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Reactions To Draw With West Ham

1. When you go behind twice in a game you can’t be too disappointed when you leave with a draw. United weren’t good enough to take all three points and as frustrating as that may be we should be content enough with taking something out of the game. City drew 0-0 there and Chelsea lost 3-1 so we can’t be too downbeat about it. It’s just a shame that United can’t grab games by the scruff of the neck any more.

2. Shinji Kagawa showed us what we have to look forward to next season in setting up both goals in two different but equally brilliant ways. The first saw a little shimmy leave the defender for dead to put it on a plate for Antonio Valencia to make it 1-1 and the second was an excellent goal-bound effort which saw a deflection take it off the woodwork and straight in to the path of Robin van Persie to make it 2-2. He also completed 91% of his passes and only two players (non-defenders) completed more than him, despite him being taken off with over ten minutes left to play. It seemed an odd time to replace him and when chasing a win you would think Phil Jones, who was fairly anonymous, might have been a more obvious choice. Still, that would have left us open to danger on the counter but it seemed unfair to hook Kagawa just a minute after creating our second goal.

3. Whilst still a shadow of his former self, Antonio Valencia looked much brighter yesterday. Not only was he attempting to cross the ball, something that seems to happen so rarely with his apparent brain freeze, but he was delivering good balls in to the box too. If not for the top goalkeeping of Jääskeläinen he could have had an assist to his name. Before last night he had won every league game he had scored in (for Wigan as well), more than any other player in Premier League history (according to Opta) but records are there to be broken and sadly last night was the night. He couldn’t miss after getting in a good position to receive Kagawa’s cross and returned to his usual stern-faced celebration. Too early to say he’s back just yet but at least he looked more like a winger last night.

4. After putting away the penalty on Sunday the manager was obviously hoping that the resulting confidence may help Van Persie go on another goalscoring run. It wasn’t just a simple tap in for him though, with a defender sliding in and the goal at a tight angle. He lifted the ball well and put himself within one goal of being the country’s top scorer. No hug for Ferguson this time though, after all the stick he’s got from his team mates.

5. Michael Carrick completed over 100 passes for United last night with an accuracy of 90% which again illustrates what an important player he is for us. It feels as though every week he gets a mention for his contribution but it’s incredible to see the consistency he has enjoyed this season. Carrick said in an interview this week that it’s down to experience and still only at 31-years-old, with next to no real injury past to speak of, we might have his best years to come.

6. David de Gea came through another physical test, playing his second tough team in a matter of days, and was particularly impressive just ahead of being flattened by Andy Carroll. A year ago he wouldn’t have got near that cross, with players all around him, but he made sure he got a fist to it at the expense of being clattered. How Carroll escaped without punishment is beyond me, but then he got away with elbows, knees and kicks all game and was very lucky to still be on the field at the final whistle. His yellow card came for the tamest challenge of them all in a tussle with De Gea, which seemingly lead to our goalie being booed all game by the bubble blowing fairies. It’s great to see the progress he is making though. Adding bravery to his agility means he will be adding on the points for us come the end of the season.

7. Whilst Ryan Giggs was poor after coming on, completeling a lowly 57% of his passes, he almost played the one ball that mattered when finding Chicharito in the box. The move had goal written all over it but somehow Carroll got a toe to it, leaving our Mexican frustrated.

8. There was real pace and urgency about our games for the last ten minutes but this attitude should be drilled in from the start, not just when they start getting desperate at the end. We have a longer rest until our next game and could win the league on Monday night if Spurs, who are in desperate need of the points following Chelsea’s win over Fulham, beat City. Let’s remember that the blues have to win their game in hand just to get within ten points of us, so there really is no need for panic stations. It’s understandable that we’ll be more nervous after the team threw away the league last season, but this is a healthy lead. Still, the sooner they can put us out of our misery and win the bloody thing the better!

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  1. AlphaRS says:

    United have slowly started to play a more negative, efficient and boring brand of football.
    These sorts of performances were usually only for European games but slowly we have seen them creep in to domestic league games.

    That isn’t a criticism but an observation of what seems to be going on at United. I suppose we could pretend everything is okay but as time goes on it is really starting to do my head in.

    What happened to our wingers bullying full backs in to making mistakes, or running at them with them back tracking in fear of their dear lives? What happened to cutting inside and finding a man with a simple pass, or simply smashing the ball in to the back of the net from 30 yards out?

    What happened to United absolutely battering teams in to submission?

  2. Heywood Red says:

    West Ham away is a tough game so the positive is coming back twice. Feel like City have the belief at
    The min after beating us and scoring late last night. But fuck them we just need to concentrate on getting
    The points we need now.

  3. dasilvatwins says:

    Great article ( once again) scott, back to the point, i dont see why hernandez doesnt start more games , it seems these days ferguson has made his mind up of being cautious before you attack, why cleverly or anderson didnt start il never know, on a side note vidic played out of his skin yesterday and il say hand on hear, he is the best center back i have ever seen! . i hope chicharito starts against villa , as they will be looking to attack as they are in a relegation battle. it is frustrating though to see last nights game happen. rooney should be dropped against villa , no team is bigger than the club and his form has been piss poor recently! i dont care how big of a player you are if you are playing crap you deserved to be dropped. i do feel sorry for hernandez who i cant remember the last time he started 2-3 games together, how he gets so many games while being an in and out player is beyond me, ( this does sound like a hernandez love affair ) dont get me wrong he needs to improve on his overall play but his holding up against stoke and distribution was much better!.

  4. RED-LEB says:

    No reactions about wazza ?! I felt he was better as a midfielder at stoke last weekend !

  5. JMan43 says:

    The only aspect of what you have written that I would take issue with was the fact that RVP was in an offside position and should have been flagged offside before he put the equalizer away. A draw was probably a fair result but as a West ham fan would be nice to close out a win against your guys from being twice in front as those opportunities don’t come around too often. You are where you are on merit and the one thing that makes you winners as a team, even if it is bemoaned as not being, individually, the best United team ever, is the refusal to accept that you can be beaten.

  6. FletchTHEMAN says:

    De Gea was complete quality for me.

    Slow pace was our down fall …. YET again.

    Rooney in CM resulted in both goals, first by giving way a pass and then not busting a gut to sort the resulting break. Second by being done by a bit of skill just outside our box.

    Kags and Carrick again the engines.

    The biggest frustration was the ref Lee Probert who had a complete shambles of a game from both camps point of view. How Carroll was on the pitch after that late assault on De Gea is beyond me. If that lumbering Ox does ever get a run at england I can see games ending with 10 men as that crap just won’t cut it in europe. Dangerous play, De Gea is a lucky man this morning.

    Think Rooney as a CM is going to become a more frequent sight. Until we sort out the players behind him, it will be a long road. Both he and Phil Jones just can’t hold the ball up as they need to. All attack and little guile at this point in their games. We will see if that can be sorted this summer.

    Still, Coming back from 2 goals and getting a point, almost nicking it as well. Have to be pleased.
    But the last 10 minutes were the best football we played. To bad Kagawa was taken off.

  7. Heywood Red says:

    Don’t forget alpha at beginning of the season we looked impressive at times and got some good
    Results. I don’t think it helps that in valencia we have a functional winger rather that an exciting one, and
    Young and Nani just haven’t performed for most of the year. Business end of the season is always more
    Difficult, look back to the 90′s when we won loads of games 1-0 towards the end of a season abd the defending then was dogshite. It is becoming a different brand of play, but think its just indicitive of the league and the teams in it becoming more solid

  8. Dazbomber says:

    I think we are playing like Champions, just because the football is not flowing doesn’t mean any thing. Champions take points when they don’t play well , when they come back from losing positions , they keep going when they get decisions against them,this is what Champions are made of . When we win the league no one remember s games like this but these are the games that sorts out Champions from also ran’s . So suck it up and enjoy your 20 league title.

  9. GENTLEKEZ says:

    Is like this is d end of road for Nani and Ando. And d continuous omission of cleverly from games means that SAF is in d market for ready made player

  10. Smithy99 says:

    How the fuck Andy Carroll didn’t get a straight red for his ‘assault’ on David De Gea is beyond me. That was an awful challenge. And then it was laughed off by Neville and Brooking. He could have done De Gea some serious damage with that.

  11. AlphaRS says:

    @Heywood Red
    Winning tropies is always more important than playing attractive football at the business end of the season. I have to say thoguh these sorts of performances have become more and more regular as time has gone on.
    You’re right about Velencia being functional, Nani and Young being more exciting, but don’t you think the whole team seems to have become more functional. As an extreme reminding me of the way The Rent Boys used to play under Maureen with his hyper efficient brand of football.
    We have been spoilt really by the sides that SAF has put together and there are a generation of United fans that only know United winning. They don’t know about the days before SAF when United when United were basically a cup team like say Newcastle. The loveable triers who would always fall at the final hurdle.
    I agree the league has generally got stronger but I think the top teams have also got poorer. The teams not being in the later stages of the Champions League evidence of this.

  12. AlphaRS says:

    The mark of champions grinding out results even when not playing well. Agree with that but I think it would be fair to say a lot of the football United have been playing has been like watching Sunday League.

  13. iced earth says:

    cunt mankinin
    “If they hadn’t scored an offside goal it would be even fewer points. We could have got it down to nine.
    you are dreaming manchini

  14. iced earth says:

    ddg will be the best gk in the world for many years
    we need a cm sir alex is playing jones because he know we need a physical presence at the middel the likes of wanayma or bender would suit us
    jones is cb and could be a legend i just hope sir alex give him the chance to play regulary at the back
    kagawa could be great nxt season

  15. theknightswhosayni says:

    As a West Ham fan, I agree that Carroll was a lucky man to be on the pitch. Got carried away, in trying to sell himself as he is frustrated at not being given a chance at Liverpool. Still young, so needs to learn to calm down.

    It was a great game, and I am happy with the result, and yes, your 2nd goal was offside, but hey ho, thats football for you.

    I thought when you guys knocked the ball about, you looked very impressive.
    2 good games against you this season, and we were unlucky with the goal we conceeded up there, but can’t grumble, as a few seasons ago we would have crumbled under the pressure on both games, and lost easily, so testament to the staff, and players we have, and shows we can give most teams a run for their money, certainly at home anyway.
    The title is yours, and has been pretty much all season, so well done, and at least for now, I can say, look forward to hopefully having another couple of good games against you next season.

  16. Wakey says:

    I actually thought Kagawa was ineffective apart from the first goal until Rooney was taken off. Once Rooney went off he seemed to start to get involved much more and in more Dangourous positions. So his removal was a little odd. Personally I would have taken off Valencia instead and had Hernandez and shifted RvP onto the right, with Giggs on the left and Kagawa behind the striker but with Giggs and RvP playing a bit more narrow and cutting in to get involved. Think with Kagawa on the field we may have snatched the win.

    As for the ref he was awful. I have no problem with teams being physical but West Ham crossed the line on many occasions. The fact the only yellow was Caroll’s (Which I suspect was the fact he jumped into DDG, then seemed to try and con the ref into giving a pen before being abusive and it looked like he may have spat at DDG so it took 4 offences in one to get a yellow) speaks volumes as Nolan and Carroll we throwing elbows, kicking and foiling all game. Carrolls assault on DDG shoudl have been a red and WH’s 2nd to me was a foul as Nolan jumped into Evra to prevent him trying to deal with it.

    As for the 1st goal I was surprised how other players were getting stick for it but nothing was said about Vidic. It seemed another case of him refusing to trust DDG to me. As a CB with both your full back and Keeper behind you you don’t back off. His backing off gave Vaz Te the space he needed and without that space I’m not sure he would have scored

  17. samuel - united WE stand says:

    The english teams not being in the latter stages of the champions league means fuck all,quit following jason cunt-dy and make your own mind up. The european competition tends to be a circle and you’ll get various leagues doing well, you make out like everything is plain and white when in fact, several circumstances play a part in teams getting knocked out. The premier league is a tough league, there’s no such thing as an easy 3points, westham can.only emphasise that despite them being long ball merchants.

  18. samuel - united WE stand says:

    i know united have not been fluid, cohesive and work are there still to do but to claim united are sunday league, that’s exaggeration of epic proportions.

  19. Joffrey Baratheon says:

    Samuel, yes I do think the English teams will be back next season in Europe, but you can’t deny the fact the league is a lot weaker than it was 4 or 5 years ago. Is it really more conpetitive than ever? United won 25 out of their first 30 games for the first time ever and we’re not a patch on the 2008 side we had. United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool are all shadows of their former selfs from 4 or 5 years ago. You can not deny this fact.

  20. AlphaRS says:

    @samuel – united WE stand
    Are your comments in response to my posts?

    In comparison to some of the brilliant teams that SAF has assembled I’d say watching United dawdle over the finish line has been like watching Sunday League.

  21. Manutd Life says:

    Turth be told, with all due respect Fergie is becoming a coward by playing guys out of position. Thats why we re putting in sucker ass performances.

  22. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Kagawa is a class act though and only a matter of time before we start to see him at his best regularly. I think united will have to forfeit wayne in that number 10 role though (he’ll just have to fight for one striking position or shifted to the left but then again, united can be more flexible and players can pick up several positions), i think shinji’s playmaking in that role is more incisive but obviously the japanese needs to get that extra strenght to hold off those hatchetmen hoping to disrupt his game but his intelligence on and off the ball, passing and general playmaking skill is very good but i think united need to revamp that midfield, surround the likes of kagawa and carrick with more dynamic and creative players in order to see full fluidity

  23. Costas says:

    “It’s just a shame that United can’t grab games by the scruff of the neck any more.”

    The real shame is that 2-3 years ago we only said this in referrence to the big games. Now it applies to every single game.

  24. Costas says:


    I agree about Kagawa. I suspect he was taken off because he’s one of those players that rarely lasts the 90. But if that’s the case, I wish Fergie hadn’t taken off Rooney as well. The team was cut in half with both of them missing.

    The thing with Kagawa in my opinion is that Fergie still doesn’t seem to know how to use him best. I truly hope he does because Kagawa can be a real difference maker on his day.

  25. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Joffrey – i would say the teams have dropped below the performances it has produced in the last few years, i wouldn’t it has got weaker but simply a case of every team in europe raising their level. I definitely think it is competitive, the money is practically evenly shared in the league and that means the quality of the so called smaller have gone up slightly, every point earned has become a battle and i think it will continue to be so. Like i said we can read too.much into things, the point gaps e.t.c

    What i would say is, expect more influx of expensive players rolling into the league and every team improving next season, that might play a part in europe or might not, it is a cup competition and with inadequate refs like cuneyt cakir, who knows what will happen.

  26. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Costas – united probably have too much pedestrians and not enough quick footed dynamos in order to have a good strong grip of the midfield. The modern game has evolved, teams are packing central midfield with engine, we at united still have passers and not enough players able to skip past a central midfielder and put the opposition on the back foot and until that’a rectified, we’ll get over-run.

    I think united will also change style and be less wing-play orientatex, we should look to win the central battle, have more flexibility and adaptability, the wing play might have to be pushed into a plan B.

  27. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Alphars – i understand but ultimately, only the trophy raised will go down in history, the style of play will just be a figment of the imagination and things to reminisce about, getting over that line is more important. I think work needs to be done in order to bring the team into the level it aspires to be but it’s not quite sunday league yet, efficient probably.

  28. Joffrey Baratheon says:

    Samuel, I think you’re right in the the smaller sides have got better with the likes of Swansea and Southampton being a real positive for the league in their approach to the game and holding their own against the top sides on their day. I think it’s a combination of both though with the top sides having gradually declined and the lesser teams improving. It’s fair that the tv money is equally shared out here which makes all round for a more competitive league unlike Spain where Real and Barca are allowed to sell their tv rights individually meaning the gap is only going to get bigger over there. I’m going round in circles now so I won’t go into that too much. What’s bothered me most is that United are involved in far more many boring games than ever before like we’ve all been saying. We are very pedestrian in midfield and our wingers this season have been hugely disappointing but yet we find a way to win games mainly because of our striking options. I just want to watch United on the edge of my seat again but it is becoming less frequent these days. I’m a spoilt brat I know, but I can’t help feeling that way. The way out wingers have played this season I think Zaha might be playing a lot more football than he or anyone might expect.

  29. Costas says:


    That’s a real possibility. Especially if our wingers keep underperforming like they have this season. Plus, a more central approach would be beneficial to Kagawa. But whatever the case, the midfield has to be freshened up. It’s amazing how well United have done this season when you consider our deficiencies in that area.

  30. Sparkz says:

    The Utd side of 96 & 97 didn’t play the most sparkling football….but not many people remember that now.
    The Chelsea side of 05 & 06 didn’t play the most sparkling football (and just like now, the quality of the other top teams wasn’t great back then – us and Arsenal were in serious transition, Liverpool weren’t competing for the League, so Chelsea walked it)…………but again, not many people remember that.

    In 5 years time, nobody will remember the football, just the fact that we won. And also, let’s not forget that first half of the season we played some great stuff.

  31. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Look ALL we need to do from here on out is SHUT THE FUCK UP and play some football. Too many stupid interviews saying oh we’re confident, we’re ready to win all our remaining games and then what do you do? you almost lay an egg in crunchtime. Why the fuck do some of our players keep mouthing off? STOP TALKING. Focus on the football. Rio especially is the number one culprit here. He was poor for majority of the game gave the ball away at least five times. Trying these ridiculous long balls like he’s Baresi. Why don’t we just keep it simple for once? Baresi used to keep it simple. He didn’t give the ball away all the time. He knew when to play the long ball and when to keep it short. Pass the ball on the ground. Stop playing retarded long balls up to Van Persie who has at least two humongous defenders on him at all times. It really is fucking annoying.

    Just keep quiet. be ALL BUSINESS from here on out and win this motherfucking title. then you can mouth off as much as you want to.

  32. Sparkz says:

    As Scott said – it’s probably a point gained, especially when you consider City and Chelsea dropped points there.

    Having said all of that…….I’m not too happy with how reactive we’ve been lately. Even against teams like Sunderland, Stoke, West Ham….we’re far too happy to sit back and invite them onto us, and it’s irritating.

    One of our best games this season was when we beat Liverpool at Old Trafford – we got at them, we pressed them high up the pitch. We were proactive.

    Lately we’re not doing that. I can understand it in some of the big games, esp in Europe, but not all the time.

    Last night, we defended really deep at times, which was almost suicidal. It meant that every time Carroll won a header, he would practically be inside our penalty area.

    If we defended a bit higher up the pitch, then it wouldn’t matter if he’s winning headers….coz he’ll be winning them 30 yards away from goal. No danger.

    I know Rio and Vidic aren’t the quickest so they don’t like defending high up – but they were up against Carroll, not Walcott or Aguero!

  33. AlphaRS says:

    @samuel – united WE stand
    It’s true what you say about winning trophies is more important and in the future perhaps nobody will care too much about how we won it, just that we did win it.
    At the same time I have to ask whether United look like a team that is 2nd in the Forbes list?
    Taking in to account the debt the club is leveraged by, all the sponsorship deals, the net spend of £11,000,000 per season? Really?

  34. jeffkenyanred says:

    The best combination at united is of kagawa & Rooney sexy one twos unfortunately Wayneboy is the sacrificial lamb here.He might go but will we have gotten rid of the problem.
    Whtever coaching goes on at carrington should not deprive us of flair.Plain truth if you have more flair in your locker at united then the flair will be curbed to more routine pass pass & hit style.
    We have no devine right to beat each team we play but we are Manchester united,we have devine right to play the best football but our great man isn’t ready to take risks nowdays.
    My view we bring back Carlos quiroze or ease Ole the baby assasin gently into the system.As much as we moan against officiating in big games the problem lies straight at managers door,we have yes yes boss as the right handman to fergie.Jst to ask, what technical substitution did we make to preserve our lead after Nanis red against the virus? it seems united no longer have aplan B.

  35. denton davey says:

    AlphaRS @ 13:45: “At the same time I have to ask whether United look like a team that is 2nd in the Forbes list?”

    Another distressingly feeble performance by some of UTD’s main-men.

    What were TheWayneBoy, Vidic and, especially, Rio on about for that first goal ?

    How easily was TheWayneBoy bamboozled by Mohamed Diame for the second goal ?

    How many long punts from defence from Rio ? How many hopeful long, through-balls from MC16 ? How many give-aways by TheWayneBoy ? Any idea about “keeping possession” ?

    AND, with all regrets, I don’t know how anyone could taken anything positive from AV7 – yes, he scored an open-goal, tap-in for his first goal of the season (his first goal of the season !) but he was mostly just not good enough – not completely useless like Ashley Young but NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

    UTD are at a curious juncture – with all the moaning, it’s important to not forget that the lead is still double-digits. And that’s just amazing considering how lacklustre the quality of play has been. As well, SAF’s “loyalty” to TheLegend is equally amazing – especially when he brings on Giggs and takes off KagawaBunga who was directly responsible for both goals.

    The remnants of the really-great 2008 team (Rooney, Rio, Vidic, Giggs, Scholes, Evra, and Carrick) are, with the exception of MC16, now in various stages of decline.

    The NextUTD (DDG, Welbeck, Rafael, Jones, Smalling, Chicharito, Kagawa, and Cleverley (?) ) are in various stages of ascent. So there’s an up-side that isn’t hard to detect.

    What makes this transition so troubling is that the cohort of “middle-aged” players which was supposed to be led by Rooney (Evans, Valencia, Nani, DarrenFletcherinho, and Anderson) have not exactly covered themselves in glory. Whether you want to factor in Evans’ constant niggling injuries or Darren’s unfortunate illness, the fact remains that Valencia/Nani/Young/Anderson have not upped their games on a consistent basis. We know the talent is there so the question is: why not ?

    SAF has a big, big job ahead of him in getting “the transition” back on track. This really is a situation in which you can argue about a half-full glass as convincingly as a half-empty one.

  36. Heywood Red says:

    AlphaRs- agree bout the comparisons wi chelski and think that’s what people forget when
    They’re clammering over mourinho being next united manager. Also remember the free flowing football united used to play, a balance would be nice but you can’t please all the people all the time I suppose

    Sparkz- the rose tinted glasses come out with teams of years gone by. Think some remember united winning every game 5-0, 4-3, 6-1.

  37. Sparkz says:

    @Denton: “SAF has a big, big job ahead of him in getting “the transition” back on track. This really is a situation in which you can argue about a half-full glass as convincingly as a half-empty one.”

    Whilst we’ve been in this transition, we’ve won 1 League title, got within 30 seconds of winning another, as well as being 1 ref decision away from beating Real. I’d say the transition is pretty much ON track mate!

    Also, it’s easy to forget that the last time we were in transition (between 2003-2006 when the likes of Ronaldo, Rooney etc were developing like De Gea, Welbeck etc are this time around)…….we were bloody awful! We were nowhere near the level we are with this transition.

  38. max says:

    Rooney was at his worst last night. Just didn’t look like he wanted to be on the pitch in my opinion. Donoo what his story is?! Fuckin hell, I’d give my left bollock to play football every week in that red shirt of MUFC! Sort it out fella.
    What did jones do yesterday? Anyone? Fuckall if u ask me!
    Thought valencia had a really good game! Looked more his old self! Well played fella.
    Kagawa was class! RvP had a good game too. Carrick secent, vida immense, rio alright. Just wish he’d quicken up his play a bit more. Fucks around too much and wastes too much time. Fix up fella!
    A decent point it has to be said.
    Just wish we had a midfield though! FFS
    Roll on villa next monday! Hopefully we’ll give them carrots!

  39. Umar Baba says:

    United should learn how to kill off game. The changing of Kagawa was wrong, as he was our best player in that match. Well, united are on course to winning their 20th tittle. When, is a matter of just few games.

  40. mill says:

    4 points from the last 2 games
    vs two anti-football teams.
    Can’t complain too much.
    Still cant believe Carroll didn’t
    get sent off.

  41. red manc says:

    Let’s start hernandez in our next game and batter aston villa. Dat wil make evrybody focus on our 20th title and stop slating our players. We are united n we r kings of england.

  42. denton davey says:

    Sparkz @ 16:10: “Whilst we’ve been in this transition, we’ve won 1 League title, got within 30 seconds of winning another, as well as being 1 ref decision away from beating Real. I’d say the transition is pretty much ON track mate!”

    I’m not so optimistic – the “waywardness” of TheWayneBoy, the enforced retirement of DarrenFletcherinho and Jonny Evans’ persistent niggles are troubling but the absolute non-contributions of Nani/AV7/AshleyYoung/Anderson are much more worrying because these four guys were expected to form the core of the team going forward. It would be a brave man who would have much confidence in any one of them being significant contributors going forward.

  43. Sparkz says:

    @Denton – I’m looking at the glass half full tbh.

    Don’t have an issue with Evans, he’s been outstanding the last year and a bit. A few knocks are not a major concern, he’s not at the Hargreaves/Ando level yet!

    Valencia has had a bad season but a year ago he was our POTY. Likewise Nani has had a lot of injuries the last year but he’s been hugely prolific for us in the last 3 years (although unfortunately he looks like he’s being sold)

    Young I don’t think was signed to be a core member, he was always going to be a decent squad filler, that’s it.

    Agree that Ando has been disastrous but if we sign a midfielder in the 24-29 age bracket this summer we should be covered

  44. Champ20ns says:

    Can we clear up this ‘offside’ goal? Kagawa’s shot was deflected off a West Ham player so RVP couldn’t be offside.

  45. Daniel88 says:

    The ball being deflected make no difference. Your statement shows you dont follow, watch and play football outside of United.

  46. zeroctrl says:

    best comment ont his thread belongs to dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT
    At the beginning of the season I mentioned that it may be tough for us to stay in the top 4 this year, and I had no hopes for the Champions League but to be humilated (fortunately, it didn’t come to that and we are oh so close to pulling what what I still consider against all odds 20th.) We need to fix our gaping holes in personnel, play our best players where they belong positionally and stop the fucking around, ship at least 4 people out this summer, buy a proper midfield. If we can mathematically become winners before it comes down to the wire, let’s have Chicha and Kagawa play the games remaining from start to finish together.

  47. MUFC4LIFE says:

    what you just said there is a disgrace to the ROM website. That is seriously lacking knowledge in football…seriously ive heard better comments from a squirell!
    To be honest i think we have let our foot off the peddle as we have such a big points margin, we were shocking in this game we didnt flow properly and i think Rooney had a shocker. As much as i hate it I think Rooney will be sold in the summer. Bring on Aston Villa this weekend. 2 more wins to win the PL.!!!

  48. mezza says:

    To be honest, those were one of the better match reactions I’ve read in a while. Enjoyable read, cheers Scott.


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