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Reactions to the draw with Southampton

1. There are some games where a defeat is forgivable, even if they are the games you least want to lose, but you can appreciate that we have no right to win them. Losing away to Liverpool and City were two painful results, but results Sir Alex Ferguson regularly suffered, so we had to get over it. Losing at home against West Brom was one of the more unforgivable results though, despite allowing any team and manager to have the odd fuck up. To leave today’s game without the three points is yet another result that David Moyes really couldn’t afford and whilst I won’t be calling for his head, or anything like that, the pressure is really on him. We should have won today and it’s not good enough that we didn’t.

2. The most disappointing performance of the day was Wayne Rooney’s, who just couldn’t keep hold of the ball, despite genuinely looking as though he was trying. This was the player that couldn’t get in our starting line-up in the second half of last season. The first goal came after he missed the opportunity to bury the ball himself, he hit the woodwork when he should have scored and strayed offside when Robin van Persie played the ball through to him when he was one on one with the keeper. It felt as though every time he received the ball he gave it away, and with us still looking to wrap up the three points, this became increasingly irritating. Tiredness from International duty? Who knows. But after being arguably our best performer this season, it was disappointing to see him play so badly.

3. The defence had a good game, with Phil Jones and Jonny Evans deserving of their starting spots ahead of Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand. They will have been desperately disappointed not to be rewarded with a clean sheet for their efforts and Jones had a fit when the final whistle blew. I’d stick with that back four though, they did a good job. You do wonder what impact pushing Jones in to midfield and bringing on Smalling to play in defence had on the result. It seems strange to disrupt the defence in such a way when clinging on to a 1-0 win.

4. Ahead of the game, it was announced over the PA that Adnan Januzaj had signed a new five-year-deal, much to the appreciation of the crowd. The player responded with a thumbs up to the fans. He continued his great form and played a crucial role in the goal, playing through a fantastic pass to Rooney. He showed off his passing ability all afternoon, spraying the ball accurately 40 yards across field. He had a couple of great efforts and will be frustrated he missed the ball entirely when trying to smash it in during injury time. We’ve got a great player on our hands here and it’s hard to believe he’s just 18-years-old. I’m delighted we’ve got years of him playing for us still. Can you remember the last time we had someone so young playing at this level? I’m pretty sure even Ronaldo wasn’t this good in his first season.

5. Another big disappointment was the lacklustre display from Marouane Fellaini. I wasn’t anticipating we’d brought in a player capable of defence splitting passes, but I was under the impression this lad was meant to be nails. It’s getting a bit boring watching players steam past him unchallenged and see his sloppy passes intercepted. I don’t think he’s entirely to blame. We should have signed him at the start of the summer and given him a pre-season with his new team mates to make his introduction easier. He looks a mile off the pace at the moment though and he needs to get much sharper, quickly. It’s too early to write him off and anyone walking around saying “Fellaini is shit” is a mug. He may well turn out not to be good enough for United but it’s far too early to be making those sort of judgements yet. There were cheers from the home crowd when he was subbed off though, suggesting he needs to get better pronto.

6. Having already touched on one substitution, the other subs were fairly confusing too, and it’s hard to see how we were going to be better as a result from them. Nani was one of our more creative players in the game, delivering a few dangerous crosses and creating more chances than anyone else on our team. He doesn’t offer a lot defensively though, so if Moyes was looking to tighten up at the back, you’d imagine Antonio Valencia would be a safe bet. But Ryan Giggs? What could he offer us that Nani didn’t? Danny Welbeck was given a great opportunity to prove himself when coming on for Fellaini, who really did deserve to be subbed off, but didn’t make the most of it. He was clean through on goal but held on to the ball too long and was tackled, when Rooney was in a good position next to him. Still, all this shifting around, with Jones moving in to midfield, Giggs playing on the left, then the right, seemed fairly unnecessary. Why not bring on Kagawa or Chicharito for Rooney? Hindsight is a wonderful thing, of course, but the subs did absolutely nothing for us today.

7. Another disappointing day for United as Moyes is starting to work out his best XI. The team he started today is close to it at the moment, so whilst I don’t think he changed the game the way he needed to, he can’t take the full responsibility for that result. He was let down by too many players putting in mediocre performances. I’m not panicking but today’s result, more than any other really, has worried me. We can’t afford to be dropping points like this. The gap between us and the top isn’t insurmountable at this stage but if things don’t change, it soon will be.

8. I’ll leave you with something I saw as I walked to my seat today in the Sir Alex Ferguson stand.

Ferguson Moyes

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  1. King Cantona says:

    LOL – it took a pleasant while for the negative cunts to get on here abusing everyone. Here we go again @ Andromeda – you fukwit cunt sucking dick. You come on here and try to stir shit, you do it EVEY post because you are not really a fan, you a cunt who enjoys stiring shit, you want to kick of and play keyboard warrior you fuckwit cunt. Let me assure you I don’t need 2 use names, but my guess is that people who bang on about people having multiple user names have checked this out themselves and probably have a few. Go die you fucking shit stirring scum named after a Greek goddess. Fuck you. Really go fuck yourself LOL.

  2. King Cantona says:

    And by the way @ Andromeda, you are telling Scott what to write on his own blog? You have the freedom to fuck off and not read you. @ Parryheid – spot on “Pretentious prat”.

  3. King Cantona says:

    Pique on being shit scared of Keano – now that was a Captain –

  4. Andromeda says:

    @king cuntona

    You guys are plastic fans of the highest brand in the market, why don’t you go and support an oil company club that could buy you a lot of super rent boys and guide you to one or two misleading trophies??

    As for you king cuntona, don’t you ever persuade yourslef that you could provoke me with your sick childish claim, I didn’t try to preach Scott of what he writes, I was warning him agaisnt pricks like you.a sick pessimistic bastard that have no clue what should be a true united fan can’t take all the freedom he want to write whatever he wants, my point is this if you are here to waste your time you should shut the fuck up and behave.

    @parry, last time we talked was not a very friendly conversation, And this time I was not trying to play the role of a good man, I was pointing toward Samuel and how he ratinally analyze the situation of the club with some idiots who have no idea about football.try to read things more carefully you idiot.

  5. Andromeda says:

    @king cuntona

    Whay don’t you hear us your own rant about yourself you sick twat?

  6. mjcRED says:

    The failure to Identify let aone sign Özil, let alone sign him, will come back to haunt us. That so many on here said we don’t need him is fucking laughable. We have at best 2 world class players and to dismiss him as being surplus to requirements is an abso-fucking-lute joke, which goes a long way to describe our current abysmal predicament.

  7. xyz says:

    @dannysoya – I agree about something being wrong with Fellaini. I wonder is his wrist injury a lot worse than we are being told? A couple of times in the match he ducked tackles on his left side where he should have stuck a boot in or gone to ground to block the ball/runner. If he is carrying a worse injury than he is letting on to the club or the club is letting on to us it could explain some of the problem. Timing of press reporting he would have op, Cleverly getting injured and then Fellaini postponing op to Dec could explain it….

  8. dragon_beast_false prophet (PROONEY) says:

    Ozil has a suspect temperament. I wil not b surprised to see him choke when it comes to squeaky bum time in the run in. The whole episode with madrid and he leaving umder a cloud just doesn’t seat well with me. If I was DM, I would immediately start tapping up Morgan Schneiderlin witj a view to a january deal. Cost us a third of what herrera would plus PL experience to boot. He’ll slot in fine with Carrick.

  9. dragon_beast_false prophet (PROONEY) says:

    The only way to maximize fellaini impact is by playing him oft RvP. The club then needs to flog wazza. Welcome everton 2.0. Expect to see Baines delivering a delicious cross for the big fella to chest down a simple tap in for RvP come February. SMOKING HELL!

  10. Tommy says:


    I have read some of your comments the fact you assume Gundegun would come to united is premature because a. hes currently playing in a better team at this moment in time and b, why would he come when hes seen the way his mates been treated, Klopp seems the type to look after his players/former players, hence the reason he keeps in touch with Shinji, and I am sure if he was available he would advising him to go elsewhere!

    Also you assume Lingard, Cole and Will Keane are going to make it in the first team, how many players in an era get brought through the academy to be 1st team regulars? Even if they make it too the first theirs no saying they will be superstars, i.e. Cleverley and welbeck who are clearly not up the required standard.

    You seem to also have a misinformed oppinion that Kagawa is in anyway mopping around because hes not in the side, when in reality Rooneys got the biggest attitude problem at united, I bet if he was dropped he would kick up a fuss!! Rooney couldn’t give a shit about United as long as hes paid he couldn’t care less if united got relegated!!

  11. King Cantona says:

    @ Andromeda – LOL, flattered you are obsessed with me :) . You talk shit though – you were trying to “warn” Scott about people like me, haha, get help. You shit stir and abuse people for no reason other than that you disagree with their opinion then get all worked up when they respond in kind. But unfortunately you are a fucking cunt who is unable to actually make a footballing point or a reasoned argument and you just come on here to pick fights. I would assume in real life you are rather a miserable inarticulate cow who has no life and argues with the milkman.

  12. Tommy says:

    @King Cantana

    I thought this was a football discussion page, I must have been mistaken!!

    Put your handbags away ladies

  13. King Cantona says:

    @ Tommy – My apologies. But I am just sick of folks like these trouble making especially when I said nothing at all to them, sometimes you need to get in the sewer to deal with the rats or they never stop but point taken. I know its annoying to read the bickering on here. It’s the only site United fans get attacked by so called other United fans in a pissing contest over who is the better fan or at all.

  14. Tommy says:

    @ King cantana – keep it coming mate, I dont mind a slanging match,


    Danny welbeck in midfield is probably one of the worst ideas I have heard on these pages and theirs been a few bad ones, What next? Why not trial Evra upfront or Lindergaard on the wing while youre at it!

  15. Tommy says:

    It was a big mistake handing Moyes a 6 year deal it should of been 3 years at most, I can imagine if United were to finish outside the top 4 (In my view he would then have to go this is not the 1980s managers dont get 4 years to win a trophy at a big club) United may not be able to afford the pay off considering we are saddled with this apparent debt!

    Players should take responsibility, any team Moyes picks should be good enough to beat West Brom and saints at home! Although obviously not the most entertaining manager in the world, I highly doubt he sends the troops out to go 1 0 up and try and sit on the lead for the rest of the game hopping to pick up a 1 0 win!

  16. Andromeda says:

    @king cuntona

    Don’t you ever think you can hide yourself behind other people you sick robot, you put rant aganist David Moyes without paying anay respect to the emotion of people who want to stay behind their team, Sir Alex was clear in his last speech at Oldtrafford”stand behind our new manager”and now you come like a sick comical idiot and hearing your own soecial hymn, instead of givinf some seriousness to your talking.everyone know you here, no need to get help from mercy so far.

  17. RedOne says:

    I really don`t want to say that, but again Moyesy blew it. First 11 was ok, we played well and were keep endangering the oppostion. On the second half Mr. M. decided to sub Nani with Giggs and Fellaini with Wellbeck and later Rooney with Smalling which proved to be a total error. He should by no means disrupt the team that was threathening to the opposition by only leading 1:0. It`s true that Fellaini was anonymous and should be replaced with Smalling for the last 10 min and get Jones switch positions. But Nani sub was a mistake. Januzaj should be brought off instead if anyone at all. He seemed tired from 70 min on.

    I also got the feeling that Rooney and RVP really don`t get along to well on the pitch. Whether they are competing who will get more goals or sth else, they are just not working well together. SAF knew that so therefore he made his choice by playing RVP ahead of Roo. And Moyes seem to have no guts to pick either of them. He just gives in and play both all the time.

    And Danny had a really bad day, losing the ball too frequently. He also keeps doing a one too much touch on the ball, when it comes to final pass or shooting. That really needs to be worked on. He really has the potential to be great, but if he keeps doing that, he ll just come as an average player. Don`t know what he is doing wrong, maybe breathing, not enough self confidence or else, but he keeps repeating the same error. I hope that someone inside stuff can see that and put Danny to individual training on 1 and 2 touch shooting from close range just to gain the right feeling. Also put a close pressing def on him and a goalie to make the effect better.

    Despite all this, we did alright on the pitch and would probably won every other day. But shit happens, you know. That is why Moyes should never satisfy with 1 goal advantage and should be blamed for not winning. This is not Everton, no excuses…

  18. Tommy says:


    While Fellani had an awful game by all accounts hes still good at making defensive headers so if he wanted to shut up shop taking off Fellani was a mistake, adnan was completely knackered he should of been taken off probably before anyone because he just had no energy left!

  19. Red Devil Disciple says:

    I agree wth Red one says.Roo and RVP not gelling they don’t seem to play well together I’m starting to think that Wayne isn’t playing for the club but more and more for himself.Moyes should bench him for a while and make him realize that while he’s not playing chances are other teams he wants to go to are losing interest and his value goes down.Which means UTD would lose money on him too,but let’s leave him out for a couple of games and see what happens.I think it disrupts the team as a whole the other players are almost afraid to do something without involving Wayne.

  20. Axeman says:

    All summer long some top reds claimed that Ozil was a toff cunt who couldn’t last beyond 70 minutes in La Liga. He would never survive in the more demanding Premier League. Fellaini on the other hand had this magic potion called premier league experience which would allow him to slot in much easier.

    Did something go wrong with the script somewhere?


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