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Reactions to victory over Liverpool

Match reactions1. After Sunday’s embarrassing derby day defeat against Manchester City, United needed to bounce back with a result against Liverpool last night in the cup. Having picked up just one point from our three tough games against Chelsea, Liverpool and City (something Sir Alex Ferguson has also been guilty of in the past, lest we forget), the doom merchants were out in full force. It’s only the League Cup and it won’t make or break our season, but the team needed to a result to take some of the pressure off. It’s always great getting one over on those scouse bastards but it was especially important yesterday.

2. The news that Wayne Rooney, who has spent the summer in silence whilst plotting a transfer to Chelsea, was to captain the side was met with surprise. Still, he’s scoring and/or assisting goals in every game he plays in this season, and as one of the most experienced players in the starting XI (Giggs aside), it was seemingly an obvious choice for David Moyes. You have to now presume that there is truth in reports that the club are ready to offer him a new contract. Rooney had another good game though, forcing a few top saves, and it was his corner which set up the only goal of the game.

3. Javier Hernandez had a fairly quiet game, which is often the case these days, but he was in the right place at the right time, which, again, is also often the case. His movement in the box is incredible and he managed to shrug off his marker with ease. It wasn’t a simple tap in for him though. He showed great athleticism to get on the end of the ball in and was too close to goal to give the keeper time to react. It’s great to see him on the scoresheet again.

4. Whilst Rooney and Chicharito’s contribution can’t be ignored, it was Chris Smalling’s performance that impressed me the most. He was solid in the first half, when Liverpool were at their strongest, and managed to pinch the ball off their attacking players time and again. He’s really coming in to his own and if he can avoid any more injuries he’s surely got to be making Rio Ferdinand fear for his starting place.

5. The atmosphere, particularly in the final ten minutes, was something to behold. After Giggs called on the fans to increase the volume, even the South stand were on their feet singing! “David Moyes’ red and white army!” was chanted on repeat, getting louder and louder as the time ticked away. It’s great to see the fans get behind the team and manager. “I thought it was a brilliant atmosphere at Old Trafford tonight,” Moyes said afterwards. “I’ve come to a lot of games here before but tonight was a brilliant atmosphere.” You imagine that Fergie, who urged us to back the new manager in his final speech, will have been delighted. It’s still strange not singing his name in that chant though.

6. It was great to see Adnan Januzaj given another opportunity to impress and even better that he managed to play well again. He looks so confident on the ball and it bodes well that Moyes is willing to give him chances.

7. United started the game strongly but let Liverpool back in to during the first half. After the restart we were clearly the better team though and we got the right result. It’s baffling how we can go from the super display against Leverkusen, to that embarrassing performance at City, to the control we exerted in the second half last night. This was just the result that Moyes needed though and with a kind draw for the next round, hopefully he’ll have more opportunities to experiment with the squad.

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  1. Raging Bull says:

    Rose philips…. It might be hard for you to comprehend, but time moves on. Our last game was against Liverpool. Hence the comments are thus so. Nothing we say can change anything in the 5 goal thriller at the weekend. I take it you are not a United fan. If you were you would be fully versed in the SAF mantra that the last game or trophy is history and should be forgotten. The most important thing to United is the next challenge be it game or trophy. 26 years at the helm has infused that into most united fans too. We are 6 games into the season having a ridiculous start handed to our manager. I can’t wAit for the run in. Our last 10 games v the crud. Let’s see who will be talking about the champions a week later in may 2014. We’ll be here celebrating. Hope you pop in lol to the party.

  2. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Some of us NEVER learn. STOP feeding the troll. Let him talk. Don’t have to answer him.

  3. FletchTHEMAN says:

    You lads moaning about Giggs should get a life.

    Giggs was put on the pitch to be a level head. Always in the refs ear. Something Rooney should do, but can’t, as captain.
    He actually had a good game and didn’t look to lag at all.

    Your flavor of the month Hernandez? Always good for a goal but only got one. Moyes clearly decided to go defensive for the last 15 minutes, adding Carrick to bolster Jones (who was brilliant) in DM, and Januzaj to add extra muscle in CMF.

    Maybe ya didn’t notice lads like Henderson trying to wind up our lads. Henderson on Giggs is being put up all over the place. You don’t want to risk putting on young lads in tense affairs as the derby played out. If we had been 3up, then ya, bring on Zaha or whoever. But at 1 nil, with Liverpool moving the ball really well? No you put on Carrick and a good CMF youngster to help hold on to the ball.

    Something we didn’t do v Cittay.

    It’s called tactics people. Moyes got them right yesterday.

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Anyway, Always brilliant to win v the scousers. But they arn’t city footballing wise, and havn’t been a real test for several years. Everton and Liverpool about at the same level footballing wise.

    But that isn’t to say their fans are the same. I’ll take a good old M62 derby with Liverpool anyday for the brilliant spectacle.

    Right, Nighties you beauties. Red dreams.

  5. DreadedRed says:

    Jonny Rose-Petals

    Lick your lips all you like, good practice for when you’re licking your wounds in January.

    You might as well be in North Korea for all the impact your shoddy mercenaries are going to have on the Premier League. You’ll be fighting for third with London’s also-rans.

  6. DreadedRed says:

    Rooney and Keane got 2 each as the Reserves put away Bury on penalties in the Manchester Senior Cup. Bolton next up on Monday night.

  7. One-Eyed Kiwi says:

    Midfield Man is spot on about Kagawa.

    I am afraid that Kagawa will always be a bit part player with Rooney in the same team. Kagawa will be played in some games (those deemed by Moyes to be of slower temp and less physical) and be pulled out by the 70th minute. How can he ever have display his skills and influence a game to regain his confidence. Through time,any player no matter how skilful will lose his form simply through a lack of game time. With less game time, his chances of scoring will be less and if he does not score as a forward….it will be a spiral that I am afraid will only lead to one sad conclusion……Kagawa’s days at Old Trafford are numbered! Mark my words! It pains to say it but he will be more treasured at another team that will give him more opportunities, game time and play him in his preferred position.

    The irony is that Kagawa is the only player in the current squad with the nous and vision to pick open the defensive locks of the stronger treams in the CL. The English game will never truly recognise or appreciate his range of skills as they prefer the big bashing and hustling type players. Also Moyes is a true 4-4-2 type dinosaur manager and so will not even recognise Kagawas’s talents so how can he ever “fancy” him ??

    By the way, does anyone know whether any Asian players ever played as a first team player under Moyes at Everton? Even if so, for more than a handful of games before disappearing into nothingness?

  8. In David We Trust says:

    mjcRED – the team is built around rooney, so the boss is going to play to united’s best player. I always saw rooney even last year has united’s best player, not just as a player, but tactically he is crucial to the team. So why would united shaft uniteds most creative and potent player deep, would shitty play aguero in midfield? no, because they have players to do that job, same as carrick fellaini cleverly andersons job is that engine room, not rooney. That is asking a firefighter to do a doctors job, or a the police to do the armys job. Its not their line of work, same as rooney’s line of work is not in CM. His CV is a striker who is there to score create and help the team win matches in the final third, not doing the donkey work in CM

  9. slim says:

    “Donkey work” ha. Emblematic of the problems we have in MF

  10. scholes says:

    my line up for west brom (if RVP is injured)


    rafa smalling vidic evra

    fellaini anderson

    nani kagawa januzaj (or valencia on right/nani left)


    rooney is in red hot form so it is not ideal to rest him but he is playing non stop from palace game and shakhtar is due coming week.

    regarding debate about kagawa i think kagawa to fully flourish as united player (on left but as roaming role) needs two sort of defense minded MFs(which we have in carrick and fellaini). with the talent he has along with superb both feet, kagawa can flourish if not ‘overburdened’ with much of defensive responsibilities

    nasri essentially plays identical role but is covered well by his MFs.

  11. Jon Phillips Rose Hill says:

    “Our last game was against Liverpool and comments were thus so”.

    Sorry Shakespeare, are we back in ye olde England? What happened in the four days after the city game then.

    Bitter lemon sucking and throwing toys. That’s what happened “I tell thee” (to continue the olde way of typing.

    Love Rose.

  12. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Morning Reds! Bring on the baggies! Never won v United in the EPL era and not about to start this year.

  13. Jon Phillips Rose Hill says:

    I retract the Shakespeare comment. I saw you used the dreaded ‘lol’ – a heinous crime.

    For you drongos on about moving on, in the past, Liverpool was the last game etc. the fact there were match thoughts posted immediately after Liverpool and not at all about City was the proof in the pudding, the nail in the coffin, exhibit A if you like.

    And the response fom author is deafening – perhaps there is no case for defence….or maybe it’s just a case of the largest river in Africa (think about it)…

  14. Andromeda says:

    Hope RvP is fit and fired by time, although I would love more minutes for Chicarito.he looks so sharp and can score at quarter of a chance, besides this game at Oldtrafford so hopefully Moyes can give the likes of Nani, Evans and Kagwa more minutes on the pitch to get fitter and was a blessing seeing Rfael with his immense comeback, feel hugely disappointed as his presence in the big games would have been a great asset, Last year there we were so reliant on Rafa, Robin and Evans but I guess its Rooney who is driving the ship, right now he is the the admiral of the red army, hopefully all the lads will step up and raise to the new epoch…

  15. bayoRed says:

    I personally didn’t want a reactions thread to the derby. Well done Scott! Slate me as burying my head in the sand but I didn’t want it and I avoided the ABU media too :) . Just concentrated on work for once and my beer afterwards waiting for this game to fix things.

  16. John Smith says:

    Am I right here? Rafael was outstanding, Smalling and Evans were rocks, Buttner was on his game. Plus Jones was manic, Chico was Chico and Rooney looked as Rooney should.
    Kagawa it’s a mystery to me how he is second fiddle to that useless over-rated soft lad Welbeck.
    On the basis of a good ‘United’ performance why was Wilf not introduced along with Adnan? Everyone in football loves a skilled player would can round someone and create excitement! When Davey Boy are we going to give these 2 lads a go? Lingard scores 4, Kiko scores 2, Powell scores 1 and Henriquez scores 1. Welbeck and Young bye bye and you can take Tony with you.
    Get the lads in and lets have some fun!

  17. mjcRED says:

    @ In David We Trust:

    I hear what you’re saying pal.

    I guess by not rushing RVP back, the West Brom fixture should allow Moyes the opportunity to experiment a little by using both Rooney and Kagawa without hampering the full effectiveness and natural game of either. Do you think that the best way of deploying Kagawa would be as a false left winger, giving him the right to roam as @ Scholes posted earlier? This makes sense as it wouldn’t deter Evra’s natural ability and desire to attack on regular occasions. I guess the other left sided players will need to be mindful of the holes that he will leave and take on some of the defensive responsibilities, as
    we have been vulnerable in that position for a while now.

    Back to my first point, I guess ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ is where we are with regards to Rooney. So if given the match time, it’s down to Kagawa to really ‘chisel out’ his own place within the team and make himself invaluable to our forward play.

  18. DreadedRed says:

    Jonny Rose-Petals

    RoM doesn’t publish reactions to every match. It never has. Many matches that we have won, and a few that we have lost, have not been reacted to by RoM. Similarly, not all matches are preceded by a ‘View from the Enemy’. Further, not every goal scored by our loaned-out players is video-linked here. Some are, some are not.

    This is not a subscripted magazine, where readers are entitled to expect a certain standard.
    This is a blog. A place where views are shared, at the discretion of Scott.

    Your selfish discontent stems from the fact that we only play you twice a year, and the only match-reactions that you want to see are not available. Bad luck moonshine! This is blog is not aimed at the likes of you, and never will be. Your insignificant club attracts so few intelligent supporters that decent quality blogs on your topics are few and far between. RoM is a top-quality football blog, something not found with your club. You hang out here, but you’ll never have any sway. Your role will always be limited to back-bench-barracker.

    Your ‘Cup-Final-first-leg’ against United has come and gone. Now you have to twiddle your thumbs until March, as you wait for the only other significant game your club will play this season. Our reactions (if any) will again be short-lived, much to your dismay. To us, it’s just another game on our road to glory.

  19. DreadedRed says:

    The main points from Moyes’ press conference, ex TAOT:

    Van Persie and Cleverley could feature against WBA: “Robin will be back involved somewhere. He has trained today. Whether we use him, whether we don’t he is back fit. Tom has done a bit of training today as well. His injury is not too serious. He sort of rocked his knee in training and we were a bit worried, but he’s had no reaction from it. He’s done some training today and won’t be too far away tomorrow as well.”

    On what Moyes has learnt in the last week about life at United: “I have been learning every week since the day I walked in as Manchester United manager. I learned something the first day and I have continued to learn since, I don’t think that is going to change for a long time. I even think the manager who has just left was continually learning in the job. I am relatively new to it so I am still learning everything about it.”

    On a new contract for Adnan Januzaj: “Things are moving along and as soon as we get the news we’ll give it to you.”

    On the job Steve Clarke has done at West Brom: “Steve has done a great job. Last year, they finished eighth in the league and for long periods when I was at Everton, they were the team who were right up with us just behind the teams at the top. Overall, the club is a stable football club that has continued tp progress. They made several signings on deadline day and I am sure he has improved his squad.”

  20. Jon Phillips Rose Hill says:

    Dear “Dreaded” Red,

    I hope you can hear me if you’re not too busy blowing smoke up author’s bottom…

    “RoM doesn’t publish reactions to every match.”

    Ok, maybe not EVERY match in the history of the website. But virtually every match. It’s not just me saying this, it is a recurrent theme. P8ss poor loss against a rival and off on a big sulk is the result. What was the last match (before City) where there was not a reaction? Do tell. And as for claiming not every goal by a loanee is linked to – oh please, stop clutching at straws.

    “Your selfish discontent stems from the fact that we only play you twice a year,”

    No you don’t. FA Cups, League Cup, Charity Shield. Wake up, it’s not the 2000s.

    “Your insignificant club attracts so few intelligent supporters that decent quality blogs on your topics are few and far between.”

    So says the authority. When did you conduct this conclusive survey?

    “Your ‘Cup-Final-first-leg’ against United has come and gone. Now you have to twiddle your thumbs until March, as you wait for the only other significant game your club will play this season. ”

    Last three years contain two FA Cup finals; two Charity Shields; and a Title. I repeat, this is not the 2000s. Yet again you need to stop being in denial and wake up to the fact that City are one of the big boys who will be competing for trophies every season and Utd is no longer the cup final. It’s not a bad dream I’m afraid!

    “To us, it’s just another game on our road to glory.”


  21. Andromeda says:

    Positive news from Moyes press conference, RVP is fit to and Cleverly also has returned to training after picking up a knee injury.

  22. wayne says:

    In this day and age everything is a overreaction and obviously when it comes to Utd there’s large amounts of jealously because the club has dominated football for so long.The abu’s and trolls are going to jump on any glitch and blow it out of all proportion because they have nothing else
    The knee jerk reactions are just ridiculous,Gunners lose to Villa at home it’s a crisis a couple of wins later are fucking brilliant,City lose to Cardiff and get outplayed by Stoke and should’ve lost,one good result against us ‘worldbeaters’ lol.Rent Boys looked shit all year but because of Maureen get a pass.Dippers have a couple of wins everyone was talking about them as contenders a week or so ago,Spurs needed a couple of penalties in boring games against ave opponents yet being talked about as contenders
    Abu’s and trolls are just a bunch of sad bastards because their losers,the amount of pressure and expectations compared to every other club on Utd is just a different level.Do Utd fans go trolling on other fans blogs,no because we don’t give a fuck all these pathetic cunts have is this

  23. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Great news from Moyes on Robin van Persie (Fit) and Tom Cleverley back in training from a knee strain.

    Hope we can turn over West Brom and knock off a run of good results.
    As expected, the schedule didn’t do us any favors, but 7 points from 2W and 1D not the worst.

    We now have a string of 4 very winnable games and then Arsenal at home. This could be a very good run.

    Confidence should be high. Fans need to show some spirit that the lads have earned as well.

    Comeon the reds!

  24. The One says:

    Wayne @14:41, my thoughts as well.

  25. Moringe says:

    I read on Espn that Moyes is publicly lowering our expectations for this season,,I dunno if he’s playing mind games n avoiding the pressure,,but either way if its true then it doesn’t look good,,yes SAF is no longer here but looking at our squad I feel like we can go toe to toe with anyone in the Epl n Europe,,so long as he picks the right team n stick to it,,if we can get the forward line of Wazza,Rvp,Kagawa n Nani to gel wit Carrick and Fellain/Clev supporting them at the base we’ll be unstoppable,,

  26. RedEric says:

    @Rose Phillips
    Let me tell your problem my friend, your club is not used to these things and that’s why you dwell on the passed. 1 FA cup, 1EPL cup WON 6-1 against UNITED, WON 4-1 against UNITED and that’s all there is in your mind? hilarious. As with UNITED fans there’s too much to remember coz we are used to being involved in bigger and random events. Barbatove alone scored five and it still feel normal within ourselves. Now do one, go and fantasize your small time victory till March with your fucking blumoan forum before someone calls cnt

  27. scholes says:

    i think mr (miss???) rose is right in saying that this is not 2000. so much as i despise noisy neighbors it is true that they are now force to reckon with.

    my question to him is if he wanted to draw sadistic pleasure from reading comments about utd defeat against city he could have read comments in match progress section.

    fit robin is a massive boost to us but i do not want to see cleverly starting this game ( i am not against tom). ando should be starting this game along with fellaini ( to give carrick rest and frankly i do not see need of him in this game). even rooney can be given rest (chicha can start). squad rotation has been trademark of utd and no body can deny its positive impacts.

    mcjred is right in saying that rooney has to be dislodged by kagawa to start in middle which is highly unlikely. rooney has been given a harsh reality check by transfer window when only one club came with a bid and that too a derisory one. rooney took it as a challenge and he is now our talisman.

  28. In David We Trust says:

    scholes – so lets get this right, we should put an in form player out of position like rooney, for an out of form unfit player like kagwa, tell me how that is logical? unless kagwa can adapt which he is doing with japan, then he is done has a united player. And lets get this straight, RVP is 31, so its a big mistake laying all the eggs in one basket to RVP. But like I say, to play rooney in midfield will not work

  29. WeAreUnited says:

    @wayne could not said it better.

  30. Wee Toms Ligaments says:

    Funny stuff from the bitter. Cannot even enjoy a win. Has to find something to moan about. He will fit in just fine with half of the game day crowd here.

    Moyes did the prudent thing by giving the “B” squad a run in the Tin Cup. No pressure to win and therefore no pressure to lose. I hope that most of you will recognize that most of the squad in the liverpool match will not start against West Brom. And before you go bashing me, I hope Moyes sees the error in that decision. However, I will not be surprised to see Young/Valencia on the wings with Carrick/Fellaini in the middle. Ferdinand and Vidic to start at the back and Rooney/RVP up top.

    Hopefully Moyes will feel less pressure to “play safe” with his setup. I agree with most on here that squad rotation is the key to success in the PL. Hopefully Moyes will see this too.

  31. Lawman10 says:

    Rose Phillips what are you doing on a Manchester United site??
    I for the life of me would never visit a blue site……..

  32. King Eric says:

    Very odd that Jon Phillips knows exactly what reactions are and aren’t done? Regular reader Jon?

  33. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Interesting read from Andy Cole!

    On Mata, Ozil, and Cantona: What it means to be a “Proper” Luxury Player

    Wonder what the verdict on Chicharito…. Kagawa?

    Does luxury get a look in a David Moyes side? I wonder Andy’s view on Kagawa.

  34. Jon Phillips Rose Hill says:

    Yes King Eric I am a regular reader as I like the blog and the author’s musings. And? Still really odd that big defeats = sulk/silence. Oh, and I never mentioned the 6-1. You did though. Clearly it still bursts and you’re the one dwelling on the “passed”.

    Well done Lawman, you must be very proud of yourself. Do you also have fish & chips with ketchup when you summer in Magaluf?



  35. scholes says:

    @in david we trust

    i never said rooney should play in midfield or left.

    i said rooney can be given a rest in this game. only then kagawa comes into middle. if rvp is injured (which he is not now) then rooney should play as striker with kagawa behind.

    i am not a massive fan of kagawa but he is better than young on any given day. it is a travesty that a player who plays as a LW for utd has best attribute of tracking back mainly

  36. King Eric says:

    Jon – Where did I mention 6-1? I didn’t. “Passed”? What’s that all about, you clearly know the correct spelling. As I’ve said before you DO actually amuse me with your comments. Fair play for admitting you like the blog and writer.


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