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Reactions To Victory Over Everton

1. No club has ever overturned a 12 points deficit with 12 games to go, which would make you think the title is ours this season, following our 2-0 win over Everton. Our 65 points from 26 games is a club record. As painful as last season was, you could argue that we are reaping the benefits of it now, with United determined to make amends and not throw away a title again. Hopefully we’ll bear the fruit of the lessons learnt from last season for years to come. Ferguson admitted that he had planned on making wholesale changes in preparation for Real Madrid this week, but after City lost to Southampton he went for the jugular. “I thought I’d make seven changes but when the City result happened yesterday I thought it would be a more important game today for us because it gives us a comfortable lead,” he said. “We knew if we got a result today it would put us in a fantastic position. We can make changes later in the season.” It’s interesting logic. If City had won and closed the gap, Ferguson would have been prepared to risk more points and allow them even closer. As it is, with the gap remaining at 9 points, the manager felt a greater desire to increase the difference. Maybe he felt going 12 points clear would more or less wrap the title up, and a win after City’s defeat would really be kicking them whilst they were down. Job done.

2. Every season I wait for Ryan Giggs to score his first league goal of the season, to ensure he maintains the record of being the only player to score in every Premier League season. Giggs has now scored in 23 consecutive seasons, scoring his first league goal for United before Phil Jones, who started alongside him in midfield yesterday, was even born. For weeks now, Giggs has been playing well, with him better suited to playing on the wing or behind the striker, opposed to a central midfield role. A few months ago it was almost certain he’d be retiring at the end of the season, but with us approaching the time in the season when you really rely on your squad players, and Giggs really stepping up his form, you wonder if he’ll be scoring in a 24th consecutive season before hanging up his boots.

3. Robin van Persie ended his “goal-scoring drought”, which lasted two games, after previously scoring in six games on the bounce. It’s incredible to think that Van Persie hasn’t gone longer than three games in a row without scoring since signing for us. He should have had a hattrick though, so the perfectionist in him will be disappointed in that. Early on, he did all the hard work in taking the ball around goalie Tim Howard, before hitting the post with two Everton men on the line. When he got another chance at this just before half-time, he wasn’t going to make the same mistake again, and put us 2-0 up. It was also Van Persie who got the assist for Giggs’ goal, after some lovely footwork kept the ball away from the defenders. Giggs almost returned the favour when playing through a great ball in the second half, but Van Persie played it wide of the post when you would have fancied him to score.

4. The right side of the pitch looked good yesterday, with Antonio Valencia having his best game in months (even if not quite hitting the heights of years gone by) and Rafael da Silva looked great. Whilst Valencia wasn’t taking on players as much as he used to, often preferring to cut inside, he got the better of Leighton Baines, arguably the best left back in the league this season. Valencia outjumped Baines to head the ball down to Van Persie for the first goal and was a lot more direct than he’d been for most of the season. Rafael was great supporting him, assisting our second goal after a perfectly timed and executed pass through to Van Persie. His positioning was much better too, with him cutting across Anichebe when it looked as though he was certain to turn and score.

5. United played with real purpose yesterday and whilst there were still some sloppy passing and lack of imagination, they seemed to step it up a gear. There was a new motivation about the team, with them looking like men on a mission who were going to get the job done. It was reassuring to see though, particularly having watched us scrape through so many games before yesterday.

6. Fellaini has been one of the best performing players in the league this season but yesterday you wouldn’t have known he was on the pitch. Phil Jones kept him quiet, as he did Gareth Bale, and as Ferguson is possibly hoping he will Cristiano Ronaldo. He came off with a knock with less than an hour played though, hopefully just as a precautionary measure.

7. With Sunday being the first game since the 55th anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster, the families of those who passed away were in attendance. As the players walked out we sung a chorus of “We’ll Never Die” and a flag was displayed in the Stretford End. Towards the end of the game, “Stand up for the Busby Babes” was also sung, a new feature to the remembrance…

8. It’s looking good, isn’t it? After last season I won’t believe it until it’s happened, but with QPR, Norwich, West Ham, Reading and Sunderland next in our fixtures, whilst City have Chelsea, Villa, Wigan, Everton and Newcastle, you would bet the gap widening before derby day, if it’s to change at all. I won’t tease you with the thought of wrapping up the title on the day they come to Old Trafford, but I’m counting down the games now. Roll on Real Madrid…

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Costas says:


    Hi pal. I will but you could always do it yourself, lol.

  2. zibbie says:

    Costas a big Kabob hello! Not counting my chickens til its over.

    Please say hello to Willie,Cedars and MG and the boyzs!!

  3. zibbie says:

    ok next time I will, when I get back to a signal! hahahahaha I am a lazy fuck! And time limited!!

    Next Time I shall!!!

    GO MAN UTD!!!!!!!!!!!!



  4. max says:

    My team for Madrid – DDG, Rafael, Rio, Vidic, Evra, Nani, Carrick, Anderson, Kagawa, Rooney, Rvp

  5. max says:

    Don’t have a good feeling about wednesday at all to be honest. The way we’ve been playing this season, I can see us get an absolute hammering. Yes we’re 12 clear in the league but our performances have been pretty fucking average I must say.

  6. Twisted Fatboy says:

    Evening Reds,

    I’m honestly not bothered about the European cup this year, I just want the league. Those tramps and their pissy blue shouldn’t be anywhere near a title and the way we threw it away last year was a disgrace.

    I won’t feel comfortable till Gary Neville can stand next to the trophy with the Black, Red and White ribbons in the Sky studio aiming a bug smug smile at the scouse no marks they insist on employing.

    On a happy note, I FUCKING LOVE RVP.

  7. Zalee says:

    I was wondering if u hv a list of player that snub manchester utd for another club example hazard & lucas moura. what hazard is thinking right now for snubbing man utd

  8. LoneStarRed says:

    @ Zibbie I did watch the CR7 special/ Castrol Edge infomercial. He is truly in that air that few ever achieve in any endeavor. His speed of thought actions and reactions combined with his unmatched physical traits make him beyond formidable. The boy is at the peak of his powers! We knew he was an apex predator when he went to RM and that we would have to face him someday.

    Thankfully RM is not as good as last year. But we stand in their way to salvage their season. I think RM will REALLY be LOOKING TO HIT US ON THE COUNTER as they have proven most lethal in that role this year. And we are quite adept at counter attack as well.

    I remember a match vs. Chelsea when he was here a few seasons back. Essien was marking him on the left wing. He received a pass and on his SECOND step had already created yards of separation!
    ( In the same clip John Terry was in the background and was preparing to act as if he slipped if CR7 came his way , :) ) I rewound that on my DVR and showed it to my family to give them an idea of how incredible he was at the time.

  9. Pratyush says:

    lol at all the all the negative so called fans.

    United have been playing poorly? You don’t become first in your league if you play poorly.

    Real Madrid, oth, have been playing poorly, and their league position shows that.

    So for once get behind your team instead of trying to undermine it with your negativity.

  10. AlphaRS says:

    Hazard and Moura are thinking “I won’t win anything but I like my bank balance”

  11. cbr-jet says:

    Only reason shitty won it last year is because united fucked it up !!

  12. wayne says:

    Zibbie hope everything works out for you mate,get better if you do get settled NW and ever head up to Vancouver it’s pretty easy for me to get there about a 11hr drive i’ll come and have some cold ones with you.

  13. Sushi says:

    Hahahahahha Liverpool LOLL

  14. FletchTHEMAN says:

    West Brom beat Liverpool :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Ben Foster did well.

  15. Daniel88 says:

    The scousers just got abused.

    Daniel Agger is a mistake waiting to happen every game I see Liverpool play he costs goals.

    Why Shane Long plays over Romelu Lakaku is a mystery ? … every time I see him play he abuses defenders.

  16. wayne says:

    What’s happened is making me laugh,beginning of the season City were supposed to have the strongest squad in Europe now all the ABU cunts are deserting them.Talksport online figures City have to make 5 new signings to compete with Utd next season naming players like Suarez,Falcao,Hummels just those 3 over 100mill.What have City spent so far on the project 1/2 billion pounds for one title now the team is in a shambles and has to be re built.
    City’s project has to be the biggest fuck up in the history of Football and should be a lesson to everyone what happens when all a team has is rent boys with no heart or character

  17. Hans says:

    Can somebody call an ambulance for Steven fucking McManaman. He is about to explode and may cause a few casualties around him.

    Anyway, not too pretty but great professional display by lads yesterday. We should now make sure we keep eyes on the ball and win all the matches until Shitty comes at OT!

  18. Manc Harvin says:

    United’s current lead of 12 points is a huge advantage to have at this stage of the season, and over the next 5 games, you’d expect the gap to become even wider.

    Fergie’s comment yesterday about resting players later in the season is interesting. He obviously wants to wrap up the title as quickly as possible, so he can then rest players. It also shows that he wants to win the FA Cup, and he may even have the luxury of leaving players out of league games to keep them fresh for the FA Cup!

    The chance of United winning the title at home to City on 6th April is exciting, but unlikely. Assuming we beat Reading in the FA Cup next Monday night, the league game away to West Ham would be postponed, meaning we’d have just 4 league games to play before meeting & beating City.

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter when we receive the Premier League trophy as long as it returns to its normal home. We’d better give it a good wash when it’s been retrieved from the burglars.

  19. denton davey says:

    Marq @ 20:31: “Ronaldo is gonna start on the left, facing Rafael and Valencia. If he gets no freedom, he will turn up on the right against Evra. So it would be interesting who Sir Alex plays on the left ahead of Evra. Young would have been an ideal choice.”

    I agree with the first part of your preview – LittleRedRafa/AV7 on the right – but disagree with the suggestion concerning NinjaEvra AND AshleyYoung. My choice for the forward part of that combination would be TheWayneBoy or DannyTheLad or Anderson or even KagawaBunga before AshleyYoung. Playing Rooney wide left is a bit of a gift to the opponents BUT that means Chicharito can play as the lone striker and RVP could tuck in behind him.

    The big strategic decision is to clog up the middle so that CR7 and DiMariaTheDIver are forced wide which means that Carrick, RIo, CaptainVidic have a much more straightforward job with the less dangerous attackers (Ozil and Benzema and maybe even Modric ???). Ronaldo, in particular, is most dangerous when he cuts inside and can shoot; keeping him wide/outside really minimizes that key part of his game.

  20. denton davey says:

    Wayne @ 22:58: “What’s happened is making me laugh,beginning of the season City were supposed to have the strongest squad in Europe now all the ABU cunts are deserting them.Talksport online figures City have to make 5 new signings to compete with Utd next season naming players like Suarez,Falcao,Hummels just those 3 over 100mill.What have City spent so far on the project 1/2 billion pounds for one title now the team is in a shambles and has to be re built.
    City’s project has to be the biggest fuck up in the history of Football and should be a lesson to everyone what happens when all a team has is rent boys with no heart or character”

    You, sir, are totally correct.

    What might be added to your comment is that GreatBigHugeYaYa is about 30 and beginning to decline while David SIlva wants to go back to Spain – RM are apparently beckoning and we all know that when TheVirus beckon, M/C is only able to offer money to compete.

    I’d imagine that even more money won’t be enough compensation for being in a toxic environment – and that toxic environment will probably deter a lot of other so-called “targets” from refusing to be hoodwinked by the allure of more money. RVP’s refusal to accept their petro-dollars might be the sign of the times for elite players who can pick and choose who will pay them a ludicrous weekly wage.

  21. wayne says:

    Whatever happens Utd have a big chance Madrid are not as good as everyone makes them out to be and it could boil down to who wants it more.Utd have a tight cohesive unit with everyone playing for each other,Real are not unlike City have a lot of players with big ego’s and big pay checks who don’t like each other and supposedly big rifts in the changing room.

  22. murt73 says:

    You can add that little weasel Nasri to the list also.. How he must be feeling now

  23. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Foster MOTM v Liverpool. Nothing wrong with Ben Foster as a keeper and Fergie definitely gave him a shot. But he just didn’t have the desire to do it at this level. He just didn’t have the desire to be United keeper and slag that comes with it. Best of luck to him…. except v us ofcourse.

  24. wayne says:

    denton although RVP is getting big money it’s pretty obvious to everyone that’s not his main motivation, there’s some players who’ll always look at tradition winning trophies first as long as wages are decent.90% of the players City have signed just out and out whores which can only end up in disaster

  25. wayne says:

    yeah Ben Foster just didn’t have the mental bottle to succeed at Utd that’s what separates top quality from just quality in every sport

  26. glory Glory Holy Trin says:


  27. glory Glory Holy Trin says:

    Although not sure if Man U will sustain this next season , midfield is samebolich, rvp and ronney are past-primal . Welbeck is useless and only reason he in team is because he is deluded man u fan. Chicarito sucks, he cant pass/hold ball . Carrick is past-primal , we need defensive and creative MFs.

    I am afraid, era of Man U dominant is coming over, in 2013 -> Man U is new Liverpool and Man City is new Man U.
    I say this cause Man CIty have invested lot in youthful development and barca directors, the blue half will slowly but surely(sadly) taken over man u now…

    Ohh the trynanosu!

  28. wayne says:

    isn’t much to say when the comment is nonsense top to bottom makes the troll even more pathetic

  29. LoneStarRed says:

    @ Denton Davey

    Good observations on tactics against RM.

    @ Hans

    Steve McManaman is having a cow isn’t he? :) I am enjoying it.

    @ Wayne 22:58
    So true. So true. they buy and sell as if players are interchangeable with no regard to dressing room chemistry. It has cost them. If you will recall, I said they would miss Nigel DeJong massively . He shielded their back four and killed the attacking impetus of their opponents. He must be laughing his socks off right now.

    To top it off Mancini is complaining that when City show up to buy a player the price goes up by a factor of 1/2 to 2 depending on the situation. They did it to themselves with their hubris and arrogant throwing around of their petro dollars. We are accused of such behavior but we have not been as reckless in our spending and may we never become so.

  30. WeAreUnited says:

    Some will have a go with me for putting a Pogba article, but i have nothign to do and this is the Internet and I hope you respect my opinion :)

    Firstly, I hoped that Pogba would have stayed and was really angry, but after reading that insight article with quotes I came to a conclusion, that for every Ronaldinho, there’s a Ronaldo. I hope so.

    Let’s go,
    If you ask my opinion, it’s a shame thing in both ways. We could have had a player willing to give at least 6 more years to us and potentially a big transfer fee after that. Last season SAF had the chance to use him more, but I guess SAF didn’t see him as a United-attitude player and decided to let him go and buy a player who’s willing to fight and love the club; Nick Powell.

    If Pogba would have been a bit more patient and loved the club like Tom Cleverley and fight for it, then he would have stayed and becomesomething more, but he was too eager to prove himself at the age of 19 when you’re barely a finish product.

    This only tells us the other side of the coin, that he’s a very confident lad who didn’t love the club and wasn’t ready to fight for it and if he’d stayed here and proved himself, he would have gone at the first call from Juventus, which he funnily enough did, before even getting his chance or wanting to prove himself.

    Instead we got a 18-year old lad Nick Powell, who has a better United-attitude and is willing to fight for us and will not be ditching us in the first call from Barcelona. He has showed some glimpses of his potential, even though Pogba has the edge at the moment, but I bet, that after his first season experience and the United insight, next season will be a better and stronger season for him at the age of 19.
    This season is based o ngetting our 20th title and the trophy back, and there’s no chance to put young unexperienced players on, so based on that, I hope NPowell learns from this season and shows us, why SAF made the right decision.


  31. In David We Trust says:

    wayne – to be honest reading the mourinho article, the players and the club have such little respect for any manager that walks through the door, they would stab fergie in the back if he was in the job, yes mourinho has his faults, but the behavior from the players is just appalling, and they know they can get away with it, because of the type of club they play for. If mourinho was the united manager, the players would be in line, they would not be going to the press, they would not even try and create a dressing room atmosphere to try and throw the manager out the door. At united, especially a top class manager, the boss comes first, the players second, at Madrid, its the players first, and the manager second, and that is the problem at Madrid

  32. Marq says:


    Your idea makes sense too, focusing on the wing might encourage Ronaldo to cut inside. I was leaning towards maintaining a 4-4-2 hence the suggestion. But a 4-5-1 might be prefered considering we have a bad record in Spain. A strong core in the middle is definitely needed, the likes of Ozil, Kaka who can play through the middle, as well as Ronaldo who likes to cut inside, will put pressure on Carrick and his partner throughout. Encouraging them to go to the wings might be the best way to go.

  33. Sushi says:

    Hope Brendan Rogers stays for a while to come true legend that one. Also anyone notice how every pundit was wanking themselves at the beginning of the season about Rodgers and his “philosophy” of passing supposed to be like barca or some shit? What have Liverpool resorted to now? Guesses anyone? Long balls over top courtesy of Stevie g hahaha yeah

  34. Essigreb says:


    The long balls from Steven Gerrard has been both a Liverpool and England problem for years. Im sure they wont win anything with him as a playmaker.
    Having said that, Liverpool have probably not played this well since the 80s (not counting natural evolution in football as in life in general), so, even thou I dont hope so, I am sure that they will come back to challenge us under Brendan Rogers – if they have the patience to let him have a go

  35. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    @sushi – I wouldn’t blame rodgers – the players he has are absolutely dire. Henderson, downing?? Honestly they should hand in their resignation. I don’t know how they have the nerve to pull on the shirt week after week being that crap for the money they cost.

    as for city the problem for me is Mancini – not a manager…terrible tactics and a bit of a comedy figure so in a dressing room full of egos no-one takes him seriously.

  36. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Problem with city? The Ownership runs the club from Abu Dhabi and no one credits the manager
    Problem with Chelsea? The Ownership runs the club from the Black Sea, Monaco, where ever and no one credits the manager
    Problem with Madrid? The Ownership runs the club from elite mens Clubs of Madrid, and no one credits the manager.
    See a pattern anyone?

  37. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Here you go then. Bit over the top? NAAAAAA

    Prepare for glory!

  38. bayoRed says:

    “……not a vintage United side……… below par United side …… not a united performance..” Am so tired of that bullshit. 12 points ahead mid february, stiill fighting on three fronts, what more can a vintage united side do????

  39. Hollarmide Ezra says:

    Everton down,madrid next….

  40. RM says:

    It’s a shame that people are overrating the upcoming clash between one of the best club in the history — Real Madrid — and the mediocre Man United. Even more shameful is when you compare both teams’ players head-to-head. I won’t be surprised if Man United are getting kicked out with a large margin.

  41. Proverb says:

    Here’s how madrid will line-up vs Manchester united in tomorrows 1st league UEFA CL encounter:

    —————­–Diego lopez



    –di maria———-­oezil———-­–Ronaldo

    —————­———karim benzema

    According to marca, a spanish news outlet, mourinho had already decided his line-up over a week ago hummmm!!!!

    The might even lose sleep due to this encounter, I’m sure he had his line-up decide just after the draw and have doing extensive work with his team in preparation for this game, this means much to the fucker and he is apparently determined to win this
    We must be up for it if we are to stand any chance of advancing, this game might aswel hinder our chances increasing point tally for the league and possibly see us eliminated from the FA cup tournament, likely we got huge depth in our squad and hopefully we cope with the challenges awaiting us this coming week
    In my view this is a make a break month for us, you all know the risk of going for all and loose all

    Come on you Reds!!! This much more serious than it has ever been

  42. Proverb says:

    Typos that bad its damn worrying
    My memory is fucked

  43. King Eric says:

    max – We arent falling for your bile again pal. Do one.

  44. King Eric says:

    glory glory holy trin – Fuck off you thick cunt. What does thate even mean? Fucking moron.

  45. King Eric says:


  46. King Eric says:

    RM – Fuck off you cunt. Why is a Madrid fan even on here? How many ref’s did Franco bribe? Fucking joke club pal, how far off the pace are you in your domestic league? Fucking idiot. Probably the same poster as max and that fucking illiterate Holy trin cunt.

  47. King Eric says:

    Fucking Pepe, Arbeloa , Ramos and that Paul Calf cunt Coantrao are garbage. They can and WILL be got at. Ozil is a good little player but can’t last more than 70 minutes the weak cunt.

  48. parryheid says:

    When United hit their back line,and they will our attack will murder them Lethal.


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