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Reactions To Victory Over Arsenal

1. Ahead of the game yesterday I said that Ferguson has worked out how to beat Arsenal and, for the most part, Wenger has failed to find a way to counter our tactics. The Arsenal team that came to Old Trafford was one of the worst I can remember in a decade or more. On paper, they have some decent players, looking specifically at Wilshere, Arteta, Cazorla and Podolski, but they offered absolutely nothing. They had some periods of good possession, particularly once they were down to ten men and the game was gone, but did nothing with it. United didn’t really get out of 2nd gear and played them off the park. In truth, there was little difference between this game and the 8-2 last season, other than the fact we took our chances then and Arsenal were probably better last season too. They can consider themselves lucky to leave Old Trafford with just a 2-1 defeat, when 6-0 would have been a more accurate reflection of the game and the quality of chances created.

2. Before kick-off, United fans were hoping for a win and a Van Persie goal. I wouldn’t want to speak on behalf of Arsenal fans, but I imagine they would be prepared to take anything as long as Van Persie didn’t score and maybe picked up a season ending injury. With less than three minutes on the clock Van Persie was presented with a golden opportunity and he gladly took it. Rio played a nice ball forward to Antonio Valencia, who flicked it on to Rafael, who delivered a poor cross in to the box. Thankfully, Vermaelen made a right hash of it and Van Persie smashed it in to the back of the net with his first touch. This was his only goal of the game but he probably should have had a hattrick. Not long after the goal Rooney played through a brilliant ball but Mannone made a great save. In the second half, Van Persie beat Arsenal’s offside trap and found himself miles away from any defender, one on one with the keeper, but for some reason tried to pass it in to the bottom corner instead of smashing it in to the roof of the net. All through the game Arsenal fans carried on like bitter ex-girlfriends, dumped by a man who had always been out of their league, and was now parading his fit new bird around in front of them. “Robin van Persie, you know what you are!” was the loudest of their wails. What? A world class striker? Top scorer in the league? Playing for the team at the top of the table? Answers on a postcard.

3. Wayne Rooney had a mixed game, with him creating great chances, including the cross for Patrice Evra’s goal which separated the two sides at the final whistle, but then there was that penalty miss. Rooney has missed 7 penalties from 20 in the league, and 9 from 26 in his club career. So Rooney has scored 65% of the penalties taken which, in all honestly, is a poor record. When you have Van Persie on the field, why on earth is Rooney taking them in the first place? Is he our penalty taker or did Van Persie decline because of the opposition? Either way, Van Persie should be on penalty taking duty from now on. Still, penalty aside, Rooney should be praised for the job he did on Arteta yesterday, essentially keeping him out of the game. Santi Cazorla and Arteta have completed more passes in the opposition’s half than any player in the league this season. Did you even notice them yesterday?

4. It was a great ball in from Rooney for the second goal and somehow 5ft 8in Evra managed to get his head to it in front of 6ft 6in Mertesacker. That goal summed up Arsenal’s defensive performance fairly well. Gone are the days when Arsenal fans chant “Evra, you’re a cant” every time he goes near the ball, probably keen to avoid looking as though they side with Luis Suarez, but there’s no doubt they will hate him still. As if playing them off the park didn’t hurt them enough, their former captain and their most hated player scored the goals.

5. When hearing the teams announced, I had been thoroughly looking forward to seeing Valencia battering Santos down that right wing. For the first half, everything seemed to come from the left though, with Evra and Young seeing more of the ball. Maybe that was because Jack Wilshere was on Rafael/Valencia’s side of the park. Tom Cleverley pinched the ball from Wilshere in the first half so Wilshere responded by hacking him down. He was then guilty of a late challenge on Van Persie which could have seen him walk (particularly given how freely the referee was handing out yellow cards yesterday) but he was clearly given a final warning. Two minutes after Evra put us 2-0 up Wilshere went in late and hard on Evra’s ankle, getting nothing on the ball, and the referee had no option but to send him off. Ten minutes earlier, Ferguson took Cleverley off so he could escape a similar fate. He had been booked after returning the favour to Wilshere and also received a final warning from the ref. With Mike Dean going through a phase of booking players for every foul, it was a sensible decision from the manager. Wenger may be criticised for not doing the same but who was he supposed to bring on? Ramsey would have been an option if he hadn’t been started out of position and hauled off at the beginning of the second half following a woeful performance. In contrast, we had Anderson, who put in a great shift midweek against Chelsea, and who made light work of bossing the midfield of ten men Arsenal. Wilshere’s departure also seemed to mean we saw more from Rafael and Valencia down the right wing, but if anything, I think they went easy on Santos. He was clearly out of his depth and Valencia could have exposed him more. Valencia’s biggest regret will be not scoring that sitter early on in the second half after Van Persie put it on a plate for him. Instead of sticking out a left toe, Valencia twisted himself up trying to finish with his right, and somehow managed not to take advantage of the opportunity of a tap in. To a certain extent, I can understand Valencia always using his right foot to cross, with that obviously being what feels most comfortable to him, but there’s no excuse for not using your left foot in the position Valencia was in.

6. Our defence had little to do but were comfortable with the limited threat Arsenal posed. Jonny Evans was good in the air and David De Gea had nothing to do. Rio Ferdinand revealed after the game that the mood in the dressing room was like a defeat and that is likely because of the goal we conceded with the last kick of the game. After the ball bounced around the box for a while and a few shots were blocked, Cazorla found some space and curled the ball just inside the post. It was a lovely finish but further cemented the ridiculousness of the scoreline. As Ferguson said after the game, 2-1 suggests it was a close game, when in reality, it was anything but. It is pleasing that our players feel disappointed though. Having beat Chelsea away last weekend and Arsenal at home this weekend, you’d think the players would be buzzing. But we lost the title on goal difference last season and yesterday we missed the opportunity to race ahead of our rivals in terms of goals. As it stands, we have the same goal difference as Chelsea and have +3 on City. If a 2-1 victory over Arsenal is a reason for our players to be down in the dumps, it proves just how high their standards are and how much they expect from themselves, which can only be seen as a good thing.

7. Whilst it would be easy enough to share the sentiments of the players, I think it’s important we avoid turning in to brats again. We’ve spent most of the season conceding in the opening ten minutes but we have turned a corner recently. We’ve played all of the other teams in the top six now apart from City and are top of the league (Chelsea have played us and Arsenal, whilst City have only played Arsenal). When you look at the fixtures we’ve had over the past month we’ve done brilliantly well. We beat Newcastle away (lost there last season), beat Chelsea away (drew there last season and hadn’t won there for ten years previously) and now we’ve beaten Arsenal. Our players are starting to return from injury, with Ashley Young, Darren Fletcher and Anderson all getting minutes on the pitch, and Chris Smalling is likely to return next week. It’s a long season and there’s no point getting carried away about being a point clear at the top but it’s encouraging to see us get through so many potentially tricky games with maximum points and putting pressure on our title rivals to match us.

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  1. ji sung says:

    @ proverb. That’s his strongest part of his game???? What are u smoking fella??? His best part of his about in my opinion is beating his man and taking him on, using his strenth and his physicality to his advantage…not his crossing and that’s a fact. His crossing is weird. He doesn’t seem to bend the ball, to hit it with the inside of his foot and wrap his foot around the ball…he almost seems to like hit it with his laces with too much pace and not enough control. Can u imagine how many more goals our team would be accumulating if we had some1 with a much better delivery on the wing.

    Valencia almost lookes scared yesterday to try and beat his man, take him on and cross the ball into the danger area. What’s up with that??

  2. ji sung says:

    Lol @ Proverb. U need a reality check fella.

  3. ji sung says:

    1 player that would make us unstoppable is Gareth Bale. Fergie and the Glazers should offer Spurs 50 mllion in January. Imagine a team of Rooney, RvP and Bale all playing in the same 11. Fuckin hell. Spurs are looking shite at the minute and I can see him leaving any season now. He wants silverware and for a player like himself he should be at a top club and competing for footballs top prizes + playing cl football. He’s an unreal player. Young is nothing special. He’s a decent footballer but nothing more. The exact same can be said of Phil Jones. 2 players I’ll never quite understand why they were bought by MUFC other than besides for being English obviously.

  4. parryheid says:

    Bale? offer 50mill,yeah right.Ashley Young solid player well worth his place no room that side for the flakey Nani.And Tony Valencia will never be unseated by Nani fact destined to be a sub for the rest of his time at United imo

  5. Proverb says:

    Ji sung u
    You are fucking nut
    I’m sure you started watching football just last year or just another wum trying to wind us up

    Remember the season we got knocked out by bayern in CL by an away goal? I think it was 10/11 season…. Ha no you didn’t, fuck me side ways
    You’re trolling shit here
    The lad can plant a cross
    Last weekend vs chelsea he assisted VP with an amazing cross a rare one in that case

    You act like you know shit about football than antonio when actual fact you couldn’t kick rolled plastic, I’m quite sure you’re has shit as fuck.
    An idiot trying to be smart
    You singled out every united winger like a snubbed wenche trying to reclaim her dignity

    Now fuck off you twat

  6. Proverb says:

    Not long ago you said tony V couldn’t beat his marker
    Now you’ve changed the disk, its his strongest game
    You should be ashamed fella, trolls get booted in a flash on here
    Get your act together unless you’ll enjoy a torrid time on here

  7. Proverb says:

    Here’s one shreks quote from that 10/11 season:
    “I couldn’t have scored the amount of goals I have this season without him. He’s been great this year and the quality of balls he puts in the box for me has been unbelievable.”

  8. mara says:

    My opinion is…that we are 1st on the table and we are not playing very good. we can do better. our defwnce is like swiss cheese, so i m askin myself, how many points we are going to have when we really start to play good? We will be like 10 points ahead…

  9. denton davey says:

    Mara @ 21:54 My opinion is…that we are 1st on the table and we are not playing very good. we can do better.”

    Whatever; the way things seem to work is that out of the 38 EPL matches, TheLads fire on all cyiinders for a fraction – say, 25%; in another quarter they are significantly less than expected; in the remaining 50% of the matches we see both-good-and-bad.

    No team – in any sport – is “on” all the time; most go through peaks and valleys. The key to winning is to be able to surf the valleys because in the remaining 3/4s of games TheLads’ quality will usually win out.

    Let’s just hope that in the big matches – like the one in early December at the EmptyHat – TheLads turn up firing on all cylinders. Last year, that wasn’t the case. I’ve turned the page on last year even though I do get pissed when commentators cum-in-their-pants about “the champions” since they won the title on a tie-breaker, not outright. But, what can you do about that, eh ?

  10. fergie is the boss says:

    a good win, should have been at least 4 1, if Rooney scored the pen, for me we would have won 4 or 5 1. I really hope the boss plays a cleverly anderson axis soon, carrick was tidy buy a meh, but we are seeing a much settled outfit here, more to come, but for GD Saturday could have been a huge help. But what pleases me, there are goals in this team, and for the first time in years, we have 2 world class strikers playing week in week out

  11. rohan_19 says:

    ji sung – mate you’re a wind up. offer 50 mil for bale? why the fuck would we do that? he’s a decent player with about three tricks.. ‘d take an off form nani any day over bale.

    proverb – you’re bashing people unnecessarily. also you are copying various comments from earlier threads. please stop. also since you wax lyrical about each and every player, please remember, there’s no one around who’s ass you can kiss. (you did that as sara and 911.)

    for the braga game i think nani should start. the evidence from the game a fortnight back suggests, the braga full-backs are defensively very vulnerable,.. playing nani and young and getting them to switch flanks would confuse them sufficiently and make us even more unpredictable. ..

    my team would be —

    rafa rio evans evra
    fletcher anderson
    nani welbeck young

    rvp and rooney on bench, to come on if we’re in bad shape at the hour mark..

  12. rohan_19 says:

    Proverb — kindly do not refer to rooney as shrek, unless you want to be classed at the same level as piers fucking morgan.

  13. Proverb says:

    Do you actually believe in what you just said?

    “Waxing lyrical about players”
    What do you expect, I’m not one to start bashing our own players, and no one has a right to
    They make things happen on the pitch while some fuckers sit on their arse waiting for one to make a mistake so they start the bashing, I for a change bring some positives onto the blog and that’s how it should be
    This are the kind of dudes who cannot for one bring themselves in to praising one of our own, instead they go sing praises about other clubs players and comeback expect the same on our players and if they don’t deliver to their absolute flapping expectations they start the bashing like it will ever solve anything. I’m for being sarcastic but this dude got up my nerves

  14. Proverb says:

    I’ll refer to the fat scouser by whatever name I want
    He’s our shrek
    He looks like a potatoes
    But he’s our potatoes ;)

  15. kanchelskis says:

    People saying Tony V is too predictable should take another look at our first goal. How does Rafael get all the time and space in the world down that flank?

  16. NBI Red Onion says:

    @ WeAreUnited – bang on mate, the way people have been calling Evra past it and a liability and abusing him on this blog was disgusting. The guy was basically covering the whole defence and left wing last season as players were constantly changing and the youth stuggled and he had that Suarez shit to deal with. I could not believe the crap said about him.

  17. NBI Red Onion says:

    @ Samuel –

    Hi there mate – point taken, I think a creative talented winger has a huge value, but is not essential to this United team with Rooney, RVP, Kagwa…Scholes to on his day. I think if Nani could just nail down a role e.g. RW and play there consistently he would thrive as he did previously, but, his judgement is a question. I think Nani has to figure out when to use his tricks, when to pass and when to go on his own and when to track back a bit better. His crossing also rarely beats the first man.

    I am also not sure what is going on with him and the Club. I personally would not play Young ahead of him but then again, I am sure SAF has his reasons. I would love to see Nani make it, I still feel he has not had enough of a run in the side to stake his claim but SAF seems to see him as a disposable. I would definately be sad to see him go. But if he went it would not be as a starter in another top team I believe. He has not quite shown that level.

  18. denton davey says:

    Fitb @ 22:59: ” if Rooney scored the pen, for me we would have won 4 or 5 1. I really hope the boss plays a cleverly anderson axis soon”

    If TheWayneBoy had scored that penalty then the whole dynamic of the match would have been different and it could easily have been a four- or five- or six-goal drubbing. THAT was the basic difference in quality between the two teams – TheArse have had to replace Cesc/RVP/Song/Nasri/Clichy and they’ve done it on the cheap. IT showed the difference – you get what you pay for !

    About the YoungTom/Anderson axis – there’s no time like the present. After Braga, UTD have a run of matches against the DeadMenWalking – AstonVilla/Norwich/QPR/WestHam in November and Reading before the M/C Derby. These are all matches that UTD “should” win at a canter so I’d imagine that the axis should get a fair bit of playing time, injuries notwithstanding.

    Hopefully, this run of matches should also give BigManSmalling and MrJones a chance to get back to match-fitness while giving Rio some time off to preserve him for the time when the bigger fish get fried.

  19. NBI Red Onion says:

    Let me also add all players at this level have some vision, talent and creativity or they would not be here, so Young and Nani are also excellent players to have even made it this far, they have pace, power and can beat a man and pass well enough. But they are not extraordinary and unpredictable players. When Valencia is double teamed and forced on to his left foot he can’t do much. But just because people know a players game does not mean it is easy to stop him, what Valencia does on his day he does better than anyone, he has his several options and he picks what he thinks works best and he has added I think a little more to his game at United.

    But Nani I really do believe has the raw ability similar to Ronnie, which is another level up, I don’t know if its his footballing visions or lack of games or what, it has just not clicked into the next level. I mean who else can really score some of those chips and shots from distance the way he can. or dribble past 10 men.

  20. NBI Red Onion says:

    @ Denton

    I also think Arsenal had that 8-2 thrashing on their mind, they only got their tails up after they scored and when they realised we were not killings them off like we could have.

  21. NBI Red Onion says:

    The problem with the Cleverly-Ando axis is that I don’t think you can play that unless you have one striker, otherwise defensively those two together concede too much.

  22. Wee Toms Ligaments says:

    Agree that Evra needs a little more love this season. Apparently the purchase of Buttner has ha the desired effect. Evra is staying home more in the run of play and when he does attack, he is more successful. I will be the first to hold my hand up and say “Good on ya Pat.” He is deserving of it.

  23. WeAreUnited says:

    @NBI Red Onion

    The last player that I remember scoring by dribbling from the middle of the field and go past 4-5 players and score a cracker is Nani against Bolton, and before that it was Ronaldo the golden boy.

    You put some very good and fair points about Nani. Just that Nani is a more gamechanger than Young. Youngie on the other hand has been veery good for us, when you look at his defensive output and his stats on goals and assists. So not bashing him, HELL NO. just saying Nani is the more likely to be a match winner than Young. At this moment though, Young is ahead of Nani in the pecking order and deserverly so.

    As for Nani, I have said it many times, and sworn that won’t be saying anything about him anymore, but you got me going by your exellent analyse.
    People tend to forget that he had after that special Arsenal game, he went 2.5 years playing some Ronaldo esque football, by this I mean he flourished and showed us what he can do by winning us trophies.
    Then came the shocker game against Livreshit where Carrager pulled his dirty play and after that we haven’t seen Nani playing consistently good. Unfortunately. Even though he has shown his magic and still won games for us. SO based on those earlier performances I think what makes Nani ask for a pay-rise and his focus has been there, and that’s the reason he’s between nothing and putting below bar performances. Which for me is not Nani style.

    I wanted to say that compared to any other winger in the league, Nani is extraordinary and unpredictable player, in a good way and in a bad way. But this doesn’t make him suddenly a bad player.
    When this is said and done, like I said earlier, our wingers haven’t been that good attacking wise, but I believe that’s still coming.

    Anyway, I hope all our players gets their best game out of them and brings our trophie back.

    UNITED #20

  24. WeAreUnited says:

    * Now that, this is said and done

  25. WeAreUnited says:

    THIS. THIS. THIS. about Evra,

    “The guy was basically covering the whole defence and left wing last season as players were constantly changing and the youth stuggled and he had that Suarez shit to deal with. I could not believe the crap said about him.” – NBI Red Onion

    Even though, if we are being honest, we cannot forget that Evra has had some blunders in the past 2 years, Is it because basically nobody has covered him? Yes and NO, but I also gotta raise my hands and say tJob well done, keep it up CAPTAIN!,

    EVRA WE LOVE YOU, we just, well we just, we were angry with your performances haha :)


  26. denton davey says:

    WeAreUnited @ 01:03: “our wingers haven’t been that good attacking wise, but I believe that’s still coming.”

    I’ve gotta disagree – surprised ?

    For me, the best “formation” is an attacking “diamond” with Chicharito leading the line, RVP and KagawaBunga tucked in behind, and TheWayneBoy at its base. So far, we haven’t really seen much from KagawaBunga but he’s a terrific player – I watched Dortmund a lot over the last two years, he was the key to their 2nd consecutive Bundesliga title and played a huge role in destroying Bayern in the cup final. Similarly, I think that Chicharito needs to be “unleashed” – the kid really is a Mexicutioner; his ability to sense an opening, to drive on goal, and to finish is staggering PLUS he scares defenders and creates more space “between the lines” in which the other three can thrive.

    Compared to the FourDiamonds, the other forwards are a cut-below in terms of quality – Nani, who is blessed with fantastic skills too often lets himself and the team down by running into blind alleys thereby destroying forward momentum; AV7 is too one-footed even though it’s one hell of a right foot; DannyTheLad is learning his trade while my opinion of Ashley Young is that I still don’t understand why SAF plunked down 15/16/17 million for the guy.

    Of course, it’s a long, long season and SAF isn’t going to set-up-shop with a set-lineup – at least not before “crunch time” in the spring.

  27. WeAreUnited says:

    haha Denton no problemo my friend :) I’m not saying you should be.

    Maybe I expect so mych from our wingers, and that’s why am a bit disappointed. OF course Valencia has been the best but still he hasn’t showed us that constant threat that he is.

    Same we can say about Nani and Youngie. Young has played 4 games, so that’s his excuse. And Nani more, but we all know that atthis moment he is in another world trying to survve to get back to United world.

    anyway, please do share your thoughts :)

  28. tom c says:

    the same bale who’s stuck in young Rafa’s pocket everytime we play the spuds? really? well done, tool. thank god the player with your namesake isn’t that much of an idiot.

  29. NBI Red Onion says:

    @ Denton

    I agree with @ WeAreUnited that the best is still to come from our wingers.

    I hear what you say re. the diamond, and switching between that and wing play is a great option. The bit that worries me is that I feel it would push Rooney to MF to early, he is one hell of a striker and I like seeing him in forward positions, he was lethal as a traditional number 9 a few seasons ago and is hard for defenders to pick up. I don’t think he should be base of a diamond yet.

    For diamond high up I would go with RVP on top, then Rooney (L) and Kagwa (R) and Anderson/Scholes at base. I don’t think we have seen Kagwa and Rooney play together yet, so I am looking forward to RVP, Rooney and Kagwa. Let me say I think that beats Mata, Hazard and Oscar. Can you imagine those 3 behind a Pea on form…

  30. WeAreUnited says:

    @NBI Red Onion

    haha we are at this moment at the same wavelength.

    That combination of Rooney RV and Kagawa is what I also think should be in the Diamond for sure.
    And I would also like to add THE GREAT Chicha the Little Pea if you meant? also in or formation, but how? It’s hard to put him on that sheet if those three plays well.

    Maybe this? if we include Chicha. If not then it’s easier t oput the line-up as I also would want Rooney to play more upfront, despite him being good from playing deeper. This is the line-yp with Chicha on it.

    RVP Kagawa

    Cleverley or Anderson
    Carrick or Anderson or Cleverley or Fletcher

    So glad we have options. And this was for the diamondd of heart.

  31. Doghouse says:

    The problem Valencia has at the moment is that although his game is great, it’s basic. Bomb down the will, cross, goal. Now he does that incredibly well, best in the world at that particular skill set. But it’s been slightly undone by the positioning of our strikers. It’s been working, obviously, we’re top of the league, but it’s not the same precision to the plan that there has been in the past.

    He’s one of many weapons in our attack, which these days is bristling like the pointy end of a porcupine.

  32. denton davey says:

    NBI @ 01:36: “The bit that worries me is that I feel it would push Rooney to MF to early, he is one hell of a striker and I like seeing him in forward positions, he was lethal as a traditional number 9 a few seasons ago and is hard for defenders to pick up. I don’t think he should be base of a diamond yet.”

    It’s a team game and the idea of management has to be to put the best team together, regardless of whether (or not) some guys are forced to sacrifice.

    I don’t see that putting TheWayneBoy at the base of a diamond would be much of a problem. In fact, it seems to me to be a solution to his essential “positional indiscipline”; playing at the base of a diamond means that he becomes a kind of “rover”, which is how he plays the game. Linking midfield and attack is probably the key role in contemporary footie – it’s why Xaviesta is such a great combination.

    Furthermore, UTD have the luxury of a great many scoring options so that sacrificing this aspect of TheWayneBoy’s game doesn’t weaken the team but actually addresses what many have perceived to be its greatest weakness.

    On the other hand, given the way that UTD plays there is less “need” for wingers because the ball is being played along the ground – not down the flank and cross it to the big man’s noggin. My issue with the traditional reliance on wingers is that it sacrifices strength-through-the-middle for having two guys on each side – the winger AND the full-back. Besides, UTD’s three wingers are all good footballers but not one of them is a “world beater” – GIggs/Beckham were much better players than AV7/Nani/Young AND, of course, having Keane-o/Butt/Scholes in the middle meant that UTD of the treble era could “afford” to play with two wingers.

    So, to me, the argument comes full-circle – this iteration of TheLads would be best served by playing to its strengths and the only way I can see that you can make an argument for having two of AV7/Nani/Young on the pitch at the same time is if you play a 3-5-2. BUT that’s a different argument.

  33. kysteve says:

    Great reactions, great performance. I’m glad to see rafael finally mature, but I’m surprised no one has thought that it may have to do with fabio being out on loan, which would rafael focus more and mature. Also, everytime I see anderson he is putting a good shift in. What will it take for him to get a run going? Always been a big fan.

  34. oleole says:

    For a team that just lost the title on goal difference I was very surprised and disappointed to see the way we played after Wilshere was sent off. We played 20 minutes against 10 men and decided backpasses was the way to go. We could have moved out of second gear and scored a few more but chose time wasting tactics instead.

    Don’t get me wrong, against Liverpool and Chelsea we were under pressure even when they were down to 10 men. It is ok to play keep-ball in these circumstances. But we owned Arsenal yesterday when they had 11 men. Why play like that when you are in total control and 2-0 up against 10 men? There were numerous occasions where the ball had reached Arsenal’s penalty box and our players decided the best course of action was to pass the ball all the way back to our side of the field.

    Just my thoughts after having to go through the pain of last season which I have no doubt a lot of you share. Cheers!

  35. lordrt says:

    Still was disappointed we could not hold on to a cleansheet. As for the goals the lads need to keep them coming and score as many as they can, remember we lost the title to the bitters only on goal difference last season, and am sure they do not want to repeat that again

  36. Marq says:

    Read somewhere that Jonny Evans has yet to even commit a foul after seven games in the league. See that he is taking after Rio as a proper defender instead of like some defenders out there that only knows how to kick lumps out of people.

    But still, we are conceding stupid goals. Hope we can sort it out like we did last season after we got spanked by City

  37. belfast red. says:

    @costas 19:33 lmfao! Should of threw them a couple of bars of soap hahahaha.

  38. ji sung says:

    @ proverb, do yourself a favor and go back to school. You can’t even spell for fuck sakes. Probably some little kid trying to act like a grown up. Take your comments and fuck off. We’re all entitled to our opinions and that’s the best thing about this game we love. You may think Valencia is god. I may not. I do think he’s a good player but he can improve. He can improve his delivery. He can improve on a number of things, his shooting and his left foot is almost non existent. He should have buried that chance RvP gave him on a plate. Simples. You can’t be player and players player of the season last season and missing golden chances like the one on saturday. Its not on. He needs to improve and there are a lot of people that agree. Where’s the Valencia that was scared of nobody last season?? Where’s the guy that used to take on players for fun and make them look a right cunt?? Its frustrating.

    And Young in my opinion is not what we need. I said it around the time when we bought him that he wasn’t a player that we needed to be spending big cash on and he hasn’t exactly proven his worth has he? Hmm I’ll give him time but he’s not the answer.

    As for Bale…look what a world class player like RvP has done to our team. Its given everyone a massive lift! RvP is banging in the goals week in and week out and I have no doubt that Bale would have a similar type of impact to RvP. Why not? Bloody hell, if I was Fergie I’d break the bank for him in January or next summer. If you don’t want Bale at United then you need to get your brain checked.

  39. Proverb says:

    Ji sung you’re a proper twat, that’s the thing with you people Sometimes you look in a field and you see a cow and you think it’s a better cow than the one you’ve got in your own field, tony V has contributed massively than you’ll ever do for the club. I’d be happy if you used your own £50m… As
    The club will never spend silly money on overrated players
    I think shitty is the right club for you to support

    My spelling is bad yeah, I should go back to school, why don’t you offer me some free lessons I’d gladly appreciate since you’re too smart
    . Its like a pot calling a kettle black
    And instead of sending him for lessons, why don’t you teach him
    how shit is him, he can’t even cross a soccer ball, he’s shit, let’s sell him and buy bale
    What a player bale is, he’s better than anything we ever had.. Bollocks!

  40. denton davey says:

    Marq @ 08:01: “Jonny Evans has yet to even commit a foul after seven games in the league.”

    I thought that the brush of TheLadyBoy’s shin was a foul.

  41. MarkoWire says:

    people are saying that was our best performance of the season to date but I think it was far from perfect. United should has bagged a few more goals and that goal at the end from Carzola let us down. Goal difference played a big in last season and we need to start getting some clean sheets

  42. ji sung says:

    50 million in my opinion would be money well spent for bale.

  43. LonestarRed says:

    @ jI sung
    50 million for BALE………….(rolling on floor laughing)…………..(wiping tears from eyes)….(catching breath)

    I think not.

  44. LonestarRed says:

    First things first, THREE POINTS.

    I think we had a stinker of a game really. SAF was right in that we were much too casual. I was frankly alarmed at how much we gave the ball away and how many genuine chances we botched. I am glad we played so badly, won and that SAF did not let the boys off the hook. Hopefully it’s a wake up call.

    I mentioned after the midweek Cup game that we lost that battle but it helped us in the war. Sure enough, Chelsea could only tie against Swansea. No Mata is a huge matter for Chelski as he is the glue for their dynamism in midfield as well as their joint top scorer. Their lack of depth will be even more evident in the festive period.Yes they have Oscar and Hazrad. Bit,the experience that Essien, Mierelles, Kalou , Bosingwa and Malouda brought has NOT been replaced. .They will suffer for it.

    I expect the final table to read United, Chelski, City and Arsenal.

  45. denton davey says:

    LondStarRed @ 23:27: “I expect the final table to read United, Chelski, City and Arsenal.”

    That sounds about right to me – it’s a pity that UTD have “no midfield” or else they might win at a canter !

  46. LonestarRed says:

    @Doghouse 02:33

    An how is that a problem? You also missed that the Valencia/ Rafael duo are a force multiplier on that right side. In other words , they are so effective in defense and attack, they play like three players instead of just two and force opposition to commit extra defenders to cover the right leaving more space for attacks up the middle and the left. It’s no great mystery as to what they will do. But stopping them is becoming harder and harder for opposition !


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