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Reactions To Draw With Spurs

1. Ahead of kick-off I would have taken a point from this game, something Rio Ferdinand confessed in his post-match interview, but it’s always going to be frustrating to concede with pretty much the last kick of the game. You’re left to the stew on the fact if they could have just held on for a few more seconds we’d be 7 points clear. As it is, we’re 5 points clear and that’s nothing to be scoffed at. We’ve played all of the four teams below us away from home now, our toughest games, yet we’re still top, so you’ve got to be pleased with that. We’ve scored late goals against enough teams to know that we’re not in any position to get in a sulk because someone did it back to us.

2. With Robin van Persie having already scored against City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool, you could hardly be surprised when he scored our opening goal. There was some lovely one touch passing in the build up, before Danny Welbeck brought the ball in front of the goal and played in Tom Cleverley. He’s not in a position to cross that often which is a shame because his ball to the back post was perfect. Van Persie’s header found the back of the net (although Lloris may feel disappointed to have been beaten at his near post) to make it 11 goals in his last 11 league games. He’s a machine.

3. Whilst David de Gea will take a lot of the blame for Spurs’ equalising goal (which I’ll get to in a minute), we should remember that it was his brilliant saves that kept us in the game until injury time. In the first half, Gareth Bale had a shot from outside the area which De Gea kept out with his legs. Then in the second half, Clint Dempsey was one on one with him and even after starting to move in the other direction, our goalie again kept it out with his legs. There were a few moments that had ‘goal’ written all over it for them but De Gea’s reactions secured our lead. However, he was at fault for the equalising goal, but I don’t think he was helped by Nemanja Vidic, who clearly doesn’t seem to trust our Spanish keeper to deal with the danger (rightly or wrongly) and therefore was another body between the De Gea and the ball. I’ve seen some people say there wasn’t much De Gea could have done differently but I have to disagree. It’s not just Schmeichel or Van der Sar who would have made sure they cleared the danger in that position, whoever they had to fly in to and take out along the way, but plenty of Premier League goalies too. What other keepers may lack in comparison to De Gea when it comes to his lightning speed reactions or distribution, they make up for in the ability to command the box and make the ball theirs. De Gea, at 22, just doesn’t have that yet. He needs to bulk up more and he needs to take charge. Schmeichel would have flattened Vidic and Caulker to get the ball away but De Gea was held off and could only take a feeble swipe at the ball. It would be lunacy to drop De Gea for this, as he is quite clearly the best goalie we have, but you wouldn’t put it past Ferguson. Fingers crossed the other top saves in the game will be enough to ensure he keeps his starting place. I like De Gea, I hope we stick with him and get to enjoy his performances for us over the next five or ten years. I suppose the concern could be that we are developing him, letting him make costly mistakes whilst learning his trade with us, before him upping and leaving for Real Madrid/Barcelona when he’s truly a world class keeper. Should we have bought the finished article when replacing Van der Sar, instead of a goalie who still has plenty to learn? There are arguments for that, but I have a lot of time for De Gea, and am looking forward to seeing the best from him.

4. Whilst our defence has been lacking at times this season, it’s great to see what Ferdinand and Vidic are capable of when they’re playing together. How many times over the past few weeks have you heard “and Vidic heads it clear…”? It’s great having him back in the team and only serves to remind you how much we were missing when he spent last season out injured. Rio was also impressive, managing to get his head to a Bale shot that was on target, but his stand out moment was against Jermaine Defoe. Defoe was behind our defence, it looked to be a certain goal, then out of nowhere, Rio got across him and blocked the shot. It’s rare to see Rio in that position because his reading of the game is so good he doesn’t often need to make a last ditch challenge, but that was superb.

5. From our point of view, the biggest talking point was the linesman and referee not spotting a blatant foul on Wayne Rooney in the penalty area. Rooney took a touch to take the ball around Caulker, Caulker put his leg across Rooney and got nothing on the ball, yet somehow, linesman Simon Beck, wouldn’t flag for it. Sometimes penalties are debatable, with it depending on which team you support as to whether you think it’s nailed on or not, but there could be no debate about this (unless you’re the Chelsea website columnist Pat Nevin, who tried to argue on MOTD2 that it looked like Rooney kicked Caulker’s leg, much to Alan Hansen’s bemusement). Ferguson could be in trouble for criticising the linesman, pointing to the history we have with him. Beck is also the linesman that gifted Chelsea the title in 2010 when missing that blatant offside against Drogba, but he is also the lino that didn’t flag for Nani’s handball ahead of that bizarre goal he scored against Spurs a couple of years ago. This isn’t an anti-United agenda, Beck is just shit at his job. Let’s leave it there.

6. In  our game at Old Trafford, United’s midfield ran the show, with Scholes completing 135 passes and Carrick 93. It was a different story this time around, particularly in the second half. Dembele completed more passes than anyone else (49) with Phil Jones just behind him (42). Carrick’s influence could be compared to Parker’s, with them both completing 39 passes (although Carrick had a better accuracy rate), yet what Carrick lacked in passing in this game, he made up for in defensive duties. He completed more than double the amount of tackles of anyone on the pitch and made more interceptions than any other United player. However, whilst not wanting to sound like a broken record, Dembele was available for £15m this summer and would have been great for us this season.

7. I was impressed with the tactical change from United which seemed fairly effortless and worked for most of the game. The addition of Phil Jones strengthened the midfield, Kagawa did an excellent job of keeping possession (93% pass completion rate overall, 12/14 in the final third) and Welbeck picked up where he left off with his hard work against Liverpool. However, the substitutions didn’t really work in the way we would have liked (although we’d probably be singing a different tune if Rooney won then scored that penalty). After replacing Kagawa, he completed just 64% of his passes, and just 3/6 in the final third. Can Kagawa not last the full 90? Did Fergie want Rooney to have more playing time after a few weeks out? Who knows, but things did start to go downhill once the changes were made.

8. Obviously, if Spurs had scored first and we scored an injury time equaliser we’d be delighted with the point. The timing of the goals changes that feeling though but there’s no shame in getting a point at White Hart Lane, particularly when you consider they’ve got the 4th best home record in the league this season. As always, hopefully this will be a learning curve for United and they’ll be that bit tighter during injury time the next time we’re clinging on to a 1-0 win. 15 games to go…

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  1. Diego says:

    A point wasn’t good before the game and it certainly wasn’t after. Spurs play a high line, like Chelsea did under Villas-Boas. There was lots of space behind the slow and shit defense of spurs containing the hoof machine that is Dawson. We were to defensive and that showed in the shots on goal stats.

    On another note, can’t for the life of me get why Hernandez isn’t playing. Rooney is once again hitting that new bottom in terms of form whereas Welbeck runs a lot, but can’t make the final pass/shot count.

  2. Daniel88 says:

    I would like to see the above defense and midfield in Spain.
    The front three can be rotated depending on who is on form and who we play against.

  3. WeAreUnited says:


    I think Chicha not playign has to do that he has scored 11 goals in his last 13 games and I think assisted 2.

    So he’s not scoring or running or passing enough.

  4. WeAreUnited says:


    or it’s

    “tactical” to leave such a non profilic player on the bench

  5. WeAreUnited says:

    I am sorry 11 games in his last 14 and assisted only 4 in his last 14 games

    so in total of 15 points in his last 14 games, and I am not including the games for Mexico where he scored 2

    so basically 13 goals and 4 assists in his last 16

    OBVIOUSLY he’s not not profilic and we are saving him

  6. WeAreUnited says:

    Ou I have more, and I know some will “ducks” wil lsay why am I again putting the same thing, well to tell you how Chicharito doesn’t deserve to start.

    Which breaks the myth of Chicha being only a supersub and contributing more from there. Not saying he’s not good coming from the subs, but he’s better when he starts.


    2010-2011: 45/20 ~ start: 27, goals 12 ~ sub: 18, goals: 8 ~ scored in 17 games = 37.7%

    2011-2012: 36/12 ~ start: 22, goals: 10 ~ sub: 14, goals: 2 ~ scored in 10 games = 27.7%

    2012-2013: 21/12 ~ start:13, goals: 8 ~ sub: 9, goals: 4 ~ scored in 9 games = 42.8% Overall:

    starts: 62, goals: 30, scored in 23 games = 37.7%

    sub: 41, goals: 14, scored in 13 games = 31.7%

    102 games, 44 goals, scored in 36 games = 35.2%

    11 assists ~

    2010-2011: 4,
    2011-2012: 3,
    2012-2013: 5.

  7. WeAreUnited says:

    12* assists.

  8. BarraView says:

    Great to read all the comments from all you insiteful readers! The law of averages tell you that with so many shots at De Gea’s goal one of them will go in. Just too bad it came at the very end! The fault is not the defence but the midfield and attack, They need to hold the ball and play up. Why Kagawa and Cleverley the 2 with the possession game, energy and drive were substituted only AF knows! If they had remained I reckon we would have won! Thts’s the problem of wanting to play Rooney in a game, who do you take off? The answer so often is Kagawa because AF does not want to take off Welbeck. How does Chicha feel when the bumbling colleague who can’t score gets to play? If and when AF sorts out the best 11 and the positions for his forwards then the team will fly……

  9. United Till I Die says:

    @We Are United

    The games you mentioned happened earlier, but right now we’re entering the business end. I agree we could’ve started a stronger team, so Sunday’s selection must’ve been based on upcoming fixtures. Doubt Fergie would’ve gone with that team otherwise

    As for Hernandez, brilliant though he is, its not always as simple as throwing him on the pitch mate! Chica maintains a high line and rarely drops deep to get the ball, so who in Sunday’s team was gonna get the ball to him regularly? Without conceding?

    Or to put it another way, Welbeck started because he suited the line up. He posed a threat all over the pitch, on the left, the right, through the middle, deep, and in the box. Plus he sticks a boot in, so in a 5 man midfield he gives more bang for the buck mate.

    But lets say Chica was subbed on to join RVP… who in the rest of that team was gonna get the ball forward? Chica and Robin up front would’ve meant a 4 man midfield of Valencia, Rooney, Jones and Carrick, and they had a 1-0 away lead to defend!

    Hernandez is brilliant, but he only shines when he has delivery to match. Sunday’s team wasn’t set up to pepper the Spurs box and thats why he didn’t start. Danny didn’t get good service, but he still posed a threat and created as much as Tom or Kag tbf to him.

    When we face teams with two wingers Chica is in his element, and we know what he can do with chance after chance. But when we start with 1 striker, Danny has to be first choice to play wide, especially when Nani, Young and Valencia are injured or out of form.

    Just imagine if Fergie switched us to a 4-4-2 on Sunday with Rooney, Jones, Carrick and Valencia in midfield? We could’ve lost the game! DDG was keeping us in the game with 5 players in midfield as it is! Once we get our wingers back, we’ll see more of Hernandez. Maybe RVP will sit out the FA Cup and Rooney and Chica will start? Either way, we should appreciate what each player does bring to the team, and in a 4-5-1 with no wingers, Welbeck did a solid job on Sunday. Ferguson has to take each game as it comes mate. He nearly pulled it off.

  10. WeAreUnited says:


    haha, you understood me wrong mate!

    I didn’t mean to cut Welbeck off, he’s been brilliant and deserved to start that game and play through 90minutes. He’s been very good coming from the middle or wing. Better than the rest of our “real” wingers

    I think this is the only thing where you went wrong: “so who in Sunday’s team was gonna get the ball to him regularly? ”

    We had Welbeck, we had Cleverley and we had Carrick to deliver him and also Kagawa would have been a good choice to give him the ball, RVP also. SO basically all our 442 players. If we play 442, so who would play him the balls, those players of course :) if you get what I mean.
    You can’t use that excuse with Chicha, cause the lad is a professional, and manages to create chances also, and he’s not bad at keeping the posession.

    By playing too defensively, we gave Tottenham too much respect. And not saying just because of the 1-1, but even if it was 1-0 for us. I think the duo of Clevs and Carrick does well, Kagawa in the left and Welbeck on the right would have been ideal, like against Liverpool. Except Welbeck played as a striker. As great as Jones played and a talented lad he is, I wouldn’t have played him in that match.

    I understand that we played basically 451 and Jones covered Bale, but here I see where SAF went wrong. Against City for example we played 442 and we did brilliant. Are Tottenham better than City? No matter how good their wingers are. The answer is no. I think SAF blew this up. He thought he could deal with the defensice approach but it cost us 2 points.

    We fought and our spirit was EXELLENT, but I think SAF made a mistake, and this is only my opinion :)

    And look, Chicha ain’t no “special” player that can be used only with some tactics, no matter what, we have seem him this season, he keeps the ball ,and if he was the lone striker, it would have meant RVP to drop deep. And this is IF we would have approached the game with my starting eleven.

    It’s no science with Chicha, sacrifice someone else, instead of Chicha, drop RVP deep, he can playmake, and score goals.

    The thing is why we didn’t do that is: SAF decided to go ultradefensive in this game. 2 shots towards the goal tells it all. If he’d approached the game with 4411, the game would have been different, I believe so.

    But it’s easy for us to sit behind the computer and say this and that. IF and IF :P peace mate!

  11. WeAreUnited says:

    forgot to mention this

    “Sunday’s selection must’ve been based on upcoming fixtures. Doubt Fergie would’ve gone with that team otherwise”

    I agree.

  12. RedLion says:

    Imagine that Manchester United had to sell either Chicha or Wellbeck right now. Who would you keep between the two forwards if you had to decide today?? One scores and the other however great a runner, does not. Other than Chicharito, Robin Van Persie is the only forward who is constantly scoring. Trust me when i say that there is not a single soul outside of Britain, who would pick Danny Wellbeck ahead of Chicha, and thats reality. This sport is about scoring goals and if your forward is not scoring, regardless of nationality, theres no logical reason to pick him ahead of another forward who is. And please dont say he helps defending, we are Manchester United, and we are supposed to have players who are capable of dominating their area ffs.

  13. Den says:

    I just can’t understand the criticism of De Gea after this match. I was pretty down after the game and didn’t check any social websites for some time. Then I see that people are blaming the draw on De Gea who I thought did really well! I think that because supporters of other clubs try to constantly slate him that it’s gotten to our own supporters heads! If that had been ANY other goalkeeper in that league, nobody would have regarded that as a HUGE or STUPID mistake. Every goalkeeper in the league make mistakes but they’re already settled and/or don’t have a huge price tag on their heads and therefor don’t have to take shit for it. I think it’s clear that because Carrick is playing so good now that even the worst Carrick haters can’t bash him anymore that De Gea is the new scapegoat! Why does there have to be a scapegoat?

    I also saw that someone said his distribution was SHIT against Spurs. What? He always had to kick it long because of high pressure from them and always kicked it in to an area for the strikers or wingers to battle for it. Remember one even going directly to the feet of Cleverley in the middle of the park! Meanwhile Lloris was in the other goal constantly kicking the ball out of play, regarded as one of the best keepers in the world. Who dealt better with the snowy conditions? Unbelievable!

    What I saw was a goalkeeper who saved our defense butts when Dempsey walked through them and then made a great save following to deflections!

    What happened was a that we made a draw with the team in 4th place of the league, is that so tough to handle? Even Barcelona lose sometimes! It sucks but we can’t always win! I was gutted after that game, probably more because it was such a late goal but I don’t feel the need for a scapegoat to bash! The lads didn’t do well enough bet that happens! Bring on the next match!

    To the 20th!

  14. samuel - united WE stand says:


    Imagine that Manchester United had to sell either Chicha or Wellbeck right now. Who would you keep between the two forwards if you had to decide today?? One scores and the other however great a runner, does not. Other than Chicharito, Robin Van Persie is the only forward who is constantly scoring. Trust me when i say that there is not a single soul outside of Britain, who would pick Danny Wellbeck ahead of Chicha, and thats reality. This sport is about scoring goals and if your forward is not scoring, regardless of nationality, theres no logical reason to pick him ahead of another forward who is. And please dont say he helps defending, we are Manchester United, and we are supposed to have players who are capable of dominating their area ffs.”

    1. But fergie picks him, the manager whose opinion matters more than you or your fellow scout-boys. 2. Neither is getting sold, your hypotheticals deserve one thing and that’s it being flushed down the toilet. Both players are integral members of the team, both bring different qualities to the table, welbeck was preferred to carry out a specific role and he put in an outstanding performance i thought, could have brought a goal too but he certainly needs to improve one area and it’s the ruthlessness in front of goal, the important thing is he continues to get into the area to score, hopefully it will be a matter of time for the confidence and belief that strikers feed on to rush back.

    3. There is a logical reason to pick him as the manager had enough quality at his disposal yet welbeck got the nod, looks like we’ll add you to the many muppets that claim players make the team based on “selling shirts” or “nationality”.

    People like you do not understand the essence of squad management or even tactical needs, can’t seem to grasp the idea that all the players have a role to carry out and everyone will get a game depending on what they offer, NO ONE IS BEING FUCKING SOLD. I can imagine if you were a manager, you would go all gung-ho against spurs and let the likes of bale have a joyous day, deary me!.

    Stick to your “souls” outside britain and let those that actually understand what it takes to run a team (which is what fergie does) deal with the footballing side.

  15. Brooklyn Red says:

    Has anyone else seen this? Real Madrid’s possible fixture list….
    Opponent Competition Date
    Valencia (a) La Liga 20/01
    Valencia (a) Copa del Rey 23/01
    Barca/Malaga (h)* Copa del Rey 30/01
    Man United (h) C. League 13/02
    Barca/Malaga (a)* Copa del Rey 27/02
    Barcelona (h) La Liga 02/03
    Man United (a) C. League 05/03
    A Madrid (a) La Liga 27/04
    *Must beat Valencia

  16. Raizzen says:

    I dont understand the sticks that Welbeck’s got. I mean goals aside, I think he brought another dimension to United’s game. His speed and pressure off the ball have always been a threat to the opposition. He doesnt have too many assists on his name. Because his contibution is more like assist-before-the-assist type.

    Pardon my English tho

  17. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Agreed on de gea, the criticsm is gone beyond senseless, it isn’t made to benefit the growth/development of de gea. It seems the norm to pick a target and continue to lambast him and just in-FUCKING-case they’re proved right due to their victim committing an error (which is inevitable, de gea is inexperienced), they throw parade party. It simply is a case of blowing any that concerns manchester united into ridiculous proportion, these A.B.U’s are looking desperately for any sign of weakness, the pundits on this shores are an absolute disgrace, cunts like alan hansen writing players off like he once did to the likes of giggs and scholes. De gea does have things to improve on, certainly taking command and being more dominant of his box but that will only come with experience, those expecting him to bark at experienced defenders like vidic at this moment are living in coo coo land but his talent is clear for those that want to see it blossom, he has it in him to be world class and he’s only a couple of tweaking away from reaching those levels. Fergie knew exactly what he was buying when he got de gea in, he was never the complete keeper and still isn’t, the premier league is a testing league, it examines every aspects of a keepers prowess. You get teams constantly knocking crosses, diagonal and borderline long punts into the box,degea was brought up amongst technical players and he’s having to adapt, a lot of people can’t seem to see that. This constant hounding of de gea will only aid barca in their push to sign de gea for peanuts, they recognise his talents and with de gea getting grief off A.B.U’s, you’d think those that support or have an affiliation to united will rally around him but then you get skysports funded gary neville giving out flack, disappointed in my view but de gea is a strong character and will hopefully bounce back.

  18. AntiScouser says:

    Hey…You win some, you draw some. End of.

  19. Red Robin says:

    Freakin Alan Hansen is targeting our DDG:

    While DDG could have done better to save Dempsey shot, I don’t think he is that bad and become our liability. To put DDG in the same place as Taibi, Bosnich, and Leighton is bollocking nonsense in highest order. Like others have said, he is still young and he is learning. And the whole team must be responsible for the goals conceded.

    Anyway, Its fun to see ABU brigade doing all they can to stop United.

  20. The redderdevil says:

    I have now seen this regarding DDG like on a 3rd different website in the last month. lts ve very true that DDG has been a consistent shot stopper, best ball distributor but also consistent with blunders pn high balls. Why for instance didn’t he seek to tip the ball over his bar for a corner instead of punching it back into play. He has repeated that particular error over and ovet again

  21. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Gary Neville joins in criticizing de Gea on MNF
    but makes a strong point:

    “In that dressing room, playing for that manager, it’s not about destroying confidence. It’s about learning fast”

    Points out that the United defense not much impressed w DdG after he weekly punched out the ball that ended up coming right back into the net.

  22. FletchTHEMAN says:

    redderdevil Haha, It won’t be Cassillas in my view. Lad will never play in the prem. To short. Full stop.
    Ikar is a great keeper but at 1.85m, needs to stand on his toes to touch a crossbar mate. He is routinely found wanting on crosses and is being found out this season in La Liga.

    If you want to talk about “way out by the moon” rumors then maybe you’ll be having Pepe Reina as our next keeper. I won’t be putting money on that one either.

    In my view, you can put both those ideas right up your Fabian Barthez! ;)

    Silly season, oi me!

  23. The redderdevil says:

    But the fact is united is scouting for a seasoned shot stopper. IT doesn’t mean though ddg will be released rather he will get time to develop away from the limelight. its anders who should worry

  24. Costas says:

    There were a ton of mistakes leading up to that goal. Blaming De Gea is the shortsighted and easy thing to do. Hansen says goalkeeping errors like that could cost us the title. He’s the pundit, but I guess he hasn’t noticed how many opposing attacking midfielders have scored against us unchecked this season. Dempsey himself has done it twice.

  25. FletchTHEMAN says:

    I fully agree, we shouldn’t blame De Gea as the lad kept us in the game and the goal came from a series of incidents any of which could have sorted the game. But keepers at United will be blamed.

    Speaking of Keepers that got their share of the blame.
    Mark Bosnich (38 games)
    Fabien Barthez (139 games)
    Roy Carroll (72 games)
    Ben Foster (23 games)
    Tim Howard (77 games)
    Tomasz Kuszczak (61 games)

    From my thinking you can only compare De Gea with Barthez from this list. Fantastic shot stopper, good with the distribution, struggled in the air. Reason for Barthez was his size (1.8m) smallest United number 1 in the EPL era. That is not De Gea’s problem. He will learn.

  26. DreadedRed says:

    The redderdevil says: “But the fact is united is scouting for a seasoned shot stopper.”

    Fact? I don’t think so. Can you substantiate your so-called ‘fact’?

  27. RedAllTheWay says:

    @ WeAreUnited ;

    mate, chicas stats when he starts are of course going to be better, when he starts h’ll play 60-90 mins. off the bench, he’ll play maybe around a third of that. so, obviously, he’s likely to score more goals when he starts. however, i’m sure if you calculate mins per goal when he starts, and when he’s a sub, you’ll see a difference.

    furthermore, having chico come off the bench is better than having welbz come off it. and while chico’s overall play IS improving, it is NO where near the level of welbz overall play. either way, both bring different elements to the game. welbeck is the one i prefer, with his versatility as well, meaning he goes to the wings often, important seeing how shiite our wingers are this season. IMO, this should be our first XI, more or less..


    Rafael- rio – vidic – evra

    carrick – anderson

    nani – rooney – kagawa


    obviously there will be constant changing & rotation throughout the season to suit the opposition etc. reallyyy want to see cleverly develop his DEFENSIVE side so he can partner ando in a 4-4-2.

    btw, appart from getting a carrick-type player, do we really need anyone else ? we have kags & rooney, maybe even welbz & RvP to be creative forces in the middle. get our wingers on form, ando will be our box to box player. only weakness in a defensive minded mid who can play the “carrick” role. don’t think anyone else in the world is anywhere near as good as him. alonso & busquets are up there, at that level imo.

    finally, anyone seeing these pogba performances ? i think this is what sets us apart from most other top teams. we’re more disciplined and talent doesn’t matter unless you WANT to play for the club. won’t be held to ransom. even rooney ended up signing the ORIGINAL contract, no matter how high it really was. but yes, while mankini will bring back tevez to help win the title, SAF dropped rooney & evans against blackburn when we had an injury crisis, meaning we lost that match & then the title.. we win the united way, but we’d rather win with the style & discipline then we love, rather than like 2 faced cunts :)

  28. Sparkz says:

    Why is Welbeck getting stick when he was one of our best performers on Sunday? Worked his socks off, carried the ball forward with great threat (was the only member of our team that was actually willing to be a ball carrier)….and played a big part in our goal. Just like he did for both of our goals last week against Liverpool. You’ve gotta be blind if you can’t see the extra dimension he gives to our attacking play.

    And for everybody talking about his lack of goals – nobody’s denying his finishing needs work….but he’s been playing as a winger pretty much all season. His goals output shouldn’t be compared to the strikers.

  29. Wakey says:

    I think Scott suggesting that DDG should have flattened Vidic is a bit unfair. Sure a keeper like Schmeichel would have but Vidic is built like a brick so a young continental keeper isn’t ever going to be able to do that. I can’t even recall Edwin going through Vidic. I certainly can’t see a keeper like Joe Hart doing so.

    What makes it worse for DDG in this situation is the way Vidic goes into DDG, its right in DDG core which will unbalance anyone

    The problem with Welbeck is that as you say he is great in positions where he provides the assist to the assist and his work rate is brilliant but when he gets in the final third and is in a great position to either score or assist he goes to pot. Its as if he gets in his own head when given time to think and losses the chance. That’s a major issue and is the kind of thing that makes the difference between a United level player and a mid table team player.

    If he can just learn to relax and play naturally rather than over think and panic he could be a top player but he needs to sort that out quickly because he can’t be relied on and there’s a couple of good prospects behind him.

  30. kel says:

    We should be patient and not want anybody out. Hate seeing what the media and some fans say that DDG should be drop for his mistake. I feel he is out number one and yes has a lot to learn but hes got a lightning speed reaction.

    Even though hes not commanding, lets give him time. Everytime someone makes mistake, some fans asked to drop that player. It’s a shame that fans dont really support the team.

  31. WeAreUnited says:

    @redalltheway @sparkz

    Nobody givin him stick, not after his last game, and I stated:
    “January 22, 2013 at 01:25
    WeAreUnited says: haha, you understood me wrong mate!
    I didn’t mean to cut Welbeck off, he’s been brilliant and deserved to start that game and play through 90minutes. He’s been very good coming from the middle or wing. Better than the rest of our “real” wingers”

    BTW. I don’t get how when I talk about Chicha, people suddenly defend Welbeck, when I clearly only said that Chicha deserves his starting place at the moment.

    Nothing to do with Welbz, when the lad played his last game as a winger. But if it was me who chooses the striker, I would pick Chicha over Welbeck at the moment immediatelly. But the thing is, Welbeck played as a winger.

    you contradict yourself, and don’t get me wrong, you say “mate, chicas stats when he starts are of course going to be better, when he starts h’ll play 60-90 mins. off the bench, he’ll play maybe around a third of that. so, obviously, he’s likely to score more goals when he starts.”

    But isn’t it better to give Chicha his 90 minutes so he scores that one goal that might win us a game? Some get 90minutes and does nothing. When you know he’s scoring? strange. ManCity had the same problem with Dzeko, and now he’s playing, and scoring goals for fun, like Chicha.

    It’s strange how people seem to put Chichas goals aside, when clearly they have been gamewinning goals no matter were they at 15 or 90 minutes. amazing. And has nothing to do with Welbeck at the moment.

    BTW. The formation you put would be my formation if I were a manager. Maybe Clevs instead of Carrick? It depends.

    Rafael- rio – vidic – evra
    carrick – anderson
    nani – rooney – kagawa


  32. Sparkz says:

    @WeAreUnited – I wasn’t referring to you mate, there were a few others on this thread who were slating Welbeck.

  33. Canada says:

    ***Did somebody else notice rafael surging ahead in injury time for a counter when all you have to do is sit out 1 minute of time and take a 1-0 win.***

    Looked to me like the ball landed two feet from Tony and Rafael headed up the wing as an outlet to run the ball into their half/to the corner. Especially after he threw his hands up when Tony didn’t make a move to go for the ball.

    Thought Rafael had a really good game. Gives me some hope for the Madrid ties.

    Wellbeck showed a tonne of effort and skill but deary me when will he learn to pick out a pass? Strikers are supposed to be selfish, but when you’re playing on the wing you need to be supplying RVP.

    Anyone seen enough QPR to give any insight on how Fabio is coming along?


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