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Real Madrid Fans Boo Ronaldo

“Barca? At this time, Madrid is my home and my club Real Madrid but I can never say never. I do not know what will happen in the future, you never know.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s comments this week obviously haven’t gone down too well with Real Madrid fans, with them already in a bad mood knowing that Barcelona just need to beat relegation candidates to claim the Spanish title at the weekend.

Ronaldo went to watch Rafael Nadal with team mate Raul on Wednesday in the Madrid Open, only to be openly booed by the crowd.

Still, our former winger is confident there will be success in the future though, citing his experience at United as evidence.

“We have new players, a team under construction, a different coach and we know that success does not come straight away – you have to slide a bit,” he said. “I remember in my first two years at Manchester we did not win anything and we went on to win the Champions League.”

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  1. torontored says:

    The future is in global warming – a few years back was having a few weeks in Panay in the Philippines – met a couple of guys wrting a thesis on where climate is heading. They reckoned in a few years the west Lancashire coast will be the next Costa del Sol – vineyards will be sprouting up in the Pennines. Scotland will have an average temperature of 85F from May – October. When the Med dries up Spain is going to be part of the Sahara. Like Oklahoma in the 30′S the place will be a dustbowl and people will be dropping liike flies – no economy – no people (except a few goat herders and fig growers). Harpurhey will be like Monte Carlo

    Look at football in North Africa – non existant (except for the exports of young players). Madrid will be totally f#*ked – where will the Real be then – Ronny will have to join the queue and I hope to Christ they deny the twat entry. He wore our shirt for a while but dropped it when the Spanish Royal Family came calling- let him and his bitch of a mother eat bad goat for the rest of eternity

  2. Raj says:

    CR was a great player for us but we don’t need to talk about him anymore.

  3. giggs11gerrard0 says:


    That is a great post mate, funny as fuck!

    Can you believe the stretty end sang his name?????? I felt sick to the core and was made up when Giggs scored to eradicate that cunts name from Old Trafford.


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