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Reactions To Victory Over Spurs

1. We needed to win yesterday and we did. There would have been no shame in drawing or even losing to the third best team in the country away from home but, with City winning on Saturday, we really couldn’t afford to drop any points. The pressure that was on the team ahead of kick-off was massive and with the exception of the opening ten minutes, we were more or less battered in that first half. Unlike a team ready to succumb to pressure though, we scored at a brilliant time, just before the whistle was blown to end the half. This was a huge result.

2. In the newsletter on Friday I said that Wayne Rooney had to get us going again and he did exactly that. He has now scored twice against Spurs, City and Liverpool this season and three times against Chelsea and Arsenal. He is is a big game player, our most important player and it is no surprise he scored the opening goal. He managed to lose Kyle Walker from the corner and gave Brad Friedel no chance with his header. It was one of the most undeserved leads I can remember but you aren’t going to complain.

3. Antonio Valencia has been far and away our best winger this season, although stats would suggest that Nani and Ashley Young aren’t that far behind him. Valencia is on 9 assists, Nani on 8 and Young is on 7 after Sunday. After Young’s corner lead to Rooney’s opener, having contributed little else before that point, I wondered whether assisting goals justified his place in the team. Last weekend, Nani and Young were pretty poor all game, but both assisted goals in a 2-1 win. How much do we demand of our players? If we win the game because they assist a goal each, can we be annoyed that they’ve put in an average shift? The debate became null and void where Young was concerned though after he went on to score two goals. The first came from a clever throw in from Phil Jones, who had a game to forget otherwise, and a Nani cross. The ball came to Young and he did really well from a tight angle to put it in at the far post. The second was an excellent finish, one to rival the goal he scored in the 8-2 against Arsenal, curling it in to the top corner. Since his injury, Young has been off the boil. Are we about to see him hit the form he enjoyed in his first few games? Hopefully.

4. At 3-0 up, can you remember a time when we less deserved a scoreline? I could hardly believe it when that third went in. On the balance of play, you could hardly complain if it had been Spurs who were winning 3-0, however, when it came to chances, what did they really do? In the 90 minutes, David de Gea made a couple of good saves, but he was hardly bombarded. We put away three chances fair and square whilst the only goal Spurs managed was from a sloppy Ryan Giggs pass. Was I surprised we won 3-1, particularly after that first half? Yes. But the result wasn’t unfair. We created chances and took them and Spurs didn’t.

5. The one real moment of controversy came at 0-0 though when Emmanuel Adebayor had the ball in the back of the net. The ball came at him quickly, he moved his left arm towards the ball, controlled it with his arm, then flicked it in to the back of the net. If a United defender had stopped the ball from crossing the line with their arm in the same way Spurs fans would have been screaming for a penalty, so let’s just put that one to bed now.

6. I would feel happier if United were hitting good form as well as picking up the points, but the priority has to be to keep winning, and with fairly easy fixtures now, particularly in comparison to City, you’d fancy us to do that. United have dropped just 9 points on the road this season. To put that in to perspective, City have dropped 15, Spurs and West Brom 18, and Chelsea and Arsenal 22. When you consider we’ve played all the top teams away from home now, apart from City, that is a real achievement. I usually love/hate this part of this season. This year, I’m absolutely loving it. Roll on the next game…

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  1. seanmthered says:

    Ttyl Pogba you cunt, look forward to seeing you ruin your career. Yours sincerely Angry Man United fan

  2. MG says:

    The game isn’t on yet but could be if RVP gets one in quickly

    Mark my words Arsenal will go crazy tonight :lol:

    RVP RVP RVP!!!

  3. Zibbie says:

    thedonmassawe says:


    Nice stream thanks.

    Cedars, Willie, my Grandfather on my Pops side was born in Torino. When I can travel again I will visit the twin cities of Turin and Torino Hug & kiss some cousins for the first time, eat some great food take in a match. Even If I can never fly again I will take a boat over the ocean and train all around Europe.

  4. CedarsDevil says:


    Whilst of course I have an eye over my son, my main joy tonight will come from a Tigers home win

  5. seanmthered says:

    Also slightly off topic, does it make anyone else feel a little bit sick seeing Oxlade Chamberlain playing for Arsenal? the boy is going to be unbelievable. 18 years of age by God they have some talent on their hands.

  6. MG says:


    Forever the loyalist ;)

  7. CedarsDevil says:

    My Dick

    Some share that, I hope you get to make that trip one day and tell us all about it.


    What can I say, I am well focused too! ha ha Priorities all in check

  8. Zibbie says:

    It has been said before here, the Gunners run a proper club and not run by Billionaire cock measures. Or Spain itself. Proper rivals. This Ox looks good and we know so is Jack who has been hurt all year like our Tom C. If RVP stays they add some keep developing talent they will compete at the highest level again. If RVP leaves could be a free fall to compete for 4th place year in year out.

  9. JC says:

    WTF stupid site keeps not allowing me to post the link…

    www. firstrowsports .eu/watch/111701/1/watch-west-bromwich-albion-res-vs-manchester-united-res.html

    If anyone needs the link, remove the 2 spaces around firstrowsports…

  10. Zibbie says:

    At 50 my dreams have been to see my grandparents birthplaces in Ireland and Italy, now a game at Old Traffod has been added.
    ha ha Priorities all in check, as well. hahahahahaha

  11. JC says:

    HAHA 2-0 Arse… can it be done?

  12. CedarsDevil says:

    New thread up on the want away kiddo…. zzzzzzz

  13. WillieRedNut says:

    Zibbie – I’d love to go to Italy? As Cedars says, hope you make that journey some day!

  14. rijah says:


    We did well and need to move on now…

    Being back to the real squad should help us to continue from where we left off… 8-2 against arsenal… let the scoring continue boys… 10-0 against bilbao… those guys are fooling around and we need to teach them a big lesson – not to mess with Manchester United… The best club in the history of football…



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