Before looking to see who we play on the opening or closing days of the season, before checking out when derby day is, before even thinking about when we play Arsenal or Chelsea, I want to know when we’re going to Anfield.

There’s that eerie feeling that they’re due a result. For years now, we’ve beating them home and away in the league, that we’ve become accustomed to it. The last time they scored a goal against us was four years ago, and even that was a John O’Shea own goal, in a game which United won 2-1.

Whilst not many things compare to getting a result against Liverpool, particularly at Anfield, there aren’t many things worse than getting the wrong result against them. The last time they beat us home and away in a single season was back when the likes of Michael Owen and David Beckham were on the scoresheet!

So, if you’re heading to Anfield this weekend or you just want to piss off any scousers you might come in to contact with on match day, then check out these designs on

Here are some of the designs which should serve the purpose of winding them up efficiently.

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