Evra beaten before the ball rifled off Jonny Evans in to the net. The third goal came as Rio got in the way of an off shot attempt from Luiz, deflecting it past David de Gea. There was nothing unlucky about Chelsea’s 2nd goal though, with Evra not getting tight enough to Fernando Torres to stop the cross and Rafael/Valencia leaving Juan Mata unmarked. His finish was excellent though, with him blasting the ball past de Gea on the volley.

4. “Rio, what’s the score, Rio, Rio, what’s the score?” the Chelsea fans chanted at 3-0, after booing his every touch. His crime? Being the brother of the player who John Terry has been charged with racially abusing. Honestly, is there no limit to the depths some fans will sink? Proper little scousers, aren’t they.

5. After a shaky period of ten minutes or so, having to shrug off the shock of conceding two goals in the first five minutes of the second half, United started to get some momentum going again. Sturridge had been berated by Andre Villas-Boas for not getting back to defend after going on the attack, so he sprinted in to the box to try and stop Evra. Unfortunately for him, he ended up taking our captain’s legs from under him and conceding a penalty. About time! Wayne Rooney then dispatched maybe the best penalty I’ve ever seen a United player score, smashing it in to the top corner. Game on.

6. Against Stoke in the week we were awarded two penalties and sensibly opted to let two different players take them, with Chicharito putting away the first and Dimitar Berbatov the second. Rooney, who isn’t exactly renowned for his penalty taking, wasn’t going to let anyone else take the penalty that Welbeck won after he was tripped by Ivanovic. This penalty was a softer one although he did stick a foot out and didn’t get the ball. Welbeck fell and Webb had no hesitation. This penalty wasn’t as good but he calmly sent the goalie the long way. We had twenty minutes to get something out of the game.

7. Ferguson got his substitutions wrong at Anfield and alarm bells were ringing today when he replaced Young with Chicharito and then Rafael with Scholes. How was Chicharito going to get a touch when we weren’t really putting any crosses in to the box? Valencia has been our best attacking outlet for months and now he was being forced to right back, replacing our young Brazilian who’d had a great game. Giggs moved out to the left in Young’s absence and with six minutes left to play floated in a perfect ball for Chicharito to put away. Now, only David Silva has more Premier League assists than Giggsy and Hernandez put away his 8th goal of the season, in 19 appearances, just 12 of those starts. His movement for the goal was spot on as he yet again shows he’s a player for the big games.

8. David de Gea had a good game and pulled off one of the best saves of the season as Mata threatened to win it for Chelsea in the dying moments. A ludicrously awarded freekick was heading straight for the top corner before de Gea somehow managed to get his finger tips to it. It was good too see Evra protect him at the corners better than any player did at Anfield too. The press have their agenda, making a fuss over every tiny incident, but we can’t have too many complaints with how the Spaniard has performed against the better teams in the league this season.

9. You have to wonder how much longer it will be before Fabio is given a start at left back, given how out of his depth Evra is and has been for some time now. He just isn’t at the races and you have to wonder if it’s the captain’s armband that is keeping him in the squad. I like him and want him to do well. The fact that he’s never given a break surely can’t help him. He played 48 games in 07-08, 08-09 and 10-11, playing 51 games in 09-10. Is he just knackered?

10. Rooney, who Man of the Match, claimed this might be the point that wins us the title. Chelsea were there for the taking today but when the referee is having a mare and you score two own goals, you can be grateful for anything you get. City go two points clear again but we’ve got some players coming back. If we can get this far with a depleted squad, let’s see how we we’ve got a fuller squad to choose from.

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  1. mara says:

    Ibknow a subject, but someone mentioned abojt Pogba…i dont understand, Pobga is thinking will he sign or not, Ezekiel fryers also, Morrison left….
    in Dinamo Zagreb playing one very good player Kovacic. Everyone want him. Our boss looking 10 mils, SAF say: Too much. Modric was cost 24 mils….now is 40. same thing with Bale…we will lose great player because we dont

  2. mara says:

    ” dont have” money. I m not blameing SAF. i blame Glazers. we cant afford to buy wrong player. but in the end…what is a 10 mils..if we miss that guy…we will buy him again maybe….but than he will be cost 50 mils. i dont know why we dont see opportunites like others

  3. smartalex says:

    De Gea’s save from Mata’s freekick – 22 seconds

  4. mara says:

    And De Gea was fantastic, greatest. that free kick he saved, i never seen in my life, someone did something like that. Fabulous! world classs…

  5. everydayislikesunday says:

    Best United pen I’ve seen was Hargreaves in Moscow, pressure was right on him after Ronaldo had missed, and its a beauty

  6. King Eric says:

    If someone said we would get 4 points from the Emirates and Bridge I would have bitten their hand off. Beat the scousers and we are well on course. Spurs are decent but I aint worried about going there. Players will be back and fresh by then. Great comeback lads. If we were three down against Wigan then fair enough but it was the Chav’s at the Bridge. The lads dug deep and got their rewards.

    Hernandez seemed to be floating in the air for 2 minutes before his header. Love the kid.

    How many has Rooney now this season?

  7. King Eric says:

    Willie – Burley bread and butter save? Ha. Fucking idiot.

  8. King Eric says:

    mara – Oh change the bloody record mate!!!

  9. T. says:

    We should have had 3 points yesterday. Evra wasn´t good enough, letting Sturridge (not even a world-class player) having a go at him when double covered….it is not OK!!!! defending 3 yards away from Luiz when a cross is about to happen is not ok either Rio!!!

    Webb gave us a soft pen yes….but he painted himself into a tight corner for not sending Cahill down the tunnel in the first half.

    i am amazed that AVB is such a useless coach. 3-0 and still can´t get the rents to control the game and slow the play down with 10 men behind the ball. Frankly they weren´t able cause Manchester united controlled the pace of the game for 80 minutes and did whatever they liked in midfield.

    We should have won this game with 3 or 4 goals. bittersweet.

  10. T. says:

    To all De Gea haters out there, (I know u are a lot). I agree with u, he shouldn´t have given Chelsea that corner on Mata´s freekick in the top corner. Hold on to the ball u fuckin skinny spanish waiter!!!!!

  11. smartalex says:


    You xenophobic cunt! Fuck you and fuck off!

    To any other “de Gea haters” – Fuck you too, cunts!

  12. King Eric says:

    Brendan – I suggest you ask Xavi and Iniesta what they think of Scholes. Scholes has been in a league of his own and in his proper pomp would walk into that Barca side.

  13. matt4d says:

    Scott i don’t understand your issue over the awarding of the Mata free kick? It was stupid stupid tackle from Scholes. At stage in the game, just jockey the lad and try and force him to play a bad pass outwide or down the middle which we can defend. Instead, Scholes lunges in nowhere near the ball. Scholes had a phenomenal game yday, but his judgement in moments like these worries me as much today as it did 10 years ago.

  14. Keano16 says:

    The reason we will win this league – If City found themselves in the position we were in yesterday they would not have had the character to claw themselves back into it. Its a quality that Sir Alex seems to have instilled into the whole club and nothing is ever a lost cause. Other clubs just dont have that.

    Cant wait till that sunny day in May………………………..20

  15. Sandeep1878 says:


    if you watch it carefully, Scholesy stood his ground, stopped the challenge, it was Mata who ran into Scholes..

    Scotty is right there..its more of an attacking player moving towards the the opposition player…it wasnt any tackle by Scholesy..

  16. Sandeep1878 says:

    Hello King Eric…

    howdy pal?

    this is the list of scorers..

    UTD top scorers..

    Roo 15
    Chciha 8
    Berbatop 7
    Danny the lad 6
    Nani 6
    Park, Young, Carrick, Valencia, Ando – 2 each
    Samlling, Fletch, Scholesy, Giggsy, De Laet, Jonesy – 1 each

    EPL TOP 10..

    Van Persie 22
    Ba 16
    Aguero 15
    Rooney 15
    Dzeko 12
    Yakubu 12
    Bale 10
    Dempsey 10
    Adebayor 9
    Balotelli 9

  17. denton davey says:

    Balaji @ 6:30: ” City have only Kompany out and falter in Jan, yet the whole world still says they have the best squad in the league.”

    That’s not really true – they had Kompany suspended and YaYa Toure in the African Cup: those are their two most important players, along with Joe Hart and Davide Silva. However, that said, I think that your larger point still stands: their vaunted “best squad” is not actually very deep.

  18. denton davey says:

    Utd4life @ 8:32: “I’m looking forward to the Scholes-Cleverley combo.”

    I don’t think you’ll see that combination – unless it’s a match in which UTD don’t need to defend.

    When SAF brought on TheGingerNinja, the RentBoyz weren’t pressing so “he could play the game in his rocking chair”. This is the scenario in which his age/fitness really don’t matter since he’s never flustered and his vision is the most important part of his game. However, when Scholes is tightly marked/pressed then his declining fitness comes into play and he’s much less influential.

    The way I see it, the highest up-side for YoungTom would be for him to be a “replacement” for the-legend-that-is-Scholes. And, by the way, I think that no one has commented that “Scholes 22″ just looks wrong ! Why didn’t Ashley Young get down on his hands-and-knees and beg TheGingerNinja to slip into # 18 ?

  19. Sandeep1878 says:

    Sir Alex Ferguson has been named Coach of the Decade by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics.

  20. AK47 says:

    2. You’re wrong about the red card. It was definitely not a clear goal scoring opportunity. He’s going away from goal. However, i’m stunned and amazed that no one has highlighted the point about the foul carrying on inside the box. By my understanding of the law. If a foul is committed outside the box and carries on inside the box, it’s a penalty kick.

  21. Sandeep1878 says:

    Harry Gregg: “I turned around and got the shock of my life for there was Denis and Bobby standing, just watching the fire. I was so relieved, I thought they were dead.”

  22. Denton davey says:

    Vihelm28 @ 9:46:

    I’ve got to stick up for Rafael with regard to the second goal. He wasn’t “ball watching” but was defending the far post. Unfortunately – for him andUTD – TheLadyBoy’s cross to Mata was perfectly positioned ( five yards beyond the far post) while Mata’s late, blind-side run/volley were also perfect since the sequence essentially cut out the UTD defenders.

    When the other guys score such a beauty-goal you have to accept that not everything is going to go UTD’s way, all the time. If you still want to apportion “blame” then divide it between Evra ( who gave TheLadyBoy too much time/space ), Antonio Valencia/Michael Carrick ( who let Juan Mata have a free run into open space ), and Rafael ( who wasn’t in two places at the same time ).

  23. AK47 says:

    if i’m not mistaken, isn’t that the first penalty we’ve had given to us at either Chelsea, Arseanal, or Loserpool since 1999? IN ALL COMPETITIONS, and they say United pay the refs…. lol

  24. YorYor says:

    @AK47 that means we’ve used up our quota for the next 13 years too.

  25. mara says:

    King Eric…hehehe

  26. mara says:

    King Eric…i m boring, but that is gonnna cost us…remember what i say. It is gonna cost us a lot of mils…missing good players..

  27. Aberbacadabra says:

    Lots of man utd players coming back from injury, must be a good sign from above.

  28. Aberbacadabra says:

    Who saw how cahil breathed a sigh of relief when he noticed that the calls for a penalty din’t go utd’s way. It was that close, and they say webb favours man utd.


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