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Reactions to United’s defeat against Bayern Munich

1. If someone had told you when the draw was made that United would lose 4-2 on aggregate, you would probably be fairly happy with that. The expectation was that United were going to get battered and a 4-2 to scoreline is pretty reasonable. We are the 7th best team in England playing against the German and European champions, yet, bizarrely, this feels likely an opportunity lost.

2. Patrice Evra is a hugely popular player amongst United fans and it was fantastic to see him put us 1-0 up. What a fantastic strike. I could hardly believe it when I saw it hit the back of the net. He hit it so well, as well as he would dream of hitting it, and celebrating as you would imagine, kissing the badge and saluting the travelling support. He gets it. Evra is a red. But he is still a liability and was still at fault for two Bayern goals. He just doesn’t have the pace or awareness that he once had, and whilst he’s a regular threat on the attack, he is a regular liability defensively.

3. Wayne Rooney wasn’t fit tonight and if he was going to play, should have only featured for an hour maximum. To play him for 90 minutes was absolutely bonkers. Two good chances fell to him which, on another night, he probably would have done much better with. He hesitated for the first. He didn’t shoot and then didn’t pass to Shinji Kagawa, who was in space, but instead waited and then hit it against the defender. In the second half he had an even better opportunity to score but snatched at and didn’t even hit the target. Over 90 minutes he completed just eight passes in the opposition half, which is embarrassing, when you consider Phil Jones completed 11.

4. David Moyes appeared to get it right tonight, just as he did in the first leg, begging the question why he had so regularly got it wrong in big games this season. At 1-0 up we were looking good. Even when Bayern equalised, it wasn’t a big deal. We had to presume that they were going to score at home against us. Even when they went 2-1 up, it was fair enough. We knew we had to score a second goal once they had equalised, so going 2-1 up made no difference. But it was bizarre to see Darren Fletcher get hooked for Chicharito. Bringing Hernandez on was an obvious substitution, but given than Rooney clearly wasn’t fit, he seemed to be the obvious player to take off. Who knows whether Fletch would have made a difference to Bayern going 3-1 up less than two minutes later, but it was an unnecessarily risky move from Moyes. Take Rooney off! To then wait until there was less than 10 minutes to go to bring on Adnan Januzaj was equally as strange. But then to take off Danny Welbeck, the only player to really stretch the Germans thanks to Rooney’s lack of mobility, was actually mental. I know we can all be armchair managers, using hindsight to berate the manager, but Moyes’ decisions didn’t even need hindsight to highlight just how poor they were.

5. Last season we used to sing “hard to believe it’s not Scholes, it’s Carrick, you know” on a weekly basis. Most weeks, we would sing it several times a game. He kept the ball for the team, he completed more passes than anyone on the pitch time and again, and whilst Robin van Persie scored all the goals, Carrick was crucial to our title winning team. It was no surprise when his peers voted him in to the shortlist for the PFA Player of the Year, making the top six for players in the Premier League. This season he has been a shadow of the player he was last season and last night’s game showed that perfectly. In 90 minutes of football he attempted just 29 passes and completed just 22. That’s less than 13 players. That is an absolutely appalling return and was totally unheard of last season. He has nowhere near the influence on games that he had last season and should be desperately disappointed with his performance tonight.

6. Whilst the result is a pretty disappointing, United fans will likely be fairly hopeful for the future. Imagine if Kroos, who completed more passes than anyone on the pitch, played for us instead of them. According to the press Kroos has told his team mates he wants to sign for United and Ed Woodward is staying over night in Munich to agree a deal. We aren’t a million times away from having a quality side. But I can’t abide by the people who say Moyes needs more time. He almost gets it right, fairly often, but very, very rarely does get it right. I’m not arsed about us being average sides away from home, something he has excelled in since joining United, and his inability to make the correct substitutions, at the correct times, is just further evidence to me that the man is massively out of his depth. I like him, I think he’s a good bloke, but he’s never a United manager, and the sooner we end this madness and appoint someone qualified, the better.

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  1. ajvjsarge says:

    Well, they’re out and obviously won’t play in the champions league next year – shocking. If someone said united would finish outside the top 4, this time last year, every united fan would agree that would be unacceptable. Standards have dropped and ultimately that is down to Moyes and also the board for allowing the quality of the squad to erode for several years now.

    Last night they contained Bayern for large parts but were so poor in possession. They actually were dangerous on the break but were also at their most vulnerable as whenever they lost possession in the final third Bayern always looked like they would hit back and score. Valencia had a goal, rightly, disallowed and Rooney, who was clearly unfit, wasted two glorious chances. Players like Hernandez must be gutted if unfit players are starting ahead of them.

    Evra scored, 61 mins and probably a bit too early, an outstanding goal to
    Put them 1 up . . . for 22 seconds. Bayern scored straight from kick off. If they had stayed compact for 10 mins they would have gone through. Once they had equalised the flood gates opened. Jones, Kagawa, Welbeck and De Gea played well, the rest were poor and not good enough for united. Carrick ,especially, was poor – Scholes has clearly been covering his ass for years.

    So the squad needs rebuilding – we knew that. Is Moyes the man to do it? I’m not sure? Last night, he got the line up spot on until it became clear Rooney was not fit. Should have been bold enough to drop him. Away from home we are compact, like you should be, and hard to play against. But he has to embrace the free flowing, relentless attacking way of united. He will get time but we could get worse. The bottom line is united should have replaced the best with the second best. Mourinho.

  2. m09538061 says:

    No league cup& no fa cup& no C/L cup no prem cup & no prospects of getting into the C/L for 2 years how bad do moyes have to get before we fuck him off maybe if we were relegated & the sick part of this season is knowing we gave the point’s that may help the scouse cunts win the title.

  3. The_red_devils says:

    Kroos’ agent says he won’t leave Bayern atleast until 2015.

    btw also rumors that woodward stayed at munich to finalize a deal for kroos.

  4. OAldiall says:

    kagawa was class last night technicaly above his team mates and as always in big European games Carrick was scared to have the ball need to get rid of all those players who doesnt want the ball lol thats probably the whole squad except Adnan Kags Mata nani and welbz the rest of them cant play football under pressure.

  5. ajvjsarge says:

    Buy Reus not Kroos. Cheaper and will probably come. 3 defenders needed – not sure who? Get rid of Young, Nani, Carrick and promote Lingard and Powell.

  6. vicndech says:


    i agree wth you fully. Apart from shnji and welbz the rest of the players were scared to have the ball. You can not win a match if ur midfielders can’t retain the ball for even 10sec as they asses the pass.

    Horrible display from carrick and fletcher bearing in mind the experience they have. Not good…ggmu…redkenyan

  7. gra mar says:

    Countless time over the years I’ve seen ‘star’ players playing with an injury and doing nothing.
    History repeated itself last night with Rooney. A fully fit lesser player will doa lot more than
    a half fit player no matter how good. Shouldn’t have played. 300k a week for the miss in the second half.
    Woeful effort that had he scored we would probably have gone through.

  8. Martin Thomas says:

    That goal by Paddy was superb. But I felt like Sam Tyler in the seconds after that. I thought I had gone back in the time to the 1979 FA Cup Final. After Big Gordon pulled one back, Super Sam (McIlroy) scored a fucking stupendous equalizer with a minute to go. We knew if it went into extra time that we would batter Arsenal. But of course our lot were all celebrating the goal and were full of themselves. Only Albiston and Bailey were anywhere near the goal as Arsenal snatched it…

    Just the same as yesterday. I saw Moyes telling them immediately after Evra’s howitzer: Keep focused! Do not fuck about! Did they listen to him?! Did they fuck! But Moysie will get the blame though.The same cock ups are being made 35 years later. I say that because I feel as bad now as I did when Alan Sunderland scored that winner in 79.

    As for those pricks on Sky telly (I saw it this morning) saying “It is no disgrace to lose to Bayern Munich” Bollocks to that! We are Manchester United! The club, and team that Sir Matt Busby bullt! It is a disgrace for us to lose to anybody! Absolutely anybody!

    Still, well done Kagawa, Danny Boy, and Potty Paddy Evra for his “Fuck this, you lot! Have it!” moment with the goal, and for getting stuck into that Dutch Francis Lee, Robben…

  9. Samuel Githegi says:

    I believe that all though in the Season, Moyes was allowed to under-achieve when Sir Alex Ferguson told us(The Fans) to be behind the our new manager and be prepared for a Tough Season to come.

    Early in the season, The Players were not playing for the Club, they did not believe in themselves and they did not try to improve in any way possible. Second-half of the season, we have played well, (Thank God to RVPs unfortunate injury), plus Kagawa is unbeliveably gifted and his has shown that, Mata is pulling the strings and his eye for Passing as well as attacking is great. However, their players i feel that its done for them at Manchester, Cleverly is good be has listened to Media and he has no confidence( same boat as Torres,) Our Defence of Evra, Ferdinand and Vidic are to go..Smalling is good but he need to step up…against Bayern, he looked like he panic’d on the Ball, Carrick is to go, Flether is to be a Sub, nani as well, he is not as spirited as he used to be and generally he is not a Team Player, Valencia is good at work rate but not a Gifted,Flee-footed player we can work with, Gigsy to be a Full Time Coach and for the New Formation we have..RVP is not suited to it, and i think at his age we should let him go MLS or France to enjoy as he retires.

    New buys are to have work ethic and gifted in pace and strength. Once they are there, Shinji kagawa could be a Potential Much Winner and would be a great player. So would be Fellaini, as he needs small fast players around him. Rafael is gud and very reliable right back, he needs better competition
    in that position. Valero should have a go at him. Buttner has not been given a Chance and he should be once Evra goes. I would prefer Shaw bt his fee will be very steep and I do not see his capability as much, but because he is a L.B and a Brit in nationality…then the price makes sense. Hernandez, should come in Place of Robin Van Persie. He is fast and has a Good work Rate. he plays from his heart and for me, her plays for Manchester United. Welbeck should come in through the Wings nd finish of teams, I see him as a Cavani-like style and he can be good if he improves his finishing, he will be gold-mine. Rooney well,their days he will come through and others, he is plotting a Vendetta. I hope that Moyes notes this and knows when to play him.

    Finally, I have a feeling that Europa League will be there next season. (Winning our final games including the Everton game ) is a huge possibility. From this games, i want the U21 player to step up and join Adnan(he is my Starting XI). Davide Petrucci in midfield, Janko in Full back position, Lingaard, Powell, zaha are to play in Priemier League as well as Europ League. This will give them game time and they will improve. I dont think we shall need to buy, but i would prefer to promote especially replacing our Defence; Evra, Ferdinard and Vidic should have played the final games for Manchester United by now(rather the Bayern Training Match)

    For me Moyes!! has the Technailty..The players he was choosing from are who let him down.


  10. Marvin Felix says:

    2 games vs bayern was like seeing everton vs man utd up until 2013

  11. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Sack this cunt called Moyes..I was watching liverpool-city match today and envied the quality and dedication oozing in the game. If it were man utd and moyes, it will have been as usual a one-sided affair with our opponents thrashing us 3-0 mercilessly..we can’t even compete with top teams since this clueless imbecile took over our club. I just hate our Moyes is disgracing and destroying our club, and still getting paid for it. Fuck moyes, fuck united board that lacks fuckin balls to sack that mid-taable pig. Man utd is doomed with Moyes there(Fergie’s biggest mistake)!!! Swansea have more ambition than utd, @ least they got rid of their coach earlier, but Moyes is still being paid for his shambolic results..we have no trophy, no champions league football, and that ape still got a job..I luv utd sooo much, seeing them looking like sheeps without shepherd led to the slaughter house, makes me weep for them. I feel so bad about what is happening to our beloved club. He must go with his Trophyless lifestyle.


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