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Reactions to United’s win over West Ham

1. United started the game strongly and gave the fans the reassurance early on that we wouldn’t be losing our third league game in a row at home. There was attack after attack from United, with it appearing to be only a matter of time before we put one away. It was so reassuring to see us pick up where we left off after the good performance against Villa.

2. Other than obvious things, like beating your rivals or winning trophies, there aren’t many football related events that make me happier than seeing Danny Welbeck score. We were spoilt with two goals from him the weekend before and with less than half an hour played, he popped up with another. The move started off with a lovely flick from Welbeck to Rooney, who then returned the ball to our Longsight lad, who slotted the ball away from a tight angle in to the far post. It was a lovely finish, particularly for a striker who apparently can’t finish. Oh, and the pass in from Rooney now means he has more assists than any other player in the league this season.

3. Ten minutes after putting us 1-0 up, it was Welbeck who set the wheels in motion for the second. He won possession back for United before feeding the ball in to young Adnan Januzaj. The “boy who can do anything”, according to the Old Trafford faithful, dropped a shoulder, left the defender for dead, and calmly put United 2-0 up. He ran straight to the dug out, pointing at David Moyes in the stands. He was unlucky not to have won a penalty for United at 1-0 though when Mark Noble shoved him off the ball. Just before half-time he was booked for diving after going down under no contact after Collins pulled out of the challenge. Gary Neville argued that situations like this aren’t black and white, and that a player charging down the wing is entitled to jump out of the way when they feel like a challenge is coming. Januzaj is being kicked form pillar to post though, with seven players (Schneiderlin, Wanyama, Palacios, Ireland, Caulker, Cabaye and Lowton) already this season having been booked for fouling him, which is a fairly incredible stat when you consider he’s only started seven games this season. Here is just yet another comparison with him and Cristiano Ronaldo.

4. Ashley Young, who scored a thumper against Stoke midweek, replaced Januzaj with 20 minutes left to play. With his first touch of the ball he found the back of the net again, this time with a well placed and equally as impressive finish. He’s arguably been our worst performing player so far this season, regularly frustrating the fans, but in the past two games he’s shown what he’s capable of when playing with a bit of confidence.

5. Javier Hernandez, who is keen to do all he can in Robin van Persie’s absence, had a frustrating afternoon. Having timed his run perfectly to receive a lovely ball in from Antonio Valencia, he was flagged offside as he scored when one on one with the keeper. He was also on the receiving end of an appalling challenge by George McCartney which the ref deemed worthy only of a booking, when really it was a red card offence. Tom Cleverley had raced forward on to the ball and got behind the defence but no advantage was played. Chicharito replaced Welbeck, who was struggling with an injury, just ten minutes in to the second half and was unlucky not to get on the scoresheet.

6. It wasn’t a perfect day for the defence, which is a shame, because Evans and Smalling deserved better. Buttner, who replaced Evra with ten minutes to go, was playing Carlton Cole onside. Both centre backs were waving their arms in the air, wondering why on earth the ref’s whistle hadn’t gone, before spotting Buttner glancing at the linesman before jogging back towards the goal. De Gea probably should have rushed out but there wasn’t much he could do. The defence will be frustrated to have conceded though after putting in such a good shift at the back.

7. It’s hard to know how much is to do with the quality of the opposition and how much is to do with their performance level, but Jones and Cleverley are looking like a half decent central midfield pairing at the moment. With Fellaini and Carrick out long term, it’s a huge relief that we’ve finally got some players doing well in this position. We don’t have much option for rotation, so let’s hope they stay fit and in form over this packed festive period.

8. On a day when our former youth team players excelled, with Welbeck and Januzaj getting on the scoresheet, it was pleasing to see Ravel Morrison have a subdued game. He was inconspicuous all game, other than that awful challenge on Cleverley in the second half, and therefore thankfully wasn’t stealing the headlines the following day.

9. The league table still doesn’t make nice viewing, but at least we’re actually playing well. We’ve shot ourself in the foot with some ridiculously poor results, but we need to take advantage of the fact games are coming thick and fast, and get as many wins on the board as possible. It’s not rosy, but with a cup semi-final and good draw in the Champions League ahead, at least it isn’t all doom and gloom anymore.

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  1. domunited says:

    season in, season out, win lose or draw – united til i die

    happy hollerz everyone; if you’re driving don’t drink – if you drink, don’t drive…

  2. wayne barker says:

    Morrison didn’t do fuck all after a couple of good games some on here were calling him world class and another Utd fuck up.Always the overreaction in this day and age

  3. keanoisdaman says:

    Jeez wayne give the kid a chance…..Ive seen a lot of Morrison from an early age,believe me he is class!

  4. wayne barker says:

    nothing to do with giving him a chance it’s all about people overrating after a couple of good games i personally don’t give a fuck about him one way or the other,he fucked up badly and was nothing more than a criminal at Utd.It gets on my tits how some people like to rub things in Utd’s face at every chance.Few weeks ago on here when Morrison scored a couple of goals he was flavor of the month.You don’t come on here very often so before misunderstanding what i’m saying try and get the whole picture before commenting.

  5. MattyMusiq says:

    Typical wayne, moan about people overreacting after just a couple of games, while he’s just condemned the same player after just a single game.

  6. LoneStarRed7 says:

    Well done MUFC. I just watched the game for the second time. We are getting better but we will still be punished by real quality which WHU is definitely not. Carlton Cole’s goal was well taken after Buttner’s error played him on though. Still Mike Jones should have been much better at stopping them from kicking lumps into us.

    Another clean sheet should have been on the books.

    I watched Chelski and the Arse play today. Wow Murhino is so anti-football. But they are very effective in stifling teams and hitting them on the break. They are one top class striker away. That is what they set out to do.

    Hull away….we should put them to the sword ruthlessly.

  7. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Morrison was a young kid that hung with a bad crowd. He has an impulsive personality that attracted negativity. I don’t think he’s a bad person as some will make out and he certainly is not a flash in the pan or flavour of the month, the lad outstanding attributes and has every potential to develop into a top class player. He’s only 20, so of course his performances won’t be steady. Hope he continues on the right path.

  8. kevk24 says:

    Hull are somethings else at home. I hope we win that one.

  9. LoneStarRed7 says:

    @samuel – united WE stand

    Morrison is a straight thug who had MANY chances to straighten up and pissed them away. He threatened a witness for goodness sake. And he was extremely disrespectful to SAF via twitter. Good riddance !!!!

  10. Sparkz says:

    Got very little time for Morrison the person. As a player though, if his head is screwed on right, he will go to the very top. Watched him for many years and his ability is absolutely ridiculous.

    Would love him back at Utd BUT I think the best thing for him is to be away from Manchester. Stay away from the bad influences.

    Certainly wasn’t a fuck up from Utd, we did the right thing letting him go. But he certainly isn’t just a flavour of the month, he is quality.

  11. wayne barker says:

    Morrison wasn’t a bad person? He was involved with drugs and guns,beat up his mum and girlfriend and threatened witnesses.Can hardly put that down to hanging with a bad crowd.That doesn’t even include his whole shitty attitude to Utd who bent over backwards to keep him out of jail most lads end up serving time for way less than what Morrison did simple as

  12. keanoisdaman says:

    Wayne….No second chances from you eh?? As for being involved with drugs and guns show me some proof(and I don’t mean paper talk or heresay) Same with the stories about beatin his mum and girlfriend up!! the witness intimidation i will give you.

  13. wayne barker says:

    nothing to with second chances mate the way he acted at Utd just don’t care and because of his privileged position got better treatment than the ave lad.The Guardian is a well respected paper and people don’t end up in court on hearsay or get advised by the judge to get counselling over domestic abuse.Even after all the bollocks that’s described in the article below he ended up back in court for go after his girlfriend again and still didn’t go to jail.Just pointing out some want to brush it under the carpet and blame others for his actions,the ave person would be scarred for life

  14. The One says:

    The best I’ve seen us play all season, in my view and long may it continue. Except for Buttner, I think the whole team played well and we certainly deserved to have won by a bigger margin (clear pen for the shove on Januzaj + wrongly disallowed goal scored by Chicha). Agree with Gaz assessment regarding the yellow card incident for young Januzaj.

  15. Fletch™ says:

    Started 7 and 7 have been booked for fouling him? That’s an INCREDIBLE stat Scott?! 8O

  16. keanoisdaman says:

    I know all the stories wayne…but without any proof that’s all they are….the guardian is a decent paper and that’s why they use the word “alleged” this is because they have no proof.Plus I cant see where it says he “beat up” his girlfriend and mother like you say he did….the words “alleged assault” could mean anything…..I also didn’t see anything about guns n drugs……
    I know Morrison was a troubled lad at utd but we all make mistakes…and I reckon it would be a pretty sad fuckin world if everybody held all our mistakes against us!!

  17. wayne barker says:

    what are you going on about mate nothing alleged about it he was arrested in 3 times in total for attacking his girlfriend and a police caution for assaulting his Mum apart from threatening a witness and things going missing from the Utd dressing room.He was a criminal and the ave person would have been sent to jail with their life ruined.The prisons are full of people who’s had shitty deals dealt to them and deserve second chances. Morrison was given special treatment because of who he was doesn’t alter the fact he was a punk and a criminal end of story.

  18. keanoisdaman says:

    Well mate being arrested for something doesn’t make you guilty of that offence ffs… wouldn’t be the first time a girl had her boyfriend arrested after an argument only to retract it the next day….sorry but being arrested is not proof… for the caution for assaulting his mum…I reckon he would have got more than a caution for beating her up like you say he did….as for things going missing from the dressing room,have you A-got proof that things went missing and B-that it was Morrison that took it?? I know one thing about it,that rio has said publically that his watch was never stolen….This is why in this country we have the justice system…otherwise people would get hung because of heresay..

  19. wayne barker says:

    the fucking guy had been convicted and threatened with jail for things he had done on top of all this other shit.Yeah his Girlfriend is going to contact the police 3 times and Morrison is going to stick by her if she was lying,on one occasion he smashed her phone to bits,threatening and intimidating a witness would be jail for most people,guess his Mum must have been setting him up just like his Girlfriend.Wasn’t the watch other things were going missing admitted ripping off a pair of boots and giving them to a mate. You’re just being silly mate arguing for arguing sake

  20. keanoisdaman says:

    Im not mate…you are…..the only thing he`s been convicted of is witness intimidation……you say he beat his girlfriend and mother up…I say wheres the proof he beat them up…being arrested is proof of nothing……things going missing doesn’t mean it was him…Ive not seen where he says he had a pair of boots off so I cant comment…but if you would like to show me where he says it I will.Anyway we are going round in circles..we will have to agree to disagree…all the best mate….lets hope for 9 points over xnas.


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