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Reactions To Victory Over Wolves

1. Well that was just the kind of performance we needed following the devastating result in Basel this week. We passed the ball around well and at long last put away a good number of the chances we created. Only Swansea have a worse away record than Wolves though and after playing them, it is obvious why. They gave us lots of room on the ball and came at us, which meant we could attack them. Of course, it doesn’t matter how many attacks you have if you don’t score, as we found out on Wednesday, so I’m not trying to belittle the victory, but we shouldn’t get too carried away just yet.

2. Michael Carrick has been on the receiving end of a lot of stick over the past year or two. Some of it has been justified whilst some of the things said about him have been absolutely ridiculous. “If in doubt, blame Carrick” seems to be the motto of a few, so it is very pleasing to see the great form he has been in of late. Sir Alex Ferguson predicted this good form and Carrick has gladly obliged to prove him right. He’s playing with confidence, always looking to play the ball forwards again and putting in some great tackles. He was easily our Man of the Match today and looks good alongside Phil Jones.

3. For whatever reason, Jones believes his best position is in the centre of defence, but more and more he looks like a midfielder. His bounding runs forward would be wasted as a defender and his ability to win the ball means our defence has a wall in front to protect them. Most reds are salivating at the prospect of Jones and Tom Cleverley being our long term answer for the centre of the park. If he keeps on performing as he is, then he really is a viable solution to our midfield problem.

4. The wingers put in a good shift today, especially Nani, meaning Ashley Young’s cameo performance is something we may see more of in the future. The former Villa man has struggled to impress over the past few weeks, whilst Antonio Valencia’s form only keeps improving. Today was his best game in ages, with him fearlessly taking on players time and again and delivering dangerous balls in to the box. Nani has now scored or assisted 25% of our goals this season, which is an incredible feat. He’ll never be the most popular player at Old Trafford but he is very important to us now, which is why probably why he was given the last 15 minutes off today, to keep him safe from injury.

5. With injuries to Dimitar Berbatov, Javier Hernandez and Michael Owen, our options up front are fairly limited, although the Wayne Rooney partnership with Danny Welbeck would be my first choice now regardless. Welbeck had a frustrating afternoon, found to be offside far too often for my liking, but he contributes more to our attack than the loveable Chicharito. Only Robin van Persie has scored more goals in the league than Rooney now and we will have to hope that finding the net twice today will have helped settled his head. The finishes for both goals were top quality and great to see. But really, what I would give for him to get over his obsession with chipping the goalkeeper!

6. The defence was solid today, although it is annoying to see how easily Wolves scored early on in the second half. We didn’t make them work for that anywhere near as much as we should have. Regardless, Evra and Smalling generally fulfilled their defensive duties and supported the attack well. Rio Ferdinand controlled the defence and made some important clearances whilst Jonny Evans seemed to play with much more tempo. I’d like to think Eric Steele is talking to David de Gea about punching those crosses though. Catch!

7. I thought the most small time fans in the league were Stoke but Wolves really gave them a run for their money today. “6-1 to the champions!” they chanted. Really? “Who the fuck do you support?” responded the Stretford End. Other than the odd chant here or there about supporting their local team or telling us we’ll soon be City fans, they sat their silently. The chants of the game have to go to those mocking our Champions League exit, with the ground singing “Thursday nights, Channel 5″ after every goal scored. “It’s full of tits, fanny and United, oh Channel 5 is wonderful” also did the rounds. If you don’t laugh, you’d cry…

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  1. RedBlizzard says:

    at times during all these transfer soap operas you dont get why a fuss is being made about a player, why managers are fighting each other over a player, why one is willing to put in an outrageous last minute bid or pay another club money to cancel a contract for player like in Obi’s case. With Phil Jones, with bloody Phil jones you can see why, will be leading put the reds for several years to come, several finals to come and is the icon of the new United era. After the Basel game i posted something about what Roy Keane and i still stand by that, despite the fact that Fergie seems to have been hurt by it. Some agreed with Keane’s words, some didnt, some were outraged, but say what you will, one of the things people miss about a player like Roy is the fact he didn’t mince words, would criticise his own fellow players during a match, would strike out at his own if he felt they were not playing to their best. If you had a bad game, he wouldnt come out and be the yes-man/the excuse merchant, you had a shit game and didnt deserve to win thats it. Interestingly enough, most people have said that in all the truckloads of players that have gone though the Fergie Refinery, Roy Keane was the player most in the mould of Ferguson. Fiery as they come. Maybe Roy Keane should have kept quiet about certain things, for example after the Basel game. But he’s not one to do that. I’d have loved it if after his criticism he had added that the Basel experience would make the young players better for it, because it will. Right now though i just hope Subotic and Javi Martinez sign and we’ll be set up. Cleverley to come back, Phil taking control of the midfield(its refreshing to see that almost everyone on here is now agreeing Midfield could be his longterm position. And as STR said a midfield of Clev and Phil could turn out to be a dream mid). For me despite the fact that it appears everyone in the world knows about the midfield thing(someone was saying the other day of you went to a native village in the Amazon, the wild bushmen would tell you United needs midfielders), i think we need to get one more solid,tall,mean, terminator eyed..eeerr Serbian defender, yep Subotic. Coz for all his versatility Phil may end up taking over the midfield.

  2. RedBlizzard says:

    Also interesting is This article that appears to have been written by a bunch of ROM readers, its like a summary of what everyone was saying yesterday.

    “And while every outfield team-mate converged on the near touchline to congratulate Nani on his 18th-minute opener, Rooney cut a solitary figure as he trudged back alone to the centre circle, uttering some kind of complaint to referee Michael Oliver.”

    “Rooney and Nani, despite their penchant for throwing their arms in the air in displeasure whenever one does not pass to the other,…”

    “He was not United’s stand-out performer. The much-maligned Michael Carrick, suspended for the Basle game, was the man of the match for the assurance and, unusually, the drive he brought to United midfield, but Rooney was not far behind. ”

    “Fourteen months have passed since Rooney signalled his aborted attempt to leave Old Trafford by alluding to a lack of ambition at the club having failed to receive “assurances I was seeking about the future squad”. There is no suggestion that Rooney is growing restless again, but as injuries bite and United look out on a horizon that includes Europa League football, it appears as though the 26 year-old has taken the midweek Champions League elimination harder than most. Rooney failed to deliver during the 2-1 defeat against FC Basle. He did not do for United what Lionel Messi repeatedly does for Barcelona or what Cristiano Ronaldo achieves regularly for Real Madrid by making the difference between success and failure. ”

    “As for Rooney, I thought he was outstanding. I suppose his performance just shows how valuable getting that ban reduced is going to be for England in the summer.”

    that last quote whose underlying meaning i wholly understand, proves for me that RooRoo is more of a Tiger Woods player than Muhammed Ali player, easily affected by the hordes of media wolves. Laying the blame on him for England potentially crashing out in the Euros because of his absence seemed to have affected him, and i dont think that its a coincidence his drought ended after the end of that particular saga.

  3. RedBlizzard says:

    Anderson’s new hairstyle by the way

  4. rat1p says:

    off topic
    “old arry i invented football” should be punished for saying that:
    “here were two blatant handballs and the referee missed them. I thought he had a poor day”
    now that rooneys ban was reduced the fa can concentrate on the things that matter

  5. Costas says:

    Was Ando born with some kind of curse that he couldn’t have a decent hairstyle?

  6. rat1p says:

    cmon costas it looks better,slightly better,maybe old bebe gave him some advice how to cut his hair

  7. RedBlizzard says:

    Manchester United is looking for the next Evra

    Manchester United are watching 17-year-old PSV Eindhoven defender Jetro Willems.

    Sir Alex Ferguson is scouting around for a long-term replacement for Patrice Evra, who will be 31 in May.

    The Red Devils boss sent his brother, Martin, to see the Dutch left-back in action against NAC Breda at the weekend, according to The Mirror. PSV won the game 1-0, and Willems impressed by setting up the decisive strike for Dries Mertens in the first half. Willems, a Holland youth international, joined PSV last summer from Sparta Rotterdam on a three-year deal. He has made seven appearances for the club so far.

  8. CedarsDevil says:

    Time for a new thread!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone agree or disagree!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Morning all ;-)

  9. Mikekelly12 says:

    Agree!! Thanks for my birthday wishes pal. Was a hell of a weekend. Off work today as my ankle is like Ant McPartlin’s swede. not been hospital yet but deffo ligament damage!

  10. rat1p says:

    we dont need another evra ;)

  11. CedarsDevil says:


    Pleasure my friend, glad you had a blast! So one more year for the bid Four O eh!
    Hope you won’t be out for the season pal with that ankle injury though….. Oh and I was actually taking the piss with my post at someone who regularly makes identical comments… hahahaha

  12. CedarsDevil says:

    Big Four O not bid………….. Me and my typos again!

  13. Mikekelly12 says:

    Yup, 1 more year and the big four 0 is a reality. Hopefully we’ll be heading towards a big two 1 of prem titles at that point!

  14. CedarsDevil says:


    Just picked up on that! hahahaha quality

  15. CedarsDevil says:


    Will never forget my 40th, was still married and the Mrs surprised me with an all paid for and arranged trip to Manchester for a game, was against Blackburn…. I was living in Dubai at the time and it was that trip that I ran into Sir Alex in the lift at the Edwardian and had a chat! Great memories

  16. CedarsDevil says:

    Forgot to add, that game against Blackburn still holds the record for the highest attendance at OT in the Premiership era……

    People were just flooding in to see Cedars, oh ya baby! hahahaha

  17. smartalex says:

    Phil Jones has STARTED for England as DM. He is now considered by Capello as a shoe in as backup DM for the Euros. (Cue stupid excuses slandering Capello)

    Chris Smalling has STARTED for England at RB. (Cue excuses slaying Capello’s mum)

    These lads are not inferior or weak in those positions, despite claims of CH preference.

    Sir Alex, Rene, Tom and Danny have each spoken this year of the vital experience gained during the very deliberate playing of players out of position in Youth, Reserve and First Team matches. It is part of their development. Those who fear long term disadvantage from early career position rotation, should fear not.

  18. CedarsDevil says:


    Absolutely bloody spot on! If you have the skill and talent to play in different positions than you do! Just look at the late Duncan Edwards (RIP)

  19. smartalex says:

    Good day CedarsDevil! Are you well, my friend? We’ve all been following you since that Blackburn game. You are why we’re here on RoM, setting new records for attendance.

  20. James21 says:

    Interesting article. Like I said on Saturday, Rooney isn’t overrated He just needs to sort his head out.
    I fully agree he is overpaid but you can say most top footballers are overpaid. These owners like Monsour and Abramavic are to blame tho and even going back further to Jack Walker at Blackburn. Utd always had a good pay structure but have had to break it to compete for the best players. I’ve never blamed Jack Walker because he saw a vision for a team He’d supported since he was a Boy. ABUs will always blame Utd but don’t they blame us for everything.

    I’ve seen Rooney pull Utd out of the shit on many occasions with his class when the rest of the team is underachieving and any Utd fan must be mad to ever want us to loose him. We never know what goes on behind the scenes at OT but SAF will sort it like he did with Sheringham and Cole. And lets not forget Cantona used to give the cold stare to players who shot wide or didn’t pass to him. Ronaldo and Nani are also guilty of this.

    The problem is if you are a fan post 1991 you will only know success (Not You personally I may add just using the word ‘You’ in general) It becomes easy to slate a player and tag him Overrated if he’s not banging goals in right left and centre.

    Alex Ferguson stated in an Interview, Inside Utd magazine. He was asked.

    Wayne Rooney has played a few games in the centre of midfield this season. How long have you been toying with that idea?

    SAF. I haven’t been toying with it at all. It was something that was bought on by circumstances beyond our control. Carrick was Injured, Cleverly was injured, Anderson was injured and Darren Fletcher isn’t at the stage yet where he can play every game. So it was forced on me a little bit.

    He finishes with’ We know his best position is up front.’

    We just have to be patient with them all atm. But Overrated. No Chance.

  21. smartalex says:

    Cedars? Who the fuck?
    Who the fuck IS this Cedars-Devil?

  22. Mikekelly12 says:

    Great gift from your ex. Blows my gift out tv’s water. 3 pairs of socks for me!

  23. CedarsDevil says:


    Hahaha, would still keep you warm though, so its not all that bad eh?


    I am very well my friend, as well as can be! You humble me with your kind words…

    Cedars? Who the fuck now? hahaha

  24. smartalex says:

    Mikekelly12 – Latex socks I understand, being a celebratory moment, but why pairs?
    One for you and one for your him?

    Just kidding! You’re a thriving heterosexual, no doubt!

    Is tomorrow the anniversary of your birth?

  25. smartalex says:

    Mikekelly12 – oops, sorry, just re-read your earlier comment! Here’s Marilyn, all for you.

    Happy Birthday Mr President …
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Ooh! Don’t worry, I’ll clean that up.

  26. CedarsDevil says:

    Today we celebrate the birthday of a true United loving red to the core and as a bonus he also loves Robbo!

    Happy Birthday Mike

  27. smartalex says:

    A typical Mail story, all conjecture no substance, but a couple of pictures do show the players looking as glum as I’ve seen them. Like a wedding with no alcohol.

    “No WAGS allowed! United stars ‘celebrate’ Christmas with low-key Manchester party”

  28. James21 says:

    SAF wants to give you a Birthday Pressie Mike but he says you’ll have to wait till May. 20
    Happy Birthday mate. :)

  29. Sandeep1878 says:

    Happy birthday Mike, Hope u had/Have a blast..

    cheers pal


    who the fuck is this cedars? :)

    Give us a wave :)

  30. Paul Parker says:

    Gutted, forgot to record MOTD or Match Choice on Sat, and the BBC are too cheap to have it on iPlayer for more than a second. So I missed El Classico, the boxing (which was free for once), and still haven’t seen the full Wolves game. What a pain in the arse, and to make it worse I won’t be missing the Rent Boys playing the Bitters tonight. Very strange feeling wanting Chelsea to win.

    @Balaji, luminary? More like loon! So does this mean I get a fancy cape and a dead-posh flat cap w/ tassels? Always wanted a further education, me.

    @Smartalex 9:58 – spot on regarding the RoM Rooney debate. Nobody on earth denies Wazza’s talent. The lad can make grown men cry with his ability and we love him for that. After Basel, the only thing I questioned was his dedication as he didn’t match the determination of others that night. He didn’t seem to take responsibility for his own piss poor performance either. Considering he demanded the role of United’s most expensive player it left a bad taste to see him go missing as we went out of Europe. I’ve long since accepted Rooney will have goalless runs punctuated with pure brilliance, and two seasons ago I would’ve happily bet money he’d be here for life but now you never know and im not one for being twice bitten. Having said that, the manager is still happy for him to be here, and so am I to be honest. We all know he’s world class on his day and long may his playing career with United continue, but everybody should also know he ain’t above criticism either. Not a fucking chance. Its not even clear as day that he’s been the best striker in OUR league for the last 7 years, so lets not get too giddy over the “white Pele”. Hype aside, I just hope Wayne finishes his season with aplomb and without incident. The more solid seasons he has between him and Ambitiongate, the better. More goals than RVP by Crimbo would be a good start!

    and Lol @ Anderson’s head. Lets hope the new aerodynamics have a positive effect on his fitness and he stops getting fucking injured. Was gutted when Smalling was out early in the season as it meant Jones couldn’t be used in midfield with Ando when Cleverley was out injured. Had a hunch at the time Jones could end up in midfield for us, and after recent performances I think I prefer him there after all. He has good feet as well as the drive to win the ball back. Not too shabby in front of goal either, and he’s still a teenager ffs. Looking forward to seeing all three fit in 2012.

  31. LUFCWhite says:

    @King Eric – I live in LS8, Roundhay/Gledhow way.

    You’re from Wetherby and support Man U? Why?

    Also, I post on a few Leeds forums but sometimes I read blogs by other fans. Why not? I’m always intrigued about the mindset of supporters of other clubs. However, this blog mainly specialises in paranoid ABU conspiracy rants, and it’s always a laugh to light the fuse by leaving a one line comment, refreshing the page a few moments later and seeing five posts full of venomous remarks such as “sheep shagging scum!” “fuck off Leeds cunt!” “your team is shit!” ;)

  32. MG says:

    Yeah we are paranoid and full of conspiracy yet chose to sit our backsides on OUR BLOG

    Yet you are using free will to counter on a blog which has no concern to you


    I’m not venomous I’m just truthful


    How many days is MK12 having a birthday? Cedars started it on Friday I think :lol:

  33. smartalex says:


    You don’t have to leave a one line comment to be reminded that you’re a “sheep shagging scum!” or be told to “fuck off Leeds cunt!” “your team is shit!

    Just wear a Leeds shirt in public.

  34. CedarsDevil says:


    Hello my good friend….. Regarding Mike, he’s actually been on the piss since Friday and hence I started paying my tributes! His birthday is today and the poor bugger did his ankle and will be out for the rest of the season….. First Vida and now Mike, such a blow! hahahaha

  35. King Eric says:

    LUFCWhite – Because pal my old man is a United fan so brought me up to support them. Roundhay hey? Or Gledhow? Big difference. Gledhow is more Chappy.

  36. MG says:


    Damn these injuries – we might have to settle for the Europa League

    But Cameron has taken us out



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